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  • Earthquake WATCH Live Feed How to Read PREDICT Earthquakes

     Earthquake WATCH Live Feed How to Read Earthquakes the EASY accurate way

    In this section we have a Basic DIY tutorial on Reading the Earthquake Global Monitoring system, So you can keep abreast of EARTH as "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH" Gets in full swing..  BE SAFE and Warned DO NOT Wait and suffer gay Baldy Twat Moderators on live feeds on youtube.  NO NEED !  Simply Install this excellent Program and CHECK as and when "YOU" Want..  Play your own quality Music and get FULL In depth Earthquake Updates as and when YOU Need It.

    FREE Version is ok BUT ! The $ 20 version gives you so so much more and access to "WORLD" Data feeds, well worth the Cost.



    "THE FREE VERSION DOES NOT Give you access to the Worlds feeds !!  So you only have half the Picture !! "

    UNSURE WHAT FULL VERSION  gives you ?  Watch and see the demo video below.. 

    Useful GUIDE To See How Earthquakes Move around the Earth, DEEP Quakes then follow very often the flow as below.

    Useful GUIDE To See How Earthquakes Move around the Earth


    CHECK OUT -   THIS SECTION and LEARN  why earths ramping up.. (Will open in NEW window So you still have this open also)


    Ok So your wanting to have advance warnings of Potential damaging Earthquakes ?  MAYBE You are living near a known FAULT Line ?  Or Maybe your awake that Earth is reacting to Something way bigger from Space ? and want to spot the clues on earth. Or maybe YOUR Just Thinking "Heck if i put that on a live stream video i could make money for just letting it spin around with music ?  Whatever the reason a basic Idea of what and How to spot signs is VITAL.

    So this section we show by a few examples and try to give you a Basic Understanding of Earths Earthquakes Monitoring EARLY Danger signals.


    1. EARTH Will always rumble and have movement, This is NORMAL  as the Plates are sat on a bed of molten Lava, indeed  NO Movement is a warning sign.
    2. EARLY Danger Signs are NEW Movements in Strange NEW ZONES or old extinct zones ie; Dormant Volcanoes, North Pole, South Pole, and such like .
    3. There is NOTHING Exact its a guessing game, which way Tremors move along Fault Lines, YOU Can be close EASILY But exact to a Point requires Luck and this is what makes it Important YOU Learn and watch a while, then you will start to see a pattern does emerge.
    4. NOT Just earth alone is responsible for Earthquakes, Many say Fracking is a concern and YES to a degree many small shakes are the result, BUT In NO WAY Does Fracking induce Earthquakes some 500km deep !!  And these are your WARNING Signs.
    5. SPACE Planetary alignments DO PLAY A Part in Earths Plate shifts Earthquakes, as we will show below, and so for even better knowledge a good Reporter Not just a guesser, will be aware of that, however thats a complete separate issue, THIS Simple DIY Tutorial is ONLY for you to read the signs, and be prepared, in advance.
    6. IF You go ahead and Run a LIVE STREAM On Youtube or anywhere and you let it run with both a chat area and music, YOU MUST NOT Have Gay Baldy Twat Idiot Moderators or crap music, make it enjoyable and NOT A CHORE !! Make yourself approachable, do NOT Get big headed and the viewers will in time follow. and indeed youtube needs this urgently, As ITS LACKING On this vital coverage.
    7. DEEP Earthquakes need watching as IF Planet X as we anticipate does arrive then Earthquakes WILL BE THE ONLY first signs, they will increase in a level NEVER Witnessed before .


    Earthquake WATCH Live Feed How to Read Earthquakes 

    In The above Example see You had 2 deep Earthquakes with a Stretch between?  When you see DEEP far apart Quakes, its only a matter of time before a shallow very often higher magnitude Hits, In this case the 4.2 shallower hit, as shown in Pic.


    With The Full version to assist you learn and judge the Plate Boundaries are shown in red, This aids you to understand which way movements will travel, again in the above example, this shows this.



    Earthquake WATCH Live Feed How to Read Earthquakes

    In the above example, see how the ongoing run along the Plate edge was made, here the larger shallow Earthquakes pushed along and always gives rise to lots of further Quakes along the Plates, we know it is certainly to bring a further shallow Quake or even Quakes at point 4.

    Earthquake WATCH Live Feed How to Read Earthquakes the dutchsinse way

    THERE YOU GO !  Did you see and understand the logic ? IT IS NOT Rocket science , Common Sense dictates a deep tear on 2 ends of anything will Run along, same rules apply, as the pressure tears along breaking and moving, until eventual earth break up,lift or VENTING From Volcanoes , with known Fault Line Regions, you can with time predict where major deep Quakes will move and run.


    In the above and below examples, See the Blank zone, This is remaining Quiet due to Volcanoes Venting pressure in that region, however we would still expect some shallow activity, BUT the Volcanoes have a very good pressure relief effect, the worst case is they ERUPT .. But thats yet again a whole new story..


     BELOW Using the NEW ZEALAND Major Earthquake YOU WILL SEE,  IT WAS "OBVIOUS" To Most this was To Get the BIG Hits..  OUR ONLY Concern and what People are NOT Connecting is WHY ?  WHY Sudden Increase on Earth ?   Well see below at the POSSIBLE Reason.


     Earthquake WATCH Live Feed How to Read Earthquakes the dutchsinse way

     ALONG With this SEE Below HOW In Space. The Main Planets all are in relation to each other, THIS Left Earth at the mercy of NIGHT Side Major Pullings, as the Mars Venus and Mercury Magnetics are distracted from earth, leaving it weaker to the Uranus and any Possible Nibiru Planet X Pull..

    You see why Space has a MAJOR Effect On Earth and so for the FULL picture watch our Space Monitors everything interlinks .. Now Get Your Earthquake Monitor and LEARN , see the patterns and GOOD LUCK as Earths BIG Show commences. Its NOT Technical its BASIC Common sense . Remember the KEY Points and you could become the Best Earthquake Kid or Girl !!!   GO FOR IT...


    DECIDED TO PURCHASE ?  CLICK  HERE FOR "FREE" Version or To BUY the Direct ENHANCED Edition and install in minutes. 


     INTERESTING FACTs ON Video For you.  EASY Simple Earth Plates and Movement Explained .


     Earthquake WATCH Live Feed How to Read Earthquakes the EASY DIY Way

  • END of a legend PEEKAY in 2011 SPEECH For Wake up the People

    END of a legend PEEKAY in 2011 SPEECH For Wake up the People

    From 2011 The Aussie Peekay Truth Teller and Conspiracy realist has been pushing to try and get people awake to whats to come and this live talk captured shows how he felt the why he worries and shows how right he has now been proved, a good listen and one for History.

    END of a legend PEEKAY in 2011 SPEECH For Wake up the People

    END of a legend PEEKAY in 2011 SPEECH For Wake up the People

  • GOD Messages To Mankind Warnings Genuine Prophecies Anger

    GOD Messages To Mankind Warnings Genuine Prophecies and His Anger

    & The Warning Date possibly discovered in crop circle 

    From The Holy Mother End Times Messages we highlight a few KEY Messages which clearly confirm the Crop Circles messages, and warn Humanity that God will NOT Sit by any longer , and has plans in motion to save us decent Folk, as we are slowly and surely pulled in to enslavement by the EVIL World Alien Satanic Leaders..  watch listen to the video below,  and then read more if they are of interest..



    The Secondary Crop circle video showing the date of 14-8-2016  when the warning Message could be given,  it was found inside another Roberto crop circle decode,  is this the date of the warning ? who knows, with God he works in some strange ways indeed..

    Like below !  We WAS TOLD His messages MUST BE REMOVED ? or we will be riddled with a plague and never allowed at the big table !!  well not that harsh but seems it may as well be that severe ?  Can you believe that ?  God gives messages for US ALL  But you have to keep them quiet .  Now does that sound dodgy and fishy to you ?  Certainly smacks weird to us..  so all our websites have had to remove the Messages we had painstakingly spent hours wading through the many to bring you the Public viewers key messages, only be told God gives a message but although he says its for ALL , the reality it seems its only for those already following His works on other websites,  WAY TO GO God,  clever marketing there !  Going to recruit and get your message to the young and 99% the world that way, Brilliant plan and you wonder why Satans lot are winning ?


    Sorry But The Previous Posted Holy Messages Removed due to not allowed & Ordered to do so..

    YES - I shall be doing a strong letter to God about this and will see if he replies ? I will video the letter and any outcomes of course..

    Meanwhile tap in google "end times messages" and you can filter through 1000,s and find relevant bits as God wants i guess ?  Yep he works in very strange silly ways i know  .. 



    Dear God,
    Forgive me for writing i know your a very busy man, but i felt the need to ask and try and make you see how silly your working in mysterious ways is, let me explain first to the incident which both baffled me and why and how you are so wrong in your thinking,

    You gave messages out to the Human population of which can only be placed on designated exclusive Christian websites, Now in doing so you cut of over 99% of the Human Race, so therefore how is that any sort of message, particularly also your choice of recipients for your messages is somewhat stupid, not meaning to be rude but, you send warning messages to the people who in the most part are good decent souls, and you are warning that if they do not change, resist the enemy Satan you are going to bring a great chastisement on the earth in July 2017, now this message was sent in 2013 but less than 1% of people would even know you gave any messages, and yet you are more than happy to bring the Rock in and destroy and cleanse the earth of good decent folk, who have no knowledge that you even sent any messages,

    Is that Christian, Does that seem fair to you, well i certainly feel its a crazy situation and even worse than satan could muster, indeed you bleat and harp on about how satans got control of the people, you say how they are greedy and the 99% are in danger, but what do you do, send messages to someone only in your little club with instructions to warn people, but it must only be every message told and only on blessed Christian exclusive websites, some less than 1%, of population,

    On your enemies side Satans lot, they run a slick operation using TV internet and any and all Hollywood films and such like to hammer out the exciting ways of life in satans shoes, and what does your team do, zilch but hide your messages and keep stockpiling money or squandering on silly gold plated drinking mugs plenty of choir boys parties, vicar meeting parties and squander millions on telescopes just to see what time your ship is coming back, and you wonder why your losing the battle,

    Its a no brainner your team on earth are useless can you not see it, sure i know your a busy man and have a lot to watch throughout the universe, keeping on top of earth and in touch is difficult i understand all that but, come on lets face facts here YOUR the boss, its your chosen team running the Churches down here and they are seriously inept, as the Boss who hires and fires you are responsible, You need to sack all your present management team, no iffs or butts kick them out, they are worse than useless indeed i would hazard a guess they are fleecing you, as with the virtual unlimited fund you give them you are getting worse returns and losing badly against the Satans lot,

    I hope by bringing this to your attention i do not get zapped by a lightning bolt, as yea sometimes truth hurts i know, but your entire system management strategy needs a complete rework, it simply is not working, maybe nobody in the Management team of yours has dared tell you, but it is sloppy wasteful and some of the staff on your team well being honest look more evil than the satans team,

    Most of this i bet you already know, the empty churches declining following, decline of moral standards decency, many freakish new genders, and stuff, its in a bad way now more than ever people need you not a stupid one who can not even manage his own staff, but the old you, so you need to get a firm grip,

    Start with the stupid rule of only allowing certain websites to qoute your messages, what kind of crazy letting the world know is that ? which class act in your staff thought that one, maximum exposure lets only tell our own staff the messages, that is so unbelievably dumb its pathetic, do you not think those in your staff are already aware of how they should behave, and yet on the strength of issuing a warning to the people which the people will never ever see, you are prepared to launch the earth pole shifts and mayhem to wipe them out, and when the facts are its your fault, yes your fault you employ your team, you select who to give messages to, so the buck stops clearly back on your shoulders, who have you told these messages to, lets look at this a few schoolkids, and a old woman, thats the best you could muster, you sit back and think everyones been told on the strength of that, come on get real, oh and on top of that they must not tell anyone except only christian websites specifically designed for the purpose, do you not see how dumb that is,

    Lets look at the Church in general, surely you noticed that the popes have the old man scarey look, how is that warm and welcoming? scarey movie time, why oh why are lots of your churches covered in scarey monster gargoyls or creatures, whats all that about? how is that warm welcoming and inviting, and you wonder why people avoid them weddings and funerals and thats about it, and can you blame them the vicars look creepy the buildings creepy dark gloomy its quite a scarey trip, i guess you could use the church as a scare tactic if the kids misbehave, sort of behave or i will take you to man in that church, keep them well behaved i guess, but still sack the management team responsible for hiring and building design they are useless,

    You blame us decent humans on earth, no sorry God your the one in the wrong, you let the enemy out shine you in every way, they use swish modern technology get the kids corrupt with fun, your scarey tactics is not going to work trust me,

    I feel you should even check your management team out i reckon they are skimming from the top, i do not see much investment in churches they often look like they are ruins from neglect and decay, so where does all the billions go? i would look into that if i was you, indeed sack the team responsible for that they are poor and not doing the job, indeed sack the whole lot, its bad from the inside out, a bit like a Company floundering with bad management and no funds, you must get a grip, and fast,

    Look its nothing that could not be sorted quickly, heres a few pointers,

    1, Money wastage,
    Appears to me millions and millions are wasted on telescopes i guess so they can see when your coming back, so they can cover the books maybe, millions just spent in staff members who do nothing much, your wage bill must be gigantic and i bet none do more than 30 hours a week, so you must check all that, make savings and do something useful with surplus like TV ads , website servers dot God and such , stuff to get known as still alive and kicking not a given up to Satan team as it looks now,

    2, Messages,
    Giving messages out is a great idea, but not to keep it stifled just to the church members, what good is that, its the 99% you need to get messages to, lets get you on TV message of the month or similar, get a buzz going, certainly make them available to as wide a public audience as possible,
    3, Staff,
    Try picking people who can breathe un aided maybe ex singers a few clean wholesome family guys, yea i know must the stars are gay, but must be couple left surely, so lets get a few who can promote team God, get some younger energetic people give the place a buzz, blow the cobwebs off type of thing, Lewis hamilton would be a great icon and he is christian and normal red blooded male, a few million i am sure he would do a few ads, maybe even run with God 1 on his car and stuff,

    I think you get the jist, listen i have loads of ideas to get you back on track, instead of zapping me with a lightning bolt, i hope you can see as usual i am right, The battle with satan is not lost yet, close but there is still a little time, In any Event i certainly urge you NOT to send the chastisement in 2017 as its YOUR Fault the message has not been reached by the people, YOUR Staff You carry the buck, So think and absorb what i have told you, nobody but a handful know of any messages sent by you, so send the message again before zapping us and at least give the people a chance,

    So there you have it, by all means feel free to contact me if you want the set up sorting out, i will sack many no probs, i do not suffer idiots lightly and you certainly have loads in your staff for sure who need kicking out, if you just want tips advice, give me a shout, most the week i am free, but busy on weekends specially at the moment as the F1 grand prix is on, but weekdays send me a message should be ok,

    thanks for reading,

    Pete W D H co


    DID I GET A REPLY ?    WATCH & See Video Below...


    GOD Messages To Mankind Warnings Genuine Prophecies and His Anger & The Warning Date possibly found in crop circles.



  • GREAT WARNING DATE and ELEVATION of ELECTS dates revealed 2017

    GREAT WARNING DATE and ELEVATION of ELECTS dates revealed 2017

    Roberto advises, he has found and clarified the last clue, on the 16 hours a day, previously covered.
    He advises upon further investigation it appears crops tell the Earth Orbit will start to exit starting from the 22nd JUNE, instead of the 22nd April as specified by the 22-7-2008 CROP that did had the 13 may as MAIN DATE to give correct understanding for catholics.

    THE REFERENCE is 13th MAY 2017

    Now the CROP indicates the orbit misplace from 22nd April to the 13th May, if you swap exactly 2 months everything matches and becomes the 22nd June to 13th July, (22nd the day after the FIRST ELEVATION of the ELECTS, or same day) the Earth will start to exit the orbit (the axis should tilt before during the end of this week as per prophecies say when Jesus is coming on the Great Warning) on the 13th of JULY only 9 days are left to the END (more or less), and the other 16-7-2014 CROP gives in fact 9 CIRCLES of temps and HOURS. So the hours of day will start to diminuish from 22nd June slowing down to 16hour days on the 13th July, then more and more to 13-12 hours, and temperatures will go crazy.



    GREAT WARNING DATE and ELEVATION of ELECTS dates revealed.
    Revealed the date of the 3rd secret of FATIMA that has not yet happened.
    The last final events before the END OF THE TIME and the Jesus Christ SECOND COMING.
    All bring to 21-7-2017. The Medjugorie Sign speaks with the CROP CIRCLES.
    As for the announcement, TO the Angels were given the task of REVEAL the DATES,
    According to the plans of God the Father in the times he wanted.
    Link also for the Angels videos.





    Italian Version Below.

    rivelata la data del 3° segreto di FATIMA non ancora avvenuto.
    Gli ultimi eventi finali prima della FINE del TEMPO e della SECONDA VENUTA di Gesù Cristo
    portano tutti al 21-7-2017. il Segno di Medjugorie parla con i CERCHI NEL GRANO.
    Come per l'annunciazione, agli Angeli e' stato dato il compito di RIVELARE le DATE,
    secondo i piani di Dio Padre nei tempi da Lui voluti.
    Link anche per il filmati degli Angeli.


    Earths Temps and latest updates Planet x second sun    

    IF YOU MISSED THIS VIDEO On Temperatures of Earth as the Second Sun arrives,  SEE THE Videos English & Italian HERE.................................

     GREAT WARNING DATE and ELEVATION of ELECTS dates revealed 2017

    GREAT WARNING DATE and ELEVATION of ELECTS dates revealed 2017

    GREAT WARNING DATE and ELEVATION of ELECTS dates revealed 2017

    GREAT WARNING DATE and ELEVATION of ELECTS dates revealed July 2017

  • NIBIRU LATEST 2017 Must See Captures MORE CLUES EVIDENCE Looking BAD

    NIBIRU LATEST 2017 Must See Captures MORE CLUES EVIDENCE & its Looking BAD

    Interesting Information on Planet X in this article and video, we show 2 latest Captures which fit Roberto´s predictions as to location and positions.

    Could this be the final proof needed? or is it just again one of them flukes and many coincidences?  YOU decide .


    FOR Our Worldwide Visitors watchers here is the Text of what the video says, just translate in your desired language.

    As YOU Should know by now, we watch and follow both Earth & Space issues, Shortly things on Earth could get well
    Interesting to say the least !

    Earth is now coming round and back in to what we consider the Danger zone, should Roberto´s Calculations be correct.
    As a quick recap here is the Earths Position in relation to the Incoming System..
    And following from that, lets show you what is considered to be Genuine latest Captures, which all align with Predicted..

    earths shield

    NOT To Scale- Just so you can understand The concept. Why Earths been quiet but about to change, see how we are now coming back around the Sun.

    2017 Must See Captures MORE CLUES EVIDENCE Looking BAD

    IF we are correct , "BUT" lets hope fingers crossed Roberto is  Wrong and Earths quietness was down to just a good old
    fashioned glitch . IF we are Right and signs so far point that way.  Then watch the show unfold with mega Earthquakes, storms and more, as you will see in a small jiffy,

    These 2 Genuine captures yet again connect the dots ..  In a BAD way .. So sit back and prepare to have your alarm call.

    Argentina Dragon system 2017

    NIBIRU LATEST 2017 Must See Captures MORE CLUES EVIDENCE & its Looking BAD


    So we know the Dragon is still incoming as Predicted,  Argie is doing a great job keeping us updated on this Dragon part the system.Thanks go to him for that.

    Now this next segment out of all the hogwash on youtube from webcams and such other none trustworthy sources.

    This IS a Capture we take serious, NO lens flares, and as you will see They have good equipment and looks genuine.
    WHAT you will also see as we go through the small clips of key points, is again the location , fits as per predicted..



    NIBIRU LATEST 2017 Must See Captures MORE CLUES EVIDENCE & its Looking BAD


    See below,  This Great Capture showed Magnetic Electrical discharging on the Planet Object Nibiru, as we would expect as its mass iron content, Reacts with Space Magnetic fields from Planets and the Sun.

    This is reversing the Infrared effect and adding a colour spectrum back.



    Final Points?
    WE ALWAYS Check Credentials of the Capturers. And then connect the final Clue, to make the Information "WORTHY" of OUR viewers. WE DECIDE..
    If its webcam crap or a SERIOUS Sky watcher. ONLY then let YOU HAVE A LOOK.
    "oh and we Trash around 5 or 6 emails a day with
    Junk flares etc."






    NIBIRU LATEST 2017 Must See Captures MORE CLUES EVIDENCE & its Looking BAD

  • Vaccines Covid19 The HIDDEN Timebomb Culling the sleeping Masses over time

    Vaccines Covid19 The HIDDEN Timebomb Culling the sleeping Masses over time

    Vaccines Covid19 The HIDDEN Timebomb Culling the sleeping Masses over time, Watch and listen to this Dr Tenpenny a expert on Vaccines give her worry and technical advice and warnings on the Covid19 Corona so called Vaccines. In this no holds barred talk she explains what is to be a ticking death warrant to those who take it.  SILENCED by media as usual she and Hundreds of European Doctors are speaking out but silenced, as this knowledge is not to be known as the culling of the world is slowly in action..

    Vaccines Covid19 The HIDDEN Timebomb Culling the sleeping Masses over time

    Vaccines Covid19 The HIDDEN Timebomb Culling the sleeping Masses over time, Watch and listen to this Dr Tenpenny a expert on Vaccines give her worry and technical advice and warnings on the Covid19

    Vaccines Covid19 The HIDDEN Timebomb Culling the sleeping Masses over time

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