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TRUMP USA Clever Gun Grab Unfolds The WOLF Sheds the coat discreetly

As part the ongoing slow although speeding up lately Earth Takeover enslavement plan, The USA gives a problem as they have the right to bear arms and this is a major hurdle to the Great World Capture, how can they have the sheeple able to fight back as they get herded to there suburbs for slavement. This is why a increase in the lone shooter stories have been put out or made, they must have the guns but how when Trump got major support to get in the hotseat by being pro gun for the people. Simple they bring the idea how those with the guns must be vetted and so begins the easy simple disarming, WHO decides who has the guns? Simple they do , they have laws which now mean guilty until proven otherwise, if your labelled a nutter or one who is a Conspiracy theorist or does NOT follow all the bullshit spoon fed as real news day after day then YOU ARE a terrorist and bingo your swept away guns removed and probably end up in a Fema camp or such like. THIS reduces the arms held by around 50% the remaining 50% will be such weak soft NOT a clue what is going on and most likely stupid enough to help the enslavement of themselves. In this small latest clip it shows and hits the nail right on the head. short but so plain to understand..

Time is short now as it IS without doubt that the Zionist Plan is pushing and spending whatever it takes to get the final Outcome they have been working on for hundreds of years, The One World Government with the alien Zionist Hybrids having COMPLETE World - Earth Control.  Expect the WW3 and the financial crash of all crashes very soon, which is all on the schedule..


TRUMP USA Clever Gun Grab Unfolds The WOLF Sheds the coat discreetly


TRUMP USA Clever Gun Grab Unfolds The WOLF Sheds the coat discreetly

TRUMP USA Clever Gun Grab Unfolds The WOLF Sheds the coat discreetly

TRUMP USA Clever Gun Grab Unfolds The WOLF Sheds the coat discreetly

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