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WARNINGS - Dangerous Youtubers - AFTER Your Kids

If YOUR a Youtuber and have kids . Or Family.  WARNINGS you must heed and Be Aware.  Check out. The Sad Sicko´s of Youtube.

GUARD YOUR KIDS & FAMILY          YouTube Rats TRUTHER Website    scammers Exposed Online


NWO Moves again 2017 FOOLING THE THICKOS.  YET Again they fool the masses with absolute hogwash crap acting and stage events, but sadly they all fall for it .

Watch this and Remind them "The Night has a Thousand Eyes" In so much as Thousands of mobile phones watching the false flags and ongoing charades, to fool the slow in the head masses. Who sadly believe anything they are told by the Power Elite Bullshit TV & National news shown.

Watch and enjoy the video and FFS Wake people up, if its on TV and in the News, you know full well 50% of it will be placed just to scare you and fool you in to begging for there help.  its called "Problem-Solution-Reaction"  Create the problem in this case oh them nasty Terrorists are killing you,  WAIT a while and watch the stupid ones shout "Oh Protect us oh Government who are here to protect and keep us safe"  WAIT again and then The Government say "WE Will help you, give us more money in taxes and stay home, and you can hide and we will keep you safe"  Oh and them nasty people we shall bomb all their kids and families in revenge, so rest assured oh little sheeple people, you can go about your watching TV and facebooking in peace, while we invade them Countries and kill them , all for their own good.  The Problem Solution Reaction in a easy format.

This is getting so pathetic now as the video again shows, that those who swallow the Absolute shite on TV deserve to be enslaved and told when to walk sleep and what to eat and when to drive and what speed to drive at etc, as they are a waste of a human body.





The event was in London UK - prior to the Event a Police van arrives and in this van emerge many People , all switching in to film set mode, just in time for the main event.  NOT the first time, this is now getting so pathetic its beyond belief..

Look at the Stills, and i guess they will say Pure Coincidence. And Gravity does NOT always do as predicted.





LOTS MORE OF THE FAKING STUFF EXIST - Do a look through our stuff. HERE IS A STARTER - .................................................... HERE...


NWO Moves yet again FOOLING THE THICKOS with the Pantomine in London UK 2017

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