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  • Dummies Guide to TRUMP Obama and Reality of THE BIG SHOW

    A QUICK DUMMIES GUIDE TO FACTS to TRUMP Obama and Reality of THE BIG SHOW and ISRAEL Roberto crop decodes


    For those thick ones, who dare to even question
    Roberto´s works ..
    We Answer and show a few things...

    1. TRUMP - "The BIG Trump Charade" & Is he the antichrist
    or genuine, in easy steps ..

    2. Israel - The crops showing its destruction. Answering and
    explaining the state of war.

    3. Planet X feelings and state of play, on the subject.

    4. Money making on youtube for the idiots.

    PLUS a general rant on how stupid the world is .


    1. TRUMP - "The BIG Trump Charade" & Is he the antichrist
    or genuine, in easy steps ..

    THE BIG QUESTION ? Answered...

    Simple if he takes over as President then YES sadly he could easily be the wolf in sheeps clothing.. WHY I hear you ask from behind your drinking beaker..
    Simple.. Lets get real here .. "IF" He is NOT in the evil satans team then who but a brain dead thick youtuber thinks that the power elite evil satans team , are going to simply say oh dash it, we have lost, time we run to the hills !!! and stop so close to our nearly completed earth domination ??

    It is talked about often how the least suspected WILL be the Antichrist .. So Obama we know is top suspect and we know his next role will be TOP Puppet master in the UN..

    But even still if TRUMP is as the world hopes genuine,
    NO WAY Are they letting him in ANY power position.

    Yes i know, Bob The Builder and Thomas do not use the
    term as in 95% of earth its just a word, never used anymore.

    BUT FACTUAL and so i still insist its all been just a  "The TRUMP SHOW"

    NOW Lets move on.
    The Number 2. Israel War as Roberto showed Crop Circles
    Foretell etc,,
    Note also from our Videos on WW3 and future events
    How the Bible refers to this fake peace stuff very
    often, How this person appears as a HERO, to the masses
    ONLY To be the Real Antichrist...
    See How it all links together and FACTS explained

    Dummies Guide to TRUMP Obama and Reality of THE BIG SHOW

    DID YOU SPOT The Clues ?
    Pretend its Bobs Hammer on that bit of wood, make the  connection, clearly many a time Messages & Bible warns us. Now the Israel prediction, Roberto showed from crop circles.

    Several Have said i have not seen any war on the NEWS ? So he is wrong, and unsubscribing. GOOD I Say unsubscribe away, who cares ? ANYONE Bothered if you do ? NOPE.. Indeed any who are as thick as to think that the TV and Newspapers are anything but a joke bullshit media machine. bugger off do not watch ..

    You are PAST The point of even wasting time and breath on, your stupid braindead and are NOT welcome .. Run along and watch Thomas tank stuff,, as i keep saying

    THIS Channel is NOT For idiots, and twats.. For those who are just slightly dumb, let us  THINK AGAIN about what did the Crop Circles say? Lets grab a sneak snapshot refresher and then move on.

    the 70 days of war.

    WAR ? What does war mean ?
    Do you think it means Tanks and Military assault on Israel by the USA Destroy everything machine ? You think they are going to send Bombers over and film it live on CNN or BBC etc ?

    Holy Cow get real and wake up !! NO Media would dare show a attack on Jews,, Try saying Hitler is innocent in Public, see how long you last !!

    WAKE UP LOONY TUNES .. WAR is subtle and done by ISIS, etc.


    Its done and being done in undercover ways. Like the slow destruction of Gadaffi and Libya. WITH The Public being told bullshit and how they must go in and kill a few (code for Millions) to save the people.

    Has the predicted War commenced , YES
    Watch and learn how the Evil Satans lot Rock and Roll while your building with Bob or Taking Thomas tank down to the big steam yard to get the wagon hooked up.


    The ISIS which is the secret army of the EVIL NWO ?
    Well we all know .

    It allows ANY Country to be attacked with undercover stealth and plenty of media bullshit filming, to get the Results THEY require.

    So Is Israel under attack yes..
    WAS Roberto correct YES:

    End of Story...70 days of this silent war will continue.

    Dummies Guide to TRUMP Obama and Reality of THE BIG SHOW

    Number 3. PLANET X My Honest View .

    March for me would be crucial dates. as March is when Massive earth Problems will be evident. Earth Tilt is supposed to start.

    NOW Should none of this happen and Signs show Earth is all hunky dory again..

    THEN we shall switch off from Planet X and Be annoyed as this Earth "NEEDS" Clearing of Its EVIL and has so many thickos on it its scarey, People are refusing to stand for decency, and so sadly it is down to GOD To hit the restart button, and can you blame him ?  NO...

  • How BAD is this DELTA Virus that has People SCARED Stiff

    How BAD is this DELTA Virus that has People SCARED Stiff

    This is something Many will have wondered the what if i get this Delta Virus Covid killer mystery invisible ultra clever new virus?  In this video we have scoured around and found genuine Delta Covid Sufferers who can truthfully admit how bad this incredible clever virus is. As you will see its a eye opener just how these people manage to live with the crippling symptoms.  This You NEVER See on TV as they script the TV Movie and have these actors sat in bed with a breathing oxygen mask telling us, but we need to get it straight from people who we know are genuine people and NOT paid 3rd level small actors etc.  We then show the typical Jabbed with the Vaccine that is not a vaccine and how the two compare, this can allow people to decide if to take the jab which killed all test animals or ride this basty evil killer Corona Covid Virus out. So watch and decide..  ALSO Within we have a heavilly censored capture of Obama in his speech from years ago who spells out exactly the thoughts of us mere people and the plan and solution they are now acting out. Sit back enjoy and you decide..

    How BAD is this DELTA Virus that has People SCARED Stiff

    How BAD is this DELTA Virus that has People SCARED Stiff

    How BAD is this DELTA Virus that has People SCARED Stiff

    YOU MUST WATCH THE CENSORED SEGMENT IN THE VIDEO Where OBAMA Gives the Facts on how we are just Plebs and to be enslaved..

    How BAD is this DELTA Virus that has People SCARED Stiff

    How BAD is this DELTA Virus that has People SCARED Stiff

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