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  • WIKILEAKS email drop Antarctic Pictures EXAMINED

     WIKILEAKS email drop Antarctic Pictures EXAMINED Connecting the clues PIECES FIT.

    We go in to this email leak and show and give our opinions, WHY he held them so long ? WHY DUMP THEM NOW so many points about it, i think many missed, For serious Researchers

    NOTE; date shown should read 21st July 2017 not 2107 thanks ..


    Wikileaks Drops OLD Info ? Title of Info is Chinese and says "The iceberg dissolves rapidly" John NWO Kerry Does a Mystery Trip To Antarctica ? So WHY would Kerry Go in Person ? I have NOT seen "ANYONE " Connect it yet ?  WHY NOT ?

    I have seen the Initial Most Likely Reasons.

    1. To See Nibiru approach
    2. To See Check the underground base
    3. A secret meeting with the Aliens.

    They in my opinion are all way to simple.  Let us go through the facts again and answer each of the simple folks answers..

    WHY They make NO Sense ..

    1. Nibiru can be seen by the Vaticans Telescopes
    NO NEED TO Freeze your butt if your that high in
    the Chain..
    2. If a secret base was where Kerry was heading
    he would not be broadcasting going there, but just
    get Military Ride down on the QT.
    3. If he is on such good meeting terms the coldest
    hardest place to get to, would NOT be selected.

    So SEE The dilemna ? Now again people , startfrom scratch, let us see the pics Wikileaks had.

     WIKILEAKS email drop Antarctic Pictures EXAMINED

    WHY SEND THE PICTURES ? Why were they HELD Until NOW ??

    Well Since 2013 Planet X - Nibiru - 2nd sun Has been nearing and having a effect on Earth ALL Pictures SHOW If you noticed ? Melting Ice !! NOT Made up Pictures Genuine ones.. Plenty of running water. Plenty of dry land. That was then . NOTICE Also Our Leaders have  a PUBLIC No Fly , No Go Exclusion zone down there ? WHY ?


    Well seeings as YOU Asked ! I shall tell you, save you all that THINKING Time leaving you free to watch TV and swish your fancy phones and stuff. If You have been getting the BIG Hints Warnings we have supplied for years ! You will have spotted how recently EARTH Has flipped its lid. Solar orbits Moved, Suns weird etc, Earthquakes in strange locations,and getting far deeper ! NOT GOOD For Earth .

    WHAT Kerry and others wanted to witness !! My own opinion on why the trips is simple, words Got back to top "White EvilHouse" That earth is cracking down their. Its heating up at such a vast rate and the inner earth is showing signs down there.

    Thats why they are NOW hiding so much of what was Public information data feeds and such. And Yes again the points connect to a single Culprit..

    Planet X - Nibiru - 2nd Sun its Approach..

     WIKILEAKS email drop Antarctic Pictures EXAMINED

    They obviously know as we have for ages. Its Final Arrival date of Sun impact 21st July 2017. And most likely surprised that this far out "ALREADY" the impact is being felt on Earth.. Those Clever subscribers will "KNOW" ALL You new subscribers better go back through our  Planet X Videos or check our websites. OVER 10 Hours of REAL info to divulge ! And get up to speed.

    I would hazard a best guess. and say from the activity that we can see ! The knowledge base on Planet X the Signs witnessed on Earth and in Space we hold. The Earth down in Antarctica is splitting and spewing and showing signs "SO Major" That the TOP People ARE Concerned !!

    BUT !! Hey what do we know ? We are just conspiracy Theorists who thought 911 was a inside job !


     WIKILEAKS email drop Antarctic Pictures EXAMINED



    A Collection of the Worlds SkyCams Monitoring the Skies for objects Planets, Of key importance is the Southern Hemisphere cams,  as For Nibiru Planet X sightings we estimate these Southern Viewing Cameras should be the first to visually capture the arrival..  (So Bookmark and check whenever, these camera shots show the latest pics, to keep updated refresh the page, if you see anything snapshot it and let us know )



    Kingston Australia SKYCAM Feed




    DEAKIN,  Australia SkyCams.

    Deakin Australia SkyCams




    Observatorio UC, Sta. Martina, Santiago, Chile



    YJOB Observatory, Hsinchu, Taiwan




    Mastria Observatory, Mogi das Cruzes, SP,Brasil


    Secret Harbour, WA, Australia




     Worlds SkyCams Monitoring the SOUTHERN Skies for objects Planets & Planet X approach

  • DANGER Earths Orbit is out of line Nibiru Planet X Shifting Explained

    DANGER Earths Orbit is out of line Nibiru Planet X Shifting Earth Explained

    Roberto latest Information makes bad news, after doing the September Solstice Checking and getting his findings of the 1 degree mis align, Roberto puzzled on this and his gut inner instinct and his angels told him investigate further, look deeper, the clues are there, during this moment sat in front as if by some miracle, a crop circle stared him right in the eye, yes a crop circle , yet another clue given years ago a warning to foretell what is to happen, as the video and Information below shows this crop circle not only is telling why earths readings were out of synch, but also 2 other crops also were screaming at him look!

    Connect the dates, make the connection, and with this he knew he had to follow the request,  and he did the usual maths and well what he found is to say the least mind blowing, Planet X, Nibiru, 2nd Sun, is clearly shown to be altering the earth "EXACTLY" as his findings had discovered, The earth NOW IS OUT OF ORBIT, and with it maybe other Planets in relation to the Sun, The situation is and will continue to worsen all as per Roberto´s calculations and as both crop circles show and the many messages foretell,

    Roberto shows in the diagrams how the Earths Orbit is changing, and putting us in a lower plane on the elliptic, similar to 2nd Sun Nibiru entry path, this will be slow at first then speed up, this is what will baffle the astronomers and those who do NOT Know this vital info, will probably only notice the other closer Planets will seem brighter and closer, but the positioning will still seem the same, only nearer the final days will all hell break loose and the penny drops, you can certainly be assured the elites know all this.

     IF YOU Know whats happening at least you can prepare and decide rather than be caught and panic.

    Watch the Video ( Before its removed ! as if Roberto is correct then the ELITE Will NOT allow this info known ) in any event if video is removed striked etc,  then all the info is below, in static form .

    We also advise you watch and see all our Recent Planet X vids and info ( LIST Of articles Vids HERE )  , as to see how and why the 21st July 2017 date is the most accurate available on the Nibiru 2nd Sun arrival, also use YOUR OWN Senses, watch weather and world disasters unfold and increase all signs,

     VIDEO VOICE In Text For Foreign Visitors.. (SELECT Translation flag above )

    "This is a long one, and probably the most explosive yet Roberto Findings, as usual it may be way too technical for many, so i shall prior to showing the latest full long findings, give you the basic crux of the report, as from that you can see why Roberto contacted me in a panic stating this is unbelievable,

    As you know we had the equinox, perfect time for Roberto to work his maths skills and check what we had all figured, earth has gone wacky, somethings not just right, and so the equinox was the perfect time to do the testing, the video is before this one, and as usual all info is on the websites, the outcome of his initial day tests, showed earth was indeed out, but at that stage the 1 degree tilt seemed to be the only thing of concern, however Roberto let the test run, and followed through the following days, knowing at this stage, the starting point, and giving the base line to work from, it is from these latest findings again he worked the numbers and told me, something else is not right, the numbers are telling and saying we are very quickly changing, his last remark to me in his usual way , i am on it and will check and report to you, 2 days later and after connecting the clues, which were given him by one of the angels on a crop circle he had previously abandoned as it made no sense, he then proceeded to explain this crop he had all this time, when you run the numbers suddenly exactly fit, and match the findings from his calculations,

    As you will see as i shall show some key points of the findings whilst i explain, the bit that gave the unbelievable remark, is whilst he looked at earth alone, and got to the tilt, the problem is running far deeper, the numbers point to a possible movement of the whole earth orbit, and its now sliding below the ecliptic, and the orbit is changing around the sun,yes you heard it right, seems as the pull from the 2nd sun incoming is not only exerting force on earths axis, and altering orbit around the sun, but, is pulling the earth downwards also below the usual ecliptic line, assumingly whilst doing this as all magnetics follow each other and hold together, maybe the other planets are also being dragged down from the ecliptic, on this who knows, only time and checking will tell, Roberto will keep me updated on how the readings fair, and we shall update and keep you advised accordingly, both on video, and in full on websites, as we fear very strongly youtube will stop the real info getting out, and keep heavily promoting the many bogus bullshit channels showing lens flares or known planets by the sun and shouting nibiru latest etc, something that those who are doing know is purely for money and they are fooling the idiots and new watchers, they are sick evil spongers and know who they are, its not our way to name and shame channels on you tube, so Scott and Steve you carry on with the fool made up stuff, but remember judgement day is coming, and you will burn in hell, so think on,

    Ok whilst the findings and report runs, let me say, as a couple wondered if Roberto is making this stuff up for any money gain, let me tell you a big NO, not a penny,not a Euro, zilch, he asks or takes nothing, he does it because as he explained he was told to, its his duty, he is very financially secure, the poor need it not him, this cost him money, indeed very similar to us ,our own bringing and running websites, takes time and buying equipment for testing calculations and such, cost money, and Roberto is totally committed to just informing what the crop circles have shown and what his calculations confirm, he adamantly repeats, it is your choice to believe in god,maths,crop messages or not, his job is to inform and not to save, as is now my duty, we can not just sit on such information, as told many a time i have had confirmation in ways which i am not at liberty to divulge, as to Roberto and his angel friends, and so we help Roberto in our own way, as after years of researching we came to late 2016 but Roberto is and has confirmed July 2017, and from all signs and data, July 2017 is the most likely,

    so you have been told and advised, what you do with this knowledge who knows, will it help stop it, no, can we stop it, no but at least you can take time to get right with the lord, make things right with the family, or any other things you know you need to address, and come the days ahead it will not be such a shock, when things just start going crazy,

    night now, until the next time , God bless all decent people, and maybe now you can connect the dots, as to why the elites act as they do, if not then there is not much hope for mankind is there, oh and someone give dutchsinse, a big nudge, and point him this way, as he is looking as to the sudden increases in earthquakes ,and volcanoes, and stuff, he needs to look no further than this information, and connect the dots, chasing CERN is what they want you to do, the elites are doing whatever to keep this silent, likewise the Clinton v Trump thing, all the usual smokescreen, there is a master plan hatched by them, which if allowed we will bring video out on it, explaining what and why they are doing all the stuff, but bye for now, stay tuned",

     Earths Orbit

    Earths Orbit displacement figures

    earths Orbit crop circle

    Earths Orbit displacement

    earth nibiru planet x 2ndsun details

    earth nibiru planet x 2ndsun details


    earth nibiru planet x 2ndsun  


    Nibiru Planet X latest info

    earth nibiru planet x 2ndsun details

    earth nibiru planet x 2ndsun details

    earth nibiru planet x

    earth nibiru planet x 2ndsun orbit data

    earth nibiru planet x 2ndsun details

    Full data earths nibiru orbit path

    Full data earths nibiru orbit path entry

    Now Roberto followed all this through, over the next days and what he found was NOT just the earth Tilt but indeed the Earth appearing to be dropping below the ecliptic, as the following data and Diagrams explain.



     2016 through to 2017 and final Sun Impact by Planet X

    2016 through to 2017 and final Sun Impact by Planet X




    So as you can see, IF Crop circle messages are correct and the findings Roberto has discovered are accurate, Earth is in danger from orbit displacing and Pole Shifting, not in the future, but In OUR Timeline, 2016 through to 2017 and final Sun Impact by Planet X  the 2nd Sun Nibiru predicted by Roberto, on 21st July 2017..


    DANGER Earths Orbit is out of line Nibiru Planet X Shifting Explained


    God Bless us and Lets be honest the way the world is, is it such a bad thing ? That is a whole new can of slimey worms and that subject we shall cover in another article, for now all we can do is get right with ourselves, and GOD, and Hope this is all just coincidences ! Fluke mathematics, lucky crop circles, faulty spirit levels, and propaganda Holy Mary messages written just to pass the time of day, Previous earth pole shifts are just fiction and nothing is going to happen and the Government have not got underground plush bolt hole mansions, its all in them conspiracy nutters minds !! 


    DANGER Earths Orbit is out of line Nibiru Planet X Shifting Earth Explained

  • Earth GLOBE Real LIVE Interactive Monitor Winds Temps 24 7

     Earth GLOBE Real LIVE Interactive Monitor Winds Temps Pressures Sea States 24 7 Live world monitoring Weather and more

    Real LIVE Interactive Monitor Winds Temps Pressures Sea States

    Interactive Earth Globe, Place your Cursor on the Earth rotate zoom in out as YOU require, select what you want to check and this clever Real Time earth Globe, will show you exact earth Conditions as and when YOU require. Add this to your bookmarks and be FULLY informed on weather and conditions, as and when YOU Want to know.  This excellent Interactive Tool is whats used by the Experts, to predict weather, So now you can have quick access 24/7 to the REAL World state, and be ahead of the game, for the next days.


    1.   Using the Pressure option, You will see the darker the higher the pressure, from this as you know, High pressure always moves to lower pressure, in a natural attempt to equalize. So As example if your region is in a low, You WILL get coming winds from the HIGH neighboring regions etc.

    2. Temperature selection with this you will clearly see the colds and warms, again by watching the wind flows, YOU can see what you have coming your way.


    WE DO Give apologies to some mobile users,  Unfortunately THIS Unit whilst being excellent is in a iframe system !  This makes it "UN Responsive" and un collapsible,  meaning on small displays you may lose full Picture.  NOT Our fault as this website is FULLY Mobile compatible and this is the reason this Earth Globe we have placed on a stand alone Page, rather than adding to the Earth Monitoring page.

    OUR Advice !!  Save up and buy a proper PC stop penny pinching Mobiles ARE For calling your mum  NOT For actual "serious matters" Grow up FFS !!  Yea sorry rude, but very True !!!

    For The NONE Mobile viewers see below how they will see it, if they have small screens..

    Earth GLOBE Real LIVE Interactive Monitor Winds Temps Pressures Sea States

    HURRICANE TRACKING - Follow ALL Hurricanes see where they are heading and prepare, Example as below  The HURRICANE  IRMA  Hitting Florida USA , by using this they were prewarned without having to wait for TV.


    Latest Earthquake Worldwide Snapshot Live Updates. Bigger the Circle the Larger the Quake.

    Earthquake warnings

    Europe latest earthquakes

    Latest USA Earthquakes Live updates


    INTERESTED IN MORE  Earth Issue FULL Live Data ?  CHECK OUR Other Main Earth MONITORING Page...........................HERE.


    Earth GLOBE Real LIVE Interactive Monitor Winds Temps Pressures Sea States 24 7 Live world monitoring weather and more

    REAL live EUROPE Space Monitor

    Infrared REAL Time Live  EUROPE Scan 24-7 Showing density and normally invisible layers.



    EARTHQUAKES Important INFO Proof MANY are Hidden WORLDWIDE

    IF YOU NEED PROOF OF EQ Reports being held back..
    I only heard from a friend in the Canaries, who told me about the Earthquakes !!  And he said THOUGHT You was on top of Earths Problems !! I told him , there is NOTHING Showing !!   So watch video and learn
    and Remember Canaries is a DANGEROUS Region for many. Strange that the main Earthquake Worldwide Monitors were NOT Carrying details of the swarm?  So ask why not?

    The view and coclusion is that as long suspected the Earthquakes happening are far larger and more frequent than we are shown and told.


    Here is The Spanish EQ Site. LOOK how many here alone there are.

    EARTHQUAKES Important INFO Proof MANY are Hidden WORLDWIDE

    EARTHQUAKES Important INFO Proof MANY are Hidden WORLDWIDE

    EARTHQUAKES Important INFO Proof MANY are Hidden WORLDWIDE

    Earthquake Cover Ups Worldwide


    SO YOU NEEDED PROOF - WE Only get to hear of SOME Earthquakes? EXPLAIN - WHY Such important INFO is not released on Normal EQ Monitors?

    SAY NO MORE - PROOF IS HERE - Look at the normal feeds.. Why is the swarm NOT Reported ???  at such a important Region ?


    EARTHQUAKES Important INFO Proof MANY are Hidden WORLDWIDE


  • Earths Pole Shift Movement signs clues in video and full report

    Earths Pole Shift Movement signs clues in video and full report.

    Watching the signs on Monitors and doing a general connecting the puzzle pieces, some very interesting points tell clearly how Earths Pole Shift is steadily and strongly on the move, as in the video it gets clearer, just a few looks at the stills below and you will see and maybe understand, when you spot the strange ice increase on the Northern and North west ice cap, coupled with the previous hot spot information we divulged previously, the very irregular major cold and very hot Northern region spikes, the altering jet streams, the increase in oddball weather severities and locations. The picture gets so obvious that Earths Pole Shift is speeding up, and moving as we expected and covered elsewhere, there is also the alternate possibility that Earths wobbling slightly, this would give similar effects, if we go with the just a wobble theory, then this begs the question WHY?, what is pulling earth as the data shows somethings is certainly tugging pulling pushing earths magnetics. So this will be something we follow, watch and keep a eye on.  

    To our own calculations it appears somewhere around 100 miles movement has been made to magnetic North in the last year, this is a lot faster than previous years and worrying signs are that it appears to be gainning speed in the movement. Direction wise its estimated to be turning towards Siberia, but even that is wobbly in motion and so that could change. One thing you will clearly see and note from all our previous reports on this Pole shift tracking, is the North Kiruna Monitors constantly show a strong Southern Tug, rarely does it go Northwards always strongly Southern, this movement does confirm as expected the twisting downwards from Northern Europe UK, South movement as again was expected and previously reported, in videos..



    Pole Shift News 2018 Ice Cap Extent Coverage

    See as above, The Orange shows previous Ice Edge 1981-2010, Look close and you will see Ice GAIN North & North West, this concurs with the magnetic signals, the weather weird patterns and more. Why would the ice sheet increase during a supposed Ice melt, and more worrying but giving us the clues ! Why should it extend past previous recorded, it should NOT do that, unless Earth has altered in physical or in the whole Space Placement.

    Pole shift news report diagram full

    Above, the common Cold Hot Spikes in strange places, the Magnetic Pulling Position showing Earths wanting to turn southwards, all this ties in to a few more already previously shown and covered strange happenings.

    If YOU place yourself at Kiruna Position and sat with North ahead and then watch the Major Tugging and movements, this all makes sense, Earth Pulling downwards at Kiruna Location WOULD and looks as though it IS, Put the Red Arrowed Ice extended locations further Up and in to Colder Region, while the Sweden, Denmarks etc, in the Northern Europe Western Locations further South. This explains many of the weird weathers and the heavy disruption to the once old and steady Jet Streams, which have been deteriating over the years.


    As per the yellow, Kiruna Monitoring shows exactly what would be expected and fits the Pieces to this small part the puzzle, the BIG Question and Worry Is  WHY or What is causing the clear Pulling and trying to tip Earth ?

    Earths Pole Shift Movement signs clues in video and full report

  • POLE SHIFT Magnetic North MYSTERY Report and PUZZLE

    POLE SHIFT Magnetic North MYSTERY Report and PUZZLE

    After doing the usual Checks and seeing whats what, it got me to thinking and noticing that the publicised recent earths Magnetic North Pole position seemed to niggle at the pace of it, so while i was doing some checks i figured its possible to be able to maybe see if any of the tools and reports we still get access to can shed any light, the reason i say still is because many are being stopped and so we are getting less and less.  One of the tools i use as in the video and still shots below is the report from the satellites monitoring Earths Magnetic interaction North and South Poles from CME and space winds etc, PERFECT so i take the data from 2015 which is the oldest they have available to get to and ran the set of files. Then i ran the latest 2019 as of todays, Now surely if the Magnetic poles have moved over 4 years as they say, then this should and must be showing. WELL Strangely enough as you will see the Magnetic North is still as it was way back in 2015 more or less, and the South is certainly still as was.  In any event you would of expected to see some large movement and so this gives us to conclude a few things as explained below the video.. Watch the video first, and then you can see how it all works and how the sensors pick up on the Poles.


    POLE SHIFT Magnetic North MYSTERY Report and PUZZLE

    POLE SHIFT Magnetic North MYSTERY Report and PUZZLE

    AS You see from above 4 years and yet still the Magnetics Auroras and pole regions have not altered in positions, despite the length of travel SOMEONE Claimed as the new position?  So what do we make of that ?

    1.  This Monitoring Program they use is wrong?  or    2.  The Position has been greatly exagerated on the recently presented pole plan ?

    Pole movement 2018

    The Poles we know wobble and twitch and do differ dependant on months of the year and such, and so made sure both same dates but 4 years apart.  But SOMETHING about all this just does not sit right, and i will be on the case as they say. The OTHER Final thing on this is maybe it makes no odds where the Magnetic Pole is maybe the fields remain much the same ..

    POLE SHIFT Magnetic North MYSTERY Report and PUZZLE

  • POLE SHIFT NEWS Are we being DUPED Somethings wrong BIG TIME

    POLE SHIFT NEWS Are we being DUPED Somethings wrong BIG TIME

    Yes as the title states. SOMETHINGS Wrong somewhere, In this follow on from the video and article  HERE.............. You should be aware how exactly the systems operate from the Satellite Picking up Earths central Magnetic North and monitoring the electric fields from Space Solar winds and high energy interactions, this is what as you know creates the famous Northern Lights and sky effects seen in the Northern Hemisphere and filmed so often. Well then we had the latest Magnetic Pole position which was pushed all over the Media, everyone takes this as gospel but many points sent alarm bells and still do with this new position which i shall try as best as possible to show and see why it is very puzzling and tells one of two options?  One is that the Magnetic Pole position they released is wrong and somebody is playing games or the Solar Monitors are wrong and somehow they have keeping it showing wrong.

    Pole Media version Here is the stated Media pushed new Magnetic North pole position, note how it shows so close to the Geographic North Pole, this again is of interest if we go with the the Satellite models version is the wrong one, then Earth actually is probably in its best original ever shape, as North Poles of both Magnetic and Geographic are pretty much exactly in alignment. Also if again we are to believe this then what it tells us is that even if the shift moves onwards towards Russia as it appears to be heading, then it will not make much odds to earth for the enxt 120 years !!  I mean earth was much the same back in 1900 and so in 2120 it as far as a pole shift goes should stay still upright and in normal position. So thats something to consider.

    Have a look below and note, The Space Earth Monitor actually shows the South Pole in the exact position, and strangely the South Pole does not appear to have moved hardly a tad, well most definately as much as the reported runaway North Magnetic Pole.

    Magnetic NORTH POLE SHIFT NEWS Are we being DUPED Somethings wrong BIG TIME  Magnetic SOUTH POLE SHIFT NEWS Are we being DUPED Somethings wrong BIG TIME

    see as above The NORTH Movement whilst the SOUTH hardly changed?  strange Surely we would expect both to run similar?  Maybe not the case but after doing more checking and investigating is it not strange how the Solar Live Monitors data is tracking SOUTH Magnetic Pole exact, and is NOT showing the stated new media pushed Magnetic North. THIS is what niggles away when things do not equate it sparks concern.  WHICH is Correct?  The Media version or what the Instruments show? LOOK below and see how The South is correct on Monitors, and the North is showing Position as it most likely is.

    POLE SHIFT NEWS Are we being DUPED Somethings wrong BIG TIME

    The BIG Question is which is right?  Or is Something else on Earth giving the Reading of the North? Something like CERN HAARP or the suchlike. it is certainly something which we will be looking deeper in to adding it to many ongoing STRANGE Findings we have backlogged up at the moment.  Strange TIMES !!

    IF I was to say which i believe, i would go on the Satellite Monitor as if you look and take the coloured bands as an example of Solar Electricity interactions, it certainly seems more balanced than IF the Pole was at its new stated North Positions, but thats my own take. as usual YOU decide..

    The North - South Magnetic Poles have always been shown strange, i mean let us be honest how weird is the theory of the twisted N_S centre line seemed to you?

    Earths North South Pole strange alignment  Earths North South Poles

    POLE SHIFT NEWS Are we being DUPED Somethings wrong BIG TIME


  • Real Time Weather on earth, worldwide Real Time Monitoring for you

    Check the Real Time Weather on earth, worldwide Real Time Monitoring see exactly how the earth is behaving, USA Earth Monitors , European & World Real Time Earth Monitors,

    a great Collection for you to bookmark and easily see whats happening.


    This is Interesting For Those EARTH Temperature Watchers. This is the daily Report on Earths Daily Temperature Recordings, see how records are being broken in both Highs and Lows.

    Blue dots show the coldest record for the day being broken, whilst Red show Hottest Daily record recorded.

    Daily Temperature RECORDS Live data

    earth monitoring temps





    CHECK OUT OUR "NEW" 24/7  Live Earth Globe Real Time Monitor. YOU Click what info you desire. Click the Globe and Get even MORE earth data.. 


    CHECK OUT NEW Volcano & Earthquake LIVE Interactive Monitoring Report Tool Added To Website Click HERE.................








    Lightning Strikes

    ICE CAP Northern Daily Monitor Coverage Monitoring

    ICE CAP Northern Daily Monitor Coverage Monitoring

    SEA ICE Extent Arctic Northern Earth Monitors Daily Report

    SEA ICE Extent Arctic Northern Earth Monitors Daily Report




    FREE Real Time Weather on earth, Worldwide Real Time Monitoring for you to see exactly how the earth is behaving, USA Earth Monitors , European Real Time Earth Monitoring


  • Space Radar Monitoring LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds

    Space Radar Monitoring LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds 


    EARTH POSITION "Your Viewing Point"  Close Up SUN section

    WIDE SUN Monitor feed


    EARTH POSITION "Your Viewing Point" WIDE Space Field View

     Space Radar Monitoring LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds


    ENLIL solar wind model:"This shows the Flares approach and direction Planets affected"


    Current Solar Wind (SWPC)

    LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds

     "Magnetic NORTH Monitoring Last 24 hours live feed"  Refresh Page if needed to update.

    Magnetic North Monitors 24 hours last plot

    LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds

    LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds

    Space Radar Monitoring LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Feeds  Earths Magnetic Pole Shift year on year 

    Earths Magnetic North Pole Shift, Pole Motion Latest Track Plotted Daily Monitored & Updated, includes predicted in red and actual past History.

    Fixed PLOT 24 hours Magnetic North Movement

    LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds

    Latest Earth CME Geomagnetic Intrusion Graph

    ABOVE - Latest Earth CME Geomagnetic Intrusion Graph-   GREEN = OK         RED-Yellow-Orange = NOT GOOD     BROWN = Holy Crap LOOK OUT !  


    STAR Active regions : "Live Snapshot of Coronal Holes which create Flares"


    SDO / HMI Magnetogram :


     SOLAR Wind Latest Pressure  SOLAR Wind Protons Density latest

    TEC Incoming Energy from Space Monitor    X Ray Gamma Earth latest

    TEC Rate is the incoming Energy levels regions on Earth                             -                                                   X ray Earth Ingress in Watts per sq meter.

    Earth Solar Attack Monitoring  

    Solar Earth Intrusion Graph and data Plot Last 24 Hours



      BE Patient as it needs to run over grab latest Pics, sort it and then Play it.. so that takes a little time... 

    YOU MAY WANT TO ALSO CHECK OUR NEW Addition on Solar Sun Monitoring HERE.............
    Latest SUN data Graphs CME Detection COR2  
     Earths Magnetic Solar Winds Reaction.

     Real Time azimuth Density Solar Wind Speed Latest Solar IMF Magnitude Latest
    Description of above Monitors.
     Space Dials Description
    IMF alignment clock Real Timesun

    Interplanetary Magnetic Field Polar Angle:

    (Derived) This quantity is the angle between the IMF and the geomagnetic axis. When the IMF is southward, antiparallel fields near the magnetospheric subsolar point allow merging between the IMF and geomagnetic fields. This process increases the transport of solar wind mass, momentum, and energy into the Earth's magnetosphere.This process can also open the magnetosphere to solar energetic particle radiation. In severe conditions this radiation can threaten high altitude aircraft in high latitude and polar regions. Under less severe conditions this radiation can still threaten polar orbiting spacecraft. This quantity depends on IMF components measured by ACE/MAG.


    Realtime Global Ionosphere map:


    Realtime Ionospheric Absorption — South Pole Antarctica Riometer (IPS-AU):


     Space Radar Monitoring LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds

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