The Anti Semitic SCAM Whys and wherefores PLANS RUMBLED

Yes THEY Have been Rumbled hence the panic to stop anything to do with them, in the law it will become a case of they can do whatever they like and NOBODY can stop them. YES The Enslavement plan is all going exactly as planned for them.

Since 1936 They have been boasting and moving the enslavement of the "Gentiles" or "Goyim" those who they refer to as anyone NONE Jewish Zionist, Zionist as we know are those working under Alien control/command, further forward this news article long since buried which we show the key text points was made in 1936 yes 1936, this came from a Zionist meeting of which a Catholic infiltrated as he had been given a tip as to what plans are afoot, he recorded the key points which he put out in the Newspaper the Church ran as a warning to what is going on, and how the Church was planned to be infiltrated and destroyed. This is important stuff and when you look at how absolute sick the church has become and how absolute sick the general public has become with the Gay issues the Transgender bullshits all to corrupt and break normality of normal decency and rules and such. Sadly they are succeeding as when you look at how things are and then realize what they have been pushing to destroy Countries and normal values of which they deliberately set out to do, we realize just both how long they have been working the enslavement plan, and also how succesful they are which sets alarm bells ringing as we are in the final throws now, and they are just toying with us until the final push.

The official definition of being a antiSemitic is as the dictionaries advise and is a broad sweeping law which will forbid anyone to even hint they are anything but such loving peaceful people. The Reality is they are the opposite and scheming and working out the final earth takeover as you read this.  have a read of what was said at that 1936 meeting and then see just how exact and how it relates to what has happened since then..  This you will NOT see on the TV thats a certainty as they own it all and those they do not own would never dare to speak a word, or they would be anti Semitic of course !  The perfect scam but they have been rumbled..


an·​ti-Se·​mit·​ic | \ ˌan-tē-sə-ˈmi-tik, ˌan-tī-
also -ˈme-\

Definition of anti-Semitic

: relating to or characterized by anti-Semitism : feeling or showing hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a cultural, racial, or ethnic group

The Anti Semitic SCAM Whys and wherefores PLANS RUMBLED

Now let us look at just a few key points.

The Anti Semitic SCAM Whys and wherefores PLANS RUMBLED

As above they are correct;  How easy people have been duped, and are like sheep generally dumb as Fuck and follow all fads. fashion, pop stars etc etc just like sheep. Many secret associations they have and use the known celebrities by bribery of wealth , fame in return of pushing their agenda.

The Anti Semitic SCAM Whys and wherefores PLANS RUMBLED 2

They believe they are the superior Masters of all others on earth, this is due to the aliens power and wealth of gold they brought to earth, to work the enslavement plan.

The Anti Semitic SCAM Whys and wherefores PLANS RUMBLED 3

You wondered why all World leaders do stuff which is against the best interests of there Nations? Well they are put in to do exactly that WASTE Money build debts to them , dumb the nations, bring out laws after laws to control the People so as to enable the ongoing inevitable destruction of Nations and the Masses, the one thing they can NOT afford is for a mass awakening of people to see and realize how the earth has been invaded !  They boasted then 1936 of how much power they had, imagine what power they have now? it is scarey but when you watch TV NOT a shock to know is it? WE ARE ALL BEING HERDED like sheep..

The Anti Semitic SCAM Whys and wherefores PLANS RUMBLED 4

In the same Paragaph they boast even in 1936 of having most the Press-Media under their Control, and openly admitting to "poisoning the morality of the Gentiles"  . I know from a subscriber in Italy who was high up in the Roman Catholic Church but left as he was sickened by the Gays and child abuse and sick stuff the Church had been turning into. The ongoing paid pushing of Gays on TV which they own, The Gay models in magazines etc etc, they are destroying White Christians all as they boldy bragged even in 1936..

The Anti Semitic SCAM Whys and wherefores PLANS RUMBLED