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Zionists Alien Connections Earth New World Order Part 1

Zionists Alien Connections Earth New World Order Part 1 of a ongoing research as to who provided the advance knowledge and initial brains to set the Rothschilds Jewish World domination in motion, this is where we need to look back and connect some very mind blowing possibilities as to who really is wanting the earth in enslavement. In the small video below which is just a taster and starter of many to follow which will both be mind blowing and maybe even shatter your ilusion of the real World we are trapped on.

It is very evident by now that we have on earth a very determined group that HAS taken over all of earths key positions, the money supply and powerful enough to even control weather and most likely even more advanced stuff we could only dream of. The BIG question is why would a few people who already own the wealth in such such mind blowing amounts that they would be content to help many others, but no what we have is a TOP level group who have one simple aim the TOTAL control of everybody on the planet, and worryingly are as we report are literally ready to fire the final earth killshots. This is what i feel brings us to the one conclusion along with many other clues uncovered over the 10 years or so investigating this issue, that Aliens indeed are calling the shots and have infiltrated to get the results they have been planning for hundreds of years. The Jewish Zionists are either there clones or whatever other systems they use to take over life form planets. Many would say well surely they could of just landed and killed us all and job done, no that would be no good for them, all they would have is a dead planet and know a life long battle would ensue, all the Countries religions would Unite and Everybody would be fighting them, no resources would get mined it would end up with some major nuclear war and even they lose.

What they need is a 1 World Command "1 world order / New World Order" with the leaders having the population complaceant unarmed and obedient.  If you look at the clues and have done the research it all points that way, take a look at the schematics and then i urge you to follow the Movies we will be posting, EVERY Corner you turn every decision our puppet leaders make is steering us to that conclusion also.  NO PROPER Leader in there normal mind would do most the absolute crap the present leaders do. Destroying there own Countries, religions, heritage etc,  NOBODY Human would even contemplate it.  The Zionists Illuminati whatever you want to call them MUST of had contact, we know that as per ancient Scrolls and information Jerusalem Israel has significance and we believe that this again is a clue. Jerusalem is also a HOT Spot for many UFO craft sightings and strange happenings.

Zionists Alien Connections Earth New World Order Part 1

Zionists Alien Connections Earth New World Order Part 1

We know for sure the all seing eye is very prominent, does this relate to the earth monitoring we know the moon is a base and the dark side houses content we would never know about, The power transfer and control in the famous pyramid method we know is a fact, Bilderbergs meetings we know is where the next set of orders and moves originate, but the who supplies it is where many get lost, David Icke always insists the Reptilian theme is within the bloodlines of those selected ones, naybe he has it right ?  Who knows exactly what forms these take or if the Rothschilds and others are Reptoids and have a human appearance. ONE THING IS FOR SURE !  in my opinion the skill brains and bringing this plan to fruition is not anything the likes of the idiot Front house Puppet leaders could ever Plan or Enact out, The IQ for this world enslavement, and the skills must be from far superior Beings, whatever or whoever they are.. Only time will tell but the way it is looking this IS going to end badly for mankind, that is a sure bet !!

Zionists Alien Connections Earth New World Order Part 1

Zionists Alien Connections Earth New World Order Part 1

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Zionists Alien Connections Earth New World Order Part 1

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