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The Worlds Plan For Humans death or Sterilization the Real Jab purpose

In this video we further enforce the what we have been saying a long time the Real reason and the huge push to cover a simple flu virus with some Vaccination plan which is naff all to do with a flu virus but more of a designed slow kill operation as the Title says The Worlds Plan For Humans death or Sterilization the Real Jab purpose. We do not endorse all Alex Jones stuff as we know he has ties to the Jews behind the scenes, however in this he is hitting home with some spot on points and so we include him as what he says does confirm as the Deagal Map we produced years ago as to the World Culling regions and how it appears that God Loving White Christians are to be the hardest hit or just the dumbest on the Planet?  If you listen to the statistics it shows that White Europeans and White Yanks and Ozzies seem to be swallowing the Great earth Scamdemic in abundance.  This video is well worth the watch as when Alex Jones even spots the scam and plan well we know we are right..

The Worlds Plan For Humans death or Sterilization the Real Jab purpose

Look at the Map we produced using data supplied years ago and placing them on a world map to easy show what they envisage the future in 2025 Population is destined to be. Red Signifies down sized population and people culled etc, and Green signifies little or increaes, as you can clearly see predominately White Christians are doomed to be culled.  This we believe is somehow also related to a spiritual Battle between God and Lucifer Satan with satans lot sadly having earth controls at the minute we are indeed in big trouble unless we can wake up as many as possible and get them to wake up and see whats going on. THIS is NOt a drill there will be NO GOING BACK once they get the kids jabbed the Human White Race will be finished.. So Doing nothing is Not a option, You must wake everyone you know, if each person wakes 5 then it can be saved.. But Time is Short..

The Worlds Plan For Humans death or Sterilization the Real Jab purpose

The Worlds Plan For Humans death or Sterilization the Real Jab purpose

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