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get back,

  • BEATLES Get Back 6 Hours Rare 1969 Recording Studio Footage 2021 Documentary Film

    BEATLES Get Back 6 Hours Rare 1969 Recording Studio Footage 2021 Documentary Film

    This is the Film many Beatles fans was craving and eagerly anticipatedand very HEAVILY Censored on all Platforms, we found this one which we now link from external source to show those who hate and  boycott Disney for all they stand for.. My own views on this film set, were Damn its boring a lot of the time, a let down in many aspects BUT !! Amongst the crap is some great watching to see these guys at a day in the office so to speak, the reality of making songs and how they was getting on together, along with how they make and shape songs and such, so run with it get plenty of snacks as needed and maybe some earplugs when Yoko wails like a cat for a while , amongst some other mind blowing bad recordings..IS A GEM OF LIFE IN THE BEATLES STUDIO DAY AFTER DAY..  OVER 6 Hours of film video which we stress is not run on our servers so apologise for quality and and sticking in stream, but being honest to waste 6 hours on all this is not justified to stream and so it is what it is, its a hard film to find FREE on the internet and so do not look or moan a gift horse in the face so to speak.. 

    BEATLES Get Back 4 Hours Rare Recording Studio Footage 2021 Documentary Film

    The Beatles: Get Back is a 2021 documentary seriesdirected and produced by Peter Jackson. It covers the making of the Beatles' 1970 album Let It Be (which had the working title of Get Back) and draws largely from unused footage and audio material originally captured for the identically titled 1970 documentary of the album by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. The docuseries has a total runtime of nearly eight hours, consisting of three episodes between two and three hours, each covering roughly weekly periods of 21 days of studio time.

    Also co-produced by Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison, the series is presented by Walt Disney Studios in association with Apple Corps and WingNut Films. It premiered with three consecutive daily releases on Disney+ beginning on 25 November 2021. A portion of it, titled The Beatles: Get Back – The Rooftop Concert, was given a theatrical release in IMAX theatres across numerous US cities on 30 January 2022. It was then released internationally between 11 and 13 February 2022.

    Jackson characterised the miniseries as "a documentary about a documentary". Get Back received critical acclaim for its coverage of the group's creative process, although detractors criticised the relatively long runtime. Commentators described it as challenging longtime beliefs that the making of the Let It Be album was marked entirely by tensions between the Beatles, instead showing a more upbeat side to its production.

    PART 1..

    While visiting Apple Corps to discuss working on a potential Beatles exhibition featuring augmented or virtual reality, Peter Jackson asked Apple about the archival footage for the 1970 documentary of the album, which he was allowed access to for a potential new documentary. Jackson was hesitant to sign onto the project because of his fears about the long-reported acrimony surrounding the Beatles breakup. Upon viewing the footage, he later stated, he "was relieved to discover the reality is very different to the myth... Sure, there's moments of drama – but none of the discord this project has long been associated with." Sixty hours of film footage, shot in January 1969,and over 150 hours of audio stemming from the original Let It Be film were made available to Jackson's team.

    Production of The Beatles: Get Back employed film restoration techniques developed for Jackson's They Shall Not Grow Old. Jackson spent close to four years editing the series. It was created with cooperation from Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and the widows of John Lennon (Yoko Ono) and George Harrison (Olivia Harrison), as well as music supervisor Giles Martin (son of George Martin and a regular producer of Beatles projects since 2006). In a news release, McCartney said: "I am really happy that Peter has delved into our archives to make a film that shows the truth about the Beatles recording together", while Starr echoed: "There was hours and hours of us just laughing and playing music, not at all like the Let It Be film that came out [in 1970]. There was a lot of joy and I think Peter will show that."

    Disney was persuaded by the filmmakers to allow for the inclusion of profanity, with viewer discretion warnings at the start of each episode. According to Jackson: "The Beatles are Scouse boys and they freely swear but not in an aggressive or sexual way. We got Disney to agree to have swearing, which I think is the first time for a Disney channel." Episodes also contain viewer discretion warnings for tobacco use. As a result, the theatrical release of The Beatles: Get Back – The Rooftop Concert received a PG-13 rating by the MPA for "brief strong language, and smoking".

    PART 2..

    PART 3..

    The final cut covers 21 days in the studio with the Beatles as they rehearse for a forthcoming album, concert and film project, and climaxes with the full 42-minute rooftop concert. Jackson described the series as "a documentary about a documentary", as well as a "tougher" one than Let It Be, since it includes controversial events such as Harrison's brief resignation from the band, which the original film had not covered. With the exception of specific shots where no alternative exists, most of the material that had been featured in Let It Be was not reused in Get Back, and the series primarily used footage captured from alternative camera angles in the case of sequences shared between the two works. According to Jackson, this choice was made out of a desire to "not step on Let It Be's toes so that it is still a film that has a reason to exist, and our [series] will be a supplement to it".

    Ben Sisario of The New York Times emphasised opening scenes of the series from January 1969, with McCartney creating the song "Get Back" "out of nothing" while awaiting Lennon who was running late. According to Sisario, Lennon's only aim in the Get Back project was "communication with an audience", McCartney asked the band to "show enthusiasm for the project or abandon it", Harrison openly contemplated "a divorce" (of the band), while the whole band were uncomfortable about Ono's presence at the sessions. In other candid scenes, Starr offers Ono a piece of gum, Linda McCartney and Ono whisper as the band plays "Let It Be", Harrison impresses the band with a Bob Dylan cover, McCartney covers "Strawberry Fields Forever" with Lennon's approval, and McCartney defends Ono while grieving for the band's end.

    Another key scene involves an off-camera lunch between Lennon and McCartney. The filmmakers put a microphone in the plant on the table unbeknownst to anyone, where it picked up the conversation. During the lunch, Lennon tells McCartney that he has become the leader of the group, which McCartney denies ("You're still the boss, I'm just the secondary boss"). They also discuss their treatment of Harrison, reminisce about the past and discuss the future of the group.

    BEATLES Get Back 6 Hours Rare 1969 Recording Studio Footage 2021 Documentary Film



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