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Delibarate Housing Crisis In Operation to further destroy Humans LEARN WHY and WHO

The long Planned operation to enslave those who survive the culling stages of Earths Enslavement plan are to live as stated in a Own Nothing but be happy Human Race, to achieve this they had to hit, Cultures destroying Christianity as Satan is the preferred ruler, this by hitting. Health,Gendas,Foods,Wealth,Jobs, and wars to slowly and without alarm bells ringing, destroy Earth and make it a jumbled up hateful mess of Dumbed Humans who accept all new orders given from a One World power leadership, ultimately a Slave Race of Worker Zombies, controlled 24/7 by drugs and kept in perpetual captivity, Read the book 1984 and thats just a taster of the future. If you are not a book reader then we have the film versions on the website just search 1984 Movie.. What has been going on whilst people was distracted by the Covid19 story they have been busy moving to the Home stage of Humans long term living, as we show in this video they are swapping the self printed money to buy and control Housing and Businesses so as they own and control earth and as they boast you will own nothing, thius they know as they will own everything and you will ned to work as they instruct, this in order to get a roof over your head and food in your belly, the food will probably be insects and all sorts as they also have been slowly buying farmland and destroying crops and animals again while the dumb side tracked by being gay or some silly soapstar and lie filled TV etc..  Sit back and spot the signs yet again all routes always get back to the Culprits chosen as the Humanoid faces to destroy us all.

Delibarate Housing Crisis In Operation to further destroy Humans LEARN WHY and WHO

Delibarate Housing Crisis In Operation to further destroy Humans LEARN WHY and WHO

Delibarate Housing Crisis In Operation to further destroy Humans LEARN WHY and WHO

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