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  • 9-11 Banned WTC Footage controlled demolition evidence

    9-11 Banned WTC Footage controlled demolition evidence

    YouTube scared to allow its viewing and constantly remove and ban ???   Why ?  have a look and you decide ?



    Please Note, In some cases you need to wait for the cache to load , and press play twice to run the in house video.



    9-11 Banned WTC Footage controlled demolition evidence YouTube scared to allow




    THE BEST World Trade Centre 911 Documentary , and eye witness accounts.


    The Best 911 Compilation available , with eye witness accounts and the biggest False Flag world scam ever , pulled to bits and exposed.
    When is the world going to stop the charade which is taking away peoples freedoms and rights ? or is everyone going to sit by idly watching while they take you to all the waiting FEMA camps, to have you as slaves ?

    9-11 Banned WTC Footage controlled demolition evidence

    Feel free to copy circulate as you need , this must NEVER Be allowed to drop UNTIL The truth is told ..

    Edited by  Nibiru Elenin ..

  • About Us is dedicated to bringing you the facts on all of earths many problems and issues. after running and websites for many years, with great success. The advent of mobiles and Tablet watching platforms has meant that the old websites, although being great on normal PC or Laptops, struggle to be compatible with the new generation Mobiles , smart phones, tablets etc,
    Earth is a Slave Planet, with Alien races pulling and shaping the Planet as they require
    Slave takes over where Nibiru-Elenin started researching, and is an additional arm to the WDH group websites, covering Earth,Space,Moon,NWO,Illuminati and more importantly those who indeed are really Controlling Earth !  Aliens !  Yes you read correctly after years and years of research and connecting the dots, the reality we believe is that although to the many people, earth is controlled by a group of Humans, the facts are this is wrong they are merely the face and Humanoid Controlled by Aliens Front.
    The Reality to the many of the fact Earth is a Slave Planet, with Alien races pulling and shaping the Planet as they require ,is so wild that rarely do people swallow or entertain the idea !!  Truth is always harder to swallow and digest than a dream fairy story which makes people feel all warm and safe inside !
     Many facts many Videos and many many articles scriptures all lead us to the conclusion and we hope that the contents on our sets of websites, do the job of showing how and why the Alien races have and are shaping the Earth Planet in to a easy controlled state, prior to them actually showing themselves, if indeed they ever do or need to.
    VIP SlavePlanet Membership Most the advertising did cover the running costs, that with the addition of Youtube Monetization, just barely kept the project ticking along. YOU may have noticed that many blanks where google adverts would appear have been increasing, the reason google have slowly reduced Pages where ads can run, certain subjects and the further stifling of REAL Facts and News by google is ramping up rapidly, so much so that the revenue from the websites is minor, and not enough to cover costs, Youtube in November 2018 have also ramped up the ongoing pressure to try and silence us. A Seperate article on that and the feeble excuses given will be made to explain it all.  The Position now is one of needing YOU the viewer and subsequent beneficiary of the content we produce, and information we provide with inhouse Monitoring of Earth and Space conditions and such need to become partners and become VIP members, VIP members will have the whole websites of  FULLY Open for ALL and MOST IMPORTANT.  NEW Future Content will ONLY be on the website. Sadly Youtube is hitting REAL information whilst letting Hoax and junk Planet X and Space or Earth issues be promoted to help HIDE Real information, so bad is the situation now that making a video is so restrictive its become a big joke.  NOW VIP Members who join the backing us plan.  WILL Get the real facts and stuff of interest , whilst being able to monitor all for yourselves when and as you require.
    We Intend and are planning to use the donations and Subscriptions to improve the streaming on videos, which will be IN House. VIP Membership will open up a wealth of Information for "SERIOUS RESEARCHERS"  We have much to add much to tell and we would rather let just 20 people know, rather than use youtube for it and NOT be able to tell the REAL Facts..
    Earth Slave Planet      
    Knowledge is KING !!  Sure the information will often make you uncomfortable but ! Knowing in advance gives you the edge in preparations, and keeps you ahead of others.
    We look at stuff in a sensible way and cover a whole mass of Important issues, many such details often can NOT be simply put out on Public platforms and so we are one of a very small listed few who control and stream from our own servers !! So to this extent we can and do show video content which would otherwise be removed and buried !! This is another reason for we have the latest video streaming to bring super HD videos and HQ sensitive content to you, even when its rejected by the youtubes etc..
    So thanks for dropping in, please help by becoming a VIP Patron member, to do this either make a good donation or opt for the monthly subscription support option. Once we get notification of YOUR subscription or donation, we will email you your private VIP Members Log in details, once entered if you select remember me. On each 3 websites YOU HAVE FULL viewing of every article and all features.
    Please come and join us, and become one of a very select few of Serious researchers, for less than the cost of a coffee a week..
    Enjoy Patron Exclusive Content

    ESi - TS UK - WDH -
  • ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC

    ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC

    A Collection From Alien TV Video Channel a channel which pushes great video pictures and such like which could get striked, and has Great Music tracks to help you sit back relax and be entertained.  Here is some stuff from 2015 & 2016 , remember we use ALIEN TV For collecting great music with rare top hot and strong subject matters..  

    In This Video we show the Planet X Nibiru Orbit and its route inwards, some great UFO Orbs and all with the Great Foot Tapping Four Seasons best 4 songs.

    Here as the title says is CRAZY Muslim ways , showing there dances and toilet habits, soon to be spread worldwide so watch and learn the moves..

    A Great rare UFO Captured as it orbits and goes around the Moon, With the superb Dreamer By Supertramp cover song to keep you upbeat while you wade through the video..

    This one we call Bits and Bobs as it is bits and bobs UFO collection put together with great Music from the good old days when men were men , yea a while back nowadays, but lets hope aids gets them .. 

    THINGS, Yep its alleged alien captured and things, but one of the best songs ever wrote, and superbly sang..  turn the volume up and enjoy..

    Europes PLANNED Deliberate attack by the NEW WORLD FUCK UP ORDER is shown here and the songs by the Bee Gees sum it up nicely..

    LIFE ON MARS ?  Yep we believe the NASA Bullshit machine runs full steam with the usual, as this rare film shows they went to MARS back in the late 70`s .  Some say its faked but it looks pretty real, YOU Watch and decide, see what you think ? A Classic Song by Bowie in any event well worth the watch..

    Some Classic UFO Captures with superb Oldies music tracks , get the foot tapping and a great collection..

    Some UFO Clips and collection of UFO Craft captured by the SUN for you to ponder on, while you listen to music from the great days when we was FREE..




    ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC


    ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC

    ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC



    ALIEN TV 2015 2016 Video Collections UFO Mysteries and Great MUSIC

  • ChemWebs Chemtrails the Secret Info on sprayed webbing

    ChemWebs Chemtrails the Secret Info on sprayed webbing



    English Translation :
    among the many samples of "atmospheric filaments" which were sent to us, we chose the three most similar to those
    taken by you (référence121112-04, Dumas-18 provenance 18100 Thénioux), so :

    - référence 121119-01, Duclaud-49 provenance 49350 Saint Clément des Levées
    - référence 121109-01, Laxenaire-13 provenance 13310 Saint Martin de Crau
    - référence 121203-01, Lumpkin-32 provenance 32730 Malabat

    For each of these four (4) samples, two (2) thermal desorption experiments were carried out at 445 ° C, first directly and
    on the other hand with in-situ methylation (promoting the detection process of the polar component may be present).
    Different organic compounds generated in these eight (8) experiences have each time been separated by gas chromatography and identified
    by mass spectrometry.
    The data obtained were analyzed and detailed results are summarized in the following pages.
    In conclusion to our study :
    The "atmospheric filaments " collected in this investigation prove composition made ??up of complex organic polymers,
    containing chemicals synthesis , as demonstrated by our screening GC / MS systematic products begin
    during the process of thermal decomposition at 445 ° C.
    Among the detected components are numerous molecules commonly found in the composition of fuels and lubricants
    aircraft engine .
    The four (4 ) samples of "atmospheric filaments " subject to this study contain toxic aromatic compounds (phthalates ) and
    heterocyclic compounds of concern , and three of them contain DEHP , a particular concern representative of the family
    phthalates (due to its endocrine disrupting properties ) .
    All organic molecules and highlighted in the composition of the analyzed "atmospheric filaments " are problematic, as
    in terms of public health and their environmental impact.
    Given the increasing global nature of air traffic, if these " atmospheric filaments " result - as we believe - in
    recombination phenomena in altitude releases of aviation engines, the results of this study constitute us as a
    sufficient to inform the general public of this form of air pollution because , so far totally ignored the community
    Scientific .

    Endocrine disruptor
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that at certain doses, can interfere with the endocrine (or hormone system) in mammals. These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders.Any system in the body controlled by hormones, can be derailed by hormone disruptors. Specifically, endocrine disruptors may be associated with the development of learning disabilities, severe attention deficit disorder, cognitive and brain development problems; deformations of the body (including limbs); breast cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid and other cancers; sexual development problems such as feminizing of males or masculine effects on females, etc.[citation needed] The critical period of development for most organisms is between the transition from a fertilized egg, into a fully formed infant. As the cells begin to grow and differentiate, there are critical balances of hormones and protein changes that must occur. Therefore, a dose of disrupting chemicals may do substantial damage to a developing fetus (baby). The same dose may not significantly affect adult mothers.

    There has been controversy over endocrine disruptors, with some groups calling for swift action by regulators to remove them from the market, and regulators and other scientists calling for further study. Some endocrine disruptors have been identified and removed from the market (for example, a drug called diethylstilbestrol), but it is uncertain whether some endocrine disruptors on the market actually harm humans and wildlife at the doses to which wildlife and humans are exposed. Additionally, a key scientific paper, published in the journal Science, which helped launch the movement of those opposed to endocrine disruptors, was retracted and its author found to have committed scientific misconduct.

    Found in many household and industrial products, endocrine disruptors are substances that "interfere with the synthesis, secretion, transport, binding, action, or elimination of natural hormones in the body that are responsible for development, behavior, fertility, and maintenance of homeostasis (normal cell metabolism)." They are sometimes also referred to as hormonally active agents,endocrine disrupting chemicals, or endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs).

    Studies in cells and laboratory animals have shown that EDs can cause adverse biological effects in animals, and low-level exposures may also cause similar effects in human beings. The term endocrine disruptor is often used as synonym for xenohormone although the latter can mean any naturally occurring or artificially produced compound showing hormone-like properties (usually binding to certain hormonal receptors). EDCs in the environment may also be related to reproductive and infertility problems in wildlife and bans and restrictions on their use has been associated with a reduction in health problems and the recovery of some wildlife populations.

    Health effects attributed to endocrine disrupting compounds include a range of reproductive problems (reduced fertility, male and female reproductive tract abnormalities, and skewed male/female sex ratios, loss of fetus, menstrual problems; changes in hormone levels; early puberty; brain and behavior problems; impaired immune functions; and various cancers.

    ChemWebs Chemtrails the Secret Info on sprayed webbing

    Endocrine system
    Main article: Endocrine system

    Endocrine systems are found in most varieties of animals. The endocrine system consists of glands that secrete hormones, and receptors that detect and react to the hormones.

    Hormones travel throughout the body and act as chemical messengers. Hormones interface with cells that contain matching receptors in or on their surfaces. The hormone binds with the receptor, much like a key would fit into a lock. The endocrine system regulates adjustments through slower internal processes, using hormones as messengers. The endocrine system secretes hormones in response to environmental stimuli and to orchestrate developmental and reproductive changes. The adjustments brought on by the endocrine system are biochemical, changing the cell's internal and external chemistry to bring about a long term change in the body. These systems work together to maintain the proper functioning of the body through its entire life cycle. Sex steroids such as estrogens and androgens, as well as thyroid hormones, are subject to feedback regulation, which tends to limit the sensitivity of these glands.

    Hormones work at very small doses (part per billion ranges). Endocrine disruption can thereby also occur from low-dose exposure to exogenous hormones or hormonally active chemicals that can interfere with receptors for other hormonally mediated processes. Furthermore, since endogenous hormones are already present in the body in biologically active concentrations, additional exposure to relatively small amounts of exogenous hormonally active substances can disrupt the proper functioning of the body's endocrine system. Thus, an endocrine disruptor can elicit adverse effects at much lower doses than a toxicity, acting through a different mechanism.

    The timing of exposure is also critical. Most critical stages of development occur in utero, where the fertilized egg divides, rapidly developing every structure of a fully formed baby, including much of the wiring in the brain. Interfering with the hormonal communication in utero can have profound effects both structurally and toward brain development. Depending on the stage of reproductive development, interference with hormonal signaling can result in irreversible effects not seen in adults exposed to the same dose for the same length of time. Experiments with animals have identified critical developmental time points in utero and days after birth when exposure to chemicals that interfere with or mimic hormones have adverse effects that persist into adulthood. Disruption of thyroid function early in development may be the cause of abnormal sexual development in both males and females early motor development impairment,and learning disabilities.

  • David Icke Exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER

    Davis Icke The Man who they said was mad , NOW on a roll.



    The Trump family  has the largest number of Jews in the first family All three married children of Donald Trump being married to Jews

    Trumps parents  were Fred Trump (1905–1999) and Mary Anne MacLeod Trump

    Donald Trump with his parents Mary and Fred Trump 1994 © Barry Talesnick/Retna, Ltd. USA

    Donald Trump with his parents Mary and Fred Trump 1994 © Barry Tale

    Donald was a brunette in 1994 Now he is a flaming quasi orange blond Daddy Fred does look a bit Ashkenazi


    The Trump (original surname Drump ) foray into America supposedly begun with Fred Trumps father Frederich Trump who emigrated to the US from Germany in 1885 His (married sister ) Katharina had emigrated in 1883 Her married surname was was Schuster which is a German and Jewish surname Another of Trumps grandaunts married a man named Freund which is Jewish surname

    Grandpa Freidrich or Fredrick ‘s Trump’s career path was of a distinctively Jewish nature He moved to areas with the Gold Rush never mining himself but “mining the miners” He moved to the Seattle area in 1891 and set up a restaurant /brothel in the red light district there .In  1894, Trump sold the Dairy Restaurant/brothel , and moved to the emerging mining town of Monte Cristo, Washington,where there was a mini Gold Rush Instead of taking part in the rush Trump serviced the miners rushing in with another restaurant/brothel and again made money In 1898 Trump started yet another restaurant /brothel named The Artic Horse servicing miners in Bennett, British Columbia,Here Trump entered into a partnership with the Jew named Ernest Levin

    Donald Trumps grandfather ran three brothels in three different cities the last one with a priestly jewish Levite


    Elizabeth Christ and Fredrick Trump

    Trump the brothel keeper then went back to Germany picked a wife Elizabeth Christ from his town of Kallstadt and came back to New York where he became a real estate speculator with the money he had made from his three brothels Donald Trumps father Fred was born in 1905 Fredrick died in 1918


    Fred Trump went on to become a real estate developer and a landlord  Fred Trump according to his nephew had a lot of Jewish tenants Fred Trump was also allegedly involved in a KKK march not against blacks but against the Catholic Police of New York  . Washington Post. Michael Cohen Donald Trumps special counsel emphasized Fred Trump’s “close connection to the Jewish people,” noting that his father, the real-estate developer Fred Trump, “was also highly recognized and praised by the Brooklyn/Queens Jewish communities.

    Donald Trumps mother Mary Anne McLeod supposedly was the daughter of Scottish fisherman from the Isle of Lewis in Scotland Her arrival in New York was also the direct result of a scandal that struck her family at home – the sister who hosted her in New York, Mrs Catherine Reid, gave birth out of wedlock in Scotland in 1920. Mary Anne had two other sisters resident in the USA at the time, Mrs Christina Matheson and Mrs Mary Joan Pauley There’s nothing in the media about Trumps Scottish  cousins in New York the Mathesons and the Pauleys

    donald-trumps-father-fred-trumpFred Trump who donated land for the Talmud Torah of the Beach Haven Jewish Center discusses the impressive future with the assemblage Source @sotohito

    Both of Donald Trumps parents Fred and Mary Anne died in the Long Island Jewish Medical Centrein New Hyde Park.

    Fred’s rise in New York real estate was intimately tied to the success of Abraham “Bunny” Lindenbaum, his longtime counsel and his son Sandy, and Abe Beame, the first Jewish mayor of New York.Both Lindenbaum and Beame were intimately tied with the New York politics of Tammany Hall


    Bunny and Sandy Lindenbaum , Abe Beame and Howard Rubenstein

    Beame had known Trump’s family for 30 years.In the beginning, Donald Trump used Beame’s closest political associates — publicist Howard Rubinstein; lobbyist, lawyer, and fund raiser Abraham “Bunny” Lindenbaum; and Bunny’s son Sandy — now part of a large Manhattan law firm — as the major political brokers on his Manhattan projects.

    Bunny Lindenbaum was an orthodox and fanatical Zionist Jew. He was president of the Brooklyn Jewish Community Council, and the Brooklyn Jewish Center (BJC). The BJC is connected directly to United Synagogue of America, the World Zionist Congress, United Jewish Appeal, National Jewish Welfare Board, and the MOSSAD.Source

    The NYT says in the 2012 obituary of Samuel Lindenbaum: Mr. Lindenbaum cultivated a scholar’s knowledge of the Zoning Resolution, the arcane document that governs development in New York. As a result, he was able to bend the resolution to his clients’ will without breaking it. And because his clients were major builders and landowners — among them Harry B. Helmsley, Harry Macklowe, Larry A.Silverstein, Jerry I. Speyer, Leonard Litwin, Steven Roth and Donald J. Trump; the Fishers and Tisches and Rudins and Roses.

    With the exception of Trump all the rest are overt Jews Why would Lindenbaum “shower his blessings” on only one Goyim in New York ? Could that that Goyim not be so Goyimish after all?


    As Donald took over from Fred Roy Cohn and Louise Sunshine gradually replaced the Lindenbaums and Rubinstein as young Trump’s primary resources and agents.The Manhattan hard sell has supplanted the friendly, shrewd, understated style of the old Brooklyn days.

    donald-trump-1979-village-voice-story cohn-pepe

    Cohn (Cohen) besides being a gay pedophile was one of those major Jewish figures with his fingers in multiple pies.Cohn also had a fetish for Green Frogs Cohn became famous during Senator Joseph McCarthy‘s investigations into Communist activity in the United States during the Second Red Scare.Cohn was McCarthy’s chief counsel and gained special prominence during the Army–McCarthy hearings.

    After leaving McCarthy, Cohn had a 30-year career as an attorney in New York City.Cohn’s clients included Donald Trump, Mafia figures Tony Salerno, Carmine Galante, and John Gotti, Studio 54 owners Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, Texas financier and philanthropist Shearn Moody, Jr.,and the New York Yankees baseball club. Studio 54 was linked to Mayer Lansky


    Cohn was known for his active social life, charitable giving, and combative personality. In the early 1960s he became a member of the John Birch Society and a principal figure in the Western Goals Foundation. He maintained close ties in conservative political circles, serving as an informal advisor to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

    20161026_171552-635x357 jason-dov-greenblatt-e1468979795941-635x357

    David Friedman Jason Greenblat

    More of Donald Trump’s Jewish associates include Jason Greenblatt Greenblatt has worked as a real-estate lawyer for Trump for 19 years,is an Orthodox Jew and Yeshiva University graduate, Greenblatt studied at a West Bank yeshiva in the mid-1980s and even did armed guard duty there. David Friedman, 57, son of a Conservative rabbi is the Trump’s longtime attorney Friedman lives in Woodmere, New York, and owns a house in Jerusalem’s Talbiyeh neighborhood

    wilbur-ross rene

    Trump Wilbur Ross and David Rene de Rothschild head of Rothschild Inc

    Another important event in Trumps business career was the mess in Atlantic City that nearly destroyed Trumps career Trunp was at one time owned a quarter of Atlantic City’s casino market. But Trump was heavily in debt, and he started missing bond payments on his — and Atlantic City’s — largest casino, the Taj Mahal, in 1990.  Wilbur Ross, then an investment banker working for Rothschild Inc., helped bondholders negotiate with Trump, whose finances were unraveling. The final deal reduced Trump’s ownership stake in the Taj but left him in charge, and bondholders were unhappy when Ross presented the plan.LA Times

    “President” Donald Trump has three wives and five children (that we know of)  Four of these five children are adults and three are married

    Two of Trumps three wives, Ivana Zelníčková and Melania Knauss are from Eastern Europe  ,  where many Jews like John Kerry (Kohn) and Madeleine Albright (Jana Korbel) “converted” to Catholicism and started using Christian names Marla Maples despite supposedly being Christian keeps Shabbat, eats kosher, and studies Kabbalah

    landscape-1485447615-trump-ex-wives-inaugurationTrumps wives Ivana Zelnickova Melania Knauss and Marla Maples . Both Ivana and Melania both have a certain Khazarian look

    Ivana Zelníčková was born in the Moravian town of Zlín , Czechoslovakia, the daughter of Miloš Zelníček, who was Czech, and Marie Francová. Moravia and Zlin have a long history of Jews If you drop the second e in Zelnicek you get the Jewish Zelnick

    Ivana Trumps marriage to Trump was her second marriage Her first was to  an Alfred Winklemeier, who was a real estate businessman


    Trump has four adult children three from Ivana Trump and one from Marla Maples Three out of four are married toi Jews and Tiffany Trump is dating a Jew

    Ivanka Trump is married to Jared Kusher both of whose parents are Jewish Jareds father Charles Kushner is a convicted criminal and possibly a Mossad asset


    Donald Trump Jnr is married to Vanessa Haydon, 38,  who is a designer and the mother of five children Vanessa’s mother is Danish and her late  father  Charles Haydon was  Jewish Charles Haydons original name was Charles Hochberg and he was  a lawyer


    Eric Trump is married to Lara Yunaska who has two Jewish parents


    Tiffany Trump is dating Ross Carpenter both of whose parents are Jewish


    Four Generations of the Trumps beginning from Freidrich Trump (or Drumph) have had close business and personal associations with Jews

    ALL four of Donald Trumps adult children have married /are dating Jews That is no mere coincidence its a cohencidence


    When the Presidential Election Process begun no one gave Trump any chance of becoming President Yet there were the Jewish controlled networks giving Trump incessant coverage which seemed to be more then all the other candidates combined

    The real deal wasnt getting Trump or Clinton elected It was making sure the choice was limited to one between two very blackmail-able and malleable candidates ie Clinton and Trump

    Like many others I mistakenly believed Hilary Clinton was the Chosen One The Puppet Masters probably dint care if a obedient Clinton or an obedient Trump is “the President”




  • Dummies Guide AFTER Brexit Cutting Fears and showing REALITY

    Dummies Guide to AFTER Brexit Cutting Fears and showing the REALITY

    So UK Public are awake and finally get the chance to have there say, The get out the corrupt New World Order scam and get back to independence chance was taken, by 52% the leave grabbed it, restoring faith in the people who have woken from the slumber and said no more , we have had enough,  The news media and all the 1 World Government are spreading the usual bullshits, and so to assure people so long as the right new Ministers can get power and control UK Has a chance to become GREAT BRITAIN again, sure its a long shot but there is a hope, and indeed UK ONLY Hope, as sure as heck staying in the money pit dictatorship ran by the NWO the road is from bad to worse.

    Full Transcript below, select language choice from flags above, if you want to read and understand the video in YOUR Own language.



    Good evening,
    friends and you decent people,
    all you other none decent people, bugger off, do not watch this, this is a quick off the cuff opinion, as it Seems to me people are worrying about the move away from the evil European dictatorship and back to returning to being the Great nation we was once, yes we was great before that evil Blair and many others did the hatchett job, and slowly destroyed manufacturing and Britains wealth on behalf of the alien elite unseen new world order rulers,

    Well this little Dummies guide, a guide as to why, only a dummy can not see that this European Plan to segment Europe in to a one Government enslavement, was only created to Destroy Great nations and Bring in Muslims to destroy Christianity and to warp and corrupt the People, in to some strange notion that Gay is cool, muslims are a benefit, having towns turned to shit holes is good, and the such like. Yes indeed only a Dummy can not see the plan, from the schooling of your children with such cartoons and leaflets showing, how as toddlers you can decide to be normal or swing a bit of both ways or indeed swing to the delights of your best mate giving you some anal excitement from the age of whenever, yes its sick indeed, but you must wake up and realize, you have sick leaders, i know hard to believe but they are sick and so evil neneath the surface, but our leaders have this secret plan, a plan to make decent folk appear they have the problem, for wanting to keep there bottoms tight, and christian values are racist, the problem is christian decent values is not helping. the sales of there tissue and nappy businesses they have shares in no good at all is it, and if they can make the people gay and perverted then they can come out the closets accordingly, and so spending millions to make it seem cool with coloured flags and such like putting gays in power positions, boosting pop stars as role models that needing nappies is cool, and how if you do not need a nappy at age 40 then your square and have a problem, and say anything is bad, hard to believe but it has all been planned.
    Losing your churches, living in fear, living with no go zones, having your flags banned, losing the right to sing christmas songs is all super, and only those racist people dare say anything, having millions of wailling sheet wearing people is brilliant, and you should welcome and pay more taxes to help more come in, give up your hospital space, g¡ve up your homes all to help destroy the nation, is great,

    Yep only Dummies think that, but then again thats what we have in Brussels dummies telling the other dummies what and how each and every town and country is to be like, and its been unanimously decided each will be a muslim shitehole, and decent people better get used to it,


    Dummies Guide AFTER Brexit Cutting Fears and showing REALITY

    Thanks to God,and a vote UK had a chance to show who are the muslim lovers and gays, and who are decent normal citizens,

    So we had the Brexit thank god more than 50% are not dummies and now is the chance for the other European Countries to also stand up, i estimate over 50% of Europe have woken up and also realize the evil sick minded plan, that the Evil corrupt unseen leaders have unleashed as they know time is running out for the great world destruction,

    So now lets look and give the voting a quick investigation, as you will see Scotland clearly is out of touch, as the biggest want to stay in the dummies One world Government slow enslavement destruction plan, problem with Scottish is they live in a sheltered northern part of the world, and lets be honest who but a Scottish person wants to stay there, certainly not ex hot country immigrants, there skins would shrivel with the cold and the wet, so they do not have a problem, they just scoff shortbread watch the utterly bullshit BBC news swig there whisky and have not a clue about the real world, so that is no suprise they remain happy, after all who wouldnt with free healthcare, and many extra bonus payments from England to stop them roaming out the regions,

    Scotland Location Europe

    Europes new recruits

    Next region which again has a very high percentage who want more muslims and scroungers let in, and pay more money to the faceless New World order , is London,
    now anyone who has been to London and not the TV shown London the real London, the deeper regions, which let me tell you, is a bit like going to Bagdhad but more dangerous,and makes tru Brits vomit, is one big vastly expanding muslim shite hole, so they want more of the same as this is tail end of the great Europe invasion, all planned many many years ago, so its not a suprise there,

    The Good news more have woken and are saying no more destroying our country, enough is enough, well done Brits now remember filter all BBC ITV news and such, as its from the New World order controlled and they are going to be pissed you even dare to question anything,

    I would also add at this point, When are you the people to fully wake and remember, all Governments and the system workers are paid by you, and there to work for you, they are not your rulers or dictators, its you the people who need to stand tall and say no more f off, gather together and stay strong, while the leaders pull the ISIS Bullshit stuff off.

    What we now need to do is Rebuild the damaged great Britain, this is easy done and i shall in a new video, give the dummies in Parliament some tips as they do not have a clue in running a country, them idiots could not run a sweetshop opposite a school without needing bailouts, and have the backbone of a jellyfish, so they need to heed my advices, which the video will easily show how easy it is,

    Dummies Guide AFTER Brexit Cutting Fears and showing REALITY

    The media spin machine is doing the normal scare the people, with oh look the pounds dropped we are doomed, blah blah,blah yea the usual bullshit, have a look and you will see sure it dropped against the U S Dollar more than against the Euro agreed, but that is due to money market speculations, and who cares, the british pound in your pocket is the same and mos not go on holiday to america, and you will not even notice it,
    The Euro has been lots lower before never any headlines then was there, nope as it always bobs as the Money men make it swing and make billions doing so, so just stay calm as if and when a brighter than normal dummy leader, actually heeds my Get Britain great again plan, Britain will lead the world as it once did before the master 1 world Government evil plan, which is to destroy it , which commenced, way back by Heath in the 70´s and continued by every PM since, deliberately killing every industry bit by bit to enable the new world order,

    I will finish this now with a couple of points,

    1, To all Europeans we love all you Christian ones, and this is not personal against you, but we can no longer take it up the arse and stand by while the Country is destroyed with the evil New World Order destruction of all of us in Europe,

    2, we decent British urge all other Christian Countries to unite, and also say no more , before its too late,

    Thanks for listening, until the next time, stay safe, keep your bottoms tight, eyes open, no fear, keep it real, God bless us all and do not eat halal meat as it funds muslims,


     Dummies Guide AFTER Brexit Cutting Fears and showing REALITY


    WHAT DOES DONALD TRUMP SAY ABOUT BREXIT ?  UK People waking up and what will happen watch this video and see why THIS Leave 


    Donald Trump Speaks TRUTH On UK USA alliance Confirms BREXIT Is GOOD Move For UK



    How To Fix Britain and make it GREAT again.


  • Earth Issues

    Earth Issues Earthquakes Freak Happenings signs of earth troubles, all Earth Dangers and changes Section.

  • EUROPE WAKE UP What On earth is wrong with you

    EUROPE WAKE UP What On earth is wrong with you, Deliberate Immigration To destroy You  ?

    Do you not see what is happening ?  ARE YOU really that drugged and Stupid ? have You men lost your balls ?  The news on your own TV is owned and censored by the NWO Earth enslavement machine.  watch this video and WAKE UP...  Lock up your wives daughters they are in DANGER !!! and then Stop the madness.  

    YOUR LEADERS Are  EVIL & deliberately out to destroy you !   They are responsible for fooling you, ruining you and your economy..  Do Some RESEARCH and wake before its to late ..  Look closely as you watch this video,  spot the signs .. a few clues lay deep inside .  Copy as we did this excellent video ,and make sure all your friends and family are aware !!!

    BELOW Is Full Version with all sound and for if above is struck by NWO media silence machine...

    Other Must watches


    NOTE Just a starter CLUE...

    EUROPE WAKE UP What On earth is wrong with you, Deliberate Immigration To destroy You

    EUROPE WAKE UP What On earth is wrong with you, Deliberate Immigration To destroy You

    Hmmm  Wants a smoke and sends Money Back To Syria !!!   So The War is so bad that postage and banks all operate fine, and these so called Men run away and flee, BUT Leave there Mothers wives behind !!!   FFS  People WAKE UP.  Its a scam and they are for money and your women and to destroy Europe !!!

    EUROPE WAKE UP What On earth is wrong with you, Deliberate Immigration To destroy You

    FRANCE   Goal is to deliberately let these young men have your women !!!!

    EUROPE WAKE UP What On earth is wrong with you, Deliberate Immigration To destroy You

    Many are Over To Kill and Conquer Europe !!!

    EUROPE WAKE UP What On earth is wrong with you, Deliberate Immigration To destroy You

    There Opinions of any white Woman is They are Trash and sex slaves , anywhere Muslims are Rapes follow, its a sport to them !!!

    HOW STUPID  PEOPLE ARE ?   Look at these silly women ?   welcoming them in ,  within Months many many rapes of women like these thickos, have been made ..

    HOW Do they treat Germans ?  WHO was so thick they are of the thick meter scale !!!


    Oh and if they feel Randy NOT a problem they just take what woman is alone and handy !!!

    EUROPE WAKE UP What On earth is wrong with you, Deliberate Immigration To destroy You

    WELCOME TO The FUCKED Europe and YOUR LEADERS and the NWO are to blame so take your anger out on them...  THEY Are GUILTY Of

    failing there PEOPLE ..


    EUROPE WAKE UP What On earth is wrong with you, Deliberate Immigration To destroy You

  • FREEDOM CALL Youtubers Call to report and WAKE UP

    FREEDOM CALL Youtubers Call to report and WAKE UP


    Great Couple of Videos WAKE Up call time folks a simple plan of action and a easy way of being heard without being sent to the FEMA Camps and having your genitals blasted with 20,000 volts !!!  Which i am sure is planned ..

    WATCH and ACT  Time for sitting down calling people poo face and down thumbing genuine guys Girls Videos trying to make a difference MUST End..  WAKE UP FOR FREEDOM Or Be enslaved forever YOUR CHOICE ?


    FREEDOM CALL Youtubers Call to report and WAKE UP

    FREEDOM CALL Youtubers Call to report and WAKE UP


    FREEDOM CALL Youtubers Call to report and WAKE UP


  • GAME OVER Big Brother Takes Control ENSLAVEMENT Internet LOST

    GAME OVER Big Brother Takes Control ENSLAVEMENT Internet LOST



    This Big Brother Center In Saudi Arabia is a really bad news for everyone in the world, especially in the context of the ongoing Trump Administration collapse and the imminent war between Iran and Israel (see the next post).  It is especially intimidating how quickly it emerged on such a short notice (30 days) and completely unannounced!


    This report should send chills down everybody's spine. While what Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology (GCFCEI)is or will soon become is unknown, it smacks of a Big Brother with global reach and unlimited powers, i.e.the New World Order. Did Trump, who has already been swallowed by the Deep State set the center up for the Global elites? It seems to be so, since as J.R. Nyquist writes (below), Trump already lost all semblance of control over his administration and the USA. Therefore, the decision of what constitutes "extremist ideology" shall now be left in the hands of an educated globalist elite team of what they call "scholars", who are now armed with this huge computer network in Saudi Arabia which is connected to every conceivable electronic device, potable, desktop or otherwise on Earth.


    The description of what GCFCEI is from their own on-line brochure:.


    Novel and innovative software tools capable of monitoring, classifying and analyzing any extremist content within just 6 seconds of its online broadcast, and with more than 80% accuracy levels, giving a whole new perspective and opening new frontiersin the fight against digital extremism.

    And that means total world-wide mind control. Remember, fighting terrorism has always been an excuse to limit our constitutional rights and on top of that Saudi Arabia is ironically the world's leading terrorism exporter! As Nyquist writes below, both the American constitution and the US itself ceased to exist long time ago and there are 30,000 guillotines stored in FEMA camps ready at to go to work  at any time for those who do not comply with NWO (below).  There is even a ICD9 medical code in place that hospitals can used for billing the government for this gruesome service.


    Riyadh’s New Temple of Big Data

    Posted by Bankster Slayer on

    “Today, we proudly announce the establishment of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology to be the guiding light and global hub for international efforts against the prime enemy of humanity; that is, extremism.” — brochure that introduced the new Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology

    In my previous blog about the Manchester suicide bombing, I chose to leave out a few data points for the sake of brevity. One of those data points was the fact that the name of the accused bomber was “Salman.” That data point was being reserved for this blog. Let’s remember that the Manchester event happened immediately after President Trump’s visit to Riyadh.

    Obviously, whenever we hear the name “Salman” we can’t help but think of King Salman of the House of Saud. The mass media treated us to an array of travel photos and news articles that set the social media tongues wagging. One of these related to what the internet quickly dubbed as the bizarre “Trump orb” ritual  that was carried out by Egypt’s President el-Sisi, King Salman, and President Trump on May 21, 2017, just one day before the Manchester bombing.

    As happens so often, the attention-strained Internet crowd leapt to a snap judgment without digging any further. Let it be known that there was no “ritual” with this glowing lamp. This device was simply something like a “plasma globe” (and again I smirk at the homage paid to Nikola Tesla) which, upon contact with human electrical energy, activated a multimedia screen visible to the hundreds of onlookers at the freshly launched “Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology” in Riyadh. However, I will give the Internet crowd credit for one thing: you are right to be horrified at what you saw but not for the reason that you might have imagined.

    Risen in Only 30 Days

    Did any of us even hear about this project? I know I didn’t. One of the reasons why President Trump was in Riyadh this past month was to participate in the inauguration of a huge data center whose mission is to fight terrorism. This quick 3-minute video below is a time-lapse presentation of how this ocular temple-looking facility was hastily built. And methinks this is not the work of Arabian camel herders. If you needed to get something of this scale built in a hurry, to whom would you turn? The Chinese? The Germans? Somebody who is the “cream of the crop” of both? I am still trying to discover details about who exactly is responsible for the creation of this Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology, a center that seems to be associated with the website [linked here].

    While most of social media is slobbering over the image of the “lit globe,” the rest of us might want to zoom out from that photo and take in the full scene. Say hello to literally hundreds of data terminals and a Big Brother type of network. (The video is fast-forwarded to the 17-minute marker.)

    According to the 10-page PDF brochure that you can download yourself there, the stated purpose of this Center does now appear to reveal one very large reason for why Robert Mercer, the Big Data king of Cambridge Analytica, was Trump’s single largest campaign donor:

    MISSION — To actively and pro-actively combat, expose, and refute extremist ideology, in cooperation with governments and organizations concerned.

    The Center uses three pivot points to “combat extremist ideology.” These are: 1). counter the Ideology with other ideology, 2). sabotage extremist digital activities, and 3). out-brand extremism with clever mass media.

    Now you might be wondering, as did I, about who exactly gets to decide what constitutes “extremist ideology”? The brochure provided the answer:

    The Center also has a Higher Committee for Ideology, which comprises a number of prominent scholars as well as global intellectuals and opinion shapers. The committee is entrusted with reviewing the ideology-related goals of the Center, proposing ideology programs, and setting the mechanisms for achieving the ideology goals.

    And here comes the Robert Mercer/Ray Kurzweil engineers with all their trappings of Artificial Intelligence, Human Language Analysis, Behavior Modification, etc. etc.:

    “The Center is already armed with state-of-the-art innovative software tools and technologies with the most stringent standards of accuracy, reliability, and efficiency required to achieve their goals….

    Unequivocal excellence in Ideology Research through a distinguished team of multidisciplinary researchers competent in using big data analytical tools as well as possessing the geopolitical, social, and historical expertise necessary to provide in-depth analyses and actionable insights on different extremist groups.

    Novel and innovative software tools capable of monitoring, classifying and analyzing any extremist content within just 6 seconds of its online broadcast, and with more than 80% accuracy levels, giving a whole new perspective and opening new frontiers in the fight against digital extremism.

    Technology that works in all different languages and dialects common in the extremist discourse. Advanced analytical models are under development to identify digital media platforms locations that will shed light on extremist hotbeds and covert areas for recruitment activities.

    Do you feel comforted knowing that the decision of what constitutes “extremist ideology” shall now be left in the hands of an educated elite team of scholars who have been carefully armed with that Big Data network we have warned about all year, a network now plugged into those little devices you carry in your purse, your pocket, your living room, oh and pretty much everywhere you drive and walk?

    Orwell is screaming at us from his grave.

    An Arab NATO

    As I mentioned above, I’m still trying to figure out who exactly was responsible for concocting this Extremist Center and building it so fast. I really can’t imagine that this was all the idea of the Saudi’s alone or even of the Saudi’s plus the Israelis. To add a further dimension to these sudden developments in Riyadh, we might want to keep in mind comments made by Dr. Joseph P. Farrell in his weekly blog last week.

    Dr. Farrell referred to statements being made the MSM that Trump didn’t just negotiate a +$300,000,000,000 arms sale to Saudi Arabia but that this agreement also includes the transfer of production and assembly of those arms to Saudi Arabia.

    Dr. Farrell has speculated for many years that “what the real plan is to create an internal conflict in that region of the world that will lead to its demise…. The Islamic world is being set up for a fall.”

    Indeed, our own Mr. W. and Robert David Steele have both expressed the opinion that the world is being driven down a path towards another catastrophic war. Albert Pike said there’d be days like this.

    Let’s review what we have here: a Big Data Temple of Surveillance has suddenly appeared in Riyadh that is equipped not only with detecting “unapproved” ideas floating in the global mindstream but of actually broadcasting a re-direct of that idea within 6 seconds. (Hmmm, makes me wonder if somebody has discovered how to engineer a perpetual “Mandela Effect”?)

    In addition to the Big Data capabilities, Riyadh has now been handed a quarter-trillion dollar arms deal that allows for Saudi Arabia to be used as the new location of the manufacture of those weapons. (Hmmm, sounds like somebody doesn’t think the traditional U.S. manufacturing sites will still be operating soon?)

    If all that wasn’t enough, the President with goddess Melania, walking independently alongside, made a visit to Jerusalem when all the stars lined up just right.

  • HAARP FULLY Explained in simple easy to follow stages

    HAARP FULLY Explained in simple easy to follow stages

    HAARP in simple and easy to follow stages..

    High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program


    What is HAARP?

    HAARP stands for The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. The goal of this program is to further advance our knowledge of the physical and electrical properties of the Earth's ionosphere which can affect our military and civilian communication and navigation systems. The HAARP program operates a world-class ionospheric research facility located in Gakona, Alaska.

    What is the name of this research facility?

    The facility is called the HAARP Research Station, Gakona.

    Who built the HAARP facility?

    The prime contractor for construction at the facility was BAE Systems, Advanced Technology (BAE/AT). Major construction at the facility was completed during 2007.

    When did the HAARP program start?

    The HAARP program began in 1990.

    Where is the HAARP facility located?

    The HAARP Research Station is located 180 miles ENE of Anchorage, Alaska and approximately 8 miles north of Gakona, Alaska.

    What are the geographic coordinates of the facility?

    The facility is located at:

    62 deg 23.5 min North Latitude
    145 deg 8.8 min West Longitude

    Weather warfare is the use of weather modification techniques such as cloud seeding for military purposes.

    The Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques (Geneva: 18 May 1977, Entered into force: 5 October 1978) prohibits "widespread, long-lasting or severe effects as the means of destruction, damage or injury". However it has been argued that this permits "local, non-permanent changes".

    Prior to the Geneva Convention, the United States used weather warfare in the Vietnam War. Under the auspices of the Air Weather Service, the United States' Operation Popeye used cloud seeding over the Ho Chi Minh Trail, increasing rainfall by an estimated thirty percent during 1967 and 1968. It was hoped that the increased rainfall would reduce the rate of infiltration down the trail

    With much less success, the United States also dropped salt on the airbase during the siege of Khe Sanh in an attempt to reduce the fog that hindered air operations.

    A research paper produced for the United States Air Force written in 1996 speculates about the future use of nano-technology to produce "artificial weather", clouds of microscopic computer particle all communicating with each other to form an intelligent fog that could be used for various purposes. "Artificial weather technologies do not currently exist. But as they are developed, the importance of their potential applications rises rapidly." Weather modification technologies are described as "a force multiplier with tremendous power that could be exploited across the full spectrum of war-fighting environments."


    HAARP FULLY Explained in simple easy to follow stages

    Technical Information

    The HAARP Ionospheric Research facility will be a major Arctic facility for conducting upper atmospheric research. The facility will consist of two essential parts:

    1. A high power transmitter and antenna array operating in the High Frequency (HF) range. The transmitter is capable of delivering up to 3.6 million Watts to an antenna system consisting of 180 crossed dipole antennas arranged as a rectangular, planar array.


    2. A complete and extensive set of scientific instruments for observation of both the background auroral ionosphere and of the effects produced during active research using the transmitter system. Output from these instruments is readily available world-wide in near real time over the internet.

    During active ionospheric research, the signal generated by the transmitter system is delivered to the antenna array, transmitted in an upward direction, and is partially absorbed, at an altitude between 100 to 350 km (depending on operating frequency), in a small volume a few hundred meters thick and a few tens of kilometers in diameter over the site. The intensity of the HF signal in the ionosphere is less than 3 microwatts per cm2, tens of thousands of times less than the Sun's natural electromagnetic radiation reaching the earth and hundreds of times less than even the normal random variations in intensity of the Sun's natural ultraviolet (UV) energy which creates the ionosphere. The small effects that are produced, however, can be observed with the sensitive scientific instruments installed at the HAARP facility and these observations can provide new information about the dynamics of plasmas and new insight into the processes of solar-terrestrial interactions.

    Why was Alaska chosen for HAARP?

    An Alaskan site was required since Alaska is the only state that is in the auroral region. In fact, the site chosen for HAARP is ideal on two accounts:

    1. The Alaskan ionosphere over HAARP can be characterized as mid-latitude, auroral or polar depending on how active the sun is at any given time and day. This gives a very wide variety of ionospheric conditions to study.
    2. The HAARP research facility consists of two major subsystems: (1) the HF transmitter, and (2) the other scientific, observational instruments that have been designed and built and which are also being installed at the site. The two subsystems are equal in research importance. The scientific observation instruments require a quiet electromagnetic location. Such quiet locations are only found away from cities and built up areas. This is one reason, for example, that optical telescopes are built on remote mountaintops: to avoid the optical "noise" associated with big cities.

    Does the facility operate continuously?

    Many of the scientific instruments at the ionospheric observatory operate continuously to monitor the natural geomagnetic environment. Data collected by these instruments are archived and are made available in chart format in real time on our web site.

    The HF Transmitter at the HAARP Research Station is used intermittently and is primarily operated to support research campaigns where groups of scientists collaborate to conduct interactive ionospheric research.

    Can I visit HAARP?

    The HAARP Research Station does not employ sufficient on-site staff to allow routine tours of the facility. Entry to the facility is normally restricted to those having a need to conduct business at the facility.

    We recognize that there is great interest in the scientific work of the facility. In response to this interest, HAARP schedules open houses at which any and all are invited to visit the site. Several scientists are usually present at these open houses so that visitors can talk directly with those who use the facility for research. Open houses have been held most years since 1995 and have proven to be a popular event. The most recent open house was held on July 17, 2010.

    How can I find out about the Open Houses?

    Open Houses are generally held during the summer season. The dates and times are announced in advance in Alaska newspapers and on the HAARP Home Page.

    Is there a HAARP visitor's center?

    There is currently no visitor's center.

    HAARP FULLY Explained in simple easy to follow stages

    Is HAARP a classified project?

    HAARP is not classified. There are no classified documents pertaining to HAARP. The Environmental Impact Process (EIP) documents have always been, are now, and will always be completely descriptive of the program in its entirety. The EIP documents are a matter of public record.

    Questions about the research

    Why is ionospheric research important?

    The fundamental goal of research conducted at HAARP is knowledge; to explore and to understand natural phenomena occurring in the Earth's ionosphere and near-space environment. Information derived from this research will have major value in the design of future communication and navigation systems for both military and civilian use.

    What kind of research will be conducted at the HAARP facility?

    The research to be conducted at HAARP falls into two broad categories:

    1. The study of basic natural processes that occur in the ionosphere under the natural but much stronger influence of solar interaction. This includes studying how the natural ionosphere affects radio signals with the goal of developing techniques that may be available for mitigating these effects to improve the reliability and/or the performance of communication and navigation systems.
    2. Development of technology to use effects produced through ionospheric interactions. One example of this is learning how to generate new signals in the ELF range for the real application of subsurface communications.

    Where can I read about the research that is conducted at the HAARP Facility?

    Research conducted at the HAARP Observatory is generally published in peer-reviewed scientific journals such as the Journal of Geophysical Research, Geophysical Research Letters, and Radio Science. Since the first research campaign at HAARP in 1999, hundreds of scholarly papers have been published in these and other scientific journals or presented at scientific conferences. While the best place to search for results of HAARP research is at a university library, some of these journals provide an on-line search engine for their own publications. For example, to search for HAARP research published in one of the journals of the American Geophysical Union, go to their on-line search site:

    AGU Search

    Enter the search term "HAARP" and press the search button.

    Who are the people that conduct research at HAARP?

    The scientists who conduct research at HAARP are university physicists, their students, government scientists and scientists from commercial firms having an interest in communication and radio science theory and applications.

    What Universities have participated in the HAARP program?

    Several universities have played a major role in HAARP from its inception to the present time including the University of Alaska, The Leland Stanford University, Penn State University (ARL), Boston College, Dartmouth University, Cornell University, Virginia Tech, University of Maryland, University of Massachusetts, MIT, Polytechnic University, UCLA, Clemson University and the University of Florida. The development of the program objectives and initial design concept, selection of the prime contractor, development of diagnostic equipment, and the planning of research campaigns have all been heavily dependent on university involvement. University students and professors make up the majority of attendees at the annual Ionospheric Interactions Workshop where progress in ionospheric research is reported.

    Does HAARP have a community outreach program?

    To provide support to the local community, the University of Alaska is working with HAARP to conduct a cooperative science program with the Glennallen High School, the Prince William Sound Community College and other schools in the Copper River Valley area.

    Questions about the HF Transmitter and Antenna

    How frequently is the HF transmitter used?

    The HF Transmitter is used during research campaigns to support interactive study of the ionosphere. A typical research period may last one or two weeks and several such campaigns may occur in a given year.

    How large is the HAARP antenna array?

    The HAARP antenna array consists of 180 antennas on a total land area of about 35 acres. The array, along with its integrated transmitters, has a total radiated power capability of about 3,600 kilowatts.

    What is the current development status of the HAARP HF Transmitter?

    The HAARP transmitter and antenna array is complete with all of the originally planned 180 antennas installed.

    Is there any additional transmitter development planned beyond that described in the EIS?


    How does HAARP compare with other high power facilities?

    The HAARP HF transmitter and antenna array is similar in function to several other high power transmitters operating in the High Frequency range although its power capability is greater.

    How much power will be required to operate the transmitter?

    The HF transmitter system is able to produce approximately 3.6 million Watts of radio frequency power. However, the HAARP transmitters have been designed to operate very linearly (in Class AB mode) so that they will not produce radio interference to other users of the radio spectrum. To achieve that degree of linearity, the transmitters operate at an efficiency of only about 45 %. For every 100 Watts of input power 45 Watts of Radio Frequency power is generated and the rest is lost in the transmitter cabinet as heat. (As an analogy, a 75 Watt light bulb gets quite hot while it's producing the light you actually see.) In addition, the on-site diesel generators must provide power for other equipment used by the transmitters including the cooling system and low level amplifier stages. As a result, approximately 10 million Watts of prime power will be required when the transmitter system is operating at full power.

    How much power does HAARP take from the power grid?

    HAARP draws only housekeeping power, used for lighting, heating, and computers, from the local power grid. During research operations, the HAARP facility is taken off the local power grid completely.

    Safety and environmental questions

    Was an environmental impact study conducted on HAARP?

    An Environmental Impact Study was conducted during 1992-93 in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

    Why was an environmental impact study conducted?

    The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires all US government agencies to conduct an environmental impact study prior to beginning construction of any major facility.

    What impacts did the study find?

    The study concluded, "All of the significant environmental impacts associated with [building and operating the HAARP Observatory at Gakona] can be mitigated to an acceptable level. Some insignificant potential impacts, such as lost habitat, socioeconomic, and wildlife impacts, may not be mitigated."

    Who has oversight over HAARP and its operations?

    Numerous Federal and State agencies have oversight over one or more aspects of the HAARP Research Station or its operations. There is a detailed page on our web site describing this oversight.

    Is HAARP capable of affecting the weather?

    The HAARP facility will not affect the weather. Transmitted energy in the frequency ranges that will be used by HAARP is not absorbed in either the troposphere or the stratosphere - the two levels of the atmosphere that produce the earth's weather. Electromagnetic interactions only occur in the near-vacuum of the rarefied region above about 70 km known as the ionosphere.

    The ionosphere is created and continuously replenished as the sun's radiation interacts with the highest levels of the Earth's atmosphere. The downward coupling from the ionosphere to the stratosphere/troposphere is extremely weak, and no association between natural ionospheric variability and surface weather and climate has been found, even at the extraordinarily high levels of ionospheric turbulence that the sun can produce during a geomagnetic storm. If the ionospheric storms caused by the sun itself don't affect the surface weather, there is no chance that HAARP can do so either.

    How long do the effects of ionospheric heating last?

    Since the ionosphere is, inherently, a turbulent medium that is being both "stirred up" and renewed by the sun, artificially induced effects are quickly obliterated. Depending on the height within the ionosphere where the effect is originally produced, these effects are no longer detectable after times ranging from less than a second to ten minutes.

    A good analogy to this process is dropping a stone into a fast moving stream. The ripples caused by the stone are very quickly lost in the rapidly moving water and, a little farther down the stream, are completely undetectable. A University of Alaska, Geophysical Institute scientist has compared HAARP to an "immersion heater in the Yukon River."

    Can HAARP create a hole in the ionosphere?

    No. Any effects produced by HAARP are miniscule compared with the natural day-night variations that occur in the ionosphere. Several ionospheric layers completely disappear naturally over a whole hemisphere during the evening hours. HAARP can't come close to producing this effect, even in the limited region directly over the site.

    Can HAARP create an artificial aurora?

    The natural aurora is created when very high energy particles emitted by the sun, reach the Earth's vicinity, are swept toward the Earth's magnetic poles, and collide with gas molecules existing in the upper atmosphere. The energy involved in this process is enormous but is entirely natural and it has been a normal event throughout Earth's history.

    HAARP is so much weaker than these naturally occurring processes that it is incapable of producing the type of optical display observed during an aurora. However, weak and repeatable optical emissions have been observed using HAARP (and reported in the scientific literature) using very sensitive cameras.

    Are there any health hazards associated with electromagnetic fields produced by HAARP?

    The health and safety of the public (and of the scientific researchers who will be present at the site) has been a primary focus in the design of the HAARP HF transmitter and antenna array. There are no locations on-site or off-site where the E-M fields exceed safety standards for RFR exposure as defined by IEEE/ANSI C95.1-1992 and NCRP Report No 86. In fact, the E-M fields measured at the closest public access to the site are lower than those existing in many urban environments.

    You mention in your graph and accompanying text that the E-M radiation at the closest public point is 10,000 times below the maximum allowed by the standard. What is the field strength on the site itself?

    The only points on the site that approach the EM safety standard are close to or directly under the antenna array itself. Numerous computer simulations, confirmed with measurements during tests show that the highest fields are actually near the edge of the ground screen, about 60 - 80 feet away from the nearest antenna element. A fence around the antenna gravel pad, about 60 feet farther out than the ground screen (about 150 feet away from the antennas all around), encloses the limited area under the antennas where fields might exceed the standard.

    Outside the fenced antenna pad, the fields drop off very rapidly, and are always below the standard. The closest public access point to the facility at the Tok Highway is about 3,000 feet from the antenna fence and the field at this point has decreased to 10,000 times below the safety standard.

    Can HAARP be used to generate ELF?

    Yes. However, the HAARP facility does not directly transmit signals in the ELF frequency range. Instead, ELF signals are generated in the ionosphere at an altitude of around 100 km. Frequencies ranging from below one Hz to about 20 kHz can be generated through this ionospheric interaction process.

    How strong are the ELF signals generated using HAARP?

    Under optimum conditions, signals generated using ionospheric interaction techniques may be measured in the tens of pT range and tend to be strongest at frequencies around 2 kHz.

    Is there any safety concern with the ELF signals generated using HAARP?

    No. These signals are more than eleven million times weaker (smaller) than the Earth's background field and about one million times weaker (smaller) than the level where researchers have reported biological effects in the literature. Signals generated through ionospheric interaction are so weak, in fact, that sophisticated instruments must be used to observe them. Nevertheless, they are still valuable for scientific purposes and for communication applications.

    What about radio frequency interference?

    Analyses conducted during the environmental impact process suggest that radio frequency interference could occur for receiver systems that operate in the areas surrounding Gakona. However, other facilities using transmitters and supporting diagnostic instruments similar to HAARP, have achieved compatibility with other users of the radio frequency environment. The government is committed to achieve compatibility with other users of the electromagnetic spectrum and an electromagnetic compatibility program has been established to assure this goal is achieved.

    The EIS Record of Decision required HAARP to establish a Radio Frequency Advisory Committee. This committee, with representatives from organizations that are users of the HF spectrum has met regularly since 1994 to inform the groups of progress at the facility and to receive their input and suggestions.

    Questions about facility operations

    Do you publish a transmitting schedule by frequency and time?

    Research activities generally require a specific ionospheric condition to pre-exist before any given experiment can begin. For example, one experiment may require that the D-layer be absent. The D-layer normally disappears after local sunset but the timing may vary from one day to the next depending on solar activity.

    HAARP is required to operate on a "Not-to-Interfere-Basis" (NIB). This means that the operating frequency must be selected carefully so as not to disrupt on-going communication activities. In other words, a candidate frequency may have to be re-chosen if the frequency is already being used by someone else.

    Also, the optimum frequency for any given experiment changes as the ionosphere undergoes its natural variation throughout the day and this is continually monitored using some of the observational instruments at the site. As a result, it will be virtually impossible to know in advance the exact time or frequency for any day's operation.

    I hear a strong interfering signal in the ham bands. Is this HAARP?

    HAARP is not authorized to operate in the Ham bands and the transmitter has been "locked out" of those frequencies. In addition, because of the harmonic relationship of the amateur 40 and 80 meter bands, it is not possible for a harmonic of the HAARP transmitter to fall in those bands.

    How can I report suspected interference from the HAARP HF Transmitter?

    Suspected interference should be reported to the Federal Communications Commission. HAARP maintains an interference reporting "hotline" at the phone number (907) 822-5497. This line is always answered during HF Transmitter operations. At all other times, a recording indicates that the transmitter is not in use.

    Can HAARP be used for military purposes?

    HAARP is not designed to be an operational system for military purposes. The HAARP specifications were developed by a consortium of universities to meet the requirements for a world-class research facility and an expanded group of universities are playing a major role in the design of future research efforts.

    The HAARP facility will be used for basic and applied plasma physics and Radio Science research related to the study of the Earth's ionosphere. Because the DoD operates numerous communication and navigation systems whose signals either depend on reflection from the ionosphere or must pass through the ionosphere to satellites, there is obvious DoD interest in understanding the ionosphere's effect on these systems to improve their reliability and performance. A greater understanding of the physics of the ionosphere is expected to result in improvements to commercial applications, such as GPS and LEO communication satellites whose performance is often significantly affected by random ionospheric variations.

    Administratively, HAARP is restricted to operate only on a "not-to-interfere-basis" (NIB) by the NTIA and is categorized as an experimental station (XR) in the NTIA spectrum certification document.


    Program Purpose

    HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.

    The HAARP program is committed to developing a world class ionospheric research facility consisting of:

    • The Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a high power transmitter facility operating in the High Frequency (HF) range. The IRI will be used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere for scientific study.
    • A sophisticated suite of scientific (or diagnostic) instruments that will be used to observe the physical processes that occur in the excited region.

    Observation of the processes resulting from the use of the IRI in a controlled manner will allow scientists to better understand processes that occur continuously under the natural stimulation of the sun.

    Scientific instruments installed at the HAARP Observatory will be useful for a variety of continuing research efforts which do not involve the use of the IRI but are strictly passive. Among these studies include ionospheric characterization using satellite beacons, telescopic observation of the fine structure in the aurora, and documentation of long-term variations in the ozone layer.



    HAARP Explained Patent Info HAARP and weather manipulation ..  HAARP in simple and easy to follow stages..


  • How To FIGHT New World Order BEAT The Beast

    How To FIGHT The New World Order & BEAT The Beast


    GREAT MUST READ By - Jack Perry   supplied with thanks..

    I’ve gotten a number of emails from folks who wish to know what kind of resistance to the State can be accomplished. Well, I’m not a Red Dawn kind of guy, and I’m not Thomas Jefferson (nor do I play him on the internet.) But I have actually given this a lot of thought and investigation and will reveal what I believe to be the “magic bullet” that can abolish the government and Wall Street together in a “death of a thousand cuts”.

    What is the “magic bullet”? You might not believe this, but it’s actually consumer spending. The entire apparatus of the federal government, local governments, and Wall Street are held together and kept alive by consumer spending. How and why? This is how it works: People become convinced via the media that they need all these non-essential items or essential items vastly overpriced because of “brand”. Now, the federal government inculcates into the people that consumer spending is important to the economy. And it is. The entire economy, the government, and Wall Street are all held together by it. Because once people chase after these things and buy them, they must be paid for. Thus, they must work (and work even more hours than ever before) in order to pay for this crap. In so doing, they are taxed by the federal government whose tax rates go up when their income does. Therefore, the more you buy, the more you have to work, and the more taxes the government collects.

    Let me go into more detail as to how it all comes together. The liberals will have you to believe that Middle Eastern wars we get into are over oil. That much is true. But this isn’t just about gas for Billy Bob’s and Jethro’s pick-up trucks that have the fuel efficiency of an M1 tank. That’s only partially true. What actually drives our need for cheap oil is our agricultural system which is totally built around that. Our entire nation is pretty much fed by corn, wheat, and soy or fractions of those three crops. Those three crops are controlled by three mega-corporations who also control most of the processed foods that come from them. These three crops are heavily subsidised by the federal government through “farm bills”, which is how they keep food prices so low. Look, these three crops require vast millions of barrels of oil to grow and produce because all the farming, transport, and processing of these foodstuffs is totally mechanised. What’s more, the primary one it all relies on—corn—requires vast tonnage of synthetic fertiliser to grow. Fertiliser that is made using petroleum products. Without cheap oil, cheap food will collapse overnight.

    Now, the feds learned this tactic during the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo which crippled our auto and manufacturing sectors. Food skyrocketed in price because, again, it is heavily reliant on oil for the tractors and combines and fertiliser. The feds discovered that when food prices are high, consumer spending goes down. But why does the government need to subsidise food and keep food prices low? Because they care about us? No. Because they need people to have enough money to engage in consumer spending and, therefore, work longer and pay more taxes. See, buying food is not the same as buying a house or a car. There is no opportunity for the government to recover much revenue from people buying food. But cars and houses? Absolutely! Both those things are heavily taxed, gasoline is taxed, and people have to work for decades to pay for them. And pay taxes on that income. Also, in addition to that, those taxes are necessary for the military needed to secure that cheap oil from the Middle East. This entire thing is a cycle that revolves around tax revenue generated from taxable wages.

    See here, the government got to the size it is because of the Cold War and the massive military spending that went on for decades. The government became used to that kind of income because they actually brought in lots of tax revenue from people paying taxes on high-income jobs in the defence industry. Not to mention the taxes on the corporations themselves. When the Cold War ended, the government was stuck holding the bag with a massive drop in revenue. That’s where the early 1990s financial blip came from that got Clinton elected. The way the government “corrected” this was to bring in the idea of consumer spending on crap we do not need and expensive crap we do need where 60% of the price is directly related to the brand name alone. Whereas in the past a “fad” might be a Hula-Hoop that cost a couple bucks, today the fads are expensive electronic gadgets that cost hundreds of dollars. Plus, the fads are also related to brand names where you can sell a $10.00 pair of shoes for $150.00 just because of the brand name. People work longer to buy this crap, hence, they pay more income tax. The government also started promoting the idea that consumer spending was somehow “patriotic”, even in times of war, as we saw after 9/11. Now, why would they do this?

    The answer is because the entire system is built upon tax revenue from people working to buy this crap. Yes, the corporations are taxed. And, yes, the government borrows a lot of money because the tax revenue alone cannot provide enough money. But, knowing that, we can see that if people simply stopped buying crap they don’t need and stopped working longer hours to pay for it, the State will soon be in deep trouble as far as revenue goes. Look how scared they get every time consumer spending drops. The government and Wall Street panic like a newborn that can’t find its pacifier. That’s what the whole 2008-2009 Great Recession proved. It wasn’t the Wall Street oopsie that scared them. That is easily fixed with fiat currency. What scared them was what came next.

    During the Great Recession, many people got scared and stopped spending money. That, readers, is what got them scared. They need people spending money and working to get that money (and pay taxes) to keep this entire system alive. Notice how the biggest goal of the government was to get credit available to everyone again, so they can return to spending money they haven’t got and working overtime to try and come up with it. By the way, the feds tax overtime a lot and they love you to work overtime. The next goal of the government was to “revive” the housing market. Sensible people ought to know by now that owning a house is like giving your ATM card to your local government. Whenever you see your local schools saying they need more laptop computers for the kids, guess how they’ll find the money for that? Raising your property tax. Finally, the federal government needed people to stop feeling scared and start spending money instead of saving it. Buying a new car or house is a trap the feds love. Because you’ll pay income taxes on the extra work needed to pay for that crap for decades.

    Look here, why do you think they’re telling you this? Do you think they actually care if you “own” your own house? Do you think they care if chicks think you’re cool because you’re driving a new Ford Mustang “muscle car”? Folks put things into perspective! A home is a shelter, okay? A car is just a tool to get from Point A to Point B. My gosh, my boots are older than most peoples’ cars and these people then wonder why they’re broke. What, because the minimum wage isn’t high enough? No! It’s because you people are living way beyond your means! Because the government needs you to do so in order to remain enslaved to them. That’s what keeps them alive: Tax revenue.

    How To FIGHT The New World Order & BEAT The Beast

    How To FIGHT The New World Order & BEAT The Beast

    See here. If people stopped buying all this expensive crap ($300 for a pair of tennis shoes?! Really?!) and stopped working all those extra hours to pay for it, the government is going to start running out of money real quick. The credit other countries give the United States government is based on tax revenue income. Let that start dropping and other countries will not want to risk loaning money that it is now clear cannot be paid back based on the incoming revenue. Wall Street will begin to tumble and collapse and, this time, the government will not have the money to save them. The government will not have the money to keep the military at the size it is. Look, people, you think you haven’t got any power? You do. It’s called economic power.

    An Underground Free Market Economy can smash this State. I have not bought a “consumer good” new in several years. Listen, this nation has made and imported millions of tons of “stuff” just since the 1980s alone. The amount of “stuff” out there that can be had used is astonishing. Why would you buy this stuff new and pay sales tax?! Why would you work longer hours and pay more federal tax to buy more of this crap new? What, do you need to be a walking billboard for all the fashion designers? What, will that brand new muscle car bring you a quality relationship? Excuse me, it’s going to bring you an expensive one. Especially the one with the federal government.

    Swap meets, yard sales, rummage sales, internet marketplaces, free “penny-saver” periodicals, classified ads, internet discussion forum “trade blankets”, and even brick-and-mortar “used exchanges” have vast selections of everything under the sun. Why would you buy any of this stuff new? Some of this stuff you can trade for and never even part with a penny. This is how we get rid of the government. We stop funding it. Look, they need vast income to survive. It’s not going to take much of a loss of that revenue for them to squirm. Wall Street nearly died and that was just one segment related to credit, housing, loans, and so forth. Stop buying houses and cars alone, Wall Street will probably begin to wither and die on the vine in a year. Stop working once you have enough to provide the genuine needs, the loss of tax revenue will start causing the government to go broke from the city and county all the way up to the feds. Think it can’t be done? Oh, it can. Why do you think governments use economic sanctions against other countries?

    It’s called “Bleeding the Beast”. Every avoidance of tax, be it buying things used to working fewer hours and paying less income tax, is a revolutionary act. People, we don’t NEED all of this crap! It is the government and Wall Street telling us that we need it! The ideas that we “need” it comes from the media who are owned and controlled by them! And, what, people work longer hours, pay more taxes, and get deeper into debt to buy it?! Is it necessary? Has your life been enriched by this? Or are you just getting fatter and sicker and more in debt? There is a reason that is happening. It’s called an addiction to buying.

    The government needs people to pay taxes like a drug dealer needs people to buy heroin. The government can only exist through tax revenue. They can only increase tax revenue significantly more with people working longer and paying more taxes as a result. Therefore, yes, they try and get you to buy a house from Freddie and Fannie and all the other scam loan shark entities that are and aren’t government owned. So you’ll bust your hump for twenty years pulling overtime they tax the living crap out of in order to pay for that house. So you’ll use that house as an ATM and take out this second mortgage and work a second job and pay more taxes. Excuse me, but what was the reason you needed to own this self-incarcerating prison you call a “house”? What, this is freedom? If that is true, why then does the federal government have such a stake in getting you to buy one? Since when has this government cared about freedom?

    So, you want to “do something”? There. I just gave it to you. You can have this for free. Stop buying stuff, people! Stop working harder to get nowhere! And when you need stuff, there is a vast free market out there and people don’t even realise it! We don’t need to create a free market, there’s already one here. All we need to do is use it faithfully and expand it. The Free Market is a wonderful idea, but it must be practised! You can’t think that someone else should do this for you. That’s how a government comes into existence! You have to start practising it right now. If you look around, you might be surprised at what you can buy out there and pay zero sales tax. Some of this stuff still has the original tags on it! Never used and just sat in someone’s closet. Because there’s tons of “stuff” out there.

    Don’t feed the Beast. Bleed the Beast. Don’t buy anything new. Food doesn’t count; it’s non-taxable in most states. Stop playing Brand Name Bingo. You look like a sucker: “Hey, I paid an extra $300 to wear this logo!” Besides, guess what? You can find the same thing at the thrift store for a small fraction of the original price. Often, it’ll still have the store tag on it, too. And figure out a budget and when you arrive at one, don’t work beyond that. Meaning, don’t work more hours where the income is taxed if you get my drift. If you can find barter or cash for labour, hey, what can I say? But on the other hand, once your needs are taken care of, what is the meaning of work? Some hobbies can pay off in trades for other stuff. Especially things like woodworking and so on. You ought to see how much good wood is thrown away each day.

    It can be done. But we’ve got to practice it. We need to show people there’s a better way. Because there is. Those of us who haven’t got much money and have learned how little we actually need can testify to it. It’s there. Use it. The hand-written price tag is the flag of the Frugal Revolution.

    BY: Jack Perry



    Interesting Video showing "Yet again ! "how they produced the SCARE Usual Bullshit NEWS about how them nasty ISIS are chopping heads off, you know the usual blah blah scare the Sheep tactics. YOU know they have the best film studios a wealth of limitless money to produce all the Keep You SCARED & Worried and needing them to protect and tell you when to sleep eat and wash .  TIME You woke from the dream world which they are deliberately turning in to a nightmare .

    YOU Must also watch This Great Watch..................  Many have been warning since the 80´s  But still the people are fooled, and financing there own enslavement ..









  • Mini Film Musical - UFO Aliens Secret Earth Moon Takeover

    Mini Film Musical - UFO Aliens Secret Earth Moon Takeover - Crime Of The Century & Rudy  Supertramp

    Just a Short Little Film to show the classic Rudy By SuperTramp & Crime of the Century By SuperTramp Soundtrack, this film video was banned and striked by the YouTube Police.. and so on protest its placed here, for us all to enjoy as and when you fancy.



    Mini Film Musical - UFO Aliens Secret Earth Moon Takeover

    Mini Film Musical - UFO Aliens Secret Earth Moon Takeover



    Mini Film Musical - UFO Aliens Secret Earth Moon Takeover

  • NWO Moves yet again FOOLING Pantomine London UK 2017

    NWO Moves again 2017 FOOLING THE THICKOS.  YET Again they fool the masses with absolute hogwash crap acting and stage events, but sadly they all fall for it.

    Watch this and Remind them "The Night has a Thousand Eyes" In so much as Thousands of mobile phones watching the false flags and ongoing charades, to fool the slow in the head masses. Who sadly believe anything they are told by the Power Elite Bullshit TV & National news shown.

    Watch and enjoy the video and FFS Wake people up, if its on TV and in the News, you know full well 50% of it will be placed just to scare you and fool you in to begging for there help.  its called "Problem-Solution-Reaction"  Create the problem in this case oh them nasty Terrorists are killing you,  WAIT a while and watch the stupid ones shout "Oh Protect us oh Government who are here to protect and keep us safe"  WAIT again and then The Government say "WE Will help you, give us more money in taxes and stay home, and you can hide and we will keep you safe"  Oh and them nasty people we shall bomb all their kids and families in revenge, so rest assured oh little sheeple people, you can go about your watching TV and facebooking in peace, while we invade them Countries and kill them , all for their own good.  The Problem Solution Reaction in a easy format.

    This is getting so pathetic now as the video again shows, that those who swallow the Absolute shite on TV deserve to be enslaved and told when to walk sleep and what to eat and when to drive and what speed to drive at etc, as they are a waste of a human body.





    The event was in London UK - prior to the Event a Police van arrives and in this van emerge many People , all switching in to film set mode, just in time for the main event.  NOT the first time, this is now getting so pathetic its beyond belief..

    Look at the Stills, and i guess they will say Pure Coincidence. And Gravity does NOT always do as predicted.


    NWO Moves again FOOLING THE THICKOS 2017

    NWO Moves again FOOLING THE THICKOS 2017

    NWO Moves again FOOLING THE THICKOS 2017

    LOTS MORE OF THE FAKING STUFF EXIST - Do a look through our stuff. HERE IS A STARTER -.................................................... HERE...


    NWO Moves yet again FOOLING THE THICKOS with the Pantomine in London UK 2017

  • RICHPLANET TV - 2015 LIVE UK TOUR - Richard D Hall



    Uncovering more of the hidden agenda which seems to be tightening its grip on society. Two new films were launched on this tour. The first is an independent investigation into the Cumbria shootings, and uncovers new evidence pointing to an entirely different scenario and motive than was arrived at by the official inquest. The second is a further expose of the Madeleine McCann case. It seems mainstream media have created an Achilles heel with the “Madeleine” issue, due to their blatantly censored coverage of the story. Richard also looks at more subtle and long term agendas of social engineering being played out in the media. Richard makes observations within popular culture, television, politics, law and education and compares what is going on in the UK today, with subversion and demoralisation techniques practiced in the 60s by the Soviet Union on foreign nations.



    In this second part Richard talks about his campaigns to expose fabricated terror and also continues with the theme of subversion looking into the much hyped MH370 missing airliner. By considering the geopolitical position of Malaysia on the world stage and also examining aircraft safety statistics Richard presents a compelling case that the MH370 “disaster” was probably a planned psychological operation with the intention of dealing with the rogue nation of Malaysia. Finally Richard gives a brief summary of his research into NASAs alleged exploration of Mars using rovers and landers. Richard managed to open up a line of communication with a senior member of the Mars Rover team, who, after agreeing to answer questions got cold feet. His actions fully confirmed to Richard what NASA really stands for "Never A Straight Answer".





  • SYRIA ISIL ISIS False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to NWO Stitch Up

    SYRIA ISIL ISIS Refugees False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to the NEXT NWO Stitch Up Possibly ?  

    This Syria Refugees story and how they need to flood Europe to escape has for ages just not sat right ?  From its early sudden oh a ISIS  army has been found after the bullshit Alkhieda  false bullshit stories,  suddenly from nowhere it appears and who does it attack ? apparently its own muslim people ?  yea sure so alarm bells rang to most immediately..


    Here we bring our findings and opinions and YOU can decide ?  is this to go in History along with all the other bullshit they feed the thick ones with ?  namely the supposed Hitler Story which still even after its been blown with so much evidence that it proves beyond any doubt Hitler did not use Mass gas chambers !!  as history says , But even the German people are not allowed by law to question it ?  TRUTH Is always stifled by the NWO to keep the masses in fear and enslaved.. Those who do not still understand the TRUTH On Hitler watch ----->   "Hitler The Greatest Story never told"  we have a small section on websites or go to their website for full film..

    THE SYRIA refugees need to escape to Europe Bullshit explained as to why it all stinks more than Merkel of Germany ,and is questionable ..

    LISTEN TO THE LATEST REAL  INDEPENDENT  REPORT @ January 2015  -  Taken from Richie Allen Radio show interviewing Eva Bartlett who has been To SYRIA...

    FIRST They gave us the crappy videos of this new Group doing beheadings , which were ALL proved fakes !!

    Then We was shown and told this army is so big and strong it has taken ALL Of Syria !!  LMAO  yea sure , lets look at the army shall we ? as shown and plastered all over as if to scare us ?  ONLY Babies would worry if this lot came for you surely ?  Certainly NOT any Countries Military !!

    LOOK How nice these actors look with there NEW Guns and uniforms - look at the eyes NOT a killer look more a how longs this picture going to take look !



    ONLY Babies would worry if this lot came for you surely ?  Certainly NOT any Countries Military

    Do YOU See any Country being scared of this lot ?  ALL staged pics to FOOL as usual YOU the TV watcher or Newspaper Readers .   WHY FOOL YOU ?  So as the excuse to pull the YOU Must take the Refugees and Fuck your own country up routine, i mean suckers like white Christians fall for ALL & ANY Bullshit they are told right ?

    NOW HOW MANY YOU SEE AT ANY 1 Time ?  Not a lot right and its a mix of kids and women.  and Yet this rough bunch of killers took ALL of Syria ?  Scaring all these below to flee for there lives !!   

    NOTE Strange Women Mums Daughters wives all left in Syria by the Guys ?  Yet the News Tell You Syria is a war Country ?  So must have killed all the Women and kids obviously, wow and all that fighting back these Guys must of done, and yet look more like a vacation trip ..  So HOW BAD IS SYRIA That makes them Flee ?

    SYRIA Women children safe

    Looks Pretty Safe and Good in HASAKAH in this RT report, above the woman one, cars were driving around on the way to work etc, Not even a scratch on the cars bodywork ?  YET These so called refugees claim ASYLUM ? and the softy suckers fall for it ?   Maybe its a lucky part of town that the top fighting army made up of part timers kids and girls forced them to retreat to ?  NOTE picture from video showing all women children safe in Syria NO NEED To Flee ..



    WHERE IS HASAKAH ?  & HOW BIG Is Syria in Miles ..   NE of Syria and its 71,479 sq miles ..  


    So this Crack team of Soldiers rebels kids women ..  Have Secured 71,000 miles of land with a handful of pick up trucks and guns ?  YOU SEE Why its all starting to look the usual BULLSHIT ??

    As a Comparison and ASK YOURSELVES ?  If the UK was invaded by this crack ISIS team yea i know we would simply do a pincer and fire bottle them on every street ..  But assuming we had no fire bottles etc,  would you pack your bags and leave YOUR Loved Country forever ?  Would you leave your wife Mum etc ? NO !!  When France was heavy with attacks in ww2 , did they all flee to even UK ?  Nope as MOST People and muslims specially WILL DIE Before giving up Home and certainly want to return , they could easily be moved to a part away or nip over the borders to other muslim regions ,before returning when this Bullshit USA ISIL lot have finished the war !!  NOT THESE Never any talk of any returning  ??  

     ALL pictures shown on TV of blown buildings could be anywhere from previous Wars ie, Iraq etc ,  so they mean nothing.  The January LIVE Report and the Confession below is also why we call this a Bullshit False flag as usual !!!

     SYRIA ISIL ISIS False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to NWO Stitch Up SYRIA ISIL ISIS False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to NWO Stitch Up

    So with all the towns blown to bits and "NOWHERE" For the refugees to go in Syria His Mum still gets to a bank and or post office and carries on dodging bullets shells etc ?   LOL  It all STINKS DO YOU NOT SEE IT ??

    SO SYRIA IS FALSE FLAG ?  and WHY ARE THEY BEING LET IN ? With arms and Freedoms to Rape and Loot as they feel ? and why all fit young men ? 

    WELL Interestingly A Russian intelligence Officer tells of the men being paid to come to Europe ? To destroy Europe Culture and economies !!! The Thousand of Men sent in under the refugee cover story are paid whilst away, and collect money (wages) from cash points from accounts funded by Muslim States ,   he said  Far fetched who knows ?  Certainly the only reason that springs to mind ?  MOST Leaders are in on the Europe destruction as Merkel openly admits she wants Germans to become Islam and French Leaders also ?  Cameron is known to be in the pockets of the NWO also along with sadly many others possibly ..

    HOW ELSE DO YOU EXPLAIN the deliberate actions on how they behave when settled ? Leaders are under orders to HIDE any BAD actions these new breed of Terrorists bring !!  probably explains as below ..



     SYRIA ISIL ISIS False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to the NEXT NWO Stitch Up Possibly SYRIA ISIL ISIS False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to the NEXT NWO Stitch Up PossiblySYRIA ISIL ISIS False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to the NEXT NWO Stitch Up Possibly

    SYRIA ISIL ISIS False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to the NEXT NWO Stitch Up Possibly   

    OVER 3,000 Rapes and ONLY 12 of them convicted in Europe thats known about ?  HOW MANY MORE ?  where the victims have not even reported ? Or has not been leaked to Public ??  THIS SITUATION IS SERIOUS The Governments of the World will do NOTHING .  The Police will DO NOTHING .. ITS DOWN TO THE PEOPLE ?

    STAND UP OR LAY DOWN ? Sacrifice your way of living and suffer terrible Financial ruin and Wait until YOUR Women get raped and then by which time its too far gone ?  Or FIGHT NOW ?  ONLY YOU ACTING CAN SAVE YOURSELF ..   Our Opinion Europe is screwed unless PEOPLE Rise and Stand Tall on this issue and Get them from Europe !!  YOUR CALL ? Its only our findings and Thinking on the issue,   Watch the many many videos on websites youtube etc before they silence them and GET EDUCATED -  YOUR normal way of Life is in danger From Immigrants FACT ..

     IF YOU DO NOTHING , Then pay the price in hell as GOD is angry and noting those who have no balls !!  ( God helps those whom help themselves ) Those who stand up and fight the fight will go to heaven.  watch the videos on the Gods Return confirming THOSE WHO HELP will be collected come judgement day ...


     WATCH EUROPE WAKING UP & JOIN THE FIGHT - 1 things a certainty YOUR Governments will NOT Stop It - Its YOU the People who can save the World.


    HOW CAN YOU HELP ?  ONLY YOU Can decide that, as a minimum share and tell friends family make them aware . Support the following.

    JOIN THE FIGHT - 1 things a certainty YOUR Governments will NOT Stop It - Its YOU the People who can save the World. 

     JOIN THE FIGHT - 1 things a certainty YOUR Governments will NOT Stop It - Its YOU the People who can save the World.

    Simple acts like STOP Funding them a Percentage of there earnings goes directly to build there Mosques and some back to fund the further terrorism shops they own or control is a simple easy start ..

    Stand TALL If they call you racist tell them and ? who cares ? and ignore it .. ANYONE Who thinks its racist to PROTECT Your OWN Country is SICK in the head and so if they shout Racist !!  Say ok Peado Sicko , thats suffices enough !!  As the Islam Instructions clearly state and they swear allegiance to sex with children !!  as a small part of there many NONE christian ways, others include the Rape and Stealing from the Infidels (white people and christians) is considered a GOOD thing and acceptable.. White women European women are trash and sex objects and on it goes so Sick fits the bill nicely ..


    Four courageous German police officers have put their careers on the line by going public with their firsthand accounts of the refugee crime wave which is sweeping Germany as a result of Merkel’s invasion. Their revelations about the nationwide official policy of turning a blind eye to migrant crime has added even further to the outrage felt by ordinary voters at the betrayal of their country by the political elite.



    Michaela B.

    The first, a policewoman from Dortmund identified by the Bild newspaper as “Michaela B.,” revealed how even she had been assaulted and robbed by the nonwhite criminals.

    Saying that being a policewoman had always been her “dream job,” she was now “beginning to have doubts over the past few months.”

    She said that over this period the “lack of respect, aggression, and the brutalization of society had become part of her everyday life.”

    To make matters worse, she told the Bild, “perpetrators are not punished properly.  Every day we arrest criminals, but they are immediately set free again.”

    She then told of how she was making her way home after a night shift in Dortmund. At the main railway station, she spotted a “North African” man following her.

    “The man moved around me as if he was dancing—that’s a typical trick,” she continued. She pushed him away, but he grabbed her shoulder with one hand and her cell phone with another.

    Another colleague then came to her aid, and together they subdued the man, later identified as an Algerian “asylum seeker.”

    Her troubles were not an end: “While my colleague held the perpetrator on the ground, waiting for reinforcements, eight more North Africans surrounded us. They shouted that we were Nazis, racists, and that this was police violence.”

    “This is also unfortunately an everyday occurrence,” she continued. “But we cannot help it if the criminals almost always come from Algeria and Morocco.”

    When the Algerian was searched back at the police station, a second stolen cell phone was found in his possession. After a search, the man was then let out again, according to regulations.

    “This is so frustrating,” Michaela B. continued. “Recently we arrested a pickpocket, and literally ten minutes later, we arrested him again. They just walk out of here [the police station] and carry on.

    “They laugh at us, because they know that nothing happens to them. The prosecutors and judges have no interest in these offenders. We have often tried, but always fail, to get them into pre-trial detention.”

    This astonishing regulation—not to arrest or detain “asylum seekers” arrested for street robbery and similar incidents—is official policy ordered directly by the German government.


    Nick Hein.

    Nick Hein.

    Nick Hein, the ex-chief of the Federal Police in Cologne, pointed out in an earlier Bild article how it is possible that an “asylum seeker” can commit crimes without fearing being deported.

    “The answer is simple,” Hein said. “Article 53 of the Residence Act provides for expulsion of foreigners only in serious cases.” That section states that a foreigner shall be expelled only if they have been sentenced to a “non-appealable prison term” of at least three years within a five year period.


    The same Bild article went on to quote another serving policeman, identified as “Bernd K.” He was detailed to serve at the main nonwhite invasion entry points into Germany for six months, specifically at Passau, Freilassing, and the main Munich railway station.

    He said that there was deliberate suppression of the real nonwhite invader crime statistics. “People really have no idea of what is going on,” he said.

    “For example, if an asylum seeker cut another person’s throat, then in the official report we are required to write that it was a ‘grievous bodily harm’ case instead of ‘attempted murder.’ This makes the statistics look better,” he said.

    “In the last few months, I have written just one charge against a German. All the rest [of my write-ups] have been refugees. At the railway station, women are regularly sexually harassed and felt up. When we try and take them to court, we are told that this is not state policy, and that we are racist.”

    Even worse, Bernd K. said, the police are not allowed to use physical force to restrain the nonwhite refugee-criminals once they are in custody.

    “If a refugee wants to escape, this means we cannot even hold him down. This is dictated from above because that would be physical violence.”

    In addition, he said, about “95 percent of refugees are single men, and half of them do not have valid passports or documents.”


    Yet another serving police official, a woman of Greek descent already famous in Germany for speaking out about nonwhite crime, Tania Kambouri, revealed in an interview in Die Zeit newspaper that police in Bochum  are confronted all the time with violence and misogyny from “young, Muslim migrants.”

    Kambouri, who became famous for a book she released earlier on the topic—and who somehow has managed to keep her job, despite intense pressure—told Die Zeit that when nonwhites are arrested, they routinely cry out “asylum, asylum” as their first line of defense.

    “My colleagues and I are increasingly called out on more and more missions to deal with refugees who commit thefts, including for example, vehicle theft, and injuries inflicted outside their accommodations.”

    “We have to deal with groups of young men who misbehave: they are loud, aggressive, disrespectful, violent, and contemptuous of women. Many of them come from North Africa: Algerians, Moroccans, which is cause for concern.”

    She went on to say that there was no difference in behavior between Turks, Arabs, Lebanese, or the other nonwhite immigrants.  Even those who have been in Germany a long time—and have German nationality—hold exactly the same views, she added.

    “I often experience it: They say they have a German passport, but they say: ‘I sh*t in this country.”

    “Even if we only issue a parking ticket, we are immediately surrounded by ten, twenty, fifty people who scream, and shove us around. Really, it is only migrants. I have never seen Germans do this.” 


    WHY IS THE  SYRIA REGION IMPORTANT ?  SIMPLE . Staging Point for taking Israel as Prophecised...



    SYRIA ISIL ISIS Refugees False Flag Bullshit the Findings Point to the NEXT NWO Stitch Up Possibly

  • THE BEATLES - Sir Paul McCartney - The McCartney Replaced Conspiracy

    THE BEATLES - Sir Paul McCartney - The McCartney Replaced Conspiracy

    1 Hr & 50 Minutes of Music that changed the world, and the legend of Paul McCartney and The Beatles.

    Many people have asked what my own views on the McCartney being changed and that the original Paul McCartney is supposedly dead !!  They ask if i have looked in to the Story?  They say why have i not covered this issue before ?  And many many other Questions on the subject.

    THE BEATLES - Sir Paul McCartney - The McCartney Conspiracy

    THE BEATLES - Sir Paul McCartney - The McCartney Replaced Conspiracy

    My Reply tended to be Do Not be so silly ! Or well who cares !!   The latter tends to shock people, here we are wide awake to the earths many many problems, the illuminati plans the alien infiltration of all levels of our Leaders, and the slow earth takeover, and the Mcartney story should maybe fit in to it all. I also do not believe it as there would bo NO benefit anywhere to keep it secret !!

    Well let me explain the reason why i do not care on the subject, is simply it does not affect me or others ! The music of The Beatles and Sir Paul McCartney which ever one you choose, has been giving me so much pleasure over the past 50 years !!  That indeed Sir Paul McCartney if he was changed which like i say is very very unlikely, indeed, even since the initial early Twist & Shout era the music is just simply the best, the ability to have songs which can move you to tears or lift you from your seat, and compel you to dance or join in singing, is such a skill that i thank Sir Paul McCartney,for bringing the music and giving me Thousands of hours top music.

    The Beatles were and will always be simply the best and a legend which will carry on for eternity . The fact that this story does nothing or would make any difference is the fact i would never even bother or care if he was swapped or not !!  The early Music is brilliant and the later Music is brilliant, so what would it matter even if its really Fred Smith in disguise ?

    The Legend and my appreciation of Sir Paul McCartney for the music and even as a person, does deserve some recognition and so for this reason i was going to do a quick tribute and maybe my top 5 songs, put together in a small tribute video, but you know what ? I could not do just 5 songs ! My album collection of early stuff and later stuff, has something like 5 great classic songs per album !  The list grew and grew from 5 songs to 55 and only time of video constraints has stopped this one video tribute being 4 hours or so !!  NO Other artist or group could rank such a great number of classic different stuff.

    So to those who want to keep on with the conspiracy do what you like, we do not care !!  I know when i want to feel good and have some blasting quality music , The Beatles stuff is right on the playlist.

    Now sit back enjoy the long none stop music Compilation and see why i do NOT know of any other artist that is even in the same league !!

    To Sir Paul McCartney if you ever read or see this, i say a BIG Thanks for giving me your music of which i and millions of others, have grown up on, a BIG thanks for the work you do in saving the Planet, sorry for your loss at losing Linda she was truly a great woman, but you shall be together again in time, keep up the good work and God Bless You..

     IMPORTANT NOTE !!   The Video is in MP4 Mobile Users Format. So PC users will want to reduce Browser Size to see the full pictures.. as example below.

    McCartney Replaced Conspiracy     McCartney Replaced Conspiracy

     ALTERNATELY  GO WITH  SECOND VERSION -  wmv  format Better For PC Users ..

    WMV Version ..

    THE BEATLES - Sir Paul McCartney - The McCartney Conspiracy !! 1 Hr & 50 Minutes of Music that changed the world, and the legend of Paul McCartney and The Beatles.


    by Bruce Spizer
    (Originally Published April, 2004.)

    While on a recent quick vacation in New Orleans, Paul McCartney let his guard down and admitted what some Beatles fans have suspected for years. He confirmed that the “Paul is dead” clues found in several Beatles album covers and songs were deliberately planted by the group as part of an elaborate scheme dating back to the summer of 1966.

    According to McCartney, the plan was formulated by manager Brian Epstein. “Brian dropped by the studio to hear the playback of our latest single, ‘Paperback Writer.’ He didn’t like it one bit. ‘Not a love song,’ he said. He was concerned that the press and our fans wouldn’t get it. He told us, ‘People want love songs. They won’t spend money for a song about a novel writer. You boys are gonna blow it with this one.’ But by this time, we were running the show, not Brian. We insisted that ‘Paperback Writer’ would be our next single and told him that the song represented the new direction our songwriting was going in.”

    When contacted in London, former Beatles press agent Tony Barrow confirmed Brian’s concerns. “Brian was into traditional love songs. He had told Paul to come up with another ‘Yesterday’ or ‘Michelle’ for the next single. Imagine his shock when he heard ‘Paperback Writer’ and ‘Rain.’ Not only were they not love songs, but they were so loud! We didn’t know it at the time, but the Beatles had recorded the first heavy metal single. Not exactly ‘Till There Was You’ or ‘A Taste Of Honey.’ I was worried, too. I wondered, ‘Had the boys gone too far this time?'”

    Brian became even more concerned when he imagined an album full of unconventional songs. While a fan might take a chance on a single, an album purchase was a big thing in those days. Due to its higher price, youngsters, particularly those in the U.K., were very careful about buying albums. That is why the Beatles often issued an EP from an album containing four of its best tracks. So Brian came up with a plan to help sell albums in the event he was right about the dangerous new direction the group was heading in. Paul explained, “When I told him our future albums would be dominated by songs about interesting people and places, his heart sank. He didn’t think people would buy such albums and came up with this great idea to push sales in the event he was right and we were wrong. The idea was that we would plant clues in our songs and album covers that one of us had died in a car wreck. If after a few albums, our records weren’t selling well, we’d leak out word about the clues and let our fans and the press take over. People would buy the albums to see and hear the clues. We thought, ‘Wow, that’s an incredible idea!’ We realized it would be great fun to have all those clues sitting there undiscovered until people started going nuts looking for them all.”

    Tony Barrow also thought the plan was brilliant. “Nothing re-energizes a singer’s career like his death. Do you really think Buddy Holly would have been so famous had he not died in that plane crash? Same for Richie Valens and certainly that one-hit wonder Big Bopper with his ‘Chantilly Lace’ song. And how about Otis Redding? He never had a number one hit till after he died in a plane crash. The fact that Brian came up with a car crash shows his genius. Airplane crashes were the norm.”

    Having sold the group on the idea, the Beatles had to decide which one of them was to “die.” Brian wanted the victim to be Ringo because he was the most popular Beatle in the all-important U.S. market, but the drummer wanted nothing to do with it. Tony Barrow recalls, “Ringo flat out refused to be the one. He said, ‘Being painted red in a movie is one thing, but pretending to be dead’s another. I’m superstitious. Those clues might make it happen.’ Brian was disappointed because he knew Ringo was the most sympathetic Beatle. You know Ringo got more mail from America than the other members of the group combined.” [Author’s Note: Ringo was unavailable for comment.]

    After Ringo turned down the “opportunity” to die, the honor of being a dead Beatle was up for grabs. According to Paul, “George said right away he didn’t feel comfortable faking his death. But it sure got him thinking. A few days later he showed up at a session with a new song called ‘The Art Of Dying.’ We didn’t think it was that good a song, so we never recorded it. George later improved the lyrics and included it on his first album.”

    Paul’s recollections are backed by the original lyrics to the song, which appear in George’s “I Me Mine” book. The 1966 version of the song referred to Brian Epstein, who was the mastermind behind the death clues. It contained the line “Then nothing Mr. Epstein can do will keep me here with you.”

    With Ringo and George not willing to “die” for the good of the group, it came down to John and Paul, with both thinking it would be fab to be “dead.” Paul recalls, “John wanted to be the dead Beatle, but this time I didn’t cave in to John like I did on the songwriter credits. I thought it should be me because I was the second most popular Beatle. Brian agreed it should be me because he was worried that once the clues became known, people might think it was a John practical joke if John was supposedly dead. But me…Brian thought, ‘No one would suspect Paul for rigging his own death. They think John’s the clever one.’ So I got to die.”

    A few days after the “Paperback Writer” listening session, the group was at Brian’s office when photographer Bob Whitaker dropped by with the pictures from the butcher session. Brian asked Whitaker to shoot a picture of Paul in steamer trunk to symbolize his lying dead in a coffin. Paul picks up the story. “Bob thought it was too direct, so he suggested we stand the truck upwards and have me sit in it with the other standing around. That way, it would only look like I was lying in a coffin if the cover was turned sideways. Bob had Ringo place his hand on the trunk lid like he was closing the coffin. Brilliant! Brian told us to throw some clues into our songs. Right away John came up with ‘I’m Only Sleeping,’ as if ‘Paul isn’t dead, he’s only sleeping.’ Pretty subtle. Most people missed that clue, and that was one of the first!”

    The “coffin trunk” photo was sent to Capitol to serve as the cover for the American album “Yesterday And Today.” But when Brian saw the cover mock-up, he began having second thoughts about using the photo so early in the game. He was concerned that people might suspect Paul was dead a lot sooner than the group wanted to clues to be discovered. So Brian sent Capitol the butcher photo, knowing that it might ultimately be rejected, but at least it would deflect attention away from the provocative coffin trunk cover. The plan worked to perfection with the Butcher cover causing so much controversy that when it was “replaced” by the trunk cover, no one noticed it showed Paul lying in a coffin!

    One of the casualties of the plan was Robert Freeman’s unused cover for “Revolver.” Paul explains that, “For ‘Revolver,’ Robert Freeman came up with a great cover image, but there was no death clue in it. I asked Klaus [Voormann] to do a pen and ink with a photo collage so we could throw in some clues. I had him place an image of my face in my ear. That represented a ‘beetle’ crawling out of the ear of my buried corpse. You know, insects get into coffins and mix with the dead bodies, crawling through eye sockets, ear openings and the like. Very creepy and very subtle. And the other clue came from Klaus drawing my face in a side profile looking to the left. The others were drawn looking forward. When you turn the cover on its side, I’m looking upward, just like I’d appear on a morgue slab or if I were buried underground. We really were into having clues appear when you turned our covers sideways. I’m surprised nobody caught those ‘Revolver’ clues.”

    According to Tony Barrow, there was one other clue planted on “Revolver.” “John had this really weird song that had no title, so he called it ‘Mark I.’ Later he came up with ‘The Void,’ to symbolize the void left in the group by Paul’s death. Ringo thought that was too subtle, so he came up with the perfect phrase for describing the direction the group would go in if Paul really were dead. And that was ‘Tomorrow Never Knows.’ Ringo was great at stuff like that.”

    By the time the Beatles recorded “Sgt. Pepper,” the plan really took off. Tony Barrow recalls, “Brian thought ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ was way out there. You can imagine his fear of an entire album of songs like that. He was terrified that Sgt. Pepper would be viewed as pretentious nonsense! He told the boys to throw in a bunch of clues on that one!”

    The first song recorded for “Sgt. Pepper” was “Strawberry Fields Forever,” though it ended up being used as a single. At the end of the song, John was supposed to repeat “I buried Paul” several times, but that was too obvious, so instead he said “Cranberry sauce” and then slurred his words so that “I buried Paul” sounded like “I’m very bored.” The plan worked as it took over two years before anyone realized what he was really saying.

    Later songs also had clues. Paul admitted that “She’s Leaving Home” contained the time the car wreck supposedly occurred-“Wednesday morning at five o’clock as the day begins.” The line “Meeting a man from the motor trade” tied in the motor vehicle. And, of course, “A Day In The Life” was about a car crash. According to Paul, “The drug references were just a smoke-screen to deflect attention away from the car crash, you know. ‘He blew his mind out in a car’ could mean his head was crushed or he was doing drugs. Take your pick.”

    The cover was full of clues: the crashing car; Paul’s bass made of flowers; Paul having his back to the camera on the back cover; the hand over Paul’s head; and the infamous “O.P.D.” patch on Paul’s uniform, which was McCartney’s favorite Pepper clue. “We had to work hard on that one. Someone told John that in America the letters OPD stood for ‘Officially Pronounced Dead.’ I remembered I had this patch with the letters “OPP,” which I got in Canada. I think it stands for Ontario Police Precinct or something like that. So I got the idea to put the patch on my uniform’s sleeve and shoot the picture so that the lower part of the second ‘P’ would not be visible, thus making it look like ‘OPD.’ I was quite pleased with the way it came out.”

    Although the sales of “Revolver” and “Pepper” made Brian realize that the clues probably weren’t needed to sell records, the group kept creating more and more clues. According to Paul, “It was so neat coming up with clues that we kept doing them even thought we never thought they’d be needed to sell albums. It was great mischievous fun! When Brian died, we really went wild with it! For ‘Magical Mystery Tour,’ I wanted to wear a black flower on my jacket. The florist thought Alistair Taylor was nuts when he insisted they send us a black carnation. We became worried people would catch on when they saw the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ booklet because the clues were so obvious. The 4 or 5 musicians, the “I was” sign. But no one caught on.”

    Paul stated that placing the clues in the songs was even more fun than the visual images. “Ringo had this old song, ‘Don’t Pass Me By,’ which we had refused to record for years. But I realized it could be used for a clue. I gave him the line ‘You were in a car crash and you lost your hair’ And we did great stuff with backwards tape loops and mumbling. John going ‘Paul is a dead man, miss him, miss him.'”

    Some of the clues were easy and obvious. John’s “Glass Onion” even told the fans what was going on with its line “And here’s another clue for you all, the Walrus was Paul.” But some were quite intricate.

    According to Paul, the toughest one was “Revolution 9.” “We had to come up with a phrase to go ‘Number 9′ when you played it backwards. Our plan was to have it go ‘Number 9′ on the record, but when you played it backwards it would sound like ‘Paul is dead.’ When we recorded ‘Paul is dead’ and played it backwards, it didn’t go ‘Number 9.’ It sounded more like ‘Pythagorian Theorem.’ The phrase ‘Macca is dead’ sounded like ‘Thermo nuclear’ when we played it backwards. We experimented for hours until Alan Parsons came up with ‘Turn me on dead man.’ When we reversed the tape, it sounded like he was saying ‘Number 9, number 9.’ So that’s how we did it.”

    Abbey Road engineer Alan Parsons remembers the session well. “We spent hours recording different phrases until I lucked into ‘Turn me on dead man.’ When I played the tape backwards and heard ‘Number 9,’ well, it was one of the greatest moments of my life! We were all sworn to secrecy about the clues, but now that Paul’s let the cat out the bag, I can talk about it. I later recorded my own song about looking for clues, ‘Eye In The Sky.'”

    The last batch of clues were planted on the album cover to “Abbey Road,” which was designed by Paul. McCartney came up with the idea to stage his own funeral. George, in the role of the grave digger, dressed in work clothes. Ringo, the funeral director, wore a black suit. John, the angel, wore white. Paul was barefoot, as it is the custom in several cultures to bury people without their shoes. In a subtle touch, the left-handed McCartney held a cigarette in his right hand. This was to imply that the Paul who had been with the group since mid-1966 was a right-handed imposter.

    Paul recalls the other major “Abbey Road” clue with fondness. “I’ve always liked puns, so I wanted to have a Volkswagon Beetle represent me. Alistair Taylor arranged for a friend of his to park his VW Beetle on the street by the studio. Alistair and I placed a special license tag we had made the night before on the car. It said ’28 IF,’ meaning that I would have been 28 if I had lived. Unfortunately, I out-thought myself on that one. I was only 27 at the time, but I told Alistair to paint it as 28 because I didn’t think “Abbey Road” would come out until I was 28. That’s because I was sure that the “Get Back” album would come out first. By the time we decided to put out “Abbey Road” first, I had forgotten about that clue, so we didn’t have the picture altered to have the tag read ’27 IF.'”

    When John told the others he was quitting the group, Paul began thinking it was time to expose the clues. “I was always nervous before a record came out, you know. Would people like it? And, in this case, what if word leaked out that John had quit? We were all worried that the album would bomb, and when word spread that John was out, we’d be forgotten. No one would buy our latest LP or our old records. The clincher was a pair of bad reviews published in ‘The New York Times’ and ‘Rolling Stone.’ I thought, oh sh*t, no one likes the long medley on side two. So I had Mal [Evans] go to Detroit and tell some college kids about the clues. One of the guys phoned in some of the clues to a radio station there. That was all it took.”

    Once people started looking for clues, they were easy to spot. The American press was fascinated with the story. Brian’s plan worked to perfection. Not only did sales for “Abbey Road” take off, but people began buying “Sgt. Pepper,” “Magical Mystery Tour” and “The White Album” to see and hear the clues. Paul hid away at his farm in Scotland to further fuel the hoax. When a reported from “Life” magazine finally caught up with him, Paul dead-panned, “If I were dead, I’d be the last to know.”

    The Beatles and their inner circle kept the clue caper a secret for over thirty years. Not only do we now know that the Beatles deliberately planted the clues, but we also know that it was part of a brilliant marketing plan formulated by manager Brian Epstein back in 1966. As for why Paul finally revealed the secrets behind the scheme, we may never know if it was an accidental slip up on his part or a plan to reignite sales of the Beatles catalog.

    THE BEATLES - Sir Paul McCartney - The McCartney Conspiracy




    THE BEATLES - Sir Paul McCartney - The McCartney Conspiracy !! 1 Hr & 50 Minutes of Music that changed the world, and the legend of Paul McCartney and The Beatles.

  • The BILDERBERG Agenda New World Plans divulged by INSIDER

    The BILDERBERG Agenda New World Plans divulged by INSIDER

    This is a very interesting video, taken from a old VHS Tape this Insider Spills the beans on the NWO (New World Order" Agenda, The plan to deliberately destroy the world to enable the easy takeover by offering a stop to the wars which they in fact create !. You could i guess liken this to a mafia style blackmail, but subtly so as YOU the people do not notice,  well wake up time is well overdue, this Video is one of those MUST Watch things.

    Let as many people as possible see this, and then todays world upheaval and deliberate muslim saturation all makes sense , well to those who have a brain anyway, but all you can do is try and wake people up.  This film was made in 1992 and so has lots of relevance and now nearly 25 years later, how right he was..


    The BILDERBERG Agenda New World Plans divulged by INSIDER

    The BILDERBERG Agenda New World Plans divulged by INSIDER



    The BILDERBERG Agenda New World Plans divulged by INSIDER

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