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HITLERS Original Speech On Election The Plight he talks is happening to EU NOW in 2019

This old Genuine Speech Translated as Hitler addressed the Nation on his pledge to save Germany, Struck some very alarming warning bells as what he speaks of is so Exact to what has and is being done to Europe, the deliberate ruin of patriotism the Churches and History, the shameful way anyone who dares to speak for the Country is victimised and much more. The Banking elite who we know are and have been acting out the World domination plans in Hitlers days had interest rates which was crippling everyone.THEY TESTED THEIR BANKING CRASHES ON GERMANY, causing poverty in Germany.  Hitler as you then should know pulled Germany away from the Jewish Banking stranglehold, and went on to build Germany in to the Greatest Industrial and Moral Christian Country which at the time was the envy of the world.  If you havent watched the several Factual stories on Hitler you should do, look for Hitlers story, Europa and Hitler the untold story and such, also must check out David Irving Books lectures as he is the only Genuine Historian.

Now watch the video and Picture a UK Leader who was bold and loyal enough to save his nation, and see what he says, it is so apt to what is going on now in 2019 in Europe, each Country in debt to the Rothschilds and they are just getting ready to flick the switch and create the Crash, as per the last Videos on the Subject of the takeover which is underway.



Hitlers famous speech

Hitler maybe was NOT as the Elite have brainwashed the world to be. JUST again a victim of trying to save the world maybe.

SEE BELOW LINK,  Note its a strange size Film so suggest closing browser size to pull the film in to frame size...


HITLERS Original Speech On Election The Plight he talks is EU NOW in 2019 bankers crippling Europe


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