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VIP the reasons & The Google Youtube Clampdown Silencing BITES deep

VIP reasons The Google Youtube Clampdown BITES deep and is just warming up

As the world ticks onwards to its total enslavement, the moves and the Real Leaders plans worldwide gather pace, we have had a very interesting few months of which we now will explain. Then you can understand the VIP move on to a Private Members VIP Patron subscriber members shift. Also it may explain the lack of Youtube content, and also gives a warning to others. Many regulars who follow our works will know how much time and money has gone into the tracking the elusive Planet X, Nibiru, the earth changes and following all the clues, always being sensible and reporting with well made reports in video or in articles. After watching some big named channels simply get zapped by youtube, and numerous losing their monetization abilities, we have ensured to keep the channel clean as possible, knowing certain words become triggers to the great new AI internet Elites snooping systems.

In October i managed to speak to a friend of a friend who has inside knowledge of the google-youtube establishment and after pushing and pushing a chat was set up, as it was clear things are starting to look strange, google dropping pages on certain subjects, youtube not recording all views, counters which just stick on certain video, some even reduce overnight!.  He told me yes a big move on youtube and in google is underway, and to qoute him ! "This is just the tip of the iceberg" which is about to unroll to the whole internet. From data harvesting to marking and search result blocking many subjects which do not fit the scripted stories. He then advised it is why they wanted youtube so badly, and prepared to pay whatever it took as it runs alongside their already dominant google search as the peoples search and research places to go. I asked why certain channels remain and some are zapped, this he did not know the answer to, but could only confirm certain subjects they promote and some they want buried, many subjects were spoke about and it seemed the opinion as best as he could tell was if its bullshit and keeps the pretence of conspiracy but a good conspiracy, which is deemed rubbish, its fine.  911 Israel and that kind of information is a red flag.  Flat earth , fake sun and similar subjects is just classed as Fun and entertainment. Planet X he said is also something of not any interest !! When i stated on that i was surprised he said there is so much on the subject if its real or not, nobody would ever know to attempt to silence that is to late, and the media news have done enough to make it a joke in any event. When you think about it he is actually correct ! Ask your average Joe in the street and they would laugh, so now on reflection it did make sense to let that roll or even push it.  Not much else he could tell on the inside, but he just said you will know when you are touching no go regions or over stepping,Of more important concern for you is the article 13 running through European Courts, this has got youtube,facebook and many worried, do not be surprised when shortly sparks fly. All this does now make sense as to why websites will lose rankings and youtube will simply shut channels down, or make it to a point where many just stop and give in.

Fast Forward to November 2018 a noted drop in website ranks and hits on websites.

ads removed
As you will see when you are on the websites, the google adverts are NOT showing, they have blanked and not showing on certain pages, as in their terms the url is deemed as "Unsuitable" for the program.

This is just a example of one of many, when you are on the sites you will spot for yourselves, the many blanks, treat it as a game of spot the blank ! or similar. We use it as indicator for whats hot or not or what hits the nail on the head or not.

This alone not a major problem as it was expected, and if you also when your playing the Spot the blank game notice, google ads even run Planet x links .  This does tend to tie in with what the google man said, its Not such a thing and or they actively want rubbish spreading on the subject, this in order to simply dilute and cloud the whole Planet X - Nibiru issue. The more sun flares and clouds the idiots put out the more google loves it. Some clever thinking and planning by google i would agree.  Annoying as what hope is there for people to find the genuine captures and details amongst a world filled with TV and all public media filled with hogwash and hoax webcam captures and such.

Youtube itself is filled with so much fake and rubbish it is playing exactly with what google and the Real Behind the scenes Leaders want. Saving them much time and money, all they need do is push and place them at top of searches, within 1 hour of people watching that stuff research stops and the brain is overloaded..


Youtube goes from bad to worse, a bit like walking on eggshells and keeping clean.

Yes, for a while Youtube has dropped and even removed view counts, the slow tighten has been obvious BPEarthwatch,Alex Jones, along with many others zapped to the world of make your own way !! Thats the ones of size and with youtube adding a thousand videos every day and such they are in a easy clean sweep mode.  Even despite being extra good and using their own songs, not swearing and such. They hit our Channel, a pefectly clean channel with 8 years of history. NO MORE BEER Money to be had ESi go do one blah blah !!!  Well they did not say that of course but, words to the same thing, yes cut off like a old rag doll..  Cast asside with not a care. Not satisfied with hiding the vids in searches or stealing views, just a bugger off on the money side.

Email message simply says after reviewing channel it no longer fits the monetization criteria, and that was after being so well behaved !  So this i followed up as they give the reason as below.

slaveplanet youtube reasons for nobbling

WTF !!  Reused Content ?  What rubbish everyone knows we do our own stuff, and surely if the works were reused ie, as in others works, the channel would of had many strikes. Have a look at the account status CLEAN as a whistle.  Then look at the content, everyone knows we do our own research and stuff, go watch a few. Sure as everyone does we need from time to time to show key news, speeches and such or how on earth could you report. The vids normally if they are to much for audiences get singled and they get a un monetizeable status, if we copied others we would have had strikes, and if we use any others works, we ask first and plug them. so this is rubbish.  But you have no course of action, they zap you, your zapped.  They say can reapply in future, but whats going to change then? the 2cents a hundred views as the content is what it is, they will look and see the very same, so that is a no brainner, i say stick your $20 a month up the rear region..

Have a look below, see clean record & GREAT video´s so this is just a poor excuse to try and silence.

VIP the reasons & The Google Youtube Clampdown Silencing BITES deep

NICE Smiley faces GREEN All the way ..

VIP the reasons & The Google Youtube Clampdown Silencing BITES deep

GREAT VIDEOS Each a hand crafted work of skill and love, so whats reused on that ?

IS THIS DUE TO THE ARTICLE 13 watch the video see the key points below, and watch the video, as this seems more like a clever FURTHER Censorship NOT by Youtube alone, but for the 1 world Order, the creation of the keeping USA Europe Asia all in the dark as to what is going on where and when and with each other and by whom.  ONLY the one media outlet for each World Division under their control.  seems the plan is ramping quicker and quicker.

 EU Article 13 dangers to youtube

WHAT Is the solution to both the youtube and the article 13 issue.

We have been preparing for the doors to be shutting for a while, this does not come as a major big surprise, the only thing that is surprising is the speed of things moving lately, It is as if they have pushed all the sliders to the maximum on earth, everything from getting the people on the streets in debts, beyond what can be paid, to flooding immigration south northwards, rules regulations, changing men to girls and even making a new middle one, their so called none gender !!  WTF, everything is so bad and at full throttle it is scarey. in the EU we have the Brexit Charade, which kept the people content and that is about to explode, now the final plan on that rolls out.  Bad times are coming just around the corner.  So WE need to protect and plan accordingly.

Problems are NOT Just EU related Article 13 and the signs are showing already, many videos on youtube get restricted in Europe. The common one seen more and more is "This Video is NOT available in Your Country" getting more common, Germany has been silenced for many years, but it is spreading rapidly.  WHO Says what and who sees what ?  THEY DO.  The Powers that are "BIG BROTHER" etc,. Many of the big youtube channels have made their websites and proudly boast them and show them, but what do they show?  Videos STILL On Youtube or Facebook which will be tagged as ONLY for USA etc, or with content on channels which can be switched off by them in seconds, at a flick of a switch, as our revenue income has been. Some stupid reason, they do not need a reason, they own it . The Uploader has NO SAY..  Using vimeo can work to a degree as a few others could, BUT Only short term. They are ALL at risk .

From our own viewpoint, we host our own videos when needed, a strain on server requirements and costs big money but it can and is done, the question is those who have say 20k hits per video are screwed as that level of server bandwidth will NOT be Cheap or easily found, specifically when you want to be out of the EU or USA grasp of control. So It is not good to be that busy far better to have hundreds of what we call serious people see the content, WHY Make videos just for the purpose of making a video?  On The Planet X  and earth problems people tend to follow 3 paths.

1. The Just heard and curious about it all Person.  2. The Saw a video and the sun is fake and its been copied and they hide it fruitcake brigade.  3. The Ones who see whats going on are awake and trying to find out what exactly is going on, both on earth in Space and with the Earths slow enslavement and destruction etc..  We are the 3rd Type and watch and have been watching recording and fitting the jigsaw bits together for years.  Still trying to gather those last few bits to the end game.  THIS similar 3rd fitting type of member, Is who we feel we would sooner work with and share our knowledge and facilities. 


Yes The VIP Membership Subscription, this solves and replaces the loss making from Youtube and googles new kick the watchers informers out mode.

For ongoing, we envisage just a small amount of like minded subscribers, with who together we can forge onwards and continue work, and share WORLDWIDE the findings. For less than a coffee per week The "VIP Members" will have 3 websites fully UNLOCKED, and get to see all the new videos and content, along with A Whole spectrum of the important Earth and Space Monitors in one place, making easy daily checks a breeze. Server Bandwidths can be increased and locations found to keep ·YOU· the serious researchers from around the world informed.

 VIP the reasons & The Google Youtube Clampdown Silencing BITES deep  VIP Patron Membership

Helping us help you, beating the system and giving you over 8 years of information on everything in films documentaries, from The Rothschilds Stories , 911 , UFO´s, Planet X, Earth and Space Monitors, Magnetics, Pole shift news data reports, Everything you need all in a one single stop.

Along with our own latest and upcoming NEW reports videos, and news and articles .  NOT Just one website but 3 websites crammed with Rare Knowledge Features, documentaries, films, and more.VIP Log In sample

Join the VIP Club, Simply set up the subscription or just give a generous donation if monthly is something you dislike. and we can set up your log in and password details, email them to you and away you go, log in to the NEW VIP Log In box and ALL Content is unlocked, exclusive to YOU.


EACH Website has the Log In section, Remember your getting over 8 years of research and Reports Videos and films, documentaries MANY "ONLY" Available from in house video streams, and VIP Membership allows you our 3 websites,    One  Subscription - VIP Membership covers ALL .

With Youtubes days numbered, the constant having to be careful what you post and show it has become a real pain in the bottom anyways, we earn zilch from it, so why do it?  We Spend a lot of money providing the websites with all the back ups and security, to keep people advised, we have had very little support over the years, only 4 individuals have donated, for which we thank them and they have been given lifetime membership already, in gratitude.  Our works and what we provide is way to good to be freely used by all and sundry as we know over 4,000 a month already do.  NO Longer will our Key Monitors, key features and serious key films be Publicly shown. They will be ONLY available to the select VIP Members..  This saves Bandwidth space and is cheaper to maintain. 

JOIN US BECOME A SELECT "VIP" Patron ........................... IF Your a Serious researcher !! ... 




The Google Youtube Clampdown Silencing BITES deep

Why "VIP" The reasons & The Google Youtube Clampdown BITES deep and is just warming up



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