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crop circles,

  • SIGNS IN THE SKY New Crop Circles Captured April - May 2017

    New Crop Circles & MORE
    Captured April - May 2017



    Submissions For "YOUR" Interest. From Our Subscribers, and Friends.

    1..  Latest 2017 Crop Circles & Robertos
    quick evaluation

    2.. Signs in the sky. A Sign Maybe?

    3..  UFO gets captured and Military Alerted

    1..  Latest 2017 Crop Circles & Robertos quick evaluation

    SIGNS IN THE SKY New Crop Circles Captured April - May 2017

    crop circle 2017

    2.. Signs in the sky. A Sign Maybe?


    Roberto advises

    "Picture has been taken in Medjugorie the afternoon 3rd May 2017
    it is a WHITE DOVE with a CROSS FORM looking towards the Earth...  the head is facing the Earth under you can see the sign of an EYE --> of God
    see also this sign of the DOVE in the CROP CIRCLE set between the 1st and the 13th of MAY - this sign was since time a question mark between a DOVE and a CROSS
    now we know:
    the CROSS, the DOVE and the EYE
    the Cross: Jesus Christ
    the DOVE: the Holy SPirit
    the EYE : GOD the FATHER
    what a gift to all the Catholics on Earth"
    2.. Signs in the sky. A Sign Maybe


    Medjugorie is in BOSNIA; where the war happened in the '80s
     (ex Yugoslavia)
    it's a very well known place in all the World. millions of pilgrims every year. and the last place for the HVM appearances. From Brazil we know that HERE the HVM will appear for the last time.
    so up to now,  it is appearing ALSO elsewhere in the world, but time to time, she will stop here and there, but the last place will be in MEDJ. then she will not appear enymore to the 6 persons chosen (who do you call them ? seers?)
    then we will go to the end.
    the first appearance was on 24 June 1981, and i presume the last will be on 24 June 2017. I personally think on this day there will be the 3rd secret of Fatima going on. Some Anguera messsages give clues for this date.
    just make a search for Medjugorie and you will see that now it is more attended than Fatimas
    Roberto advises he has been there 2 times.
    something incredible, more than 500 miracles happened, all proven, and many signs in the sky since ever
    messages are continuing, and also the appearances regularly.
    2.. Signs in the sky. A Sign


    The DOVE shown on the CROP, of course it is a MINOR SIGN; But not least. the time shown there is the 8th MAY.   Only the MAIN SIGNS relates to catholic dates.
    Of course, let's say some happenings will come in some hours time, or would have been impossibile to fit all the signs stuck together. no one would be able to understand.
    let's say that the Earth axis tilting Could be in over 6 hours time instead of 6 days..... a great EQ will happen everywhere, but the signs are spread out on the circumference to make understand.
    do not know if you got it. if i have been clear enough to explain, the possible relevance of this?
    NOTE-  the 3 small circles beside and on the back of the DOVE/CROSS, referring to the photos of the Dragon and Planet x we have already,
    this is all in the same time frame (MAY).
    "this in not a small issue"
    then there is also and Anguera Message that refers to these times... listen to it:
    Consecrate every day to my Immaculate Heart. When you consecrate to me, walk to the one who is your Way, Truth and Life. Humanity faces serious conflicts and my poor children do not know where to go. I want to help you. Open your hearts. From heaven will be a warning to Europe. Anyone who was given much, much will be asked. The house of God will be closed. Violence will be great and my poor children will carry a heavy cross. 3.001 - 24/05/2008 [the sign on the hill of the apparitions? Message for Medjugorie? this was my notes years ago on my web site - the answer now is: YES]
    this does not mean there won't be other SIGNs, So this may be important , only time will tell.

    3..  UFO gets captured on film and Military Alerted

    3..  UFO gets captured and Military Alerted


    SIGNS IN THE SKY New Crop Circles Captured April - May 2017

  • So YOU Do NOT Believe God & Crop Circle Messages Watch latest Decodes Documentary

    So YOU Do NOT Believe God & Crop Circle Messages Watch latest Decodes Documentary

    So YOU Think angels do not exist, YOU Think crop circles are man made and just pretty pictures, God is at work watch and then understand THIS IS NO JOKE End days are coming, we have the exact date.. Thanks to Roberto..

    0;1 -  4;26   Is my talk explaining, the video and views etc,
    as - >

    Good Evening,  Tonight we answer the many short sighted closed minded viewers remarks, with the many paid Trolls posting all crops are man made blah blah yada yada,  First we show the very latest final decodes from Roberto, once again yet another confirm of his July 2017 final sun impact,    after we will show some very interesting clips of top crop circle investigators findings,   and show some interesting points, maybe just maybe then you will understand why we give so much respect to Roberto with his date, his date is not like most others just plucked from the air, his date is not just from what he has decoded from the Bible early scriptures, and not just from looking and making a guess work as to what the pictures look like,

    But a date and events prediction based on hard facts from history Scriptures, Holy Mary messages and technical Mathematics, ALL combined,  this is why we give credence and unlimited time for Roberto, You viewers have no idea how many man hours is spent on a single crop circle, Not many people in the world can or have done what Roberto does and has done, For months and months Roberto researches genuine crops and found the common code used by the Angels giving us the warnings,

    Angels sure yea you say, with a snigger, well wait til the end before jumping to conclusions you must see the whole video, and then see if you still laugh,

          Remember,  keep a clear logic head, remember we can only see less than 1% of the real earth reality, light and sound spectrums, and forget all notions of what you have seen or heard on other what we call mickey mouse youtube channels,  these people do not have a clue most the time, they simply have made a video for video making sense, and keep on regurtiatating old false news on Nib i ru, planet X,

    Roberto has proved beyond any doubt his genuine Christian Faith commitment, Roberto has shown in confidence stuff which clearly converted me to go from a well God may exist so i go to church for weddings and funerals and stuff to suddenly having a big wake up call,          The stuff i have seen and been entrusted with has confirmed beyond a doubt, this is no joke, Crop circles, Angels, Messages of the future and such like, is reality, we need to realize we are such a small thick race in the grand scale of the full Dimension we are living in,

    So sit back get comfy and prepare to enter the Reality and then think hard and maybe just maybe the penny will drop, and you will understand why the Elites spent your Trillions on mass town like underground bunkers, there off world hideouts, and why even CERN is being ramped up, the dots connect and lets be honest, you can bet the Governments of the world, those in the elites pay and team know all this, and from this year onwards 2016 with severe earth changes, and the final catastrophe in July 2017, that the world is in big trouble,  from Gods nibiru return, thats why the vatican got the best telescopes,  Also in the video you may also pick up on the clues yet again of the bad aliens, antichrists, who indeed are running the earth and governments, and taken over the Church as many crop circles have been made to warn us of the bad evil government elements, and to warn those in the pay of evil that they are also being decieved,

    I shall shut up now and let you watch the interesting clips, and hope you wake up and realize its no longer game time, this is serious stuff and Governments want this silenced and go to all ends to keep it secret,  so if i go quiet, yep they got me with a heart attack stun gun or the old he did himself in with a bit of piano wire,  yea right i aint even got a piano, so if they pull that one you know i was silenced,

    4;26  -  13:15
    Is a Coast to Coast radio broadcast with "Patty Geer" who is a crop circle expert and film maker,  she is chatting and is saying that the crop circles are made from something coming up from the earth. She likens to a plasma field 2 orbs creating the fields spinning and create crops,  also she says they took readings in crop circle and it had 2 Norths on compass, then she talks about how she knows they are not man made but certainly something beyond humans .

    13:15 - 18:10
    Part of "Alan Foster" doing a lecture and what i used this part is that he states, the later crop circles seem to have a more Religous tone, and shows and explains a few crops to show the point, also points out that in one crop he feels on crop circle time 32;10 he states this shows the words "Return of The Messiah" and words "Christ-Messiah-Catastrophe-Eclipse-Life-God" so he says, AT the crop at 15;53  he shows this crop and notes its pointing to 222 degrees of which he states in numerology 222 =
    a "cosmic christ consciousness" this confirming the crop circles Christ God messages.
    He then shows the cube looking crop circle and explains the high quality work and states as we know, that these crops are not just pretty incredible pictures, but they hold key messages for mankind.

    18:10 - 20:19
    Is a short clip explains Stonehenge and the way crop circles always have maths built in to shapes and send message, in crop circle shown the message from the circumferences they show as "GODDESS OF ALL CREATION".

    20:23 - 27:11
    A "Dr Horace Drew" shows in crop circles how he has found many times Events in Crops have shown future events, which again i found interesting and follows your findings . the crops and pics should be easy for you to follow. He finishes by saying the crops he has seen lately which was 2011 i understand, seem to show 2016 as times for change and dangers, but he does not go in to further detail on that. but confirms Governments are covering crops up like they do UFO and stuff.

    27:11 - 29:17
    This was just a radio chat show where this guy who i do not know is explaining the vaticans obsession with space and they know something is coming inwards, and how they had governments power to get planning consent on what should be legally unbuildable lands..

    29:17 - End
    Just a small clip of "Robert Dean" a known UFO and ex Govt whistle blower saying how Nibiru he estimates 2017 will be back .

    Its just a collection of what i felt had some interesting info on crops and 2017

    So YOU Do NOT Believe God & Crop Circle Messages Watch latest Decodes Documentary

    So YOU Do NOT Believe God & Crop Circle Messages Watch latest Decodes Documentary

    So YOU Do NOT Believe God & Crop Circle Messages Watch latest Decodes Documentary

    So YOU Do NOT Believe God & Crop Circle Messages Watch latest Decodes Documentary

    So YOU Do NOT Believe God & Crop Circle Messages Watch latest Decodes Documentary



    So YOU Do NOT Believe God & Crop Circle Messages Watch latest Decodes Documentary

  • The Bible Prophecy WW3 Crop circle decodes

    The Bible Prophecy WW3 Crop circle decodes.

    This time Roberto turns to the Bible and with Crop Circle Decoding he looks in to the pending coming up conflicts, and WW3, as stated in Bible and many Holy messages.

    With all the tensions on WW3 you may find this of Interest. Seeings as Roberto Got , Nibiru - Planet X - 2nd Sun FULLY Completed , and orbits dates times and effects all completed.


    Bible Prophecy WW3 Crop circle decodes

    He picked up on the Bible Prophecies and Looked to complete with crop circles. The IMPORTANT WW3 Connection which is CLEARLY Stated should happen prior to  THE "2nd Sun impact and Sun Explosion" 21-7-2017

    Bible Prophecy WW3 Crop circle decodes

    New Viewers Subscribers MUST Check previous articles and videos on PLANET X , which fully show Nibiru Planet X info then you will see this Video does have relevance to The complete End Times Puzzle..

    crop circle decode ww3

    Bible Prophecy WW3

    MAYBE WHEN YOU READ The Holy Messages, The Deliberate flooding of muslim immigrants all over the World, specially Europe makes sense ?  Yes indeed the army is all in place !!  The evil Satan planned it well.

    World war 3 Holy messages


    Thanks again to Roberto for even more outstanding Work and Skill, and again he stresses. "He Is ONLY Gods Messenger His job is to decode what the Angels supply and it is NOT his job to SAVE , Just to inform." And We Second the same message. Info is what it is . We did NOT make crop circles or write the Bible !.

  • THE BIG MOVIE Documentary 2017 arrival FINAL Nibiru 2nd sun Planet X

    Planet X Nibiru  THE BIG MOVIE Documentary 2017 arrival FINAL Nibiru 2nd sun Planet X 




    Update TIME @ December 2017 Roberto was wrong .  Or this system passed without incident?  We since November do NOT report on Roberto findings calculations, our agreement expired and ONLY report on what we find and discover..  We had for a year been held on a agreement which gave Roberto the freedom to give HIS findings and calculations UN Altered and without question, although we had clashed many a times on capture positions and timelines, Roberto had the free and final say.  But since December 2017 This is NO Longer the case, we still have Roberto data and such, but we filter and keep any such dates strictly inhouse. As advised our formal agreement expired November 2017.. Any old prior to 2018 information, will still be viewable for reference purposes, but as you will know by now, we no longer hold and need to report any Roberto informations..

    Planet X The BIG MOVIE A Easy Simple Nibiru 2nd Sun FULL FEATURE FILM Documentary

    Here It Is. By Request The Easy For the Beginner Full True Story Of The 2nd Sun aka Planet X Nibiru and many other names, how the final prediction dates were discovered.

    Many Have Heard of Planet X, many indeed most,
    Dispel it as just a simple Made up old wives tale.

    One of them like the bogey man will get you type of things.

    The mention of its name in Public will be met with laughs
    and a look as if your mad .

    To a certain degree, can you blame them for laughing? this
    thing has been talked about since the Eighties, and it has
    NEVER shown has it,

    So why do so many including us carry on in endless time
    and money searching and searching for the latest clues?

    We do it because so many clues scream its existence.

    In this Movie we will take you through our Planet X
    History and Story to the End FINAL results.

    ALL this in Hopefully easy stages, so as both our new
    and old established subscribers can follow, each and every
    Main Stage to the End result.

    Grab YOUR Snacks Turn the Phone off, and both Enjoy and
    Get educated ..

     THE BIG MOVIE Documentary 2017 arrival FINAL Nibiru 2nd sun Planet X


    No Documentary Can carry any substance if the
    Researchers credentials can Not be taken serious as such

    Well Pete W D H C o has been seriously following, researching, all Earth
    Matters, Aliens control on earth and doing Nibiru Research
    for in excess of 6 years. owning and controlling 3 websites ALL
    devoted to Earth and Space matters.
    Roberto from Italy has very strong Religous ties, and knowledge
    and MORE Importantly is what i keep telling him,
    a Human Computer, sheer genius, Inventor of the worlds finest
    Sound amplification system and likewise been on the Nibiru Research for 8 years or so.

    Many Similarities exist.
    Both similar ages, Both self made wealthy people, Both
    Knowing that The Bible and Old Relics with 2 suns shown,
    and Nibiru shown, in many old reports, were NOT just put there or, made as a game plan for people
    in the future to play, and fool everyone,


    How did Pete and Roberto get together?

    thats another part the story,
    Petes views of crop circles, has always been they were NOT
    made and put there just for a game, for whoever to show off Design skills.
    They were not man made, and made telling us vital information, if only we knew what?

    MANY of you may remember, the great video on crop circle
    decodes, by An u proff? we featured it as he made a great
    bit of work connecting sum of the crops, we put it out and
    he had crop circles telLing of a early 2016 date, where as i as best as possible
    had it estimated, for late in 2016, for its arrival, my own calculations could only be made by from what information is available, and good solid information is very hard to find,

    Regardless of that , Roberto emailed me, said Hi i have done
    lots of work on crop circles, have calculated exact dates and such, and think Anoo is wrong on
    the last pieces of the puzzle!

    Sure i thought here we go yet another sit at home after work Guy, know it all . So said something like oh really ok ,
    and what do you think then? and he then gave me
    his findings of July 2017. with many Bible and Holy
    Mother messages all collating, and angels showed him .
    well you can imagine what i thought then ?? Oh the angels guided you did they, oh right ooops looney alert ,i am thinking,

    But i did many checks on Roberto as the wealth of knowledge
    i was being given, and details were mind blowing, far
    above your normal average Joe in a back room bullshit, masses of data and calculations,

    Roberto has found the Mathematical methods the genuine
    crop circles follow, and like he said the information in a
    simple crop circle is immense.
    and as i showed in many old videos certainly Angels are
    with him.. and caught on film..

    Now he has my attention, much of his findings were very similar to what i had found, but he has hard proof of something new from the crop circles, now i was interested, and was adamant not this 2016 but 2017,

    So Lets GO In to Crop Circles in depth. Genuine Ones have
    Such things as where they were made, is often NOT Random
    MANY are placed with relevance, MANY point to a crop circle
    in a different Country, with precision MANKIND would
    struggle to do !

    Many are faked by the Governments to try and create the
    all man made scenario, to fool the people, as they know
    These messages are IMPORTANT, and NOT for the
    Many Sightings of Military Quickly on the scene of genuine
    Crop Circles tells you, they know ,and are of some

    Have a look at these few extracts of others on crop circles, listen to what they say, and the depth of government cover ups,

    THE BIG MOVIE Documentary 2017 arrival FINAL Nibiru 2nd sun Planet X 

    So The key to Roberto´s works is the big question,
    ARE CROP CIRCLES - Man Made Or not,

    IF NOT? then Who? or what Made them? Roberto is convinced
    Angels make them, Some say Aliens, some say a mix.
    That is NOT the issue here , THE MAIN POINT IS?

    Genuine crops are NOT Man Made.. many are but Enough Researchers all agree as we do 2 things.


    2. They Contain WARNINGS

    from that segment you see how dedicated your Governments are to hide and muddy the crop circle messages,

    So we have the British MI5, Military Set Up producing MORE Crop Circles, why? simple to fool the public that all crop circles, must be fake, and its worked, many assume that, but why?

    Common sense should tell you if crop circles were all made for fun, they would not even give it any time or cost to debunk,

    The simple truth,
    THEY Know They are Messages and Important,
    and Something Which MUST Stay Hidden, again why?

    Ok so if you still think ALL crop Circles are man
    made? then you may as well not follow this Film anymore,
    switch on the TV, and watch that instead, as now we know
    Crop Circles were for a purpose.

    We need to ask what purpose?

    Some say showing future technology ? why?

    The UFO people say letting us know they are there ? and draw pictures why? when they could Just swoop LONDON for 20 minutes
    on a busy day,

    We and many other researchers agree, they are GIVING MESSAGES, Important Messages, Which they want
    certain people to hopefully understand, and NOT just the Governments, as they KNOW They are under Satans control, and will
    NOT tell the People.

    Have a look at this crop circle,

    This Crop Circle is From Crabtree in the UK, made in 2002,
    The Famous Alien one, People assumed without thinking out
    the box ! That as it had the Alien Picture
    it was a message from Aliens from outer space,

    NO . this could be a very telling Crop Circle a WARNING Circle
    Saying Aliens are within the inner earth , have control of
    Our Leaders, ,note the terminology used in the decoded round disc,

    "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.
    Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there.
    We oppose deception. Conduit closing."

    More Biblical than Alien talk in my thinking, also the term alien is what we see with that alien face, but, alien also means none friendly, so it most likely means our government are not our friends, its all to do with terminology, beware deception could most likely be again for us the good people as a warning, and lets be honest, we all know our so called leaders are indeed evil, and the church is being slowly destroyed from within, and turning evil,

    Do you think aliens would care who our leaders are, unlikely is it not? so its warning us as most crop circles are?

    Now we know, The Crop Circles are Telling us People Important stuff, the big question is what?

    Enter Roberto of Italy, Who knowing the Genuine Bible
    Scriptures and years and years wealth of Holy Mother
    Messages, and his Super high Intelligence.

    Started to notice a constant theme, NOT Just
    very pretty patterns,

    A Theme and connection to what he prefers to call the
    2nd Sun, as it is this People will refer to it as
    when it becomes visible from earth..

    We Commonly know this as Nibiru Or Planet X. What is Planet X, a k a, The 2nd Sun,

    The 2nd sun, is a celestial Giant Planet believed to be
    up to 2 thirds the size of our Sun, with a massive magnetic pull, it is commonly
    talked as having an eliptic orbit around our sun and out
    to a further sun, of some 3,600 years, this we believe is

    Both the original Bible transcripts and the Crop Circle
    Messages, tell of 4,217 years,

    This Planet Celestial Giant has been spoke about and
    found in carvings going back over thousands of years,

    Its Orbit has always also just been guessed and indeed MOST of what you read or hear, will in fact be hand me down information, story from story, many so called experts, just recirculate the old information, time after time,

    Whoever you listen to, regardless, they all say the same
    routine, 3,600 years and its going to spin around the Sun
    and away again,

    On its passing, The Planet will go off again leaving earth
    suffering a pole shift and cause catastrophe on earth,

    The last part the same old same old script is right.
    Earth will not escape some very serious damage on
    the 2nd suns Arrival, but the rest we differ on,

    Roberto gave such a different view on it, backed up with data, and calculations, this is what and why we gave Roberto utmost importance as after his findings so close to
    our own, and his adamants that earth had already tilted, since 2013, and years of workings on the subject, we believe he is the only credible new source of information on Planet X for 20 years.

    Roberto Says the 2nd Suns orbit is some 4,217 years,
    And this approach will be its last ever Visit,

    The Bible tells of this, and Roberto has found so many
    crop circle decodes which tell us that,

    The 2nd Sun
    Is indeed coming around on its orbit, but this time it
    WILL impact THE SUN, and never orbit again,

    The timeline of this Event, impact sun date, Roberto says crop circles show the 21st July 2017

    A very Bold exact time frame, indeed,

    When i asked Roberto about this event and as to
    its accuracy, how can you be so sure,

    Roberto stated - Bible does NOT lie - Angels do NOT
    Lie - and Maths CAN NOT Lie,

    Now watch and see just a sample of the depth of work
    and a few of the crop circles which gave Roberto, his
    findings , the man hours amounts to years and
    only Roberto had the brains to work them out, like he said he was told to do it, he was guided to decode the messages, and his duty was to pass the information onwards, and he also adds he is 110% sure on the findings.

    Many mind blowing things about Roberto is how he had found that earth had tilted, and that the sun and the whole solar system tilted, a year before the supposed caltech team, announced a planet 9, a far off planet which was only discovered in 2016, confirmed exactly what Roberto had discovered and we all suspected, as far back as 2014,

    So what do the crop circles show exactly, and how do they match with Holy Mary messages, well you need to go through all our Videos as its immense in detail,

    we will now show just some key points, which we need to know, like exactly where Planet X is, its position in the sky, and the effects on earth, lets start with its orbit,

    Then move on,

    As you saw The orbit is calculated and its already caused Uranus to suffer visual gassing, this was confirmed by a amateur astronomer, confirming what Roberto, said the crop circles tell, Earth problems were predicted to commence 1st November 2016, and as he stated, indeed earth had ramped up, signs are showing all as predicted,

    We again had videos, which you should watch on latest updates, signs are so far as expected, have a look at some samples,

    The big question and the one all the deniers state, is well where can we see it, and surely we should see it, valid questions and lets show you now why you will not see it, until it is much closer, A small video was done on it, but again lets show and try and explain this for you.

    Take a look at the sky, see just how many millions of objects are out there, NASA and others are watching space, but they can only tell find comets and objects, which go past left or right of earth, as they do time lapse pictures, that works for fly by objects and passing objects, as a trail is easily found, and a clear movement is shown,

    but, when a target is direct at viewpoint, the only signs at long distances, will be its width, Do a test yourself, take your finger put it out at arms length, hold it out, and note how only when its really close to your eyes, will the width suddenly show the real size, A small dark dot in the dark will not show as the planet 2nd sun, has a low albedo, albedo is its light reflection abilities, only in later days will it turn and glow red, as its approach closes.

    We need to watch the night skies, look towards Uranus we know as a land mark the system should be approaching from under there, as again crop circles disclose this information,

    All we can do now is wait and see if The findings are correct, watch earth, see the signs and pray, If it does not arrive as the signs tell, then someone very clever has made the crop circles, and tilted the earth just as a game, Lets hope it is all wrong and just a very clever Government hoax, that is always a possibility, but one thing we can be sure of, Earth itself will not lie, as the Planet X system approaches, Earth will shake and react, so stay awake..


    So God Bless you and from us, Planet X research is now completed, time to just wait and see, should nothing show in 2017 well from us its time to move on to new projects, and forget this Planet X, God willing, that happens and all is fine, if not well lets hope your sole is a good one as we will all be judged, only good people will be taken away and saved, so be good or your stuffed.

    Thanks for watching..

  • Wakey Wakey Planet X Nibiru Latest Further Confirms Crop decodes

    Wakey Wakey Planet X Nibiru Latest Further Confirms Crop decodes

    From Roberto of Italy The Master Genius, The Last few weeks of Crop Circle decodes yet again show 21st July 2017 as the date when Planet X Nibiru or the Second Sun as its called by Roberto and The Holy Mother, will be at Our Sun..

    Watch the video and see Roberto calculations and Findings, also a few key shots below the video, You should be aware Roberto has a IQ of the charts, also has a brain likened to a Super Computer, along with his brains he has very strong Religous knowledge History and has what he calls Guardian angels, who give him hints and help him solve the signs.

    Planet X Nibiru Latest Further Confirms Crop decodes

    Planet X Nibiru Latest Further Confirms Crop decodes

    Planet X Nibiru Latest Further Confirms Crop decodes

    Planet X Nibiru Latest Further Confirms Crop decodes

    Planet X Nibiru Latest Further Confirms Crop decodes


    Planet X Nibiru Latest Further Confirms Crop decodes

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