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 Hospitals The Corona Con Revealed SHOCKING UNBELIEVABLE Wake Up Time

While this Corona Con Job rolls onwards People can only see What the TV Media and State controlled Google Youtube ALLOW To be seen, The fact is they are FOOLING Faking to enroll the next part of their World domination moves, whilst the sheeple are clapping cheering the Health Workers and such and blindly trust what they are fed 24/7 with what they need to keep the masses in Fear of this Pandemic.  Many who know that the TV and media is owned and controlled by those who seek to dominate the World and have a clear THEM Class and a worker class to serve them, have done some groundwork to find the Reality and in this video which will be zapped very soon no doubt, clearly shows.  ALL those stories of overswamped hospitals with overflowed patients waitting needing life saving treatment etc, to be all hype. Many clues in the video, such as the Dancing Doctors Nurses who apparently are worked to death according to TV however chirpy and energetic enough to dance and flaff and have fun making videos..
Sit Back with the snacks and Wake Up !!
(When this video is zapped by them, let us know so we can reload inhouse.)

See Below the actual statistics, NORMAL Deaths from Flu is some 14 people per 100,000  of population in USA alone..

From the USA actual stats of which they call the Corona Pandemic the Deaths are some only 1 Person per 138,000.  So ASK Yourself  WHY THE PANIC..   Then start to get up to speed and realize we are being played and why..

 Hospitals The Corona Con Revealed SHOCKING UNBELIEVABLE Wake Up Time

 Hospitals The Corona Con Revealed SHOCKING UNBELIEVABLE Wake Up Time


Hospitals The Corona Con Revealed SHOCKING UNBELIEVABLE Wake Up Time


ALSO  NOTE..  Google is censoring anything that is exposing this so FORGET genuine news on TV or Google-Youtube etc, They are scared of TRUTH and now the dots connect ..

 Hospitals The Corona Con Revealed SHOCKING UNBELIEVABLE Wake Up Time

Hospitals The Corona Con Revealed SHOCKING UNBELIEVABLE Wake Up Time

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