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Coronagate: the scandal to end all scandals

Article by Martin Geddes From His Patreon Account

I was going to title this essay “Hydroxychloroquine: does it cure CONS” — with the joke being CONS as an abbreviation for Credulous Official Narrative Syndrome. But people dying and losing their livelihoods worldwide for no good reason is not a joke. Coronagate is the political con job that promises to eclipse all others, even against stiff competition like Spygate.

Here’s the bottom line: Dr Fauci and his institutional sponsors have known since at least 2005 that chloroquine — and its milder derivative hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) — inhibit coronaviruses like SARS from replicating in the body. They have withheld this important information from the public and failed to act on it when forming policy. Instead these besuited criminals have pushed experimental and expensive drugs, whilst having huge financial conflicts of interest.

This means that the present lockdown and the immense disruption and harm it is causing is for no real benefit. We could be offering cheap and effective prophylactic and therapeutic treatments for COVID-19, targeted at the vulnerable (like healthcare workers, elderly, those with comorbidities). Indeed, several countries are taking this course now with proven success.

Major Western nations are committing economic and social suicide to sustain an enormous lie about the integrity of those we trusted to protect us. This is a crime against humanity, and encompasses many in the pharma business, the corporate media, and in government. The size of the scandal cannot be overstated. Those responsible deserve the most severe punishment for ruining civil society.

The scammers buy influence over health policy

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks. This entity has “donated”:

  • At least $200m to the Clinton Foundation, which cannot pass the most rudimentary tests of compliance with charity law, but who could possibly have known it is corrupt…
  • Another $250m to WHO, CDC, NIH who set and approve global health policy, whilst simultaneously profiting from developing and licensing vaccines in particular.
  • Tens of millions of dollars to media companies like NPR, The Guardian, and the BBC, to ensure the media was bought off.

It is “donated” in quotes as the Foundation has major shareholdings in many pharmaceutical companies, and creates personal benefit for Mr Gates. This is not philanthropy, it is business fraudulently operating under a tax-free regime. Dr Fauci has sat on his vaccine initiative board, which means he is not a neutral player when it comes to selecting the best treatment on behalf of the public.

George Soros, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the WHO are all shareholders in UNITAID, the patent sharing subsidiary of Gilead, which coincidentally (!) is in Wuhan. Both Gilead and UNITAID have donated to the (ultra-corrupt) Clinton Foundation.

Remdesivir: a false hope

The media has been hyping this drug from Gilead, but you could easily draw the wrong conclusion without knowing the rest of the story:

  • The drug is essentially useless as the damage is already done by a virus by the time the drug takes effect.
  • The goalposts of the study were moved once it became clear that there was no benefit in mortality, only time to recovery.
  • There is no statistical significance to even these results.
  • There is no evidence that the intended effect (reduction in viral load) actually exists, or actually is timed after the cause (giving the medication).

The conflict of interest between the health policymakers and the salesmen of expensive drugs could not be starker than in this case. The US media knows who pays the piper and thus calls the tune of their editorial. Only the “alt media” is giving anything like the full picture.

A vaccine? Forget it (for now)!

Many are hoping for a vaccine to cure COVID-19, but this is a remote prospect, despite many being under development:

  • The virus is mutating and lacks a stable genetic base. We don’t even have tests at this point with reliable false positive/negative rates, since we don’t know the mutation rate and profile.
  • There is a massive scandal of the vaccine industry claiming to have quality controls when it lacked them. This lie now appears to have enabled all kinds of foreign DNA and viruses to enter humans, with mouse viruses potentially having caused an epidemic of human cancer. This is not the first time, with SV40 monkey viruses having contaminated polio to the same effect. Public trust is deservedly low, and you cannot claim legal immunity from negligence.
  • The RNA technologies being proposed are novel and have no safety case. Their testing on humans without animal studies first is likely criminal. Establishing their effectiveness and long term safety will take many years. Given the understandable lack of public trust, getting them adopted voluntarily will be an uphill struggle. Doing it coercively involves breaches of human rights and the Hippocratic oath.

This means we need to look elsewhere for treatments, at least during 2020.

Hydroxychloroquine: the evidence of its effectiveness

The most compelling data for HCQ comes from Italy. 65,000 patients using it long-term for other conditions resulted in 20 COVID-19 infections and zero deaths. Turkey has made it the standard protocol for treatment of all COVID-19 patients, and has a low death rate as a result. Indeed, a whole list of nations, including India, have followed this path — giving it prophylactically to healthcare workers too. Israel has secured supplies of HCQ at the head of state level, and the Israelis are notoriously not stupid when it comes to medicine. Israel is allowing doctors to run their own trials with HCQ and has a very low death rate.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has endorsed the use of HCQ as being 90% effective, noting:

To date, the total number of reported patients treated with HCQ, with or without zinc and the widely used antibiotic azithromycin, is 2,333, writes AAPS, in observational data from China, France, South Korea, Algeria, and the U.S. Of these, 2,137 or 91.6 percent improved clinically. There were 63 deaths, all but 11 in a single retrospective report from the Veterans Administration where the patients were severely ill.

There are successful studies on HCQ in the USA — 95% reduction in death; France — 88% reduction in death; and Brazil — 95% reduction in death. The only unsuccessful one was in the USA at the Veterans Administration, and was manifestly rigged to produce its result, by retrospective selection of an adverse population and giving the wrong protocol at the wrong time.

Whilst we might wish to have a double blind randomised controlled trial, we don’t have the time to perform one. Too many people will die unnecessarily. We understand the mechanism by which HCQ operates (opening the cell to allow zinc as the standard antiviral to enter) and when and how to give it (early in infection as possible, together with antibiotics to protect the lungs).

The “plandemic panic”

The British justification for lockdown and abandonment of “herd immunity” comes from the work of Prof Neil Ferguson of Imperial College in London. This institution has received over $185m from the Gates foundation. He has a truly appalling track record, having grotesquely mis-modelled foot and mouth disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disase, H5N1, and swine flu. But he was hired again for COVID-19, where he was only out by a factor of 20 on mortality, and made obvious errors like presuming frail elderly patients would need ventilators when this is well known to be inadvisable (as it kills them).

The combination of a cataclysmic death forecast with no known treatment is what then drove draconian lockdown policy. This was despite the policy being implemented so late it cannot have had any impact on the actual peak demand for healthcare. Whether done with integrity or as sabotage only history can tell. The damage is done now.

It is not just the UK where statistics have been used to terrorise the public into submission. In Italy, a member of parliament has made a statement to “[denounce] the closure of 60% of the businesses for 25,000 COVID-19 Deaths, of which the National Institute of Health says 96.3% died NOT of COVID-19 but of other pathologies. That means only 925 have died of the virus. 24,075 have died of other things.”

The crime

The smoking gun is a Virology Journal paper from 2005 from the NIH, where Dr Fauci was director: “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.” COVID-19 is a SARS virus similar to the one from 2005. It is undeniable that this information was public and known to Dr Fauci and his colleagues.

The immediate consequence has been a massive misallocation of resources – Nightingale hospitals in London and other UK cities have been empty. Our healthcare system has failed to deliver care to many needing urgent operations for other illnesses.

The death toll from COVID-19 increasingly looks small compared to those from lockdown. There are an estimated 18,000 excess dead from cancer in the UK (due to delayed diagnosis and treatment)— up to 150,000 dead in UK from lockdown. If translated to the US by population, that could be ¾ million people dead from lockdown by the time this is all over. I hope the numbers come in far below this, but the negative health consequences of isolation and poverty are well known.

We also now face a massive loss of liberties and imposition of de facto martial law. This last point is not a minor one. Lord Sumption — a member of the British supreme court — writes in the Daily Mail:

To say that life is priceless and nothing else counts is just empty rhetoric. People say it because it is emotionally comfortable and avoids awkward dilemmas. But they don't actually believe it.

We went to war in 1939 because lives were worth losing for liberty. We allow cars on the roads because lives are worth losing for convenience. We travel by air although pollution kills. We tut-tut about it, but we willingly do it.

To claim that all that matters is COVID-19 deaths is to insult all those with other mortal conditions, ignore those who will die from lockdown itself, and invalidate other valid goals like liberty. It is a narcissistic and masochistic position: "Look how virtuous I am in my sacrifice!".

The cover-up

The medical establishment knows that it has been withholding cures, and that this is now an existential threat to its legitimacy. We have seen unprecedented action by regulators in multiple countries to prevent the off-label use of HCQ for COVID-19. If there is a cheap and immediate cure, it removes the market for expensive patented drugs, and exposes the con.

For example, in the USA the FDA has restricted its use to official clinical trials. To bring this to life, here is a quote from one American emergency room doctor:

[Dr] Dopko said in his 17 years of being a medical doctor, he has never seen the FDA issue restrictions on a drug like they have with hydroxychloroquine. “We’ve been told we’re not supposed to prescribe hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 unless the person is in the hospital and it’s part of a clinical trial.”

“I’ve never seen this before. Doctors prescribe drugs for off-label use all the time,” he said.

The same has happened in France, where HCQ was suspiciously reclassified as a “poisonous substance” on 13th January, despite decades of safe use and being listed by WHO as an “essential medicine”. Remember, denying people essential medical care is a crime against humanity: this was done by the same Macron government that has used illegal LBD40 ammunition against civilian protestors in breach of the Geneva Convention.

The same also applies in the UK, where HCQ is not being promoted by the NHS as standard protocol; this means many are dying on ventilators or in nursing homes for no good reason. “Do not resuscitate” orders are being widely signed by the elderly, who are effectively being culled to pad the COVID-19 numbers and hide the overreaction. Yes, it’s that bad.

We also hear awful stories coming out of New York from whistle-blower nurses saying patients are being left to rot and die, since they lack family as advocates due to isolation of COVID-19 wards. The CDC has been caught reclassifying deaths, as the scam becomes too obvious. What happened to all the people dying of other causes, including old age? Where did they go? Where’s the public outcry at the obvious massaging of the death toll numbers?

The consequences

Given the scale of the impact of COVID-19, and the failure of the medical profession to contain it (despite having the tools), this could well spell the end of allopathic medicine and "pharmacide". The functional and integrative people are the future: we need to put nutrition, immune system function, and actual wellbeing back into the heart of healthcare.

Coronagate is the deliberate withholding of a cure for COVID-19. The exposure of massive medical fraud enabled by media collusion will likely follow from it, for it is likely not the only condition or treatment where this is the case. The entire regulatory framework for medicine, and the licensing monopolies of practise, will be under pressure like never before. Laws like the 1939 Cancer Act in the UK need to be repealed to allow for radical new approaches by new entrants. Pharma advertising to the public needs to end immediately so media companies are no longer conflicted by their paymasters.

This scandal dovetails into others like Spygate and the targeting of General Flynn by Barack Obama’s FBI and DoJ holdovers. A corrupt media has covered up for a corrupt government, and neither could be brought to account (until now) due to a corrupt justice system. Many people — including Bill Gates and Dr Fauci — need to answer for their actions in court. Those in the media who have knowingly connived to hype the threat, yet withheld information about a cure, should face prison.

We do not know whether COVID-19 is natural or manmade, and if the latter whether its release is accidental or deliberate. To the extent that we have a good enough cure, it doesn’t matter at this point; indeed we may never know, as the truth could trigger WW3. COVID-19 is already the defining economic and social event of our lives, and Coronagate promises to be the defining governance scandal of modern history.

If we bring people to justice, and truly learn the lessons from it, it will trigger a deep reform our medical, media, and government institutions. If those reforms are successful, Coronagate could be the scandal to end all scandals. That is the only worthy legacy of the unnecessary death tolls of both COVID-19 and lockdown.


 Coronagate: the scandal to end all scandals

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