The Bible Prophecy WW3 Crop circle decodes.

This time Roberto turns to the Bible and with Crop Circle Decoding he looks in to the pending coming up conflicts, and WW3, as stated in Bible and many Holy messages.

With all the tensions on WW3 you may find this of Interest. Seeings as Roberto Got , Nibiru - Planet X - 2nd Sun FULLY Completed , and orbits dates times and effects all completed.


Bible Prophecy WW3 Crop circle decodes

He picked up on the Bible Prophecies and Looked to complete with crop circles. The IMPORTANT WW3 Connection which is CLEARLY Stated should happen prior to  THE "2nd Sun impact and Sun Explosion" 21-7-2017

Bible Prophecy WW3 Crop circle decodes

New Viewers Subscribers MUST Check previous articles and videos on PLANET X , which fully show Nibiru Planet X info then you will see this Video does have relevance to The complete End Times Puzzle..

crop circle decode ww3

Bible Prophecy WW3

MAYBE WHEN YOU READ The Holy Messages, The Deliberate flooding of muslim immigrants all over the World, specially Europe makes sense ?  Yes indeed the army is all in place !!  The evil Satan planned it well.

World war 3 Holy messages


Thanks again to Roberto for even more outstanding Work and Skill, and again he stresses. "He Is ONLY Gods Messenger His job is to decode what the Angels supply and it is NOT his job to SAVE , Just to inform." And We Second the same message. Info is what it is . We did NOT make crop circles or write the Bible !.