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  • Cash reward for capturing these Earth Bullies Watch and Circulate and name These DANGEROUS Thugs

    Cash reward for capturing these Earth Bullies Watch and Circulate and name These DANGEROUS Thugs

    Yes this is a call for the UK to capture and expose these 3 bullies who caused this young lad severe injuries just for kicks. Watch the video they so proudly bragged and showed as a warning to other kids that they are hard as nails. a GBP 1,000 reward has been offered to the person who can name them by the twitter user, and further from that Boxing Promoters also want to get in touch with the victim to help and offered free boxing coaching and other benefits all free of any charges. So this is a call to action for the UK give us the names and addresses and we will ENSURE these 3 pieces of shit get payback bigtime, and NEVER do this stuff on another young innocent kid..

    Cash reward for capturing these Earth Bullies Watch and Circulate and name These DANGEROUS Thugs NEXT time it could be YOUR Kids. STAND Up and get these Thugs..


    Contact us HERE "In FULL Discretion" with these scum names and info and we will forward for the reward and will ensure the UK knows who they are..

    Cash reward for capturing these Earth Bullies Watch and Circulate and name These DANGEROUS Thugs

    Out of the 3. The one below did face damage with the kicks and as you will see was the most aggressive SO DEFINATELY we need to know who this piece of shit is !!

    3rd THUG of the UK Kid Gang

    Cash reward for capturing these Earth Bullies Watch and Circulate and name These DANGEROUS Thugs


  • Dummies Guide AFTER Brexit Cutting Fears and showing REALITY

    Dummies Guide to AFTER Brexit Cutting Fears and showing the REALITY

    So UK Public are awake and finally get the chance to have there say, The get out the corrupt New World Order scam and get back to independence chance was taken, by 52% the leave grabbed it, restoring faith in the people who have woken from the slumber and said no more , we have had enough,  The news media and all the 1 World Government are spreading the usual bullshits, and so to assure people so long as the right new Ministers can get power and control UK Has a chance to become GREAT BRITAIN again, sure its a long shot but there is a hope, and indeed UK ONLY Hope, as sure as heck staying in the money pit dictatorship ran by the NWO the road is from bad to worse.

    Full Transcript below, select language choice from flags above, if you want to read and understand the video in YOUR Own language.



    Good evening,
    friends and you decent people,
    all you other none decent people, bugger off, do not watch this, this is a quick off the cuff opinion, as it Seems to me people are worrying about the move away from the evil European dictatorship and back to returning to being the Great nation we was once, yes we was great before that evil Blair and many others did the hatchett job, and slowly destroyed manufacturing and Britains wealth on behalf of the alien elite unseen new world order rulers,

    Well this little Dummies guide, a guide as to why, only a dummy can not see that this European Plan to segment Europe in to a one Government enslavement, was only created to Destroy Great nations and Bring in Muslims to destroy Christianity and to warp and corrupt the People, in to some strange notion that Gay is cool, muslims are a benefit, having towns turned to shit holes is good, and the such like. Yes indeed only a Dummy can not see the plan, from the schooling of your children with such cartoons and leaflets showing, how as toddlers you can decide to be normal or swing a bit of both ways or indeed swing to the delights of your best mate giving you some anal excitement from the age of whenever, yes its sick indeed, but you must wake up and realize, you have sick leaders, i know hard to believe but they are sick and so evil neneath the surface, but our leaders have this secret plan, a plan to make decent folk appear they have the problem, for wanting to keep there bottoms tight, and christian values are racist, the problem is christian decent values is not helping. the sales of there tissue and nappy businesses they have shares in no good at all is it, and if they can make the people gay and perverted then they can come out the closets accordingly, and so spending millions to make it seem cool with coloured flags and such like putting gays in power positions, boosting pop stars as role models that needing nappies is cool, and how if you do not need a nappy at age 40 then your square and have a problem, and say anything is bad, hard to believe but it has all been planned.
    Losing your churches, living in fear, living with no go zones, having your flags banned, losing the right to sing christmas songs is all super, and only those racist people dare say anything, having millions of wailling sheet wearing people is brilliant, and you should welcome and pay more taxes to help more come in, give up your hospital space, g¡ve up your homes all to help destroy the nation, is great,

    Yep only Dummies think that, but then again thats what we have in Brussels dummies telling the other dummies what and how each and every town and country is to be like, and its been unanimously decided each will be a muslim shitehole, and decent people better get used to it,


    Dummies Guide AFTER Brexit Cutting Fears and showing REALITY

    Thanks to God,and a vote UK had a chance to show who are the muslim lovers and gays, and who are decent normal citizens,

    So we had the Brexit thank god more than 50% are not dummies and now is the chance for the other European Countries to also stand up, i estimate over 50% of Europe have woken up and also realize the evil sick minded plan, that the Evil corrupt unseen leaders have unleashed as they know time is running out for the great world destruction,

    So now lets look and give the voting a quick investigation, as you will see Scotland clearly is out of touch, as the biggest want to stay in the dummies One world Government slow enslavement destruction plan, problem with Scottish is they live in a sheltered northern part of the world, and lets be honest who but a Scottish person wants to stay there, certainly not ex hot country immigrants, there skins would shrivel with the cold and the wet, so they do not have a problem, they just scoff shortbread watch the utterly bullshit BBC news swig there whisky and have not a clue about the real world, so that is no suprise they remain happy, after all who wouldnt with free healthcare, and many extra bonus payments from England to stop them roaming out the regions,

    Scotland Location Europe

    Europes new recruits

    Next region which again has a very high percentage who want more muslims and scroungers let in, and pay more money to the faceless New World order , is London,
    now anyone who has been to London and not the TV shown London the real London, the deeper regions, which let me tell you, is a bit like going to Bagdhad but more dangerous,and makes tru Brits vomit, is one big vastly expanding muslim shite hole, so they want more of the same as this is tail end of the great Europe invasion, all planned many many years ago, so its not a suprise there,

    The Good news more have woken and are saying no more destroying our country, enough is enough, well done Brits now remember filter all BBC ITV news and such, as its from the New World order controlled and they are going to be pissed you even dare to question anything,

    I would also add at this point, When are you the people to fully wake and remember, all Governments and the system workers are paid by you, and there to work for you, they are not your rulers or dictators, its you the people who need to stand tall and say no more f off, gather together and stay strong, while the leaders pull the ISIS Bullshit stuff off.

    What we now need to do is Rebuild the damaged great Britain, this is easy done and i shall in a new video, give the dummies in Parliament some tips as they do not have a clue in running a country, them idiots could not run a sweetshop opposite a school without needing bailouts, and have the backbone of a jellyfish, so they need to heed my advices, which the video will easily show how easy it is,

    Dummies Guide AFTER Brexit Cutting Fears and showing REALITY

    The media spin machine is doing the normal scare the people, with oh look the pounds dropped we are doomed, blah blah,blah yea the usual bullshit, have a look and you will see sure it dropped against the U S Dollar more than against the Euro agreed, but that is due to money market speculations, and who cares, the british pound in your pocket is the same and mos not go on holiday to america, and you will not even notice it,
    The Euro has been lots lower before never any headlines then was there, nope as it always bobs as the Money men make it swing and make billions doing so, so just stay calm as if and when a brighter than normal dummy leader, actually heeds my Get Britain great again plan, Britain will lead the world as it once did before the master 1 world Government evil plan, which is to destroy it , which commenced, way back by Heath in the 70´s and continued by every PM since, deliberately killing every industry bit by bit to enable the new world order,

    I will finish this now with a couple of points,

    1, To all Europeans we love all you Christian ones, and this is not personal against you, but we can no longer take it up the arse and stand by while the Country is destroyed with the evil New World Order destruction of all of us in Europe,

    2, we decent British urge all other Christian Countries to unite, and also say no more , before its too late,

    Thanks for listening, until the next time, stay safe, keep your bottoms tight, eyes open, no fear, keep it real, God bless us all and do not eat halal meat as it funds muslims,


     Dummies Guide AFTER Brexit Cutting Fears and showing REALITY


    WHAT DOES DONALD TRUMP SAY ABOUT BREXIT ?  UK People waking up and what will happen watch this video and see why THIS Leave 


    Donald Trump Speaks TRUTH On UK USA alliance Confirms BREXIT Is GOOD Move For UK



    How To Fix Britain and make it GREAT again.




    Watch and then Connect DOTS at the end . Nuclear waste dumping holes needed?  shale drilling being pushed, when they know its not needed or any good for ANYONE, But the BIG Corporations. yea your seeing the dots at long last, or you will AFTER Watching . This is the film the UK & Australian Governments do NOT want you to see! Documenting the accounts of families living with the Unconventional hydrocarbon (Fracking) industry as a neighbour, this hour long documentary is shocking, as it reveals the day to day pollution these people live with – pollution of water, air, light and sound, some of the the basic human requirements needed to survive. The blind eye that the authorities and the Unconventional hydrocarbon (fracking) industry turn to these families living conditions, and the complete disregard to the environmental damage done to the bush by this, is truly disgraceful.

    I have not seen another film like it, telling us, warning us how really dreadful life is living amongst the fracked gas wells of Southern Queensland. I have a huge respect for the families in Australia that held onto their land and shared their stories with us. It was especially moving when Brian Monk speaks directly to the audience near the end of the video, very powerful indeed - we would be very wise to listen and act accordingly.

    This film should be distributed and shown as widely as possibleso we can learn and act. Full credit to Ian R Crane and his colleagues for turning around this moving, informative, high quality film in less than four months since his return from Australia. Thank you Ian and the families from Australia for the absolutely invaluable insight this film gives.

    We need to take heed of the “Voices from the Gasfields” (the original Video Title)  so these honourable families have not stayed loyal to their lands in vain.

    Kirby Misperton, Yorkshire Uk and ALL the UK NEED TO Watch and heed the advance Warnings & experiences before falling for the small handouts and Safe Shale Fracking gas UK Sales Speel !!  THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF...





    UK Kirby Misperton Shale gas Important News





  • FRACKING The Information HIDDEN By Media EXPOSED

    FRACKING The Information HIDDEN By Media EXPOSED

    In England UK , Kirby Misperton and many other regions , The first serious production and Shale Fracking could be under way, once this gets the green light its another nail in the UK Coffin, with loss of clean air and open country fields being gone for ever.  This is a MUST WATCH Fracking Information Film, and all UK citizens must stop and be warned as to the dangers which is kept from them, the official media controlled by the money men, is that Shale Gas Fracking is safe and all is good and safe as houses , great for the economy and a boom will be coming the peoples way.  Well as you will see NOTHING is farther from the truth, it is riddled with so much and so many risks, you need to see through the charade and realize, its a planned move as most things to make things worse, for the common people.

    The Most important question is as explained in the video.  Ask what is in this for you or the general Public?

    Property Prices in the regions will plummet, if they can be sold at all, once the Sites gather momentum. Health risks will be a ongoing worry, Traffic HGV trucks will be trundling down Country lanes and through the small villages none stop, Millions of Gallons of good drinking water will be destroyed. and much more.  and NOT a SINGLE Benefit to the locals or the General Population. ALL That will happen is the Oil Gas Companies will make HUGE profits yes sure the UK Tax office will get a slice, but we all know that will be squandered or given away and the People left to just live with the loss of life quality. The long term plan is to finish Farming and have everyone living in settlements large towns with cages or flats as luxury survival dwellings. Those awake see the signs and the way its all planned Fracking is just yet again a great SCREW The future Screw the people win win for the top few. Who you can guarantee will NOT be living anywhere next to one of these Fracking Shale Sites !!.

    Prime example is the "Barclays Bank"-"Third Energy" Fracking Site at Kirby Misperton Yorkshire UK .  Just a quick look at the location the set up and position shows it must of been back handed through planning or the officials have been to lazy to do the research and understand exactly what Fracking is all about? see in the video and a few stills below.

    Fracking does NOT Belong in any European Country unless it has a vast open region of some 20 miles unused grounds, even then who knows how underground rivers flow and disturbed gases soak up fine cracks in the earths crust etc,,  ITs A GAMBLE.. A Gamble NOT To any benefit to the Population. so why let them do it? and why are they doing it?  Simple, MONEY For those at the top of the Tree, and involved and helping.

    FRACKING The Information HIDDEN By Media EXPOSED

    Gas leakage water Rivers FRACKING The Information HIDDEN By Media EXPOSED


    Burning River as Fracking Site nearby has disrupted the deep earth and created many open hairline cracks allowing Rivers and water to be contaminated & Gas Methane and chemicals to be released.

    Fracking risking Kids futures for NO Benefit


    Striking Photo showing the future is the worry , and when you think that he could be actually standing on top of the horizontal drill length and NOBODY would know, is even more scarey to think on.

    Kirby Misperton FRACKING The Information HIDDEN By Media EXPOSED

    The UNKNOWN IS at what length and what direction the Horizontal Drilling is made? who knows and who would know? apart from the Company doing the drilling, and they are NOT going to shout to much are they?

    Horizontal lengths are from 1km to 10km and many drills can be made from one small looking drill platform, ALL The public would ever see is the small top site, and NEVER Have a clue the reality of lengths and directions..


    Fracking water risks UK rivers ponds lakes

    Kirby Misperton Yorkshire UK

    FRACKING The Information HIDDEN By Media EXPOSED

  • HITLERS Original Speech On Election The Plight he talks is EU NOW

    HITLERS Original Speech On Election The Plight he talks is happening to EU NOW in 2019

    This old Genuine Speech Translated as Hitler addressed the Nation on his pledge to save Germany, Struck some very alarming warning bells as what he speaks of is so Exact to what has and is being done to Europe, the deliberate ruin of patriotism the Churches and History, the shameful way anyone who dares to speak for the Country is victimised and much more. The Banking elite who we know are and have been acting out the World domination plans in Hitlers days had interest rates which was crippling everyone.THEY TESTED THEIR BANKING CRASHES ON GERMANY, causing poverty in Germany.  Hitler as you then should know pulled Germany away from the Jewish Banking stranglehold, and went on to build Germany in to the Greatest Industrial and Moral Christian Country which at the time was the envy of the world.  If you havent watched the several Factual stories on Hitler you should do, look for Hitlers story, Europa and Hitler the untold story and such, also must check out David Irving Books lectures as he is the only Genuine Historian.

    Now watch the video and Picture a UK Leader who was bold and loyal enough to save his nation, and see what he says, it is so apt to what is going on now in 2019 in Europe, each Country in debt to the Rothschilds and they are just getting ready to flick the switch and create the Crash, as per the last Videos on the Subject of the takeover which is underway.



    Hitlers famous speech

    Hitler maybe was NOT as the Elite have brainwashed the world to be. JUST again a victim of trying to save the world maybe.

    SEE BELOW LINK,  Note its a strange size Film so suggest closing browser size to pull the film in to frame size...

    WATCH Also

    HITLERS Original Speech On Election The Plight he talks is EU NOW in 2019 bankers crippling Europe


  • John Cleese ON UK SHITHOLE In Detailed Breakdown by Paul Watson

    John Cleese ON UK SHITHOLE In Detailed Breakdown by Paul Watson

    John Cleese along with many others who have watched the UK decline in to a shithole multi cultural sesspit of filth and destruction of Christian White Population, spoke out as he moved away as he could no longer face the shithole, as many others have or will, has his twitter comments and thoughts well explainned in this video. A Interesting watch specially as it is an eye opener of the reality of media hounding and the true face of London and other major UK Towns.



    John Cleese ON UK SHITHOLE In Detailed Breakdown by Paul Watson

    John Cleese ON UK SHITHOLE In Detailed Breakdown by Paul Watson

    John Cleese ON UK SHITHOLE In Detailed Breakdown by Paul Watson  John Cleese ON UK SHITHOLE In Detailed Breakdown by Paul Watson

  • Know the Outcome and SEE the Journey David Icke explains Internet Censorships

    Know the Outcome and SEE the Journey David Icke explains Internet Censorships

    In this we grabbed a great explanation by David Icke as he explains his famous saying "Know the Outcome and SEE the Journey" This is similar as our know the End Game and spot the clues, a similar thing whereby when you know what they need to do to get us under control and segregate and enslave us. Then the little disastors and stuff they feed and put out all makes sense, indeed it is like watching a Horror Movie unfold with us all in the Movie. 

    The Book 1984 gets so much more accurate day by day as we also in this video show the latest Further LAWS introduced in April 2019 in the UK, and no doubt will roll outwards to Europe and elsewhere shortly also. THIS as the video explains is to keep us all in the dark, whilst giving Government total Free hand to spin any story they want etc, With NOBODY able to say a single word.


    Know the Outcome and SEE the Journey David Icke explains Internet Censorships

    We had this planned for placing on youtube, and even uploaded, but yet again it was silenced, as many of our videos seem to be going. The problem is so bad hence why the VIP is the way in the future, Ongoing having to hold punches and not be able to cover subjects is exactly what they want, and soon will be the only way.  See below this video was uploaded and isntantly banned worldwide. many of our videos are getting notifications of restricted views or blocking in Countries.

    Know the Outcome and SEE the Journey David Icke explains Internet Censorships  Know the Outcome and SEE the Journey David Icke explains Internet Censorships Know the Outcome and SEE the Journey David Icke explains Internet Censorships

    In the video you will hear how David Icke says about his own certain videos being "Shadow Blocked"  our Slaveplanet youtube account has been shadow blocked for a long time, as ESi does now seem to be, we have videos which do NOT show on direct search Tests, and view counts which do NOT ever move.  These are signs the accounts are shadow blocked by Ai.  We know this is rolling out as we were advised by a google insider on this, and we know it is set to tighten even more.


    Know the Outcome and SEE the Journey David Icke explains Internet Censorships

  • McCann's Embedded Confessions - Richard D Hall USA Trip CONFIRMS GUILTY

    McCann's Embedded Confessions - Richard D Hall USA Trip CONFIRMS GUILTY

    In November 2016 Richard D Hall, travelled to the United States to meet and interview Peter Hyatt. Peter is a highly respected expert in statement analysis and in his work he teaches other professionals and assists law enforcement on criminal cases. When we speak, the process of constructing sentences in our mind involves deciding which tense to use, which words to select from our vocabulary and what order to put them in. This mental process all happens in a fraction of a second. If somebody is constructing sentences from their experiential memory, ie, recalling something real that actually happened to them, the process of word selection follows particular patterns and characteristics, which can be easily identified by a trained statement analyst. If however a person is fabricating and being untruthful when they speak, the natural cognitive process of choosing and ordering words is interrupted, because the mind must censor and insert artificial information in a very short time period. This means the language of somebody who is fabricating is characteristically different and can be picked up by a trained analyst like Peter Hyatt. He has analysed in depth an interview that Kate and Gerry McCann gave in 2011 and throughout the entire interview both Kate and Gerry it appears show signs of deception. Not only that, Peter determines from their language what he believes to be what it is they are concealing. The conclusions are shocking

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    McCann's Embedded Confessions - Richard D Hall USA Trip CONFIRMS GUILTY

    McCann's Embedded Confessions - Richard D Hall USA Trip CONFIRMS GUILTY

    NOTE ABOVE -  Strangely THERE WAS A CLASSIC MOVIE very similar to the McCanns Portugal Job, took place in Spain, If after watching the 3 part by Richard D Hall above, and you fancy a good film, watch the Fiction story video below, waiting to become a big movie on the Cinemas .  

    And see how spookily close to the Events of the McCanns story it is..AND Maybe you will see the clues, which have been shown but "STILL" The Corrupt Governments cover for them ?  WHY ?  Is the biggest story of it all ?



    McCann's Embedded Confessions - Richard D Hall USA Trip CONFIRMS GUILTY

  • RT News UK News USA News Dangerous to YOUR Democracy NEW WORLD In Motion

    RT News UK News USA News Dangerous to YOUR Democracy NEW WORLD In Motion

    In this Video we highlight just how bad the NWO Media control has become, when you see RT (Russian) giving real News on whats what with the French Yellow Vest uprising, whilst others focus on the little orphan kid in Syria who has not had his sweeties. Also a leaked thing most will NOT know about is how UK Regional TV Media and papers are brought in to the ONE news feed source to be given out regionally and the final part the video shows this in operation in USA and Canada, When you wonder just how far in to the Global Earth Takeover they are and just how little time is left before we are ALL Kept from learning what is going on in the WORLD with Truth and facts, All we will get is spoon fed the spin fairy stories with NO hope of knowing what exactly is going on.. & LITTLE Way of finding out !!  1984 is here ..


    RT News UK News USA News Dangerous to YOUR Democracy NEW WORLD In Motion

    RT News UK News USA News Dangerous to YOUR Democracy NEW WORLD In Motion

    RT News UK News USA News Dangerous to YOUR Democracy NEW WORLD In Motion

    RT News UK News USA News Dangerous to YOUR Democracy NEW WORLD In Motion

  • SYRIA ISIL ISIS False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to NWO Stitch Up

    SYRIA ISIL ISIS Refugees False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to the NEXT NWO Stitch Up Possibly ?  

    This Syria Refugees story and how they need to flood Europe to escape has for ages just not sat right ?  From its early sudden oh a ISIS  army has been found after the bullshit Alkhieda  false bullshit stories,  suddenly from nowhere it appears and who does it attack ? apparently its own muslim people ?  yea sure so alarm bells rang to most immediately..


    Here we bring our findings and opinions and YOU can decide ?  is this to go in History along with all the other bullshit they feed the thick ones with ?  namely the supposed Hitler Story which still even after its been blown with so much evidence that it proves beyond any doubt Hitler did not use Mass gas chambers !!  as history says , But even the German people are not allowed by law to question it ?  TRUTH Is always stifled by the NWO to keep the masses in fear and enslaved.. Those who do not still understand the TRUTH On Hitler watch ----->   "Hitler The Greatest Story never told"  we have a small section on websites or go to their website for full film..

    THE SYRIA refugees need to escape to Europe Bullshit explained as to why it all stinks more than Merkel of Germany ,and is questionable ..

    LISTEN TO THE LATEST REAL  INDEPENDENT  REPORT @ January 2015  -  Taken from Richie Allen Radio show interviewing Eva Bartlett who has been To SYRIA...

    FIRST They gave us the crappy videos of this new Group doing beheadings , which were ALL proved fakes !!

    Then We was shown and told this army is so big and strong it has taken ALL Of Syria !!  LMAO  yea sure , lets look at the army shall we ? as shown and plastered all over as if to scare us ?  ONLY Babies would worry if this lot came for you surely ?  Certainly NOT any Countries Military !!

    LOOK How nice these actors look with there NEW Guns and uniforms - look at the eyes NOT a killer look more a how longs this picture going to take look !



    ONLY Babies would worry if this lot came for you surely ?  Certainly NOT any Countries Military

    Do YOU See any Country being scared of this lot ?  ALL staged pics to FOOL as usual YOU the TV watcher or Newspaper Readers .   WHY FOOL YOU ?  So as the excuse to pull the YOU Must take the Refugees and Fuck your own country up routine, i mean suckers like white Christians fall for ALL & ANY Bullshit they are told right ?

    NOW HOW MANY YOU SEE AT ANY 1 Time ?  Not a lot right and its a mix of kids and women.  and Yet this rough bunch of killers took ALL of Syria ?  Scaring all these below to flee for there lives !!   

    NOTE Strange Women Mums Daughters wives all left in Syria by the Guys ?  Yet the News Tell You Syria is a war Country ?  So must have killed all the Women and kids obviously, wow and all that fighting back these Guys must of done, and yet look more like a vacation trip ..  So HOW BAD IS SYRIA That makes them Flee ?

    SYRIA Women children safe

    Looks Pretty Safe and Good in HASAKAH in this RT report, above the woman one, cars were driving around on the way to work etc, Not even a scratch on the cars bodywork ?  YET These so called refugees claim ASYLUM ? and the softy suckers fall for it ?   Maybe its a lucky part of town that the top fighting army made up of part timers kids and girls forced them to retreat to ?  NOTE picture from video showing all women children safe in Syria NO NEED To Flee ..



    WHERE IS HASAKAH ?  & HOW BIG Is Syria in Miles ..   NE of Syria and its 71,479 sq miles ..  


    So this Crack team of Soldiers rebels kids women ..  Have Secured 71,000 miles of land with a handful of pick up trucks and guns ?  YOU SEE Why its all starting to look the usual BULLSHIT ??

    As a Comparison and ASK YOURSELVES ?  If the UK was invaded by this crack ISIS team yea i know we would simply do a pincer and fire bottle them on every street ..  But assuming we had no fire bottles etc,  would you pack your bags and leave YOUR Loved Country forever ?  Would you leave your wife Mum etc ? NO !!  When France was heavy with attacks in ww2 , did they all flee to even UK ?  Nope as MOST People and muslims specially WILL DIE Before giving up Home and certainly want to return , they could easily be moved to a part away or nip over the borders to other muslim regions ,before returning when this Bullshit USA ISIL lot have finished the war !!  NOT THESE Never any talk of any returning  ??  

     ALL pictures shown on TV of blown buildings could be anywhere from previous Wars ie, Iraq etc ,  so they mean nothing.  The January LIVE Report and the Confession below is also why we call this a Bullshit False flag as usual !!!

     SYRIA ISIL ISIS False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to NWO Stitch Up SYRIA ISIL ISIS False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to NWO Stitch Up

    So with all the towns blown to bits and "NOWHERE" For the refugees to go in Syria His Mum still gets to a bank and or post office and carries on dodging bullets shells etc ?   LOL  It all STINKS DO YOU NOT SEE IT ??

    SO SYRIA IS FALSE FLAG ?  and WHY ARE THEY BEING LET IN ? With arms and Freedoms to Rape and Loot as they feel ? and why all fit young men ? 

    WELL Interestingly A Russian intelligence Officer tells of the men being paid to come to Europe ? To destroy Europe Culture and economies !!! The Thousand of Men sent in under the refugee cover story are paid whilst away, and collect money (wages) from cash points from accounts funded by Muslim States ,   he said  Far fetched who knows ?  Certainly the only reason that springs to mind ?  MOST Leaders are in on the Europe destruction as Merkel openly admits she wants Germans to become Islam and French Leaders also ?  Cameron is known to be in the pockets of the NWO also along with sadly many others possibly ..

    HOW ELSE DO YOU EXPLAIN the deliberate actions on how they behave when settled ? Leaders are under orders to HIDE any BAD actions these new breed of Terrorists bring !!  probably explains as below ..



     SYRIA ISIL ISIS False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to the NEXT NWO Stitch Up Possibly SYRIA ISIL ISIS False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to the NEXT NWO Stitch Up PossiblySYRIA ISIL ISIS False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to the NEXT NWO Stitch Up Possibly

    SYRIA ISIL ISIS False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to the NEXT NWO Stitch Up Possibly   

    OVER 3,000 Rapes and ONLY 12 of them convicted in Europe thats known about ?  HOW MANY MORE ?  where the victims have not even reported ? Or has not been leaked to Public ??  THIS SITUATION IS SERIOUS The Governments of the World will do NOTHING .  The Police will DO NOTHING .. ITS DOWN TO THE PEOPLE ?

    STAND UP OR LAY DOWN ? Sacrifice your way of living and suffer terrible Financial ruin and Wait until YOUR Women get raped and then by which time its too far gone ?  Or FIGHT NOW ?  ONLY YOU ACTING CAN SAVE YOURSELF ..   Our Opinion Europe is screwed unless PEOPLE Rise and Stand Tall on this issue and Get them from Europe !!  YOUR CALL ? Its only our findings and Thinking on the issue,   Watch the many many videos on websites youtube etc before they silence them and GET EDUCATED -  YOUR normal way of Life is in danger From Immigrants FACT ..

     IF YOU DO NOTHING , Then pay the price in hell as GOD is angry and noting those who have no balls !!  ( God helps those whom help themselves ) Those who stand up and fight the fight will go to heaven.  watch the videos on the Gods Return confirming THOSE WHO HELP will be collected come judgement day ...


     WATCH EUROPE WAKING UP & JOIN THE FIGHT - 1 things a certainty YOUR Governments will NOT Stop It - Its YOU the People who can save the World.


    HOW CAN YOU HELP ?  ONLY YOU Can decide that, as a minimum share and tell friends family make them aware . Support the following.

    JOIN THE FIGHT - 1 things a certainty YOUR Governments will NOT Stop It - Its YOU the People who can save the World. 

     JOIN THE FIGHT - 1 things a certainty YOUR Governments will NOT Stop It - Its YOU the People who can save the World.

    Simple acts like STOP Funding them a Percentage of there earnings goes directly to build there Mosques and some back to fund the further terrorism shops they own or control is a simple easy start ..

    Stand TALL If they call you racist tell them and ? who cares ? and ignore it .. ANYONE Who thinks its racist to PROTECT Your OWN Country is SICK in the head and so if they shout Racist !!  Say ok Peado Sicko , thats suffices enough !!  As the Islam Instructions clearly state and they swear allegiance to sex with children !!  as a small part of there many NONE christian ways, others include the Rape and Stealing from the Infidels (white people and christians) is considered a GOOD thing and acceptable.. White women European women are trash and sex objects and on it goes so Sick fits the bill nicely ..


    Four courageous German police officers have put their careers on the line by going public with their firsthand accounts of the refugee crime wave which is sweeping Germany as a result of Merkel’s invasion. Their revelations about the nationwide official policy of turning a blind eye to migrant crime has added even further to the outrage felt by ordinary voters at the betrayal of their country by the political elite.



    Michaela B.

    The first, a policewoman from Dortmund identified by the Bild newspaper as “Michaela B.,” revealed how even she had been assaulted and robbed by the nonwhite criminals.

    Saying that being a policewoman had always been her “dream job,” she was now “beginning to have doubts over the past few months.”

    She said that over this period the “lack of respect, aggression, and the brutalization of society had become part of her everyday life.”

    To make matters worse, she told the Bild, “perpetrators are not punished properly.  Every day we arrest criminals, but they are immediately set free again.”

    She then told of how she was making her way home after a night shift in Dortmund. At the main railway station, she spotted a “North African” man following her.

    “The man moved around me as if he was dancing—that’s a typical trick,” she continued. She pushed him away, but he grabbed her shoulder with one hand and her cell phone with another.

    Another colleague then came to her aid, and together they subdued the man, later identified as an Algerian “asylum seeker.”

    Her troubles were not an end: “While my colleague held the perpetrator on the ground, waiting for reinforcements, eight more North Africans surrounded us. They shouted that we were Nazis, racists, and that this was police violence.”

    “This is also unfortunately an everyday occurrence,” she continued. “But we cannot help it if the criminals almost always come from Algeria and Morocco.”

    When the Algerian was searched back at the police station, a second stolen cell phone was found in his possession. After a search, the man was then let out again, according to regulations.

    “This is so frustrating,” Michaela B. continued. “Recently we arrested a pickpocket, and literally ten minutes later, we arrested him again. They just walk out of here [the police station] and carry on.

    “They laugh at us, because they know that nothing happens to them. The prosecutors and judges have no interest in these offenders. We have often tried, but always fail, to get them into pre-trial detention.”

    This astonishing regulation—not to arrest or detain “asylum seekers” arrested for street robbery and similar incidents—is official policy ordered directly by the German government.


    Nick Hein.

    Nick Hein.

    Nick Hein, the ex-chief of the Federal Police in Cologne, pointed out in an earlier Bild article how it is possible that an “asylum seeker” can commit crimes without fearing being deported.

    “The answer is simple,” Hein said. “Article 53 of the Residence Act provides for expulsion of foreigners only in serious cases.” That section states that a foreigner shall be expelled only if they have been sentenced to a “non-appealable prison term” of at least three years within a five year period.


    The same Bild article went on to quote another serving policeman, identified as “Bernd K.” He was detailed to serve at the main nonwhite invasion entry points into Germany for six months, specifically at Passau, Freilassing, and the main Munich railway station.

    He said that there was deliberate suppression of the real nonwhite invader crime statistics. “People really have no idea of what is going on,” he said.

    “For example, if an asylum seeker cut another person’s throat, then in the official report we are required to write that it was a ‘grievous bodily harm’ case instead of ‘attempted murder.’ This makes the statistics look better,” he said.

    “In the last few months, I have written just one charge against a German. All the rest [of my write-ups] have been refugees. At the railway station, women are regularly sexually harassed and felt up. When we try and take them to court, we are told that this is not state policy, and that we are racist.”

    Even worse, Bernd K. said, the police are not allowed to use physical force to restrain the nonwhite refugee-criminals once they are in custody.

    “If a refugee wants to escape, this means we cannot even hold him down. This is dictated from above because that would be physical violence.”

    In addition, he said, about “95 percent of refugees are single men, and half of them do not have valid passports or documents.”


    Yet another serving police official, a woman of Greek descent already famous in Germany for speaking out about nonwhite crime, Tania Kambouri, revealed in an interview in Die Zeit newspaper that police in Bochum  are confronted all the time with violence and misogyny from “young, Muslim migrants.”

    Kambouri, who became famous for a book she released earlier on the topic—and who somehow has managed to keep her job, despite intense pressure—told Die Zeit that when nonwhites are arrested, they routinely cry out “asylum, asylum” as their first line of defense.

    “My colleagues and I are increasingly called out on more and more missions to deal with refugees who commit thefts, including for example, vehicle theft, and injuries inflicted outside their accommodations.”

    “We have to deal with groups of young men who misbehave: they are loud, aggressive, disrespectful, violent, and contemptuous of women. Many of them come from North Africa: Algerians, Moroccans, which is cause for concern.”

    She went on to say that there was no difference in behavior between Turks, Arabs, Lebanese, or the other nonwhite immigrants.  Even those who have been in Germany a long time—and have German nationality—hold exactly the same views, she added.

    “I often experience it: They say they have a German passport, but they say: ‘I sh*t in this country.”

    “Even if we only issue a parking ticket, we are immediately surrounded by ten, twenty, fifty people who scream, and shove us around. Really, it is only migrants. I have never seen Germans do this.” 


    WHY IS THE  SYRIA REGION IMPORTANT ?  SIMPLE . Staging Point for taking Israel as Prophecised...



    SYRIA ISIL ISIS Refugees False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to the NEXT NWO Stitch Up Possibly

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