WHO RUNS THE WORLD THE MOVIE After Years of Research the Findings will shock

"WHO RUNS THE WORLD" "THE MOVIE" Not For the Weak. WHO is actually BIG BROTHER and the NWO .
WAKE UP TIME. After Years of Research the Findings will shock..



After 15 years of Investigation Research
Watching Studying World events and how the Earths Enslavement is forming. This Movie is designed to Connect all the dots and Demonstrate how things interlock.

The Who the why and the MOST Important WHAT EXACTLY IS THEIR END GAME

To enable you to grasp all the story , you first need to keep an open mind. YOU Need to grasp the reality "we are not alone" Never have been nor will be. Once you keep that in mind we can move onwards as in need for you to grasp the entire situation, the state of earth then makes a whole lot of sense.

NOW You are ready and settled let us go way way back to how this all came about..

Position Yourselves as a invading Alien. Looking For Rare Gold vital to Your Own Survival. You come across Earth and it has an abundance.This is exactly what happened with the Annunaki Race Many old scripts tell of this. It is also believed to be by many the Real God, as they came down in their ships of Gold created bright lights in the sky and many tricks which to the People of the old days MUST have left them struck with Fear etc, Many of our videos Give the Clues as to the Locations Pyramids Built and influenced by the visits of the Annunaki. Interestingly Zecharia Sitchen wrote a book in which he decoded the found tablets containing the Arrival of Annunaki and points in this also gave some clues.

WHO RUNS THE WORLD THE MOVIE After Years of Research the Findings will shock

WHO RUNS THE WORLD THE MOVIE After Years of Research the Findings will shock

Now ask yourself?

How on earth could you get a whole Planet to physically work at extracting Gold for you? How on earth could you enslave and keep enslaved a Planet , when your own appearance would scare them and would most likely cause the whole population to unite, put all religions hatreds between each other to one side as the OFF World Alien threat. Would effect EVERYBODY..

The Solution.

Select one Race who would be the ones to act and become the spokesmen of the Annunaki Alien race without anyone on earth knowing. The Jews were selected being the ones to elect and by manipulation, by placing Hybrids amongst this race and knowing Humans low IQ, and how easily tempted by sex drugs and rock and roll and GREED. The Plan was made and put in practise. With the Annunaki having its Earth plan
to capture and enslave the People all set . Time to sit back aid and assist the Chosen ones to do the task.

The Moon was brought in to be used as its OFF earth safe Home, to both monitor and undertake the Control.
By Controlling the Moon this gives them complete Earth Control, as should the plan fail and the Chosen ones fault or fail them, a simple move of the Moon causes the Earth Tidal waves and Pole shifts to, enable a erase and restart be made..Destroying Earths surface, BUT NOT the Earths core of minerals and Gold..

Did you know?

The Moon is hollow, Scientists confirm it should NOT even be there.

Africans Great Old Wise men, speak of the time we had no Moon. Speak of the day it suddenly appeared.

Nasa did its own test and confirmed it acted like a hollow shell with some kind of stabilizing system.

UFO,s are a very common sight on and around the Moon, as they go about their tasks.. Clips in the film tell more.

This New "Chosen" Race (Jews) were sent throughout the world Given Gold wealth with instructions to gain Prominence in the powerful Countries. A Combination of the Aliens releasing technology through these to aid and assist the Plans.

WHO RUNS THE WORLD THE MOVIE After Years of Research the Findings will shock

MOST Importantly
To create a World of Wars through which the further Plans can be brought in to fruition.

Have YOU Never wondered?
How suddenly the Rothschilds gathered the wealth, in the first instance? Just humble people in a poor Region yet suddenly gather the wealth to be able to Finance ALL Governments during wars. With solid Gold coins.
YES we know the wealth from the financing all armies was made AFTER, BUT Before to call up the level of Money ?  This was a major clue..

IN PART 1  we show and give the clues and the position how this came about, the Nibiru Connection and the Annunaki and more. in Part 2 we shall release where this is all going and the Final End Game. so stay Tuned..


WHO RUNS THE WORLD THE MOVIE After Years of Research the Findings will shock