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The TRUMP Show Rolls on and on Behind the Scenes Insider Gossip

Yes indeed TRUMP and the whole world, what we have always termed "The TRUMP Show"  many Trumpites those who are Trump Fans through and through, hate the term but the reasons for this have been well documented over the years of his Vote in to position as lead front Puppet.   Simple reasons were and still are the facts as below.

1.  IF "ANYONE" would step and pose a threat to the Long term planned roll out of the New World Order they WOULD Be gone zapped with the heart attack zap, or similar.

2. Trumps connections to the Top Rulers the Rothschilds Jewish Trillionairs , who own over 2/3 rds the earths wealth !! Is documented he is part the family and was bailed out of bankcruptcy many years ago, and has to repay this debt of gratitude and now was or is his time.

3.  Trump has and showed the charisma to connect and tell the US Citizens what they want to hear.  Connecting those who were nearly ready to rebel to stay content and subdued for several more yaers, and such give more time to get the enslavement and controls all in place.

4.  Trump has fitted the prophecy and fits in with many written scriptures and could be the wolf in sheeps clothing..

So when this excellent video Behind the Scenes Insider Gossip guy, hit the many buttons on the head, it was good to know many others are seeing and sensing the same.  This is worth the watch as this guy nails it very well, and saved so much time in reporting the latest views on the famous "WALL" and such..

The TRUMP Show Rolls on and on Behind the Scenes Insider Gossip

The TRUMP Show Rolls on and on Behind the Scenes Insider Gossip

The TRUMP Coin as explained in the video. The BAD Significance..

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above is one of many crop circles decoded by Roberto years ago, points to Israel and a man fooling the people, and the ww3 coming.. The Syria - Russia - Iran - Israel ongoings.

NOBODY has a crystal ball, but things are not looking to good and that is a fact...

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