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  • Latest Updates WHERE To VIEW Beckys Nibiru Planet X Plotted Orbit

    Latest Updates WHERE To VIEW Beckys Nibiru Planet X Plotted Orbit


    Plus LATEST Captures Submitted by Our Expert Skywatching Team Worldwide, We put our trust in 3 things ROBERTO  GOD & Our Top Skywatchers. When they all connect and fit what we piece together we bring the findings to You.

    This way we can as best as possible avoid giving false information out, does this mean all the information will be right? NO Course not, nobody but God himself knows the exact hour and day and date of his return to get this Planet back to some decent level of normality, and rid the evil which has so obviously grabbed control at the much higher level than the HAND Picked so called leaders, which you all watch and think are running the world.

    Roberto has again put time and his knowledge and skillsets, to bring us the most likely orbit and positioning of "BECKYS" the Becky Lewis Capture, we featured and stood with while all the others dismissed it as just a bonfire in the woods, or a street light,  CHECK OUR Reports on The Capture and you will see why THIS Is the real deal, NOT a game, NOT a made up object, whatever this object is EVEN if it is not Nibiru system related, is orbitting and coming inwards. FACT not Fiction.



    Latest Updates WHERE To VIEW Beckys Nibiru Planet X Plotted Orbit captures

    Latest Updates WHERE To VIEW Beckys Nibiru Planet X Plotted Orbit captures 2

    The above were old pics which a follower sent in to us, he sent it after spotting in one of our videos just how similar to the capture he got back in MAY 2017 it was,  This again gave confirmation as to the orbit as calculated and we think these are part of the system.

    Below This one again got our interest taken by 1 of the Argentina Astronomers Group we stay in contact with, note and see the object of interest hard to see, Is this again BECKYS ? Or another part the system?  again

    who knows but certainly something which should NOT be there according to sky charts we know of. The date 24th August 2017 so a fresh capture, and note its in the Southern Helisphere as we expected it to be. This once again fits with Roberto´s Predicted calculations. a day time shot taken using a Special day filter, and you will note the sun is to the lower left corner.

    Latest Updates WHERE To VIEW Beckys Nibiru Planet X Plotted Orbit 1

    BELOW - THE VERY LATEST  Roberto calculated EASY Follow where and when the best Chance to see BECKYS - Nibiru System will be and in which region.

    NOTE ON THE CHART BELOW - WHY The above Latest Argentina Picture WAS Of Interest, as it sits where it should be according to Roberto Orbit Calculations.

    LatestUpdatesCHART2017 orbit 1


    LatestUpdatesCHART2017 orbit chart

    LatestUpdatesCHART2017-Planet X BECKYS

    The WAY To use this Information is to look at Earth and Picture yourself on it, check dates and you will get a rough guide as to if it will be visible and where , use the sun as a guide 

    Good Luck, do not worry to much, if this is all correct as Roberto advises us, we will all see it soon , even with NO lenses..  LET US HOPE HE IS WRONG , and BECKYS is just a bit of burning rock left from a NASA

    Barbecue or something !!

     ON a Final note, Roberto pointed out something of interest ,

    " Pete , don't know if you noticed the temperatures rises when the S.S.-Beckys is in the mid half right over us and under us, while the Temps reduce when the S.S is on the opposite side back of the SUN. So also they report on the weather forecast.  also as you will see, From tomorrow it should be visible on our Emisphere just above the SUN and a bit on the right of. need good sky and patience with a Welding glass."
    CHECK IT YOURSELVES - Interesting Point raised...
    Guide to viewing NORTH South Hemispheres
    Update TIME @ December 2017 Roberto was wrong .  Or this system passed without incident?  We since November do NOT report on Roberto findings calculations, our agreement expired and ONLY report on what we find and discover..  We had for a year been held on a agreement which gave Roberto the freedom to give HIS findings and calculations UN Altered and without question, although we had clashed many a times on capture positions and timelines, Roberto had the free and final say.  But since December 2017 This is NO Longer the case, we still have Roberto data and such, but we filter and keep any such dates strictly inhouse. As advised our formal agreement expired November 2017.. Any old prior to 2018 information, will still be viewable for reference purposes, but as you will know by now, we no longer hold and need to report any Roberto informations..
  • Mystery Burning Planet orbit POSITIONS Calculated Nibiru News Information

    EARTH Safe ZONES Burning Planet orbit POSITIONS Calculated Nibiru News Information

    In this simple video we show the calculated estimated look at the "Burning Planet" capture which could be part the Nibiru System, as it follows in on its previous calculated orbit.  Having had a further capture with times and positions it showed a slower circular inwards motion, it is using this information to give a simulation of what is what and also explains the previous shown "SAFE" Zone earth has been and is sitting in, while showing how things could and why they may change very soon.

    Youtube version below - REMOVED as it was disliked, by some, and youtubes no big issue for real Nibiru Planet X and suchlike real research.



    The Youtube VIDEO REMOVED BY REQUEST .  It appears the original capturer has changed track and dislikes information regarding this capture, why?  Seems strange that she should turn on those who simply helped and did the work on protecting her, whilst she was being branded a fake and it was just a bonfire and such.  Why the mental breakdown? Why suddenly flip?

    So many questions it puts doubt as to what is going on.  The concern is maybe a Guilt trip?  Have we all been duped worldwide?  Something is sending alarm bells loud here, things are just not right?  However we always respect original capturers opinions and if this video was so much to her disliking, it has been removed.. The work on this is done anyways, not much more to say or do, just watch and follow signs .  

    The key point was to answer the few who did not understand the "SAFE Zone "  region thinking . It helps clarify..

    Beckys orbit POSITIONS Calculated Nibiru News Information



    EARTH Safe ZONES "The Burning Planet"  Estimated orbit POSITIONS Calculated Nibiru News Info

  • Nibiru Planet X SS Capture August2017 We Check this out

    Video and still Capture Planet X Nibiru Second Sun daytime, we investigate this interesting Capture

    Submitted by Dan in Tampa Florida USA, he spotted this to the left of the sun and grabbed his ipad and started to record it, what you see in video and stills is what we got, we check all facts as best as possible and as you will

    see everything checks and hence why we show this to you. as usual YOU check what we found and decide, all we can say is it appears genuine and fits with charts and data. The date of the stills which is accurate shows us 4th August 2017

    we show in video our checks as to Stellerium as of that date and time, and this confirms, it should be clear skies. Further test show a solid mass with no flare signs, and so we have as best as possible showed what we can extract from Dans submission.

    Thanks to Dan in Tampa Florida, for he did the correct thing. WE always need video footage on objects by the SUN, stills alone are way to unreliable, as MOST by the Sun captures submitted are Flares. The video gives us a true picture. stills and video, ticks the boxes. so thanks Dan and others take his lead, video and dates times is a MUST.

    Nibiru Planet X SS Capture Is This another Capture WATCH as we Investigate & "YOU DECIDE"


    Nibiru Planet X SS Capture August2017 We Check this out

    Nibiru Planet X SS Capture August2017 We Check this out

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