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  • ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC

    ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC

    A Collection From Alien TV Video Channel a channel which pushes great video pictures and such like which could get striked, and has Great Music tracks to help you sit back relax and be entertained.  Here is some stuff from 2015 & 2016 , remember we use ALIEN TV For collecting great music with rare top hot and strong subject matters..  

    In This Video we show the Planet X Nibiru Orbit and its route inwards, some great UFO Orbs and all with the Great Foot Tapping Four Seasons best 4 songs.

    Here as the title says is CRAZY Muslim ways , showing there dances and toilet habits, soon to be spread worldwide so watch and learn the moves..

    A Great rare UFO Captured as it orbits and goes around the Moon, With the superb Dreamer By Supertramp cover song to keep you upbeat while you wade through the video..

    This one we call Bits and Bobs as it is bits and bobs UFO collection put together with great Music from the good old days when men were men , yea a while back nowadays, but lets hope aids gets them .. 

    THINGS, Yep its alleged alien captured and things, but one of the best songs ever wrote, and superbly sang..  turn the volume up and enjoy..

    Europes PLANNED Deliberate attack by the NEW WORLD FUCK UP ORDER is shown here and the songs by the Bee Gees sum it up nicely..

    LIFE ON MARS ?  Yep we believe the NASA Bullshit machine runs full steam with the usual, as this rare film shows they went to MARS back in the late 70`s .  Some say its faked but it looks pretty real, YOU Watch and decide, see what you think ? A Classic Song by Bowie in any event well worth the watch..

    Some Classic UFO Captures with superb Oldies music tracks , get the foot tapping and a great collection..

    Some UFO Clips and collection of UFO Craft captured by the SUN for you to ponder on, while you listen to music from the great days when we was FREE..




    ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC


    ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC

    ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC



    ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC

  • Planet X Update Report January 2017

    Planet X Update Report January 2017

    As is our duty we bring you the latest findings
    and observations on Planet X
    We made a pledge to stand with God and Roberto
    as to his Calculations and Information.

    With this in mind, we watch and observe "ALL"
    Earth & Space related Monitors.
    In order to Keep "YOU" Informed as to Planet X
    Incoming approach, We HOPE to be able to bring news that NOTHING is showing or to be
    alarmed by.

    The predicted date of the 2nd Sun aka Nibiru
    still remains at "21st July 2017"
    Is a date not plucked from the air.
    The ONLY way we can either dispel the date
    or confirm is by ongoing watching the signs.

    In this report we bring some key points of
    Concern which tell indeed Still all is as
    predicted, Unfortunately !!
    This is again for what i call "SERIOUS" Researchers
    NOT the want to see bogus planets in the sky etc..

    Sit back and see what is the state of play on the
    Predicted time line of the 2nd sun, Go back through
    our many videos, to get up to full knowledge if your
    a new subscriber.

    Regulars and the decent loyal Subs will find this all
    Note; I have needed to use my own judgement on
    this report, as Roberto has completed "HIS" works.
    ONLY we can take it from here, with Gods Help.

    Here , see todays Planets.. and see how earth should of moved
    away from Nibiru clutches,

    YOU will also see how Jupiter could be in alignment with Nibiru,
    This Could further drain the Sun, and Earth may react..

    We was expecting from Earths position, Earth to relax and be fine.
    BUT ? Watch the following data, which shows NOT the case.

    Have a Look at the Latest Monitors
    In normal mode.
    and then lets build what they are telling US ?

    Planet X Update Report January 2017

    Maybe you will see That rather than all being calm, Either Earth is NOT in the position the modules expect?


    The Conjunction of Venus and Mars is NOT shielding but Rather assisting Magnetic Energy effects.
    We Was NOT expecting to see this, a surprise for sure.. Hence why we still are on Schedule..

    Before giving you the final Piece to connect the dots Just a small Shout out and Observation, which the
    Higher Truth Channel has spotted and goes in to great depth..
    Its a mystery Helium Cloud , he has it nailed very clever Guy,, check him out on this Helium and WHY its a strange and dangerous, Space anomoly..

    We both agree "Something" Is bringing this in ?

    So Lets Try as best as possible to explain. What the signs when put together show.
    Why far from being confident to say, Nibiru is
    done and we are moving onwards to new , happier
    Projects and put this down to a myth !!

    We NEED to watch and be alert.. NOT scared.
    Scared is ONLY For babies, But be alert and Prepared.

    Planet X Update Report January 2017

    Hopefully The little schematics You found useful ?

    Just seems interesting how the magnetics appear to be showing sideways interferences ? From the predicted Latest Nibiru Position.

    Could be a fluke ? Could be Nothing ?

    But what this tells us is, Roberto could well be
    Right and points to Earth position being less around
    the Sun , than these Simulators show ? (see old video or Web pages
    on how earth seasons could be held back etc, due to the Big Pull and orbit disturbances as crop showed.)

  • RICHPLANET TV - 2015 LIVE UK TOUR - Richard D Hall



    Uncovering more of the hidden agenda which seems to be tightening its grip on society. Two new films were launched on this tour. The first is an independent investigation into the Cumbria shootings, and uncovers new evidence pointing to an entirely different scenario and motive than was arrived at by the official inquest. The second is a further expose of the Madeleine McCann case. It seems mainstream media have created an Achilles heel with the “Madeleine” issue, due to their blatantly censored coverage of the story. Richard also looks at more subtle and long term agendas of social engineering being played out in the media. Richard makes observations within popular culture, television, politics, law and education and compares what is going on in the UK today, with subversion and demoralisation techniques practiced in the 60s by the Soviet Union on foreign nations.



    In this second part Richard talks about his campaigns to expose fabricated terror and also continues with the theme of subversion looking into the much hyped MH370 missing airliner. By considering the geopolitical position of Malaysia on the world stage and also examining aircraft safety statistics Richard presents a compelling case that the MH370 “disaster” was probably a planned psychological operation with the intention of dealing with the rogue nation of Malaysia. Finally Richard gives a brief summary of his research into NASAs alleged exploration of Mars using rovers and landers. Richard managed to open up a line of communication with a senior member of the Mars Rover team, who, after agreeing to answer questions got cold feet. His actions fully confirmed to Richard what NASA really stands for "Never A Straight Answer".





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