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  • Earthquake WATCH Live Feed How to Read PREDICT Earthquakes

     Earthquake WATCH Live Feed How to Read Earthquakes the EASY accurate way

    In this section we have a Basic DIY tutorial on Reading the Earthquake Global Monitoring system, So you can keep abreast of EARTH as "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH" Gets in full swing..  BE SAFE and Warned DO NOT Wait and suffer gay Baldy Twat Moderators on live feeds on youtube.  NO NEED !  Simply Install this excellent Program and CHECK as and when "YOU" Want..  Play your own quality Music and get FULL In depth Earthquake Updates as and when YOU Need It.

    FREE Version is ok BUT ! The $ 20 version gives you so so much more and access to "WORLD" Data feeds, well worth the Cost.



    "THE FREE VERSION DOES NOT Give you access to the Worlds feeds !!  So you only have half the Picture !! "

    UNSURE WHAT FULL VERSION  gives you ?  Watch and see the demo video below.. 

    Useful GUIDE To See How Earthquakes Move around the Earth, DEEP Quakes then follow very often the flow as below.

    Useful GUIDE To See How Earthquakes Move around the Earth


    CHECK OUT -   THIS SECTION and LEARN  why earths ramping up.. (Will open in NEW window So you still have this open also)


    Ok So your wanting to have advance warnings of Potential damaging Earthquakes ?  MAYBE You are living near a known FAULT Line ?  Or Maybe your awake that Earth is reacting to Something way bigger from Space ? and want to spot the clues on earth. Or maybe YOUR Just Thinking "Heck if i put that on a live stream video i could make money for just letting it spin around with music ?  Whatever the reason a basic Idea of what and How to spot signs is VITAL.

    So this section we show by a few examples and try to give you a Basic Understanding of Earths Earthquakes Monitoring EARLY Danger signals.


    1. EARTH Will always rumble and have movement, This is NORMAL  as the Plates are sat on a bed of molten Lava, indeed  NO Movement is a warning sign.
    2. EARLY Danger Signs are NEW Movements in Strange NEW ZONES or old extinct zones ie; Dormant Volcanoes, North Pole, South Pole, and such like .
    3. There is NOTHING Exact its a guessing game, which way Tremors move along Fault Lines, YOU Can be close EASILY But exact to a Point requires Luck and this is what makes it Important YOU Learn and watch a while, then you will start to see a pattern does emerge.
    4. NOT Just earth alone is responsible for Earthquakes, Many say Fracking is a concern and YES to a degree many small shakes are the result, BUT In NO WAY Does Fracking induce Earthquakes some 500km deep !!  And these are your WARNING Signs.
    5. SPACE Planetary alignments DO PLAY A Part in Earths Plate shifts Earthquakes, as we will show below, and so for even better knowledge a good Reporter Not just a guesser, will be aware of that, however thats a complete separate issue, THIS Simple DIY Tutorial is ONLY for you to read the signs, and be prepared, in advance.
    6. IF You go ahead and Run a LIVE STREAM On Youtube or anywhere and you let it run with both a chat area and music, YOU MUST NOT Have Gay Baldy Twat Idiot Moderators or crap music, make it enjoyable and NOT A CHORE !! Make yourself approachable, do NOT Get big headed and the viewers will in time follow. and indeed youtube needs this urgently, As ITS LACKING On this vital coverage.
    7. DEEP Earthquakes need watching as IF Planet X as we anticipate does arrive then Earthquakes WILL BE THE ONLY first signs, they will increase in a level NEVER Witnessed before .


    Earthquake WATCH Live Feed How to Read Earthquakes 

    In The above Example see You had 2 deep Earthquakes with a Stretch between?  When you see DEEP far apart Quakes, its only a matter of time before a shallow very often higher magnitude Hits, In this case the 4.2 shallower hit, as shown in Pic.


    With The Full version to assist you learn and judge the Plate Boundaries are shown in red, This aids you to understand which way movements will travel, again in the above example, this shows this.



    Earthquake WATCH Live Feed How to Read Earthquakes

    In the above example, see how the ongoing run along the Plate edge was made, here the larger shallow Earthquakes pushed along and always gives rise to lots of further Quakes along the Plates, we know it is certainly to bring a further shallow Quake or even Quakes at point 4.

    Earthquake WATCH Live Feed How to Read Earthquakes the dutchsinse way

    THERE YOU GO !  Did you see and understand the logic ? IT IS NOT Rocket science , Common Sense dictates a deep tear on 2 ends of anything will Run along, same rules apply, as the pressure tears along breaking and moving, until eventual earth break up,lift or VENTING From Volcanoes , with known Fault Line Regions, you can with time predict where major deep Quakes will move and run.


    In the above and below examples, See the Blank zone, This is remaining Quiet due to Volcanoes Venting pressure in that region, however we would still expect some shallow activity, BUT the Volcanoes have a very good pressure relief effect, the worst case is they ERUPT .. But thats yet again a whole new story..


     BELOW Using the NEW ZEALAND Major Earthquake YOU WILL SEE,  IT WAS "OBVIOUS" To Most this was To Get the BIG Hits..  OUR ONLY Concern and what People are NOT Connecting is WHY ?  WHY Sudden Increase on Earth ?   Well see below at the POSSIBLE Reason.


     Earthquake WATCH Live Feed How to Read Earthquakes the dutchsinse way

     ALONG With this SEE Below HOW In Space. The Main Planets all are in relation to each other, THIS Left Earth at the mercy of NIGHT Side Major Pullings, as the Mars Venus and Mercury Magnetics are distracted from earth, leaving it weaker to the Uranus and any Possible Nibiru Planet X Pull..

    You see why Space has a MAJOR Effect On Earth and so for the FULL picture watch our Space Monitors everything interlinks .. Now Get Your Earthquake Monitor and LEARN , see the patterns and GOOD LUCK as Earths BIG Show commences. Its NOT Technical its BASIC Common sense . Remember the KEY Points and you could become the Best Earthquake Kid or Girl !!!   GO FOR IT...


    DECIDED TO PURCHASE ?  CLICK  HERE FOR "FREE" Version or To BUY the Direct ENHANCED Edition and install in minutes. 


     INTERESTING FACTs ON Video For you.  EASY Simple Earth Plates and Movement Explained .


     Earthquake WATCH Live Feed How to Read Earthquakes the EASY DIY Way

  • The HIGHER TRUTH Channel Youtube Zapped Censored

    The HIGHER TRUTH Channel Youtube Zapped Censored

    The HIGHER TRUTH Channel Youtube Zapped Censored and Silenced, Joining the ranks of rebels who have been cast asside for having Information NOT fitting in to the prescribed reality of Media News and Information.  Love or hate The Higher Truth Channel one thing we can assure you is his SUN Observations regarding its woes and the Corresponding Helium the Magnetics and much more, was spot on the Mark. Obviously the usual tactics were in use as we see time and time, first they demonetize the Channel (ie; STOP its earnings), then comes a in flux of so called id content claims, then automated channel warnings of breaches in content, and then ZAP Channels gone in a instant. We gave the warnings but people do not listen the signs and clues and even our inside information was told to them, the idea that by using Patreon and having unlisted videos from either Youtube Vimeo or whatever would suffice and allow facts be Publicly allowed, we knew was a no brainner hence why we have NOT gone that route, patreon are even now under the ownership and control of the Top of The pyramid pulling the strings earth level, many outspoken or users who do NOT toe the line are having there patreon accounts zapped, again on weak excuses.  THIS IS Why we control our own Video Streaming, all of these other websites who simply feed videos from there Youtube Channels MUST be forced to either toe the line and ONLY feed rubbish out, or will simply join the Ranks of the zapped Naughty truth tellers and be gone.

    The Clues were so very obvious over the last year, those channels showing or sitting talking so much rubbish and giving ideas which ANY sane or "UnPodded" person knows and spots, yet they get promoted and gather such high volume hits and views, whilst those with real observations or question certain odd happenings and such, get the Zapping or Penalized treatment. Watch the Video below (If it gets removed, we will replace inhouse of course, but as its a mild video it should be ok), in the video see how by going the common patreon and Unlisted routes the website and patreon accounts become a joke.

    For the Google Real Insider scoop we managed to discover check out this Link........

    This hopefully explains why we have gone the VIP Route, IT IS THE ONLY Route, unless you want to watch same old same old fake rubbish or stories that come from a Jules Verne imaginary film type of stuff.  Whilst that content is highly entertaining !  it is exactly what its designed to do, keep you ill advised but coming back for more, keeps you worrying and looking up and getting deeper in the distractions, and as required NOT Seeing the real reality of what is going on both on Earth with the Trump Show, and in Space, whats happening to our Sun and much more..  YOU will just be ging around picturing the Sun and shouting Yea all them Planets are sitting by the Sun Simulator which is replacing our real Sun as the leaders stuck it up there blah blah, and then the big yellow van will be calling to collect you. Its called Screwing the Mind, a age old War tactic enhanced by Fluorides and other such mind bending drugs, they feed many with..

    The HIGHER TRUTH Channel Youtube Zapped Censored


    Snapshot of our article explanation on VIP and Google check out FULL Story on this Link........

    HIGHER TRUTH Channel Youtube Zapped Censored and Silenced, Joining the ranks of rebels who have been cast asside for having Information


    The HIGHER TRUTH Channel Youtube Zapped Censored

  • Youtube Video Reporting QUESTIONS Answered

    Youtube Video Reporting QUESTIONS Answered

    In this video we address a very common question regarding our youtube reporting. We address the why and what is the governing facts of how the channel and reporting is done, and way more.



    Youtube Video Reporting QUESTIONS Answered


    Youtube Video Reporting QUESTIONS Answered


    On        2017-11-03     Sheenagh McVey wrote:

    I watch every post you do on YouTube. You provide interesting content. Thank you._

    > _I would like to ask you why you refuse replies on your site. Although I like (most of) the content I feel that you are unfriendly
    and terse. I know you will say that you don't care, that you do not do this to make friends, just provide information. This is a cold,
    uncaring view in my opinion. On top of this you never speak. It feels to me that if you are doing this because you care, you do not portray this.

    I watched your last video, and it only goes to the 2nd Nov. I do not  know how you can 'predict' solar evolvement! You are asking to watch the sol for developments.
    if we are plodding towards the end, you should put in 110%

    _Kind Regards_

    > _Sheenagh McVey_



    1.  WHY No Comments? Well apart from having over 600 videos & The fact of just 1 comment per video a day needing to be checked, That alone would
    be 600 EVERY Day.  TIME Wasted & It is a video format NOT a chat room again assume 600 need a reply?  thats 1,200 comments a day !!
    A Task that would be done except !
    The Biggest & MAIN REASON For comments disabled is FOR Good peoples  Protection as the sad kids Troll gang hover and WILL Pick on followers of a lot of channels, and hound you and even Troll you, should you show interest.  DO NOT Believe ?  ASK  a few other channels?

    The Troll gangs are such pathetic sad lonely shits they ONLY have hate to offer, speak with Scott @ Planet X he has been hounded over
    a year and still they persist..

    They will and do private message any posters to disrupt and get their kicks for the day. SO ITS  "YOUR" Protection we and a few other channels
    are now forced to have comments disabled.

    Its a shame as it would be good to respond and interact. So thank the TROLLs for that, It is YOU they make suffer it is YOU that
    can not ask questions and comment , So the Trolls are in reality Attacking YOU the viewers NOT the channel.

    As NOT 1 of the victims subscribers think to report the channels to Youtube via- Reporting channel sections, THEY get away with it..

    So to a degree You ONLY have yourselves to blame.
    Youtube will act if enough notify..

    Channel owners simply put the video out and life carries on regardless,
    and time is saved , to allow further researching etc, YOU Lose being
    able to comment.

    2.  Am I unfriendly ? NO  far from it however i do NOT Suffer fools and Dumb people lightly, Sadly Youtube is full of them.
    ONLY If you know me and gain trust will you see i am friendly. Youtube MAKES people angry !!  As its frustrating they promote crap and hide
    good content.. (deliberately)...

    3.  The you never speak on videos ? Dead right i will not, after having my family blackmailed and Grandkids pictures used and swapped around the Troll gang for their kicks. ONLY A FOOL or those unaware of what sick individuals the Trollers are puts there face out and voice, as it would be used in silly videos and plastered on youtube day and night, by the Troll mental ages of 7 gangs.
    THAT is why, it is not worth the drama or risk.  again its a shame what  could be easier than doing a picture and just rambling for 2 minutes, simple and very quick to do.

    4.  THE  "I feel, if we are plodding towards the end, you should put in 110%_" 110% ?  Is NOT 3 websites on the subjects, 8 years or so researching , A "EVERY" day routine of checking many many monitoring sources, purchases of telescopes, cameras, rf monitors, and such NOT 110%   ??

    DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE QUANTITY OF VIDEOS !!  It is the content that counts. ONLY Stuff of relevance is put out.  we give 120% in terms of FACTUAL Observations NOT fake pretend junk like sun simulators, skycams rain drops, and lens flares etc, and the other hogwash, which is what youtube is filled with, sadly,  deliberately in some instances !

    Video & Article on the deliberate subject, will follow on as it is
    a subject also which has been researched !!

    5. Why you should watch the Sun - Sol .
    Roberto has many times discovered crop circles warn of the SUN being the Target, and this is the key to any Planets aproaching. For this reason the SUN is a vital indicator and should be watched.

    EARTH Is "NEVER" Told or shown to be hit, so scrub that notion. The Earths dangers will In MY Opinion come from the SUN a CME type of event. And Or a tilt of earth causing mayhem.
    Major DEEP Earth Core heating up, causing mass World weather mayhems. Volcanoes to erupt and storms of immense natures.

    Remember !





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