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The HIGHER TRUTH Channel Youtube Zapped Censored

The HIGHER TRUTH Channel Youtube Zapped Censored and Silenced, Joining the ranks of rebels who have been cast asside for having Information NOT fitting in to the prescribed reality of Media News and Information.  Love or hate The Higher Truth Channel one thing we can assure you is his SUN Observations regarding its woes and the Corresponding Helium the Magnetics and much more, was spot on the Mark. Obviously the usual tactics were in use as we see time and time, first they demonetize the Channel (ie; STOP its earnings), then comes a in flux of so called id content claims, then automated channel warnings of breaches in content, and then ZAP Channels gone in a instant. We gave the warnings but people do not listen the signs and clues and even our inside information was told to them, the idea that by using Patreon and having unlisted videos from either Youtube Vimeo or whatever would suffice and allow facts be Publicly allowed, we knew was a no brainner hence why we have NOT gone that route, patreon are even now under the ownership and control of the Top of The pyramid pulling the strings earth level, many outspoken or users who do NOT toe the line are having there patreon accounts zapped, again on weak excuses.  THIS IS Why we control our own Video Streaming, all of these other websites who simply feed videos from there Youtube Channels MUST be forced to either toe the line and ONLY feed rubbish out, or will simply join the Ranks of the zapped Naughty truth tellers and be gone.

The Clues were so very obvious over the last year, those channels showing or sitting talking so much rubbish and giving ideas which ANY sane or "UnPodded" person knows and spots, yet they get promoted and gather such high volume hits and views, whilst those with real observations or question certain odd happenings and such, get the Zapping or Penalized treatment. Watch the Video below (If it gets removed, we will replace inhouse of course, but as its a mild video it should be ok), in the video see how by going the common patreon and Unlisted routes the website and patreon accounts become a joke.

For the Google Real Insider scoop we managed to discover check out this Link ........

This hopefully explains why we have gone the VIP Route, IT IS THE ONLY Route, unless you want to watch same old same old fake rubbish or stories that come from a Jules Verne imaginary film type of stuff.  Whilst that content is highly entertaining !  it is exactly what its designed to do, keep you ill advised but coming back for more, keeps you worrying and looking up and getting deeper in the distractions, and as required NOT Seeing the real reality of what is going on both on Earth with the Trump Show, and in Space, whats happening to our Sun and much more..  YOU will just be ging around picturing the Sun and shouting Yea all them Planets are sitting by the Sun Simulator which is replacing our real Sun as the leaders stuck it up there blah blah, and then the big yellow van will be calling to collect you. Its called Screwing the Mind, a age old War tactic enhanced by Fluorides and other such mind bending drugs, they feed many with..

The HIGHER TRUTH Channel Youtube Zapped Censored


Snapshot of our article explanation on VIP and Google check out FULL Story on this Link ........

HIGHER TRUTH Channel Youtube Zapped Censored and Silenced, Joining the ranks of rebels who have been cast asside for having Information


The HIGHER TRUTH Channel Youtube Zapped Censored

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