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WARNINGS - Dangerous Youtubers - AFTER Your Kids

If YOUR a Youtuber and have kids . Or Family.  WARNINGS you must heed and Be Aware.  Check out. The Sad Sicko´s of Youtube.

GUARD YOUR KIDS & FAMILY          YouTube Rats TRUTHER Website    scammers Exposed Online


genuine captures,

  • 9-11 Banned WTC Footage controlled demolition evidence

    9-11 Banned WTC Footage controlled demolition evidence

    YouTube scared to allow its viewing and constantly remove and ban ???   Why ?  have a look and you decide ?



    Please Note, In some cases you need to wait for the cache to load , and press play twice to run the in house video.



    9-11 Banned WTC Footage controlled demolition evidence YouTube scared to allow




    THE BEST World Trade Centre 911 Documentary , and eye witness accounts.


    The Best 911 Compilation available , with eye witness accounts and the biggest False Flag world scam ever , pulled to bits and exposed.
    When is the world going to stop the charade which is taking away peoples freedoms and rights ? or is everyone going to sit by idly watching while they take you to all the waiting FEMA camps, to have you as slaves ?

    9-11 Banned WTC Footage controlled demolition evidence

    Feel free to copy circulate as you need , this must NEVER Be allowed to drop UNTIL The truth is told ..

    Edited by  Nibiru Elenin ..

  • 911 Aliens Clues to shock and scare you to Reality

    "Protocols of Zion" The Leaked plan by the Jewish Zionists & some more 911 Aliens Clues to shock and scare you to Reality

    A Short Compilation showing a few startling Facts and features the Famous "Protocols of Zion" The Leaked plan by the Jewish Zionists to control Earth population, Ever wondered why "NOBODY" ever dare talk ill or question Israel ?  It has this protected bubble does what it wants when it wants etc,  Well watch and learn a few facts, it is hoped to do more on this secret but obvious subject in later vids, but for now just a few pointers, we discovered and show to make you think !!  Regular UFO Visits in Israel - Jewish bankers control the Worlds Money - time for you to connect the dots !!

    Jewish Zionists & some more 911 Aliens Clues to shock and scare you to Reality



    911 World Takeover New World Order Plan WHO Did It

    911 World Takeover New World Order Plan WHO Did It


    "Protocols of Zion" The Leaked plan by the Jewish Zionists & some more 911 Aliens Clues to shock and scare you to Reality

  • 911 Planes REAL or False Lady asbestos proves WTC story hoax

    911 Planes REAL or False Lady asbestos proves WTC story hoax


    911 Planes REAL or False after many conspiracy theorists say the planes are false and could be holgrams etc, we took the challenge to have a close look.

    What we found and how we found is in the video below. Whilst answering the Plane debate, we found Lady asbestos, this is a sad video and story, of which we hate to show, but, this proves the claims by the official 911 commission report proves the WTC fire story a hoax.  A great watch on our own in house server so be patient as it loads, and if it stops a lot, pause and let it get ahead, we have placed this direct as we feel youtube will or could remove it. This is vital info and as such we maintain it here ..

    Youtube version

    IN HOUSE Version if above Fails !!

    911 Planes REAL or False Lady asbestos proves WTC story hoax

    911 Planes REAL or False Lady asbestos proves WTC story hoax

    911 Planes REAL or False Lady asbestos proves WTC story hoax

    911 Planes REAL or False Lady asbestos proves WTC story hoax


    911 wtc towers cold


    911 Planes REAL or False Lady asbestos proves WTC story hoax

  • ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC

    ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC

    A Collection From Alien TV Video Channel a channel which pushes great video pictures and such like which could get striked, and has Great Music tracks to help you sit back relax and be entertained.  Here is some stuff from 2015 & 2016 , remember we use ALIEN TV For collecting great music with rare top hot and strong subject matters..  

    In This Video we show the Planet X Nibiru Orbit and its route inwards, some great UFO Orbs and all with the Great Foot Tapping Four Seasons best 4 songs.

    Here as the title says is CRAZY Muslim ways , showing there dances and toilet habits, soon to be spread worldwide so watch and learn the moves..

    A Great rare UFO Captured as it orbits and goes around the Moon, With the superb Dreamer By Supertramp cover song to keep you upbeat while you wade through the video..

    This one we call Bits and Bobs as it is bits and bobs UFO collection put together with great Music from the good old days when men were men , yea a while back nowadays, but lets hope aids gets them .. 

    THINGS, Yep its alleged alien captured and things, but one of the best songs ever wrote, and superbly sang..  turn the volume up and enjoy..

    Europes PLANNED Deliberate attack by the NEW WORLD FUCK UP ORDER is shown here and the songs by the Bee Gees sum it up nicely..

    LIFE ON MARS ?  Yep we believe the NASA Bullshit machine runs full steam with the usual, as this rare film shows they went to MARS back in the late 70`s .  Some say its faked but it looks pretty real, YOU Watch and decide, see what you think ? A Classic Song by Bowie in any event well worth the watch..

    Some Classic UFO Captures with superb Oldies music tracks , get the foot tapping and a great collection..

    Some UFO Clips and collection of UFO Craft captured by the SUN for you to ponder on, while you listen to music from the great days when we was FREE..




    ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC


    ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC

    ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC



    ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC

  • Aliens in the NASA Archives Stunning NASA UFO Anomalies Captured On Film

    Aliens in the NASA Archives Stunning NASA UFO Anomalies Captured On Film

    Hopefully, you will see some new evidence here in this video that you were not aware of, as I made sure to include a few less-publicized (though in my opinion still highly compelling) images in this presentation.

    I also include audio portions of another radio interview with Doctor Edgar Mitchell , Lunar Module Pilot for the Apollo 14 mission and the sixth man to walk on the Moon. This particular interview is from July of 2008, and as you will hear, Mitchell is VERY candid about the existence of intelligent extra-terrestrial life and of the long-term and on-going effort to conceal this information from the public. In addition to his fame as an Apollo astronaut, here is a brief look at some of Doctor Mitchell's other very impressive credentials. He is not exactly some "crazy hick farmer talking about swamp gas", now is he?

    Edgar Mitchell - BIOGRAPHY

    US Naval Aviator (carrier/research/test-qualified)
    Instructor at the Navy's research pilot school.
    Astronaut selection - 1966
    Backup LMP for Apollo 10
    LMP for Apollo 14 - lunar landing (Fra Mauro highlands)

    Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management from Carnegie Mellon University,
    Bachelor of Science from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School,
    Doctor of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT,

    Honorary Doctorates in engineering from
    New Mexico State University,
    the University of Akron,
    Carnegie Mellon University,
    and a Doctor of Science from Embry-Riddle University.

    Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom,
    the United States Navy Distinguished Medal,
    three NASA Group Achievement Awards.

    Inducted into the Space Hall of Fame in 1979
    and the Astronaut Hall of Fame in 1998.
    Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.
    Member of Kappa Sigma fraternity
    Advisory Board Chairman of the Institute for Cooperation in Space,

    Co-founder of The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) to encourage and conduct research on "human potentials".

    Also, I may as well draw attention to the fact that more than once in this interview, Dr. Mitchell mentions a "60-year" timeframe for this coverup (The "Roswell Incident" was in 1947 remember), and he confirms that the reverse-engineering of advanced alien technology has been going on since then. This is VERY important for many reasons, and knowing this, you must also realize and accept that what you think may be "State Of The Art" technology in the public realm is in fact DECADES behind the true "Beyond State Of The Art" technology the military industrial complex have covertly developed and have been playing with (paid for by all of you of course!).
    Aliens in the NASA Archives Stunning NASA UFO Anomalies Captured On Film



    A Collection of the Worlds SkyCams Monitoring the Skies for objects Planets, Of key importance is the Southern Hemisphere cams,  as For Nibiru Planet X sightings we estimate these Southern Viewing Cameras should be the first to visually capture the arrival..  (So Bookmark and check whenever, these camera shots show the latest pics, to keep updated refresh the page, if you see anything snapshot it and let us know )



    Kingston Australia SKYCAM Feed




    DEAKIN,  Australia SkyCams.

    Deakin Australia SkyCams




    Observatorio UC, Sta. Martina, Santiago, Chile



    YJOB Observatory, Hsinchu, Taiwan




    Mastria Observatory, Mogi das Cruzes, SP,Brasil


    Secret Harbour, WA, Australia




     Worlds SkyCams Monitoring the SOUTHERN Skies for objects Planets & Planet X approach

  • Best ever capture of a UFO Turkey Famous Alien Capture

    Best ever capture of a UFO Turkey Famous Alien Capture


    One of the all time classics, Aliens in control clearly seen as they hover and monitor Turkey region.

    Probably the Best ever capture of a UFO that we are aware of, taken 2007 and again 2008 such clear captures are rare, here is some still shots showing the details and why this video capture was and remains still, the best UFO capture and proves without doubt , we are being watched and controlled by Aliens..

    Best ever capture of a UFO Turkey Famous Alien Capture



    UFO Turkey Fresh Capture

  • Billy Meiers The Story of the man who was in contact with Aliens

    Billy Meiers The Story of the man who was in contact with Aliens

    Billy Meier´s the famous case files of this man who held a long contact with aliens and in whom they trusted to divulge a lot of earth and space facts,tonight we bring the full story to those new to this famous mans story and exploits,

    so lets begin,

    Billy Meiers alien contactee

    "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier's claimed his first extraterrestrial contacts occurred in 1942 at the age of five with an elderly extraterrestrial man named Sfath,Contacts with Sfath lasted until 1953, shortly before Sfath passed away. From 1953 to 1964, Meier's contacts continued with an extraterrestrial woman called Asket, who is not a Plejaren. Meier says that after an eleven year break, contacts resumed again (beginning on January 28, 1975) with an extraterrestrial woman named Semjase,the granddaughter of Sfath. Meier says that he has also had many contacts with another Plejaren man called Ptaah, starting in 1975 and continuing right up to the present day.

    He has claimed that he has also visited other worlds and galaxies along with another universe with these extraterrestrials. Meier claims that he was instructed to transcribe his conversations with the various extraterrestrials, most of which have been published in the German language. These books are referred to as the Contact Notes (or Contact Reports). Currently, there are twenty six published volumes of the Contact Reports (titled Plejadisch-Plejarische Kontaktberichte). Some of the Contact Reports were translated into English, extensively edited and expurgated, and published in the out-of-print four-volume set Message from the Pleiades: The Contact Notes of Eduard Billy Meier by Meier case investigator Wendelle C. Stevens. There are also many contact reports translated into English (unedited) by Benjamin Stevens.

    Billy Meiers The Story of the man who was in contact with Aliens

    Meier's discussions with the Plejaren are highly detailed and wide-ranging, dealing with subjects ranging from spirituality and the afterlife to the dangers of mainstream religions, human history, science and astronomical phenomena, ecology and environmental dangers caused by global overpopulation, in addition to prophecies and predictions of future events.

    One thing in all Billy Meiers claims and pictures is that not 1 has been proved to be fake,and as you will see later in the alien tv broadcast the still camera shots from inside his trips with the extraterrestrials,who took him back and around the galaxy show some startling and thought provoking reality shots,

  • Crop Circles NASA should note RED SKY Morning Early Warning

    Crop Circles that NASA should note RED SKY in Morning Early Warning

    Update from Roberto on some crop circles he looked at, and how we feel NASA will be huddled up scratching their heads, as to which way and what BECKYS Brown dwarf Is doing going and all sorts, have a look watch the video and see

    the clear spiral signs messages given, also note how and this is very common in genuine crop circles, locations and close landmarks are used and selected to give the whole clue and Roberto has decoded have relevance to the final message they give us the GOOD decent people.

    Also this is something we have in ongoing research many subs and viewers are telling us time and time again about a red sky during night time, early morning, NOT the normal red sky as we all know and love, but a eery strange red. 

    A few samples below is the type of stuff which does tend to make you ponder?  Is it just RED SKY Shepherds Warning for weather or RED SKY Shepherds take cover and run to the sheds and hide?  WHO KNOWS as usual ONLY time will tell?

    NASA Certainly will NOT.



    Crop Circles that NASA should note RED SKY in Morning Early Warning

    Crop Circles that NASA should note RED SKY in Morning Early Warning2

    Then add this Interesting Picture from Becky who has been shouting to us ages LOOK at the sky LOOK at the sky , its wrong, well maybe just maybe Becky is right?

    Crop Circles that NASA should note RED SKY in Morning Early Warning3

    The Crop Circles which NASA will already of noted but have they spotted the clues? Look below and see the relevance and options a b or c  they have to choose?

    Crop Circles that NASA should note

    Crop Circles that NASA should note 2

    Crop Circles that NASA should note 3

    Crop Circles that NASA should note 4

    Crop Circles that NASA should note 5

    Crop Circles that NASA should note 6


    NASA - Get on with the task in hand - let people know if this is going to hit the sun or just whiz by in a whoosh? YOU MUST Know about the object and whats what .


  • DANGERS On Youtube Skywatcher74 catches kids pic dealer online

    DANGERS On Youtube Skywatcher74 catches username Logan Runnin as kids pic dealer online

    DANGERS On Youtube Skywatcher74 catches kids pic dealer Logan posting online selling 1,000 of pics, In this broadcast he explains the ongoing hassles to his channel, and why he called the Police as this Logan Runnin aka Logie laughin aka many others, has set a vendetta against him for calling Police to investigate .

    Have a listen sounds to me the NORMAL decent thing to do, it shows a level of decency and we would certainly have done the same specially as the Logan Scruffy scumbag has PROVEN - kids pics involvement and using for blackmail which you will find out more on at You tuberatswebsites and also featured on Cyber as the Most Evil piece of garbage ever to walk the streets of Haltom city Texas USA . And funded by wages out of Finleys boats Haltom City texas. to bring fun and laughter to the business during them slack periods when they want a laugh ? or so they say ?  Hence the name now used Logie Laughin !!! 

    REMEMBER Check and support and share  YoutubeRats and Cyberwarnings and be on guard !!!!

    Finleys Boats Chris Logan - Was he hacked or did he post ??  Well its obvious Guilty as Charged as he is a sick thing ..

    Check Out        &  See Just  HOW Evil !!!!

    DANGERS On Youtube Skywatcher74 catches kids pic dealer online

    DANGERS On Youtube

    Skywatcher74 catches kids pic dealer online


    DANGERS On Youtube Skywatcher74 catches kids pic dealer online



  • Dazza v Logan The TRUTH Gets Confirmed David Greig Chris Lippincott

    Dazza v Logan The TRUTH Gets Confirmed - David Greig - Chris Lippincott - Replies

    David Greig dazza, Puts his Story online in a comment under a video, Chris Lippincott-Lippencott, Logan, Blows His Lid and spills some very interesting beans, as if anyone with half a brain did not already know all this, the Masked mentally ill sicko´s  behind the slanderous DFD channel, had been called out, and the whole picture known. What is good about these two Lippincott Videos, is it just completely confirmed what had been EASILY deduced for a while. ONLY TROLL members, the ones who live and thrive on all the hate and harrassments, to fill the sad life they must have, refuse to swallow real Truth, they much prefer to live in their youtube fantasy land, which consists of them being something, a gang member..

    How all this story looked to the ones with brains..

    The way the DFD episode and the slander sites under control of David Greig dazza, Tige Hand and Christopher Lippincott-Lippencott was all planned a while back. Was that Tige Hand had unused channels,which he used for following his passion wrestling, and a pledge to back David Greig up 100%, a combined Hatred of the J & M of wtf channel, a hatred of a Scott of Planet X channel, the hatred runs so deep that even though Chris Lippincott-Lippencott (yes he has two id´s) they all use fake id´s its part the way they roll, David Greig uses Greg, Gregg, and no doubt other Trolls do likewise, although thats unfair to tarnish all Troll gang as a few do we believe are good at heart, and have been duped in to believing this Gang is something doing good, by warning 24 people in the world that what a few people say about Nibiru is false and that it does not exist. They know all this as they have telescopes and they look every Monday Morning at around 9am. So armed with this Rock solid evidence, they feel it is their duty to Trash any Nibiru Channel, show thier homes families, businesses and slander and destroy these people and channels, for the good of the handful of other youtubers approx 24 who may find their channels. The Reality is it is all a cover story, many even were or are Nibiru believers.  this has though become such Fun for the Gang that the excuse is used and gives them a cover for the undercover activities some of the Gang engage in.

    Back to the story. How it looked to the ones with brains ..

    David Greig, so filled with anger and hate for wtf, makes a deal with Lippincott, the deal is to ring J of wtf, and ask scripted questions, regarding the digging and finding of old details of David Greigs other hated enemy Scott of Planet X, IN RETURN he will reinstate the slander websites in his control on Pete, Pete is the one who has been blackmailed, slandered and had to fight these very same Gang as is known, year after year. ANY chance Finleys Boats Lippincott can get to Slander Pete more is fine to him.  SO THE DEAL IS DONE...

    Christopher Lippincott-Lippencott, Does his requirement and Calls J of wtf and reads his scripted dialogue, asking the exact questions David Greig, dazza, requires,  Finleys Lippencott does his job well, he gets the spoken proof, that wtf did buy the pdf file on Scott, all this call secretly recorded by Greig, it is then duly put out on a video by Greig, this he hopes will make Scott of Planet X channel, so furious that HE will attack wtf channel.  THE PLAN FAILED,  Scott did not react, Scott is a grown up and not so stupid to fall for the obvious set up.  However Lippincott HAS at this stage done his duty, fulfilled his obligation the Rat gang is all snuggly and warm again. Although to the youtube world the pretence of the Fallen out Charade MUST Continue, so Lippincott very regular shouts on vids dazza is a yellow belly coward, and similar, ALL to keep the plan rolling along.  ONLY a TROLL could not spot all this, but grown ups spotted it easy as acting is NOT something Greig and Lippincott are good at. slandering and making lies oh experts, but acting and Truth very rare and NOT good at it.

    Lippincott now asks for his return side the deal, Greig has a new problem arrive, wtf have been chatting and now friends of Scott. This is like red rag to a bull, Greigs little brain would be pumping he would be popping his blood vessels and stomping his feet at this stage.  he can not tackle the Logan Pete issue, until he has more dirt on wtf and Scott, so it needs delaying, DFD channel is used to target harrass J & M of wtf channel in a sick minded warped DEVIL fashion, threatening their homes and family, YES the usual sick way they work.  But its all in the need to debunk Nibiru of course?  we are told is the excuse. Tige Hand & David Greig after wearing wtf down, and that going quiet, they  then decide after xmas is the time,

    Plenty of work is made behind the scenes including the brainwave of making up a false news articles, branding Pete as being convicted of so many crimes , from drug lord, to frauds, to even and loved by Lippincott the actual kiddy lover, of fiddling with his Grandson, Oh how they all got wet with excitement at this plan, telling Chris Lippincott be patient, david Greig drops his little sick hints, like a picture of Pete´s town, in the middle of another channels video debunking Pete, oh how David Greig must of got a wet patch on that one, he he oh i got that in.  Then the DFD channel starts with the little 8 year old , we are your worst nightmare , well you know the score on how the sicko´s work.  Then they drop the masterpiece the Faked NEWS article. with J of wtf, Scott of Planet X, and Pete in it the 3 of the targets in one fake news article, oh they must of dribbled and skyped on that for hours, followed from this a drug Lord faked news article, and then the Grandkids faked one, NOW Comes the David Greig - Christopher Lippincott , KILL Shot, this will make him runaway and hide they think, Lippincott is extatic shouting around LOOK heres the proof. the usual NEVER think a plan through by the deadly RAT GANG, who have the minds of 7 year olds, and the brains of 12 year olds. Same old people with new members, who it should be noted are NOT ALL Bad, but they have been duped into thinking they are in something Truthful Honest and genuine, FACT Time you have been fooled.. Decent people you need to wake up quickly..

    The website is launched , on this polished smart website is the faked news article they created, along with many Companies which they have severely defamed as frauds scams and well the usual Sick Trio Lies slanders. Proudly boasted out as having Christopher Lippincott of Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas, as the owner. Yes indeed Lippencott, was given this website, he just was sitting down having his Beer and this website was given to him, in a gift bag.

    Strangely David Greig dazza, also got a Free Gift from the "Domain name Fairy" in his sleep. This one brought by the "Domain name Fairy" the same time as Lippencotts,  it is a miracle the "Domain name Fairy" just gave them away.  and at the exact time within 2 minutes of each other, from the same GoDaddy domain Fairies HQ, brought and given away in a flash.. 

    MANY problems exist on that story, a Domain name is NOT a simple here take that, You can not just say hey have this, it is not like a Christmas Card, or giving away a old Radio. Domains are brought sold and always have a home on a domain account somewhere, if you purchase a domain website name it remains on the Domain Buyers Control panel, until it is correctly transferred.  This can only be transferred to someone who also holds a domain control panel. You can point a domain name if you produce a website for a client, then you would need that name to be routed to the clients web hosters ip address, that is not a transfer that is simply common on how websites operate.  The owner of the website under a domain is responsible for the actions of the name. As THEY have the final control to stop the website in its tracks.. So any talk of GIVING, as if its a old Radio, is hogwash. So the story of Christopher Lippincott and David Greig being given websites is only swallowed by idiots.

    Website Hosting, here comes the next joke, Chris Lippincott supposedly gave his websites to a unknown DFD person.  The best he could do or David Greig or whoever actually controls the websites is give them password access..  IF ??  If  Lippincott had the website he would of as he states in the video, had it blasted with CRIMINAL SCUM all over and he would NOT have been doing deals with anyone.  A Deal with the one who owns the slander website he would of course do, as he has been thoroughly outed with Facts as this website proves. He WOULD Do anything to make his Facts and evidence go away. although how he Ever sees adding more Lies and slanders to help, ONLY inside his and his Pals warped 8 year old brains knows? All it does is build a even bigger FACTUAL side to how he and his Tight Rats operate, and thus increase the problem.

    The Final responsibility of a defamatory online Slander campaign incorporates, those who aidded by spreading the Lies slanders, those aidding or created the Lies slanders, those promoting the links, right back to the actual Domain owner, who regardless of any claims as to not actually doing the website. IS In Full Control and can suspend the Website by deadening the Domain route in a second. And carries the Lions share of the Responsibility. This is key in this case instance, so as the below diagram picture. Domains can not hide. These domain names MUST be on one of the Gangs Domain names control panel. and you can be easily assured IT WILL NOT BE ON Lippincotts..

    Dazza v Logan The TRUTH Gets Confirmed David Greig Chris Lippencott attack on peter kuske

    Another KEY issue?  WHO in there right mind, would let someone buy YOUR name, or known brandname. Unless Family, But we are told another Youtuber paid and owns dazzathecameraman and says i got this for you. Ridiculous situation so thats another reason the story is suspect. Mind You maybe there is a "Domain name Fairy"  I mean in the brains of this gang, with the drugs and such, its all possible..

    In Chris Lippencott defence on this matter, yet again he has been used as the fool and they many times, done the sleaze behind the scenes and then passed to him to put out, whilst laughing behind his back and getting wet patches in the trousers over it all. Sad, that Finleys Boats Chris Lippincott Just has not seen it, everytime from Sangstar1 to Darkskywatcher to BP Earth, and even Scott PX , he gets fed the bullshits and whatever is needed, and off he goes time after time getting deeper and deeper in the mire .. When is he ever to wake up ??



    Dazza v Logan The TRUTH Gets Confirmed - David Greig Speaks Chris Lippincott - Replies

    David Greig Greg Gregg identities

    David Greig, or Greg, Gregg, why different identities?

    David Greig Greg Gregg identities


  • Dr Albers Planet X researcher Family attacked by the Shitter Rat gang

    Dr Albers Planet X researcher Family attacked by the Shitter Rat gang

    A Video regarding the Rat Team Troll Gangs latest attack on the chosen victim, was put out, in this video the victim is just a simple lady Doctor Physicist, who felt the need to speak out on her findings, and give her own opinions, on both space and the Sun, and her own explanations.
    This led her to lose her career as a Top lecturer at a University in South Africa. Simply because her opinions do NOT match the opinions of the Gang.  Also whilst NOT agreeing she "Dr Albers" has committed the biggest sin ever, She is speaking to Scott C  of Planet X News.
    To have this lady Dr Albers, even speak or question that things on earth and space are not normal, was bad  enough but to speak and share thoughts as to what is going on in Space, without always consulting the Gang is enough to warrant her family being picked on and her job to be lost, in the normal Rat Gang way. The Video is worth the watch and listen and you decide if you consider that apart from Scott having his life threatened, did his Grandmother also deserve this? Or likewise does the Doctor Albers Son and Brother deserve to have the slanders which cost them there careers also, be ruined just because the Rat Team Gang, want to remain the Only people who decide what you can and not do or think?

    If you feel angry as ANY Normal person should, then like Scott had said you need to stand up against these scum class slanderous criminal shits. No iffs or butts they are the shits of earth, devils hiding behind masks of fakeness. It is a small Gang of Lifes losers druggies and vagabonds, who get kicks from making up slanders lies and causing others trouble.

    Failure to do anything is what they rely on, they rule by bullying and until they get stopped, then many others will get the Rat Team treatment.  One day it could be you so think on? Ask yourself?  Would you not like others to help you?  Of Course so man up and act before some other victim gets to be in the shitters sights..








    Dr Albers Planet X researcher Family attacked by the Shitter Rat gang

    All the information is available, as the Gang has been trapped and is well known, so you have no excuses.  Dr Albers, Scott C-Planet X, Darkskywatcher, Pete WDH, WTF sky, Jake and Mari, and others have had the shit from the sleazeballs.  Time to stand up and say no more..


  • EARTH and SUN DODGED A Bullet 2nd January 2018

    EARTH and SUN DODGED A Bullet " Jan 2018 "  THIS WAS HUGE

    EARTH and SUN DODGED A Bullet 2nd January 2018 THIS WAS HUGE , The Sun and maybe earth got a Lucky Break, Interesting sharp eyed capture, as the SUN reacts, but escapes with just a flash.

    Imagine and understand the size of the object hitting Earth or the Sun? Well i think you will understand that this was indeed a bullet which was dodged thankfully. Is this just a one off thing? Massive object or Comet or that long object spoke about? or even maybe a part the Planet X Nibiru Second Sun system as it arrived?  Time will tell . All we can all do is watch the signs and stay alert.

    Watch the video below and see how it run in, in Real Time .



    Snapshot above shows the trajectory and the size of the object, This was not a small comet rock this object could possibly be 4 times the size of the moon, or earth,  so NOT something you would want to be impacted by..


    EARTH and SUN DODGED A Bullet 2nd January 2018



    EARTH and SUN DODGED A Bullet 2nd January 2018

  • Follow Up To 1st Nibiru pics found and URANUS updates 2017

    Follow Up To 1st Nibiru pics found and URANUS updates Feb 2017


    FOLLOW UP VIDEO To The Last Video on Nibiru position
    and FIND..

    We need to address a few things from the last video and Article.



    ITALIAN VERSION VIDEO ON PLANET X Latest Update Information (below)


    She is alive and kicking, Fresh pics confirm she is still ok
    Had a slap, but recovering well, So lets quickly look and
    give thoughts on what we can see.

    Follow Up To 1st Nibiru pics found and URANUS updates

    HERE SHE IS, Is it still gassing?  HARD To say
    just looks hazey, and glowing a tad, but then so would
    you, if you had just been near a deadly wormwood Nibiru system !!

    WHAT About the orbit?  Well hard to know with limited equipment.
    Could be running a tad behind?  Hard to say for sure.
    A Simple alignment does show it a tad behind..

    URANUS picsFeb2107

    PLANET X - Nibiru - 2nd Sun " THE LAST VIDEO"

    A FEW BITS of further examination and addressing
    a ISSUE which was NOT CLEAR ENOUGH.

    Maybe we should have made it clearer.


    MANY have used those Coordinates  and then found
     it goes to a known Object Star.
    YES CORRECT indeed, that does go and show this item.
    A VERY SPOOKY ITEM .. specially the middle one..

    NIBIRU  IS moving so a fixed position is Not Possible..

    The Final Coordinates will take you to Nibiru.  NO It takes you to the Strange known star as this then gives you the area to look, and watch, where this unlisted Planet Star object is, or was.

    GOOD NEWS ON Uranus. also means we have a further reference point..


    A Couple of points.

    1. Its NOT just a case of grabbing your camera and snapping, it needs
    good lenses and a time exposure, to allow capturing of distant objects.

    2. Remember its a moving target (or should be) so who is to say it will
    be there in a week?  so be prepared to widen search area.

    3. I have been unable to get clear sky and view myself so its not
    as simple as Roberto implied, But was more referring to Normal sky
    expert photo taking skywatchers etc.

    4. This picture was heavily checked and went through normal tests
    and PASSED it is genuine, we even checked the flare or sprite possibility
    and to finish, i shall show some more of the Work we did, which did
    not make the last video. But YOU may find of interest.


     1st Nibiru pics found and URANUS updates 2017

    1st Nibiru pics found and URANUS updates 2017

    Follow Up To 1st Nibiru pics found and URANUS updates 2017

  • HELP Needed We Are Under Attack by SCUM

    HELP Needed We Are Under Attack by SCUM

    Our Channels and websites and even family are being targetted by the Rat Team Gang, Yes the seedy sick gang which has roamed stalking others on youtube for a long time, have taken
    move to attack slander us, with stories made up which read like a plot from a horror movie, this was pre planned many months ago, is now in operation, sadly for them we know who is behind it all. This information
    is available and will be updated as the Rat Round Up rolls onwards, so now this is where decent people are called to action. You can sit back and say "Oh its not my problem" you know the
    usual way, of people. Or you can help and earn both respect and SAVE others from the grasp of this Evil Sick perverted Rat Gang. They seem to love showing private data and info in order to blackmail us offline.  Unluckily for them we know who and where they are ..

    Your Choice , doing nothing only makes the Rats breed more, and eventually Will destroy even more good people and channels, in their sick games. How many more times are you to sit back and do nothing?
    REMEMBER It could be You Next. So time to unite and say NO MORE and get active.

    FULL Details the who and where the Shits live is covered on the excellent Truther Websites as below.

    HELP Needed We Are Under Attack by SCUM

    STOP Them before its to late. If you have just a slight bit of Christian goodness, you know you need to act. If not, well your just feeding the devil evil Rat team.

    Peter Kuske needs help

    Save the Little blonde boys from this EVIL Rat Scum

    Kuske needs help as boy said

    HELP Needed We Are Under Attack by SCUM

    HELP Needed We Are Under Attack by SCUM lippincott gang

    HELP Needed We Are Under Attack by Rat Gang SCUM

  • KEY RAT TROLL Tige Hand Covington Georgia Captured

    KEY "RAT TROLL" Tige Hand Covington Georgia Captured

    A BIG TROLL KEY PLAYER & 1 of the Reasons COMMENTS on Our Youtube Channel have had to remain closed. THIS Tige Hand rated as TROLL Teams most respected Foot Slogger or SHIT Slogger as is more the REALITY.  CAPTURED & EXPOSED .

    MAYBE JUST MAYBE Someone in Georgia would be local and want to send regards, for the SLANDERS HARRASSMENTS of Planet X News Channel , ESi Channel , and many others, in his hidden alter id youtube pages..

    CAPTURED BY THE EXCELLENT  TRUTHER WEBSITE  "" & Copied with permission from the owner below..

    She explains the capture and the RAT below a excellent Read and insight to the mindset criminal background and mental state of a TROLL.


    KEY RAT TROLL Tige Hand Covington Georgia Captured

    Before you read this article, as the website owner i must warn you that this will be in my own words straight no holds barred.

    You may not like what you see but this has to be put out for people to finally realise what a sicko Tige Hand is!

    If you dont want to see the truth about this sicko then move along and just hope he is not a neighbour, a work colleague, or just someone he dislikes!!


    This is Tige Hand, 46 of,  20 Buckeye Cir, Covington, Georgia, USA, Still living with his Mommy


    KEY RAT TROLL Tige Hand Covington Georgia Captured

    Memorise this face and name as it may keep you safe from this sicko!

    So let me tell you all why this sicko TIGE HAND  has made me to decide to out his sorry ass . Well this waste of a skin thought he was clever and thinking he was fooling everyone , decided to open another youtube channel by the name of "The Devils Favourite Demon" .  Tige thought he was so smart and no one would ever find out the channel belong to him, but unlike his mates in Troll, no drugs or alcohol have frazzled my brain. Nor do i have any medical disorders such as depression, sleeping illnesses or bad heads to null my brain!! So i can see clearly all the little mistakes that little Tige Hand makes!!

    Now your probably wondering , Sue (yes thats my name and yes Christopher Lippincott i am a woman and this is my website. Touch my kids pics again you sick fuck!!)  do you have any evidence of this sicko and what your saying hes done?  Well lets look at what i have discovered. Obviously only people with moral standards and values and a brain will only be able to follow it, so you sick Trolls can move along!!

    Tige Hand started out his glorious fact filled channel ( sarcasim ) under the name "TIGE HAND" using this picture as his avatar Tige Hand sicko of Youtube he then changed to this one Tige Hand covington Georgia sicko still under the name of Tige Hand.

    Little Tiggy liked to run his big fat mouth using this channel , making videos (only text ones!) about people, doxing people, he especially liked attacking women ( see his comments on previous Tige Hand article) calling them names etc. So a big tough man is little Tiggy. So a few months ago after obviously attacking people with his pathetic childish videos his channel got terminated by Youtube ( after allowing this prick to do this for so long)  for Harassment bullying and violating Youtubes guidelines. He made a new channel ( which youtube allow these sicko's to do!)  so he could carry on harassing people which is his favourite pass time! While little mommies boy Tige Hand had his channel along came The demon Channel. Guess who subbed to this sick channel straight away......yes thats right sicko Tiggy!!


     So as soon as this sick channel goes up, Tige Hand is one of the first to subscribe to it!!  

    Tige Hand Mommies Boy Georgia


     ( NOTE;  Picture above shows and is made to replicate visually the how only 3 subs on that channel stood out. As initial observation was he was 1 of 3 only subbed, this was what brought the attention to the DFD channels and Tige Hands knowledge. From the look at the first DFD video, both PK & SG along with wtf were named and listed as the targets. )

    When this sick channel was opened Tige Hand was attacking two other people on Youtube  I noticed straight away the name of the channel and also the channel used "FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS" both are terms used in  WWF Wrestling, (google it !)  just so happens that Tige Hand was subbed to WWF Channels ! His old AV Tige Hand Sicko of Covington Georgia  is a reference to a WWF Wrestler who used to go by the name of "The Ring Master" . Little Tige Hand seems to like WWF Wrestling!! I bet he has all the models and posters stuck all over his bedroom wall in his mommies house!!

    So now i know that Tige Hand obviously is a big fan of the devils channel. Tige Hands main channel then got terminated at the begining of Jan 2018 for harassment bullying and violating Youtube community Guidelines. Then comes Tige Hands new channel, only when little Tiggy announced his new channel, it showed he had opened this channel in Nov 2017, you'll never guess who else open a channel in Nov 2017, yep you got it The good old Demons channel. What a suprise....Not!!

    Tige Hand Thief Covington Georgia

     Three days apart these channels are made! Tige Hand isnt very smart is he?.  

    The videos that started to appear on this sick channel were attacking the very people that little mommies boy Tige Hand was attacking!

    Tige Hand Danger of Covington Georgia USA

    The videos are all about people Tige Hand does not like or has harassed and they have said something back to him......real tough guy is mommies Boy Tiggy.

    When Tige Hand had his channel terminated oh boy was he mad, i mean little Tiggy would never do anything bad to have his channel terminated by Youtube, just ask his Mommy he's a good boy!! Tige Hand would never have anything to do with such a sick channel like commenting on there.......or would he?

    Sicko Tige Hand commenting on his own sick Channel

    Oh look its Sicko Tige Hand commenting on his own channel !! You see because he has a boring life looking after his mommy ( probably too scared to say she dont want him looking after her!) he has to get his kicks from trying to make everyone elses life a misery by harassing and trying to bully them!! Heres an idea Tige Hand try and find yourself a woman, shouldnt be hard . A man ( and i use that word lightly) like you would be such a good catch for any woman especially if she likes sickos. I bet your a small guy too, because small men have too act all tough and push their chest out and feel the world owes them a favour, and just like you seem to have anger issues!!

    It also seems everytime This devils channel puts a video up, Tige Hand isnt far behind putting one of his riviting text videos! So it is obvious they are on Youtbe at the same time . 

    Tige Hand Criminal of Covington Georgia USA

    So Tige Hand made a riveting video saying how his mom loves him and someone elses family dont, this was because the shitters had contacted this persons Dad , yeah i know fucking pathetic, but thats how low these sicko's go! So i made a post on my Google plus not naming anyone . 

    Tige Hand Mommies Boy Georgia USASo as soon as i post this, the Demon channel, who is nothing to do with Tige Hand decides to attack a good friend of mine who the idiot Trolls think own this website!! Now why would me posting this upset the Demons channel.!  So i posted another to see if Tige Hand or the Demon channel would bite, still naming no one. 

    Tige Hand Sick Youtube Channel Owner Georgia USASeen as this had reference to Tige Hand with WWF Wrestling and being a mommies boy, you would think he would do one of his exciting Text videos , telling me what hes going to do and i'll regret it, because no one messes with him  Blah Blah Blah in his usual tough guy way. Nope The Demon channel put a video out trying to dox me (unsuccessfully, because these stupid Trolls couldnt reasearch their way out of a paper bag!!) Same again why would this bother another Youtube channel that has no relevance to them? 

    I decided to try it one more time to see what happens. This time i used a image from the devils channel off another video where he was threating my friend once again. 

    Tige Hand vile scum from Covington Georgia USA This got the reaction i was expecting, another video trying to dox me and my good friend. So seen as i am now 100% certain this channel belongs to the famous piece of shit Tige Hand he needed to be displayed on this my website for all to see what a nasty piece of work he is, seen as he has been doxing my good friend and making his snide comments for several months now this was the final straw for me. 

    As soon as Tige Hand went up on this website the demon channel which i know now to belong to Tige Hand decided to put some more videos on  his sick channel. Why would this Sick Demon channel be bothered in the slightest what goes up on this website? 

    Now this is where this sick fucker has pissed me off. Not only does this complete waste of a fucking skin think hes some fucking big shot on Youtube, he thinks he can make up complete and utter bullshit , accussing not me who owns this website but someone who this wanker thinks owns it. Snap shots of the sick video is below, with the name of the person he is accusing blanked out for privacy.


    Lies in video

    You see this fucking wanker is not as bright as he makes out he is, all that snorting cocaine and thinking how to rob people has made his tiny little brain like mush. You see i do my reasearch and found where the clever fucker got the images from in the video......not very bright are you wanker Tige Hand!!

    Tige Hand Sick Drug Dealer Georgia USA


     Tige Hand convicted criminal Covington Georgia USA

    As i have shown above the video is made up of complete and utter bullshit! This is suppossed to be in 2002 , well sick fucker i know for a fact that neither myself or my friend had children old enough in 2002 to have had grandchildren. The oldest would have been 14 and unlike you she has morals and standards, and not a slapper like some of you sick's kids!! Also this sick fucker says the person is on the sex register, well surely you can show the proof of this. You Trolls can seem to find other peoples criminal records or family members quite easily when you feel its ok to do so, because someone may have made a comment you dont like. Fucking nosey then, but none of you clever fuckers can find this evidence, obviously you in the Troll gang know its bullshit, but you wont say anything against little boy Tige Hand because your all scared that he will start on you! Fucking good so called fucking truthers you lot are. Shit sticking with shit!!

    Another video was made to make out that the person in question was using drugs! You seem to forget shit head not everyone has taken drugs. You see unlike you and your cronies myself and my friend dont and have never taken drugs. Thats why we catch you out on your lies and bullshit, because we are not spaced out and know what day it is!!

    Tige Hand feeble videos

    And so the bullshit goes on. The Devils channels (all eight of them) got terminated, but in the usual Youtube shit way he is allowed to make more channels to spew his shit on!! So the shit videos continue, typical Tige Hand shit no content just shit text!! (another give away!!). 

    Tige Hands new sick channel

    I have more to say about this nasty piece of work, but i will put that in another article. Let me just remind you that this sicko has put peoples criminal records out, even though hes a criminal himself!. He has doxed people for no reason except he dont like anyone answering him back ( Little man syndrome !). He has made video after video against a couple on Youtube , harassing them daily, and even making a video mocking the woman having a miscarriage!

    He has made bullshit videos falsely accusing someone of a sick crime, and dont forget he is a member of the TROLL group who openly state they are proud of what they do!! I mean how can we possible do without the Troll gang on Youtube. They swan around telling people what they can or can not watch , making out they are doing it for the good of the people! No basically its a way of trying to justify their harassment , bullying and putting their noses in places they dont belong!! When someone like me gives them a taste of their own medicine, when they have tried to do it to me , my family and friends, they cry and call this site a slanderous site. Well if slander is showing videos they have made, comments from their channels and all the shit they do on people, well the definition of slander needs changing!! 

    So like i said there will be more to follow, when someone attacks me or my family or good friends then i will fight back and show what a shit you are!!!


    KEY RAT TROLL a Tige Hand Covington Georgia Captured


  • Latest Updates WHERE To VIEW Beckys Nibiru Planet X Plotted Orbit

    Latest Updates WHERE To VIEW Beckys Nibiru Planet X Plotted Orbit


    Plus LATEST Captures Submitted by Our Expert Skywatching Team Worldwide, We put our trust in 3 things ROBERTO  GOD & Our Top Skywatchers. When they all connect and fit what we piece together we bring the findings to You.

    This way we can as best as possible avoid giving false information out, does this mean all the information will be right? NO Course not, nobody but God himself knows the exact hour and day and date of his return to get this Planet back to some decent level of normality, and rid the evil which has so obviously grabbed control at the much higher level than the HAND Picked so called leaders, which you all watch and think are running the world.

    Roberto has again put time and his knowledge and skillsets, to bring us the most likely orbit and positioning of "BECKYS" the Becky Lewis Capture, we featured and stood with while all the others dismissed it as just a bonfire in the woods, or a street light,  CHECK OUR Reports on The Capture and you will see why THIS Is the real deal, NOT a game, NOT a made up object, whatever this object is EVEN if it is not Nibiru system related, is orbitting and coming inwards. FACT not Fiction.



    Latest Updates WHERE To VIEW Beckys Nibiru Planet X Plotted Orbit captures

    Latest Updates WHERE To VIEW Beckys Nibiru Planet X Plotted Orbit captures 2

    The above were old pics which a follower sent in to us, he sent it after spotting in one of our videos just how similar to the capture he got back in MAY 2017 it was,  This again gave confirmation as to the orbit as calculated and we think these are part of the system.

    Below This one again got our interest taken by 1 of the Argentina Astronomers Group we stay in contact with, note and see the object of interest hard to see, Is this again BECKYS ? Or another part the system?  again

    who knows but certainly something which should NOT be there according to sky charts we know of. The date 24th August 2017 so a fresh capture, and note its in the Southern Helisphere as we expected it to be. This once again fits with Roberto´s Predicted calculations. a day time shot taken using a Special day filter, and you will note the sun is to the lower left corner.

    Latest Updates WHERE To VIEW Beckys Nibiru Planet X Plotted Orbit 1

    BELOW - THE VERY LATEST  Roberto calculated EASY Follow where and when the best Chance to see BECKYS - Nibiru System will be and in which region.

    NOTE ON THE CHART BELOW - WHY The above Latest Argentina Picture WAS Of Interest, as it sits where it should be according to Roberto Orbit Calculations.

    LatestUpdatesCHART2017 orbit 1


    LatestUpdatesCHART2017 orbit chart

    LatestUpdatesCHART2017-Planet X BECKYS

    The WAY To use this Information is to look at Earth and Picture yourself on it, check dates and you will get a rough guide as to if it will be visible and where , use the sun as a guide 

    Good Luck, do not worry to much, if this is all correct as Roberto advises us, we will all see it soon , even with NO lenses..  LET US HOPE HE IS WRONG , and BECKYS is just a bit of burning rock left from a NASA

    Barbecue or something !!

     ON a Final note, Roberto pointed out something of interest ,

    " Pete , don't know if you noticed the temperatures rises when the S.S.-Beckys is in the mid half right over us and under us, while the Temps reduce when the S.S is on the opposite side back of the SUN. So also they report on the weather forecast.  also as you will see, From tomorrow it should be visible on our Emisphere just above the SUN and a bit on the right of. need good sky and patience with a Welding glass."
    CHECK IT YOURSELVES - Interesting Point raised...
    Guide to viewing NORTH South Hemispheres
    Update TIME @ December 2017 Roberto was wrong .  Or this system passed without incident?  We since November do NOT report on Roberto findings calculations, our agreement expired and ONLY report on what we find and discover..  We had for a year been held on a agreement which gave Roberto the freedom to give HIS findings and calculations UN Altered and without question, although we had clashed many a times on capture positions and timelines, Roberto had the free and final say.  But since December 2017 This is NO Longer the case, we still have Roberto data and such, but we filter and keep any such dates strictly inhouse. As advised our formal agreement expired November 2017.. Any old prior to 2018 information, will still be viewable for reference purposes, but as you will know by now, we no longer hold and need to report any Roberto informations..


    Interesting Video showing "Yet again ! "how they produced the SCARE Usual Bullshit NEWS about how them nasty ISIS are chopping heads off, you know the usual blah blah scare the Sheep tactics. YOU know they have the best film studios a wealth of limitless money to produce all the Keep You SCARED & Worried and needing them to protect and tell you when to sleep eat and wash .  TIME You woke from the dream world which they are deliberately turning in to a nightmare .

    YOU Must also watch This Great Watch..................  Many have been warning since the 80´s  But still the people are fooled, and financing there own enslavement ..









  • MOON BASES Is this just 1 of many surface MOON Villages

    MOON BASES Is this just 1 of many surface MOON Villages

    Many Observers Amateur Astronomers have been grabbing close ups of the Moon, for many years . we have several videos on the subject, even back in 2015 this video showed what could possibly be a Frontal Moon base.

    With the sudden interest appearing yet again, we show what the JAPAN shots of the very Northern Part held , and you will see its all Nothing new and even given the BEST World telescopes money can buy.  THE Front facing Moon is NOT where the action is. But behind at the back of the Moon. Of which "ONLY" Sattelites will ever see. So save your money The Front has been done tested and verified. Watch and learn. Also bear in mind clever picture manipulations can make any object appear to have solid lines etc, it is what they term pixelation, as all PC data and pics are made from many small pixels, there comes a time when zoomed enough "THE PIXELATION TAKES OVER"  Seen it done on clouds and such. so remember.  Do not be a fool, being a fool will not get you to the truth.  Fools just get more foolish day by day..



    MOON BASES Is this just 1 of many surface MOON Villages Video takes a closer investigation. If your a Mooney then this is worth the watch.

    And if your suckered in to thinking picture pixelations and seeing lines blocks on the moon is new, you will see it is Nothing new as this video we did back in 2015 will show .


    MOON BASES Is this just 1 of many surface MOON Villages

    2 MOON BASES Is this just 1 of many surface MOON Villages


    MOON BASES Is this just 1 of many surface MOON Villages


  • MOON GREAT UFO Capture Investigated JAN 2018

    UFO Leaving MOON GREAT UFO Capture Investigated JAN 2018

    Here is a great UFO Captured leaving the Moon, In the video we go through some filtering and slow downs to confirm this is originating from the Moon, and not just passing. This is further confirmation as we all have known many years, we are being watched and manipulated and as suspected the Moon is in place as the Earth Monitoring Station.  Quality is as good as we can get it but clearly shows the Craft Object UFO leaving from the Moon and whizzing away to its next port of call.




    UFO Capture leaving Moon base

    MOON GREAT UFO Capture Investigated JAN 2018


    UFO Leaving MOON GREAT UFO Capture Investigated JAN 2018


    MOON GREAT UFO Capture Investigated JAN 2018 3

    MOON GREAT UFO Capture Investigated JAN 2018

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