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How The People Can BEAT the NWO Earth Enslavement

Yes we all know we are in a WAR the People v Zionist NWO you will not see this fact on the TV News as they own everything Media wise. But it is a plain obvious FACT. David Icke and many others have been warning and showing the facts for years, the only thing nobody seems to cover or tackle is, yes we all with a brain know we are under attack and by whom they FAIL to show or give the way to stop it all. There is only 2 ways to save the earth from total George Orwells 1984 world becoming the Reality, as shown below in Picture form we MUST Make Police and the Military aware how they are being used to enslave their own families and Childrens future, indeed they MUST be woken and join and fight as they should for the people. YOU Must make a point of letting as many of them realize that all they are doing day after day is building there own Prison Futures. When and if they have woke, then you must take the Pyramid down either from bottom upwards or Top levels down, and then restore the World as it was.

To do Nothing is to simply end up enslaved in a 1984 book scenario..

TO UNDERSTAND HOW BIG THE PROBLEM & HOW We Got in this sad state and who is responsible ie; The PUPPETS and the Behind the scenes and more CLICK HERE For FULL Videos articles & Facts..

How The People Can BEAT the NWO Earth Enslavement

How The People Can BEAT the NWO Earth Enslavement 2

How The People Can BEAT the NWO Earth Enslavement 1

People Have said oh but how can we do that whilst we are all under House Arrest? A Valid point but ALL These Police and Military have Friends or Relatives back home, YOU Simply email them consistently show them videos and point them to how they are working for the enemy etc, if your on skype time etc then do not waste time discussing the Cats Furballs and such trivial stuff get to them with the facts none stop make them wake up. IF 1 person can wake just 2 people and then them 2 do 2 more etc, then we stand a chance, if not then well it really is hard work and you may have to just become a chipped slave or choose to fight and just do your bit, the Good thing is those who fight against Satans plans WILL Go to Heaven, and we are all going to die one day so big deal if its a tad earlier?  DO YOU WANT TO LIVE IN A 1984 Book Scenario?  YOUR CHOICE..

How The People Can BEAT the NWO Earth Enslavement


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