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AGENDA 21 The WHAT Is It DIVULGED also BIG MAN Speaks and The Devil Rides

With many new waker ups, the question as what is this agenda21 thing has been asked around the internet, we have done a video covering the key issues just to show the plan THEY are following and which was all signed and agreed some 20 years ago. along with this we added some good points to think on whilst we watch as THE Final years of the long planned Earth Takeover rolls on as still many so dumb are just sitting back and allowing it..


Have you ever heard of Agenda 21? If not, don’t feel bad, because most Americans haven’t. It is essentially a blueprint for a “sustainable world” that was introduced at the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992.

Since then, it has been adopted by more than 200 countries and it has been modified and updated at other UN environmental summits. The philosophy behind Agenda 21 is that our environmental problems are the number one problem that we are facing, and that those problems are being caused by human activity. According to Agenda 21 human activity needs to be tightly monitored, regulated and controlled for the greater good. Individual liberties and freedoms must be sacrificed for the good of the planet.

If you are thinking that this sounds like it is exactly the opposite of what our founding fathers intended when they established this nation, you would be 100% correct. Those that promote the philosophy underlying Agenda 21 believe that hat letting people make their own decisions is “destructive” and “dangerous”. Sadly, the principles behind Agenda 21 are being rammed down the throats of local communities all over America, and most of the people living in those communities don’t even realize it.

So how is this being done? After Agenda 21 was adopted, an international organization known as the “International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives”(ICLEI) was established to help implement the goals of Agenda 21 in local communities. One thing that they learned very quickly was that the “Agenda 21” label was a red flag for a lot of people. It tended to create quite a bit of opposition on the local level. As they try to implement their goals, they very rarely use the term “Agenda 21”. Instead, they use much more harmless sounding labels such as “smart growth”, “comprehensive land use planning”and especially “sustainable development”. Like putting a smiley face on tyrannical dictatorship.

So just because something does not carry the Agenda 21 label does not mean that it is not promoting the goals of Agenda 21. The goals of Agenda 21 are not only being implemented in the United States. This is a massive worldwide effort that is being coordinated by the United Nations. An article that was posted on discussed some of the history of Agenda 21:

"In simplified terms, Agenda 21 is a master blueprint, or guidelines, for constructing “sustainable”communities. Agenda 21 was put forth by the UN’s Commission on Sustainable Development, and was adopted by over 200 countries (signed into “soft law”by George Bush Sr.) at the United Nations Rio Conference in 1992. In 1994 the President’s Council for Sustainable Development was created via Executive Order by Bill Clinton to begin coordinating efforts at the Federal level to make the US Agenda 21 compliant."

The same year that Bill Clinton established the President’s Council for Sustainable Development, the International Code Council was also created. The International Code Council has developed a large number of “international codes”which are intended to replace existing building codes all over the United States. The following is a list of these codes from Wikipedia:

International Building Code
International Residential Code
International Fire Code
International Plumbing Code
International Mechanical Code
International Fuel Gas Code
International Energy Conservation Code
ICC Performance Code
International Wildland Urban Interface Code
International Existing Building Code
International Property Maintenance Code
International Private Sewage Disposal Code
International Zoning Code
International Green Construction Code

These codes are very long and exceedingly boring, and those that write them know that hardly anyone will ever read them. And for the most part, they contain a lot of things that are contained in existing building codes or that are common sense. But a lot of poison has also been inserted into these codes. If you read them carefully, the influence of Agenda 21 is painfully obvious. Unfortunately, even most of the local politicians that are adopting these codes don’t take the time to read them. Most of them just assume that they are “updating”their existing building codes.

So what often happens is that there will be fights in local communities between citizens that are concerned about the encroachment of Agenda 21 and local politicians who regard such talk as nonsense. The following is an example of what is happening all over the nation:

"Summit Hill Borough Council last night unanimously adopted the “2012 edition of the International Property Maintenance Code,”but not before some audience members expressed vehement opposition to it. An overflow crowd of 34 people attended the meeting, with some there to specifically voice their displeasure.

Sandy Dellicker, a borough resident, said she was against using an “international”maintenance code, arguing that it falls under the plan of Agenda 21 of the United Nations; an agenda for the 21st Century. She said, “UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all information, all energy, and all human beings in the world.” “This is not a conspiracy theory,”she told the council. “This is for real.”

She said the International Property Maintenance Code had been adopted in Montgomery County, but the county “has already gotten rid of it”because of its dictatorial direction. “This is not what Summit Hill and the United States is about,”she said. Council members pooh-poohed her assessment. “In my opinion, the International Property Maintenance Code is to protect citizens,” said Council President Michael Kokinda."

It would be great if these codes were just about public safety. But that's simply not the case. These codes are often used to fine or even imprison homeowners that haven’t done anything wrong. Sometimes “code violations” are even used as justification to legally steal property from law-abiding homeowners. A post on the Freedom Reigns Radio blog detailed some of the things that are often done in the name of “code enforcement”:

1) The ‘Code Official’ “anybody the jurisdiction calls “a ‘Code Official’ “is the sole interpreter “no due process “Gestapo!

2) Every day an offense occurs is a separate mandatory misdemeanor “$555/day and/or a month in jail in Charleston, W.Va. They can fine you out of your home and jail you at their whim!

3) Anything the ‘Code Official’ says is not in good working condition “sticky window, dented or plugged gutter, torn window screen “whatever he says is not in good working order “hundreds of dollars of fines per day and/or jail time “usually a month “for every day the offense occurs.

4) Any unsanitary condition “whatever the ‘Code Official’ says is an ‘unsanitary condition’ “empty pop cans “puddles “dog droppings on your property “same deal “same fines and/or jail time “every day.

5) Any plant that the ‘Code Official’ says is a ‘noxious weed’ “same deal “same fines and/or jail time “every day. He can steal raw land.

6) He can fine you out of your home and jail you with no due process. Any court proceedings are window dressing as there is no remedy associated with this ‘code.’ 7) It can be ‘adopted’ “just by an ‘administrative decree.’ WITHOUT COURT ACTION OR NOTICE THE CODE OFFICIAL CAN:

1) Enter your house whenever he “the sole interpreter “deems reasonable. 2) Prevent you from entering your house. 3) Tear your house down with your stuff in it. 4) Bill you for the demolition. 5) Place a lien on it for fines and/or demolition charges “steal it. 6) And ‘best’ of all, no insurance I know of will cover your losses.

You’re left w/a house and your ‘stuff’ in a landfill “and any remaining unpaid mortgage, any remaining fines, any remaining taxes, and any remaining demolition charges after they steal your property These codes restrict what homeowners can do with their own properties in thousands of different ways. If you rebel against one of the codes, the penalties can be extremely harsh.

And there is often “selective enforcement”of these codes. That means that they will leave most people alone but they will come down really hard on people that they do not like. You could even end up with a SWAT team on your doorstep. Just ask some of the people who have been through this kind of thing.

Even if you have your mortgage completely paid off, that doesn’t mean that you really “own”your property. If you don’t pay your taxes and obey the “codes”, you could lose your property very rapidly. The philosophy behind all of this is the same philosophy behind Agenda 21. The elite believe that you cannot be trusted to do the “right thing”with your own property and that your activity must be “managed”for the greater good. They believe that by controlling you and restricting your liberties they are “saving the planet”.

Unfortunately, you can probably expect this to get a whole lot worse in the years ahead. Our society is shifting from one that cherishes individual liberties and freedoms to one that is falling for the lies of the globalist tyrants and embracing collectivism. Now is the time for a great awakening. The recent attemps to ban guns in America is a part of this. When freedom minded people see what is happening, and start fighting back, they don't want you armed. They want you as powerless as the Germans and Russians were against Hitler and Stalin during World War II.

Michael Snyder - Economic Collapse, R.J.E. -


AGENDA 21 The WHAT Is It DIVULGED also BIG MAN Speaks and The Devil Rides

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