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  • The Destruction of the WHITE Race in Plain View to even a dimbo

    The Destruction of the WHITE Race in Plain View to even a dimbo

    Yes Its so obvious now even a Vaxed braindead moron can not miss it, Whites are being Bred out and Women are coaxed that having Black in them is cool and to be the normal, Its so brazen and a clever subconcious method by use of the usual Powers to be owning all media and using it to brainwash them to get Black in them as the new normal..  In this small demo we show adverts as was and composed to help the obvious Dilution of whites by breeding them out by mixing Pure Bloods with a Black Goo to create this Messy Browny colour Kids who will then go on to create even more Browny messy Humans, add the Vaxine and Humans as was will be a simple mess no Cultures and even less brains than at present,  scarey thought but its all being done by design.  Sit back and see just how brazen its become ..

    The Destruction of the WHITE Race in Plain View to even a dimbo


    The Destruction of the WHITE Race in Plain View to even a dimbo

    Day after day they arrive in new gear with money and phones etc, and still the dumb after 10 years still swallow the refugee escape from wars crap.. GOD Help us people are so dumb..

    The Destruction of the WHITE Race in Plain View to even a dimbo

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