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Behind the Smoke and Mirrors the ALIENS Chosen Jewish Scheme the Plan

Yes indeed as the label says whilst the Christians blame the Muslims and the show unrolls, the media censorship panics to keep control to both hide the True History the obvious showing signs and a big clamp down on anything Jewish related, in particular the Zionist evil Jewish side. Even with media heavy censorship many are waking up and spotting the outward signs STILL unlike us connecting dots to what is behind the Zionist movement, but many clues and people have awoken. In this very long report in this video which would be banned anywhere else. It lays down exactly what is going on to trap both Muslims and Christians to become slaves to the New World Order.

This it is still believed is just the precursor to the final Switch off of internet to the public for whatever reason they choose to use, along with the BIG Financial crash which the Bankers Zionists can do in another single switch of a button and create mass worldwide chaos.  Yes as you will see the Master Plan is rolling along under disguise by the Pretend Leaders and show Governments.. sit back get your drinks and snacks ready and learn..



Behind the Smoke and Mirrors the ALIENS Chosen Jewish Scheme the Plan

Behind the Smoke and Mirrors the ALIENS Chosen Jewish Scheme the Plan

Behind the Smoke and Mirrors the ALIENS Chosen Jewish Scheme the Plan

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