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The Hidden Face of Satans Haiti WHAT They keep Quiet

Hurricane Matthew, arrived on Haiti, the city that for over 200 years and was consecrated to the Devil.. after the destruction of 100 thousand deaths with the earthquake of 2005 (at THE EXPIRY OF the CONSECRATION that took place IN 1805) is now taken back to mira.. but it does not stop there, After having ravaged Colombia... the headquarters of drug trafficking, now heads to CUBA (home of communism, the prevailing USA..... in the places of worship of the Voodoo (see, in the past, the devastation of New Orleans and the coasts of Florida. The hurricane touched down at seven in the morning local time, with winds higher than 230 kilometers per hour, and according to meteorologists could take with them 'more' than a meter of rain with the risk of catastrophic floods. And the fear grows in the United States, where Matthew could arrive in the next few days after passing over Cuba. It could change its trajectory until it touches the coasts of Florida and then continue along the East Coast, from Georgia to North and South Carolina until the state of New York. The governor of the 'Sunshine State' Rick Scott has already 'declared a state of emergency, mobilizing 200 National Guard troops and calling on the population to prepare for the worst. In Miami at Tampa the shelves of department stores and shops are taken at this time assault. In a precautionary manner even US President Barack Obama 'was forced to cancel two stages in Florida for the Hillary Clinton campaign.


READ THE STORY OF Haiti written below, and prepare to be educated as to the Power of GOD.. and learn and be aware !  Gays and sickos WILL Be punished..  SO, HEED The Warnings before you sell your soul for some back door action or orgy with your back door multi colored leather chained buddies. GOD IS Watching and does give payback...


Hernando Rojas y Rojas

Haiti is the only country in the world dedicated to the devil. In 1791, Haiti was consecrated todevil for 200 years and was the first American country to gain its independence. In 2005  It was re-consecrated to the devil for another 200 years.

The Hidden Face of Satans Haiti WHAT They keep Quiet

January 12, 2010, at 16:53 local time, Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake magnitude 7.0 with the epicenter at 15 km from Port-au-Prince, the capital.
This is an excellent analysis that sends Hernando Rojas y Rojas from Salamanca, by means Father Andrés García Torres, who shares his views when it states that nothing is random, and that the disastrous living conditions in Haiti are to be linked to the choice in favor of evil, the consequences of which the Bible presents many examples.
The Forum of the Virgin Mary asking its readers active solidarity with the people Haitian and prayers for the dead and their families who suffer.

When the news reached the terrible earthquake of the seventh the Richter scale, that occurred in the ancient Isle de la Española (name given by Christopher Columbus in what currently it corresponds to Haiti and the Dominican Republic) I was reminded of an image Picture representing faithfully her sad and unhappy
reality: poverty, slavery, lafame, the scourge of AIDS (AIDS went from there to the United States and around the world),
scourge of the three hurricanes that occurred in 2008: Ike, Gustav and Hanna, who
left in its wake a thousand deaths, floods and devastating storms.
Haiti is a country that, socially and politically, is experiencing a great imbalance, with a
amount of coups (about 30), with the murderers and dictators who practiced Voodoo,
as François Duvalier and his son, with corruption, illiteracy, etc.
Ecologically speaking, it suffers a considerable deforestation, with serious consequences for
the environmental balance, a result of the indiscriminate felling of forests, the last resort
Fuel of the inhabitants. Socially, Haiti looks like a huge puzzle, with pieces torn, faded, worn-out; is
many are missing, simply because they do not exist: they are the great suburbs, where bands
Armed clash between them. Weapons can be easily purchased at any
market at low prices; it coexists with the "street children", orphans who have never
He knew their parents; it is about 5,000 street children only in Port-au-Prince,
many of them children of parents who died of AIDS, and in turn infected by this terrible
disease. Malnutrition in these children was evaluated on the 3rd degree, that already
chronic malnutrition.
Malaria and typhoid are endemic plagues the country, devouring these innocent.
80% of children born in Haiti does not know who his father.
Haiti, the poorest country in Latin America and one of the poorest countries of the globe: everyone
ask what caused such a great misfortune, we can not blame the conquerors
Spanish nor the French settlers, much less the United States, since it was the first colony
EU to gain independence and, since then, have passed 200 years of abundant terrible
curse that is, as its secure the main proceedings, in the depths of Satanism and
of black magic.
It's not very fair comparison with another country which shares the same island, but the story is
He writes with the deeds of men, and I am referring to the Dominican Republic, which, without
be a rich country like the US, Canada or the European Union, lives with dignity and
prosperously, because of frequent trips tourist destination by many countries around the world.

The history of Haiti, is a story "interesting" from the perspective of religious anthropology, and
I say interesting, because few people know that it is the only country in the world that has been explicitly
consecrated to the devil, and as you continue to worship him together with his associates, in the various
forms of Voodoo and Santeria.
The Voodoo religion animist, has been officially recognized by the Government as part of the
national character. It was in April 2003 that the then President Jean-Bertrand Aristide (former
Catholic priest, came to power as the first democratic President) authorized the practice
Voodoo, officially recognized, in parallel with the Catholic Church.

The majority of the population is made up of blacks: slaves, led to hundreds, men and
Women, from the western shores of Africa (Togo, Benin, Ghana and Nigeria).
The island became the main French colony, and perhaps the richest European colony, because
the cultivation and trade in sugar, coffee, wood, tobacco, etc.
As a characteristic feature should be emphasized that this African population had
brought not only their own ethnic customs, even something extremely important for
his misfortune: their religion, that is, the Voodoo and its variants: Candomble, Lukumbi,
Umbanda, worship Shango, Palo Mayombe, Obeah or Santeria, merged it with
Catholic religion, and that served as a screen in front of the prohibitions to practice their rites
bloodthirsty imposed in the past centuries by the same Catholic religion, approved and
practiced by their masters.
Voodoo is the corruption of the word "vadoux", which refers to an idol in the form of snake
(Animal worship) worshiped in Africa in his cage like an oracle, not as a deity itself,
but as a representation of a divine nature principle.
In the Voodoo religion you believe in life after death and the existence of a number of
malignant or benign spiritual hierarchies called "Loas" (Demons), which interfere with the world
land with the mediation of a Hierophant (priest of occult rituals and mysterious) called
Houngan, you can get healing, to know certain secrets and have power over nature:
this if it is a male, because a woman, if it is suitable, can also play
this role, but in this case is called the Mambo.
The Voodoo rituals are usually very complex: there are various gods, they experience many
demonic possession, brutal sexual orgies, ritual sacrifices with bloodshed
chickens or goats, wild dances accompanied by loud noise of drums, with consumption
rum and tobacco that cause a number of "ecstasy". It is believed that the dead
to walk and to dance along with them. I owned enter into ecstasy, when one of them Loas
"Straddle", producing strange contortions and white eyes, and when the Loa talks
through those who dance (demonic possession).
It is normal in the practice of Voodoo will consecrate children to these gods (demons); the
children, although innocent of the acts of adults, they become slaves of evil spirits and
They must obey them in all that they say, otherwise the spirits kill them. you offer
even infants to demons, burning them alive, this in the past centuries; nowadays made of
such are not reported, but such practices can be carried out clandestinely.
It is very difficult to get out of this religion, so that when a family member is
repents, he comes to know the message of the Gospel, the family becomes easy target,
as a victim of Satan, disease, ruin, unexplained death of one of its members,
clothes destroyed before going to church, accidents etc. This tactic of terror and
fear that the devil uses, affects the person gives up and goes back for fear of
suffer even more maledizioni1

The Hidden Face of Satans Haiti WHAT They keep Quiet
The primitive population of blacks brought from Africa as slaves suffered every kind of
vicissitudes of their despicable and inhuman action: I am referring to schiavitù2
Slavery, which caused great suffering to this racial group; overwhelmed by

The Hidden Face of Satans Haiti WHAT They keep Quiet

In fact slavery between blacks was always very common practice and constant in Africa, in which the Europeans
they met accidentally at the time of their penetration in the continent. It initially was their
sets its dagl'indigeni, addicted to traffic in human beings, held in appalling conditions. instead the
slavery that Europeans kept the blacks was more often similar to the relationship between master and servant and not
was not even to be compared to the ferocious and inhuman subjugation which had among blacks or that in force at
other Eastern barbarian nations, such as in Islamic countries or in China. This explains the favor of
Saints, including St. Martin de Porres, of African origin, for the servitude of blacks from the European colonies,
to shield them precisely to the miseries of life and the horrors of the black continent and facilitate conversion to
Christianity and salvation. The black legend about slavery in the Americas begins with the The Hut
Tom uncle of writer Harriet Elizabeth Beecher Stowe, a fanatical Calvinist, and other fruit novels
Yankee propaganda, inspired by an instrumental racism, which in its egalitarian spirit - typical of
French Revolution and then the communist - ignores the differences of civilization and religion and their
enormous weight in the costumes and in the historical and moral progress of the populations. The books of the Beecher Stowe and others
served the self-styled liberal propaganda to discredit the old South of the Civil War and the
General Lee, the aristocratic and tied to old Europe [editor's note].
despair and pain, desiring to be free from their oppressors, the white masters,
to see their own free and independent people as a free and independent nation,
these people resorted to a pact with Satan, using this knowledge
occultist of the Voodoo religion.


It was the year of the Lord 1791, on August 20, when the powerful Voodoo priest (bokor)
Boukman took charge of a general uprising to end the slavery of his
people, in a Voodoo ceremony in the town of Bois-Cayman. It was a ceremony
"Pact" with the devil in which, on behalf of all the Haitian people, consecrated to the devil
their country Haiti and its people, with an alliance of 200 years (consecration
temporary) offering worship. In exchange he asked the liberation from the oppressive bonds
with their masters, the French white. There would be a sign that he would begin to
revolution, and that the fire that burns hundreds of sugar cane plantations and
The beginning of a revolutionary process, whose main leader was Toussaint Louverture,
Black slave who stopped the carnage and made pacts between blacks and whites, but then was captured and
deported to France, where he died in 1803. The magician (or bokor) Boukman died in circumstances
She suspects in the same year, 1791.

The revolution continued under the leadership of Jean Jacques Dessalines black slave (name of
his master, whom he adopted as his own). He ran away from his master the mountains and
recruited other slaves earned his cause who, hidden in remote mountains
wild, they continued to practice their Voodoo rites.
A year later, on January 1, 1804, J. J. Dessalines proclaimed independence, stating
that the act of the constitution would be written on a parchment obtained from
white skins, whose skull was used as ink; while the bayonet
functions as a pen would be dipped in the blood of the landowners who had profited
on the blood of his own. Thus was born the first independent black Republic in which he had succeeded
to abolish slavery. Jean Jacques Dessalines died two years after the proclamation

"Consecration" FROM UP TO 206 YEARS AGO
It is curious to consider, as viewed in history, even as Haiti obtained freedom
desired, obtained with the help of the devil and his consecration to him in 1804, he began
also a long series of misfortunes. Jean Jacques Dessalines proclaimed himself before Governor
general and, later, Emperor with the name of James I, but was able to survive only a few
months: was then killed violently. He began an era of parallel disasters
natural, social, political and economic relentlessly until now, in which it is
occurred the terrible earthquake.
After the murder of "independence leader", the country underwent the US invasion in
1915; installation rose to power 23 Governors ruthless and corrupt as ever. perhaps the
bloody saga of Francois Duvalier was the longest and bloodiest: it lasted from
1957 until 1986, 30 years of great social upheaval. It is widely acknowledged
that Duvalier declared himself a faithful practitioner of Voodoo. Already in 1954, in collaboration with
Lorimer Denis, he had published a book entitled The Evolution graduelle du vaudou
(The gradual evolution of Voodoo). A text of notions and practices of this religion
used intelligently during their political mandate: it has come to evaluate the
victims of this bloody dictator in 200,000 deaths.
Soon after taking power, François Duvalier (Papa Doc) appointed him commander-in-chief
his militia the dreaded sorcerer bokor Zacharie Delva, claiming the Voodoo religion
as the official religion. He also founded a sort of esoteric police to people of color,
similar to Hitler's SS, the so-called Volunteers of National Security (the Tontons Macoutes),
who spread terror in the country.
By terror, fear and almost idolatrous reverence which had for Duvalier. It came to
say in the streets: "The man speaks but does not act, God acts but does not speak, Duvalier is a God."

In 1971 François Duvalier died and was succeeded by his son Jean Claude Duvalier, who threw the
Country into a decline even more tragic than that of his father's time. He remained in power
29 years, until he was forced to flee into exile in France.
They were held in 1988 the first semi-democratic elections after the promulgation of the new
Constitution, by such winner was Leslie Manigat, who immediately was overthrown by a
coup of General Henry Namphy. Two months later he took over another
Overall, Proper Avril, who proclaimed himself President. A few months later, after strong
popular protests, Avril resigned, replaced by Supreme Court Justice Ms.
Ertha Pascal-Trouillot. At the end of 1990 and following the first truly elections
democratic was elected Jean Bertrand Aristide, a Catholic priest.
In February 1991, Aristide installed himself, but was overthrown by a new coup
led by General Raoul Cedras in September. The OEA (Organización de los
Estados Americanos) intervened, taking the decision to freeze all assets of the country
abroad and declaring a trade embargo to force the government to resettle
Aristide, while the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate confirmed as Prime Minister
Jean Jacques Honoret.
In January 1992, Aristide, by its North American exile, René Theodore accepted as Prime
Minister. Finally, in July, he came to an agreement with the United Nations to implement
approved resolutions and was charged the legitimate president Jean Bertrand Aristide,
which she ended its mandate in February 1996. In February 1994, the Commission of Rights
The UN human estimated that about 3,000 people had been killed after the coup
military man who overthrew Aristide, early in his seizure of power in 1991.
In 2001, Jean Bertrand Aristide is once again presented in the elections and was elected
President until 2004, when he was again forced into exile, and to lay the charge in favor
of a provisional government, with interim President Boniface Alexandre until 14 May
2006. In 2006 he was elected René Préval, the current President.

5 - The formalization of VOODOO

Runs obligation to observe, on the issue that concerns us, or Voodoo,
Satanism and Haiti, that after the withdrawal of US troops in 1935, the Haitian government struggled to
eradicate these practices, even with the imposition of imprisonment and fines. All that
It was a result of the strong influence that the United States had in the following years
the intervention of their Marines.
The practice of Voodoo, however, remained unchanged until 1987. After the fall of JC Duvalier
It was drafted a new constitution which recognized the right to practice any
religion, implicitly implying that the practice of Voodoo remained included in this
freedom of worship, in Section D of the Haitian Constitution of 1987, Article 30: Of
freedom of conscience.
However, the legal status of religion itself, specifically signed with a
Legislative Decree, was obtained for the Voodoo under the chairmanship of former Catholic priest
Jean Bertrand Aristide, May 7, 2003. "We have always been the majority in Haiti and
practice of Voodoo rites has never been illegal. What President Aristide has done for us, and
we are grateful to him was to make it easier to get the status necessary because
Religious ceremonies have legal value, "said the priestess Mambu Racine
Sumbu, in an interview with the BBC.
Mambu is an American priestess who lived in Haiti for 15 years. According to her over 90
percent of Haitians practice Voodoo. A popular saying says that 70% of Haitians
They are Catholic, 30% are Protestant, and 100% are followers of Voodoo.
In the practice of Voodoo is celebrated twice a year the "Thanksgiving feast" for their
idols, namely Satan and the demons.

6 - THE RENOVATION OF "Consecration" A

After the 200 years granted by the devil to the priest bokor Baukman and his followers
revolutionaries with "blood pact" in which the fallen angel promised their rapid
liberation and independence from the oppressive chains of the French, was of paramount
importance to the Voodoo priests to rededicate the country to Satan, as did the
their predecessors in 1803.
The August 14, 2004 thousands of Haitian Christians gathered in prayer to repair and make
fine to God our Lord, looking to counter with the national day of
the next prayer ceremony Voodoo pact that would be realized with the support
President Jean Bertrand Aristide; on this day the priests Voodoo sorcerers
Haiti would lead to a re-consecration of the blood pact made with the devil 206
years ago.
Jean Bertrand Aristide did everything in his power, as the highest authority of the
Country, to support this satanic pact: Back in April of 2003 he promulgated
a law that recognized the Voodoo as an official religion in Haiti. He had also paid the
trip to 400 practitioners of that religion, from West Africa arrived to the island.
This news, that the big newspapers and radio and television stations did not report, became
known because there were Christians sent as observers on the spot where he was to celebrate
the new pact of Voodoo sorcerers blood, the same place the PACT ORIGINAL
1803, in which it had been exchanged the soul of Haiti with the victory over the French. The
Observers reported that they had been brought to the place a multitude of animals (pigs,
goats and chickens) to offer sacrifices, but - and this is attributed to the power of prayer
- He created a lot of confusion right away: the people were quarreling and finally, people without swerved
that the bloody sacrifice might be fulfilled. Despite this earlier failure, there was
however no obstacle to the renewal of this satanic pact on 1 January 2005, the day
Haiti's national independence, and for another 200 years !!!
A curious fact that almost eluded us under the pen: one of the areas devastated by the
earthquake was the suburb of Port-au-Prince, Carrefour called, but no one think that
Whether a neighborhood built with the help of the great French international chain
supermarkets. I wish it was like that! Carrefour is the name of a Voodoo devil, who is
Lord considered the Underworld, the infernal place of the dead, the representation
shadow and darkness. Certainly the stores of Carrefour logo, say some fans
esoteric mysteries, has a curious resemblance, when rotated 90 degrees, with a
Another logo corresponding to a French secret society (the Priory of Sion, the sect to which
allusion is made in the work Masonic The Da Vinci Code).
But do not forget that the destruction of the Carrefour district is evaluated in a 90%! ....
Without words ...

The Hidden Face of Satans Haiti WHAT They keep Quiet

Once known the tragic history of Haiti, anyone with common sense is aware of
the fact that this country has abandoned the grace that God gives implicitly from 206 years
all her children who recognize it as such and keep his commandments. The people in
mass has changed the worship of its Creator with the worship of Satan. have
expelled God from their hearts: It is not that God has abandoned them, but they have abandoned
God, to be seduced by the attractions of the evil arts of Voodoo, the invocation of
spirits, the practice of black magic, murder, sexual orgies and other rites of Blood.
It is written: "Behold, I lay before you the blessing and the curse. The blessing, if
You will respect the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you today. The curse, if
Any breach of the commandments of the Lord your God and, deviating from the path that I now
prescribe, go after other gods, which you have not known "(Deut. 11: 26-28).

It is also written (Lev. 20, 27) 3
"Every man or woman who conjures up the dead and gives divination,
will be killed, stoned to death, their blood is upon them. "
The things that happened in Haiti because of disobedience to God's laws was repeated in
Throughout history, from the beginning of time. I remember a few cases:

1) The Flood: all flesh died and was saved only Noah and his family.
2) Sodom and Gomorrah: homosexuality, lust, pride, immorality, drunkenness,
idleness meant that the fire fell from the sky destroyed.
3) The city of Pompeii is completely buried by lava from a volcano, with all its
inhabitants. Historians do not arising in connection with this apocalyptic disaster
"Divine punishment", although archaeologists have found among the remains that have been able to
recover from houses and buildings, many paintings themed pornographic, pedophile and homosexual
They indicate clearly the way of life of its people and their customs. This is enough.
4) The disaster of the town of Armero (Colombia): while they slept, 20,000 persons
They were buried under an avalanche of lava and mud caused by a volcano (the Nevado del
Ruiz). It was the dawn of November 14, 1985 and Armero remained only the past. Some
Survivors then remembered the story of the priest Pedro Maria Martinez ... "It's the
damn it, "some said, saddened. Let's go back in time: April 9, 1948,
when the news reported the turmoil of the Civil War ( "el Bogotazo" 4). horde of
Armero violent approached the church and attacked the priest, murdered him with a
machete after assaulting him and then he dragged the body to the cemetery gate.
None of the inhabitants ran to his aid, despite the lamentations of the priest. They killed him,
because at Armero there was a number of brothels and the priest Don Pedro María
strongly he urged the people to conversion and to the eradication of prostitution
It happened that many prostitutes danced around His body and the crowd was going to kill even six nuns who wanted to prevent the danse macabre.
The Archbishop of the place flashed the interdetto1 on that parish and excommunicated the assassins was the start of what is commonly known as the "curse of Armero" and the process of canonization of the martyr priest. Strangely the man who dragged his body through the streets
with a horse-drawn carriage, died after 8 days in the same place, trampled and torn by unruly horse that had dragged him in the same places that
He had traveled with the priest's body behind him.

The day before the eruption of
volcano was being a meeting of the priests of the diocese and, at the time of prayer, a priest knelt and asked forgiveness for the people of Armero,
vaticinando so a tragedy for its people: that very night in fact, there was an eruption
the volcano. The following year, John Paul II visited the area and, profiting
of the occasion, it was gathered a group of specialists to try to locate his whereabouts
the Cross of the Holy Land, buried under lava and mud where he was the church. It could then
verify that the object was in the middle of the park, the same spot where he had been
He found the body of Father Don Pedro Maria.
5) Earthquake in Iran in 2003: 50,000 deaths.
6) The Asian tsunami that occurred on the morning of December 26, 2004 that devastated several countries
Region (Sumatra, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Maldives). They were
those places where concentrated a crowd of tourists from all over the world,
looking for illicit sexual pleasures, such as prostitution, pedophilia, pornography,
homosexuality, drugs, drunkenness etc. They killed 200,000 people of 34 nationalities
different, they were sinning without even respecting the date of Christmas of Our
Savior and Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ. They were drowned in waves of more than 10
meters in height. Although it must be said that many of the victims who were killed were the
all innocenti5
7) Hurricane Katrina, which devastated New Orleans: Katrina means "pure" in greek. Arrival
on the coasts of the Gulf [of Mexico] August 29, 2005, feast of the martyrdom of St. John
Baptist, the prophet, before the coming of the Messiah, incessantly preached
need for conversion. About 10,000 people died and about 500,000 were it
directly affected.
In many places in the United States, especially in large cities, there are neighborhoods with blacks
shops and stores that sell Voodoo products. New York, Detroit, San Francisco, Los
Angeles and Seattle are among the most intensely infested by Voodoo city. But New Orleans
and it remains the capital of the United States Voodoo. No wonder the city is called "Sin City"
"Sin City", the capital of music and joy, and that is, in fact, a city of
sin, with numerous casinos, five abortion clinics and, shortly before Hurricane Katrina
He was unleashed, there was preparing a carnival of "gay pride". Every year
celebrated this orgiastic festival called Southern Decadence (Forfeiture Southern States), which
He was scheduled to begin on August 31 and would last all weekend. Such was the degree of
depravity of the organizers, who declared: "We will blushing even Sodom and
Gomorrah ".
In 2004 it had been able to count 125,000 participants and the orgy lasted a week
whole. Were practiced sexual acts in public places, in front of the police,
Municipalities and the Council in session. The provocation was filmed and the tape delivered to
authorities! Which not only did nothing, but promoted another week of abominations in
view of the 2005 edition - the 34th
 - Hoping that v'intervenissero 150,000 participants.
The French Quarter (the French Quarter) New Orleans, a picturesque and musical time,
It became the center of occultism and moral depravity. The representative of souvenirs
city ​​became related articles with this kind of practices.
However ... came Hurricane Katrina: one day before the party broke the
embankments of the city. No one had mentioned that the statue of the pilgrim Virgin of Fatima,
carved by a Portuguese artist, she had wept in New Orleans in 1972, foreseeing
prophetically the tragic fate of the city, 30 years later.
It is clear that this paper does not pretend to dogmatize God's judgments on Haiti,
nor to profit from the allegations of some journalism "sensationalist", dyed
xenophobia or classism, who rejoices in the misfortunes of the sins of a whole people.

However, based on the reality we perceive our senses, our intelligence and
our memory, we see clearly that the vast majority of the inhabitants of
Haitian nation has changed the laws of God with Satan laws.
There are some "modern thinkers" and "social engineers" who, by analyzing these catastrophes,
I give the inheritance left by the European settlers blame, politicians, the corporations, the
poverty in which they live, or the Church itself ...
Well, no! Every human being has a conscience that speaks to him every time that man designs
his acts and all this is rooted in the depths of human consciousness, even if you do not
He believes in Jesus Christ. But if the body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit, it is contaminated with
all manner of abominations, it is logical to think that the Divine Spirit, which shapes the souls, if
It goes away immediately, and his place it occupies Satan, for misfortune of that same being
Human and those around him.
We deserve everything we have: our governments, our laws, our politicians
corrupt, the reigning homosexuality in all societies, pedophilia, prostitution,
addiction, mutual murder in marriages, abortion, maritime piracy, the
endemic diseases and pandemics, mirror on the biblical plagues. The temptation of Satan
She triumphed, as in the old Paradise. Let us listen once again the words of seduction
Ancient Serpent - "Ye shall be as gods" - and we have heard and put into practice.
The man, abandoned the grace and blessing of God, leaves the door open to the activity
without limit of the powerful forces of darkness and the very nature rebels against the evil of
This animalized humanity.

Many say these days, in connection with the disaster in Haiti: "How can there be a God who
allows so much evil, so much death and destruction "? These poor people are not aware of
wherein lies the root of the real evil and the cause of their disasters and errors that inevitably there
will, if God does not intervene, all'autodistruzione6
It is short makes to this sinful humanity the famous expression of atheist philosopher,
Friedrich Nietzsche: "God is dead." Despite the philosopher he is proud of its superb atheism,
Christian theology - we know - reveals in fact a living God who dwells
eternally in heaven and in the hearts of men who love him. God is really dead ... yes, but
in those sinful hearts, inhabited only by the vices and wickedness. God does not abandon us, we
we who abandon Him.

We continue to maintain an evocative hope and great optimism, close to
Divine Mercy of Jesus our Lord: the Haitian Bishops' Conference should
solicit their faithful, political, military and social, to introspect about these
catastrophic events, so that they see the directly proportional relationship between their
social and religious customs and the recent earthquake; so that they realize that
Haitians are not on the right track, that the pact with Satan 206 years ago led to a
curse the fruit of which is this earthquake, and that one can not continue like this.
If you will be a true repentance and conversion and prayer to the true God, surely his
infinite mercy will you renew your covenant with Him, and that the nation is restored,
loved and redeemed by misery and pain with the blessings and prosperity that God offers
who repents and becomes a true heart; so He has promised in Job 22, 23-30: "If
I will return to God Almighty with humility and to walk away from your tent injustice; though shalt thou lay
gold as dust, and the gold of Ophir as the stones of the stream, then the Almighty will be your gold.
He will be for you a silver heap. The Almighty will be your joy and rise up to God your
face. I beg you, and He will hear you, and you will fulfill your vows. If you proporrai
something, you will do, and light will shine on your path. Because He humiliates the pride of
proud, but he who looks down. He frees the innocent man, and you will be freed for
purity of your hands. "


The Hidden Face of Satans Haiti WHAT They keep Quiet

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