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A Real Life Capture of Many strange orbs Angels Spirits or whatever term is used for these strange light balls, getting more and more evident as Camera quality and their collecting light spectrum improves, suddenly with the added use of night vision and cctv Infra Red capabilities many similar strange orbs ghosts visions and flying objects are showing to be moving with us humans, its just we can not see them with our limited vision.  Humans eye light visibility is weak, we only see a tiny part of reality, this is where Cameras are opening up the reality, and reality is not always easy to swallow. so watch these great videos and read the story below, As it seems in most cases some history follows the mass captures.


Earths REALITY exposed the hidden unseen INVISIBLE To the eye exposed

ORBS SPIRITS Captured the After Life caught maybe, a great and Strange Story and cctv Capture to make you scratch your head and go WTF.


Supplied by  Douglas Of USA  who we thank for

taking the time and trouble to share his story and Captures

with us..

Douglas lives off grid 10 miles out in the National Park region

of USA.  Formerly a large Indian Reservation and near the final

capture place of Captain Jack  .

He advises the area is always turning up surprises when he works

on the land.

ORBS SPIRITS Captured the After Life caught maybe, a great and Strange Story and cctv Capture to make you scratch your head and go WTF.

ORBS SPIRITS Captured the After Life caught maybe, a great and Strange Story and cctv Capture to make you scratch your head and go WTF.

Douglas Told me about grinding stones, spears, knives ,

rock stacks and arrowheads that he has found around his property

and every spring there are new surprises.

This is an area where not many humans have been in the last

hundred years or so because there is no way to access it

except down his driveway.

The nearest human habitation is 10 miles away.

It is very quiet out here except for the sounds of nature

and the rushing creek.

ORBS SPIRITS Captured the After Life caught maybe, a great and Strange Story and cctv Capture to make you scratch your head and go WTF.

There are petroglyphs all around the area, some big, some small.

The petroglyph with the dozen or so upside down triangles

with a line through them is the most perplexing one.

It is very large (about 2 feet by 3 feet and is etched into very hard rock.

This is where the last indian war ended.

Also of interest is a "Grinding Hole" which is situated

only some 20 Feet from his Porch.

hole on Reservation  petroglyphicsUSA ORBS SPIRITS Captured the After Life caught maybe, a great and Strange Story and cctv Capture to make you scratch your head and go WTF.



This firmly puts his Home and Out buildings on certain old

Reservation Homestead or similar ...


AFTER WATCHING OUR "Crop Circle Video with Roberto

having weird encounters and orbs and captures, which we showed,"

THIS Gave Him a shock and he got in touch as he had similar

captures, in the past and from time to time,

Roberto is the Genius who has spent years on Breaking

down the "Codes" on crop circles, and the Relijus work

to bring us Planet X end times date..  ( ALL his work is among the vids on our

Channel.. )  He has demonstrated to us beyond doubt, with proof

i am unable to divulge in Public, of his God connections and Angel


So Douglas contacted us and watch what he supplied us

and bear in mind before hand ..

1, His location is Unique we have verified exact position, and the

grounds history, all is exactly as described.

2. we have investigated land claims and that is as advised.

3. NO Insects as per Robertos vids filmed during cold weather.

Add to the numerous weird happenings he reports,

He has had instances of male voices in trees ,heard but uneligible.

Outdoor chairs which were set around campfire moved some 20 feet

and neatly aligned.

Being off grid Douglas has own generators and has had them

turned off .. not by trip. but by MAIN switch whilst he was alone indoors .

Many thumps bangs on doors and roof and distant chantings of many

people, sounding close , and yet he is some 10 miles from others .

ALL strange stuff,  hence why he got the cctv to see what is going on .

OK Now lets show the videos, enough of the rambling ..

Of most interest , is the final video with the 2 mystery objects.

LIKE Us you will probably say lens flare, but its very strange as no light sources, so lens flare is impossible, also movement is strange,

add to this that on still pictures 2 same orbs seem to be very often in background, are these watching or is it all just fluke,

anyway, we only report,  So sit back watch and see what you think .? it is a PUZZLER FOR SURE

Indian Cheifs circa 1900

And all this leads me to determine, if i had to make a decision, that,

There IS Another life dimension we humans do NOT See

and This life only seen in certain Infra Red light spectrums and, is intelligent !!!

So What do YOU Make of it all ?


MY TAKE on it, This orb and Spirit stuff is GENUINE

WE will all be coming back and just watching and floating around in our next life , maybe ?

Does NOT Sound to exciting does it , BUT who KNOWS,     Maybe it will be fun ?,



many Thanks To Douglas, For giving us the footage, and we will report should anything new get captured.


ORBS Invisible Spirits ET 5th dimensions exposed

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