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  • 2019 Astronomer’s Guide to the Night Sky

    2019 Astronomer’s Guide to the Night Sky

    THIS Guide Produced and with Thanks to and by ;  Jenny @   For MORE In depth Planet Conjunctions check out the whole Article on Jennys Website..

    Grab your calendar: Here are some of the best times to see in the night sky in 2019…


    2019 Astronomer’s Guide to the Night Sky

    January 20-21, nighttime, total lunar eclipse (blood moon): This incredible sight will be most visible to people in North and South America. The Moon will take on a coppery, reddish color as it moves into the shadow of the Earth. You can enjoy lunar eclipses without any special eye protection (as opposed to solar eclipses, which necessitate precautions).

    July 2, before sunset, total solar eclipse: In a total solar eclipse, the Moon transits between the Earth and Sun, completing blotting out view of the Sun and blocking its light. This eclipse will be visible in a small band across Chile and Argentina. It is the only total solar eclipse of 2019.

    July 16-17, partial lunar eclipse: In a partial lunar eclipse, part of the Moon (rather than all of it) enters the shadow of the Earth. You have a chance of seeing this one if you’re in South America, Europe, Africa, much of Asia, or Australia.

    December 26, annular solar eclipse: In an annular solar eclipse, the Moon travels in between the Earth and Sun but does not completely block the Sun. Instead, it creates a dramatic image in which Sun shines like a halo around the edges of the dark Moon. This eclipse will be visible in a path across parts of Oman, southern India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

    Meteor showers

    2019 Astronomer’s Guide to the Night Sky

    April 22-23, Lyrids: This annual meteor shower will run for about ten days total, with 22 and 23 April supplying the best opportunities. At its apex, it may produce around 20 meteors per hour. Head to a dark place after midnight to try to spot meteors.

    May 4-6, Eta Aquarids: This incredible meteor shower (around 60 meteors per hour at peak) will appear to its best advantage in the Southern Hemisphere, though it should also be visible in the North. When to head outside and watch? The pre-dawn hours of May 5 are expected to be optimal, though you may also see meteors on the days before and after the 5th.

    June 7-8, Daytime Arietids: This meteor shower will be ongoing from around May 14 to June 24, but its expected peak is on June 8.

    July 28-29, Delta Aquarids: Another annual meteor shower, the Delta Aquarids have up to 20 meteors per hour at their best.

    August 12-13, Perseids: The Perseids constitute one of the best-known and most enjoyable meteor showers. Unfortunately, in 2019, their peak will occur just before a Full Moon so the abundance of moonlight will lead to dimmer and less optimal views.

    December 13-14, Geminids: This awesome annual shower can produce up to 120 meteors per hour! Unfortunately, like the Perseids, the Geminids also peak around the time of a Full Moon in 2019, which may reduce visibility.

    December 22-23, Ursids: Meteors will appear between December 17 and 26, reaching their peak on December 23.

    2019 Astronomer’s Guide to the Night Sky

  • SUN FLARES CMEs Planet Connections INVESTIGATED Whats Really Going On

    SUN FLARES CMEs Planet Connections INVESTIGATED Whats Really Going On

    a close look at a few bits that make you wonder.  For serious Planet X Nibiru Earth Researchers

    A STORY ..

    How True ..  AS You know we watch for stuff of interest and things that just do not sit right, tend to give clues.

    Well Watching these Sun Flares & Monitors we have a few bits of stuff noticed which tends to both .
    GO AGAINST What we are told !
    Give a few more clues in this elusive nail The Nibiru System.



    SUN FLARES CMEs Planet Connections INVESTIGATED Whats Really Going On

    In the Movie, we show interesting solar gassing which seems to show a inward interaction a flash as connectivity is made, and then a push and suck on the Sun, followed by a distinct flow as a suction, rather than a blow.

    All very strange stuff, making you wonder.



    SUN FLARES CMEs Planet Connections INVESTIGATED Whats Really Going On?

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