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  • Latest SUN data Graphs CME Detection COR2 Movie Enhancing

    Latest SUN data Graphs CME Detection COR2 Movie Enhancing

     Additions below are in Test Stage, showing COR2 latest SUN Shots, Click Play and for larger full view, select full screen mode. These Run and update automatic giving full past 24-7 Monitoring, 30 days Monitoring in a movie, in inverted mode, a useful addition to sun watching.

    PRESENT Latest CACTUS Monitor Recording

    LAST MONTHS CACTUS Monitor Below

    Latest COR1 still image  Latest Hi2 Data Still Image 

    Camera Position is as at A on diagram

    Latest CME Data Alert chart

    CME Graph latest

    Above chart shows in both positions, North South West East, along with CME detections and strengths.

    SOHO Bit of background information.

    SOHO moves around the Sun in step with the Earth, by slowly orbiting around the First Lagrangian Point (L1), where the combined gravity of the Earth and Sun keep SOHO in an orbit locked to the Earth-Sun line. The L1 point is approximately 1.5 million kilometers away from Earth (about four times the distance of the Moon), in the direction of the Sun. There, SOHO enjoys an uninterrupted view of our daylight star. All previous solar observatories have orbited the Earth, from where their observations were periodically interrupted as our planet `eclipsed' the Sun.  

     solar data Graphs Space news alerts

    The above Graph updated regularly shows the data in graph form, to allow us to watch and monitor peaks and trends.

    Latest SUN data Graphs CME Detection COR2 Movie Enhancing The SUN Solar Cycles

    See Above the Changing Sun, and how it moves through active periods and quiet periods, giving rise to the Solar Cycle theories. We say Theories as who knows for sure as this has been only monitored for a few years, and 100 years or so is a nothing in the scale of things.


    Timeline CME Solar Strorms on Earth

    Again as above the Solar Cycles show a peak and dip over the years, this being the case, then we are due or should be in a peak for Sun activity around about now.


    Latest Events summary

    Latest SUN data Graphs CME Detection, COR2 Movie Enhancing, Additions in Test Stage showing COR2 latest SUN Shots

  • Space Radar Monitoring LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds

    Space Radar Monitoring LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds 


    EARTH POSITION "Your Viewing Point"  Close Up SUN section

    WIDE SUN Monitor feed


    EARTH POSITION "Your Viewing Point" WIDE Space Field View

     Space Radar Monitoring LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds


    ENLIL solar wind model:"This shows the Flares approach and direction Planets affected"


    Current Solar Wind (SWPC)

    LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds

     "Magnetic NORTH Monitoring Last 24 hours live feed"  Refresh Page if needed to update.

    Magnetic North Monitors 24 hours last plot

    LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds

    LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds

    Space Radar Monitoring LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Feeds  Earths Magnetic Pole Shift year on year 

    Earths Magnetic North Pole Shift, Pole Motion Latest Track Plotted Daily Monitored & Updated, includes predicted in red and actual past History.

    Fixed PLOT 24 hours Magnetic North Movement

    LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds

    Latest Earth CME Geomagnetic Intrusion Graph

    ABOVE - Latest Earth CME Geomagnetic Intrusion Graph-   GREEN = OK         RED-Yellow-Orange = NOT GOOD     BROWN = Holy Crap LOOK OUT !  


    STAR Active regions : "Live Snapshot of Coronal Holes which create Flares"


    SDO / HMI Magnetogram :


     SOLAR Wind Latest Pressure  SOLAR Wind Protons Density latest

    TEC Incoming Energy from Space Monitor    X Ray Gamma Earth latest

    TEC Rate is the incoming Energy levels regions on Earth                             -                                                   X ray Earth Ingress in Watts per sq meter.

    Earth Solar Attack Monitoring  

    Solar Earth Intrusion Graph and data Plot Last 24 Hours



      BE Patient as it needs to run over grab latest Pics, sort it and then Play it.. so that takes a little time... 

    YOU MAY WANT TO ALSO CHECK OUR NEW Addition on Solar Sun Monitoring HERE.............
    Latest SUN data Graphs CME Detection COR2  
     Earths Magnetic Solar Winds Reaction.

     Real Time azimuth Density Solar Wind Speed Latest Solar IMF Magnitude Latest
    Description of above Monitors.
     Space Dials Description
    IMF alignment clock Real Timesun

    Interplanetary Magnetic Field Polar Angle:

    (Derived) This quantity is the angle between the IMF and the geomagnetic axis. When the IMF is southward, antiparallel fields near the magnetospheric subsolar point allow merging between the IMF and geomagnetic fields. This process increases the transport of solar wind mass, momentum, and energy into the Earth's magnetosphere.This process can also open the magnetosphere to solar energetic particle radiation. In severe conditions this radiation can threaten high altitude aircraft in high latitude and polar regions. Under less severe conditions this radiation can still threaten polar orbiting spacecraft. This quantity depends on IMF components measured by ACE/MAG.


    Realtime Global Ionosphere map:


    Realtime Ionospheric Absorption — South Pole Antarctica Riometer (IPS-AU):


     Space Radar Monitoring LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds

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