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  • EARTH Signs BIG TROUBLES What Your Not Told

    EARTH Danger Signs BIG TROUBLES What Your Not Told 2016

    EARTH Signs BIG TROUBLES What Your Not Told, and how things are quickly changing on earth but not reported, This was intended to be added to the last
    Video as we go and show Something which
    I hear More and more all over !! Media are doing the usual keep the People unaware, fill them with the usual Gay is cool, Muslims are Great, And the biggest joke of all Government is our friends and only looking after us all LMAO
    Yea i know thats a classic !!!
    SAD PART Is 80% of people think that ?
    How stupid are they ? Oh well anyway lets move on,The Fact YOU Believe in what this Channel and OUR Websites tell you, is down to you , it makes not that much difference to us in any shape or form !

    We Can only advise and do our best to keep you informed and Pass on findings , good or bad . What you do with the information is down to you We Have a duty to report what we find.
    OUR Bit is done....
    WE WILL "NOT" Just make videos for video sake. On this SERIOUS Nibiru issue. And so what i ask you to do is , watch and see if this
    makes sense to you ? My own Gut feel has told me for last few years, The Sun has been strangely hotter on the skin, a few times i am even sure we had a earth wobble as its positions
    seemed to change !! Crazy i know and then when i check it seemed all right again ?
    A few Nights the set time changed !! just little bits you kind of notice, there was a absence of bees here this year ? In General seemed a absence of even Flies and Mozzies , not that i am moaning about that ! BUT ! And a big BUT !! WHY ?
    Well only when you know Earths problems from Nibiru - Planet X - 2nd Sun Do things start to make some sense , Like i said watch our videos on it, to understand more..But ARE OTHERS Spotting stuff ? YES .Look around watch what people say and keep notes.

    In this Video we show actual Australia weather figures manipulation proof, or dumb operators ?  We show how they all say its way colder than it should be down on the Southern Hemisphere, with just a sample of people who all say the same, Africa to South Australia is suffering Global cooling NOT Warming, all confirming the earth shift HAS Commenced.

    Earth is changing. Earthquakes Volcanoes Weird weather,
    THE Elite Evil Leaders we have know it, But HIDE IT, Here is proof of weather MEDIA BULL v REALITY :

    EARTH Danger Signs BIG TROUBLES What Your Not Told 2016



    EARTH Danger Signs BIG TROUBLES What Your Not Told 2016

  • Planet X Nibiru 2nd Sun ORBIT CONFIRMATION Beckys Dragon 2nd Capture

    Planet X - Nibiru - 2nd SunORBIT - CONFIRMATIONBeckys Dragon 2nd Capture

    SEE A CLOSE UP OF ACTUAL ORBIT OF Part the System Captured by Becky and Calculations and tracking obviously by us below..


    Following on from the now famous "Becky Lewis Capture"

    A regular follower of our work , got in touch and told us seeing Becky Lewis feature we did, he just had to get in touch as what she found , made him nearly jump from his chair !

    He got in touch and told me he had seen and witnessed the very same similar thing ! and just put it down to a sky fluke.
    When seeing our Becky lewis Video he was shocked. Still had the pics and Was i interested in them?

    Well obviously , but what i needed more to validate the claim is the history and so replied of course , whats the details? etc.
    Here came the reply.......

    "Hi Pete these were all taken at around 8:00 to 9:00 pm on thesame night, these are all of the same object in the South,
    South East with a Canon SX410 IS PowerShot,The date wasroughly November 16th to the 20th,
    I was watching it with my kids but thought it was a firethe same as Becky Lewis,
    until we realised it was too far up in the sky to be on the horizon,I know Venus is around that area roughly at that time of year
    but she was really bright last year and had already gone overthe horizon at roughly 6:00pm, this appeared about 2 and a half
    to 3 hours later. Hope this information is helpful,The Glowing one is the same object before it started to go lower
    over the horizon, had to take that one out of our upstairs window,It was bright red to the naked eye."

    So what were the pictures & video. Watch and you will see why i was interested.

    Planet X - Nibiru - 2nd Sun ORBIT - CONFIRMATION Beckys Dragon 2nd Capture


    a)   Date he made the Capture.
    b)  Position of the Capture.
    c)  Height on the Ecliptic.
    d)  SIZE of Capture.

    WHY?  Well let me tell you why, seeings as i know thats
    what your thinking..

    a) The date is the period when this system was still
    out in visible region.
    ( if you paid attention we told you for last few months we
    have been  shielded from it ) (that also applied to sightings)

    Let Us Get to the connecting dots and Investigation mode.

    Remember Beckys First sighting? Exactly the same Reddish Planet thing she said never seen before?  YET She could zoom Right inside it?
    Go back and check the video at start.

    Same applied here. as he stated here.
    "The Glowing one is
    the same object before it started to go lower over the horizon, had to take that one out of our upstairs window, It was bright red to the naked eye."

    Planet X - Nibiru - 2nd Sun ORBIT - CONFIRMATION Beckys Dragon 2nd Capture

    So similar ..
    With a key difference - THE SIZE , this tells us it was way
    out there, where as Beckys she got right close !!

    Planet X - Nibiru - 2nd Sun ORBIT - CONFIRMATION Beckys Dragon 2nd Capture DIAGRAM location 2016

    So its Closer and Brighter. Was viewable November 2016  to EAST Now in July 2017 viewable WEST . "Getting the Clues yet"?


    IF YOUR a new viewer to the websites? and wanting to make more sense of all this Fire in the sky stuff and wondering what the heck is connecting dots? to understand go check THIS HERE...........

    SOON We will know, Thanks to all YOU Great Sky watchers, With our known Info and YOUR Captures
    The Target Zone for people is known. So GET watching and filming that area.REGION in Space  . look at Diagrams  clear ones are on our websites.. get snapping !! & God Bless..

  • TRUMP Victory what is worrying about it, points and earth changes

    The Donald TRUMP Election Victory what is worrying about it, the Points and Earth Changes 

    Update Time ..
    Just a few points that spring to mind over the Trump Victory over the Evil Witch.. BRILLIANT WELL DONE USA !This is so good to see that Majority of USA is NOT  Sleeping, This is so reassuring to the World.

    I urge you to NOT Just assume ALL is Fine and I bring your attention to a few Pointers . Let Us Consider and answer a few Points on this..

    1. WHY ? Why did they let him win ? Why did they not simply do what we all assumed ? Namely a false flag EVENT On Vote day ?
    2. WHY ? has his jet not had one of them Unfortunate accidents they can do easily ?
    3. WHY ? Did they Not do the rigged vote and thus make it need postponing,null, void, etc ?

    So Many Why´s could follow, but you get the jist.

    Well if they did any of them, they know civil war would ensue ! Way to obvious , Now REMEMBER Yes Trump won the battle 1st stage, But !. NOT until January 2017 will "ANYTHING" Change. OBumma Is & remains President and i feel he has NO Intention of leaving even after January maybe ? The Evil Leaders (not the ones you see) Have i fear a plan and so similar to Brexit in UK, The Election matters NOT a Toss to there plans.

    Donald TRUMP Election Victory what is worrying about it, the Points and Earth Changes

    Take the UK example. Brexit was correctly done, in June 2016 and NOW still some nearly 6 months later, NOTHING Has even Been Made to Do the will of the People ? Remember from when the UK officially do the will of the People, it takes 2 years to exit.

    Brexit 2016

    The Leaders Knew this and this just brought extra time. I see very similar actions on the USA Election, all as the people wanted, BUT I fear they have a master plan which makes the election nothing more than a great Calming to the wide awake club People !! Maybe i am wrong here ? But it just does not ring right or sit right ? So Yes its GREAT that Clintons beaten but she is such a small cog in the system and it matters Nothing to them, if she won or lost..

    MAYBE SOMETHING SO MUCH BIGGER Is Coming down the pipe ! Indeed the media and people are so happy that the election went so well, that maybe just maybe the Governments are Genuine & those Conspiracy Nutters are Nuts ? & The People will Be content Thinking "Next year ALL Worlds problems will be solved".

    A Simple look away from what was the BIGGEST show On TV For years.

    Question is ?
    1.  Is It Financial Meltdown ?
    2.  WW3 ?
    3.   Planet X Nibiru ?

    Or ? Maybe ALL 3 ? Lets check a few things ?
    1st Financials .

     Donald TRUMP Election Victory what is worrying about it

    It is NOT JUST USA, THE WHOLE WORLD IS IN TROUBLE !!! And NOT A Single Country CARES ? WHY NOT ? They Spend Spend Spend like its Confetti or does grow in trees ?

    So You Say Why WW3 ?

    Well Land Grab, Mineral Grab & ALWAYS Gives The Victor the spoils and would herald in the 1 world Currency and a Reset . Population reduction etc etc. A RISKY MOVE ! Many Other Countries will Fight Back and could be a NO WIN For anyone ?

    So We Come back to Planet X - Nibiru ?

    Money debts WOULD NOT Matter ? This Event would be so Major that trivial things as paper money which in a nutshell is just I O U notes, & In the scale of things WOULD MEAN NOTHING . Should the Planet X Nibiru be as predicted 21st July 2017 and with EARTH changes possibly so evident to the Public by LATE DECEMBER . " A STATE OF EMERGENCY EXISTS"  and OBUMMA STAYS !

    Ok. YOU DECIDE ? I was Just giving my thoughts. & HOPE I AM WRONG !!!

     BUT BEFORE YOU DECIDE ? lets move on to Earth & Planet X - Nibiru - 2nd Sun, the LATEST UPDATES & OBSERVATIONS.



    Maybe It is NOT anything to do with it, as after all The Planet X System is still a long long way out ! BUT. we watch the Monitors IF ? We can trust them ? and see how something is causing Magnetics to reach out Behind the Earth, Seems to be intermittently having major night time disturbances.

    Donald TRUMP Election Victory what is worrying about it, the Points and Earth Changes

    Maybe YOU See Why we bring this to your attention ?

    I Sincerely HOPE we are wrong and ALL is well, Trump will get to takeover in January and all ends well. BUT i just have a very bad feeling and think this Trump Story Planet X - Nibiru - 2nd Sun , is Still in its early stages !!

    However we are watching daily. and will update
    how things are going..


    TRUMP Victory what is worrying about it, points and earth changes

  • URANUS Gassing From PLANET X "IMPORTANT", A real NEWS scoop Astronomer confirms

    URANUS Gassing From PLANET X "IMPORTANT", A real NEWS scoop Astronomer confirms Uranus problems as predicted.

    also Earthquake dangers and way more, For serious Researchers .

    Interesting Video Confirming what Roberto had advised, namely that as Nibiru the 2nd sun and its system moves ever closer, due to its projected orbit under and near Uranus, Uranus should react with the closeness,  sure enough a amateur Astronomer captured fresh close up of the Planet Uranus, and in his opinion Uranus does indeed show signs of having some Space event !  Its gassing up as per pics show.  Watch the Video and sit back and be educated, then get up to speed with this 2nd Sun Nibiru Planet X, Maybe you will start to realize , this thing could well be running as predicted.


    NEWS scoop Astronomer confirms Uranus problems

    NEWS scoop Astronomer confirms Uranus problems

    NEWS scoop Astronomer confirms Uranus problems



    Latest Update 17-11-2016

    We had a Interesting Set of Pics sent in from a Solid "Amateur Astronomer In USA " As Below He advised "They are consistent with the planet having been involved recently in some cosmic catastrophe. It is surrounded by a plume of Gas"

    As usual we always check out the sources as best as possible, The astronomer seems genuine, The pics supplied times and locations , Confirm as advised. As you will see on Stellerium The adjacent Star does match also as described. he is a professional person knows Space and so ticked our check boxes, So lets show what we got, note it had a 10 second exposure time, needed to drag the light from that  distance, as such some ghosting could occur.

    However with stars running visually left to right Normal ghosting would be left to right. As YOU will see, the interesting part is the Behind Cloud, as this region behind and below would feel Planet X - Nibiru - 2nd Sun strong magnetics..

    So again this makes this very interesting, specially as Roberto was adamant the crop circles tell it will get to clash with 2nd sun approach. And looks like it has !!

    So Very Interesting , we know the position & Orbitof 2nd Sun - Planet X - Nibiru Roberto said if only we could get clear skies and see it , URANUS MUST Be showing signs !! and sure enough looks like its all as per predicted. Now add how Earth is at the moment which i firmly believe is due to as stated before, NOT due to any silly Super Moon or CERN , BUT ! 2nd Sun coming in "QUICKLY" well Quickly in Space terms !!!

    URANUS Gassing From PLANET X



    URANUS Gassing From PLANET X "IMPORTANT", A real NEWS scoop Astronomer confirms

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