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EARTHS Free Energy Field Decoded Hidden Secrets of Earth FULL Movie

In this 1 hour long Feature Video "EARTHS Free Energy Field Decoded Hidden Secrets of Earth FULL Movie" Secrets of earth space connections and the Pyramids, Stonehenge in the UK and the Worlds many other Pyramids and Landmarks are decoded and shows the real reasons of them all. History and what we are told again and again is proven to be heavily guarded, even to the extent of Stonehenge being rebuilt slightly different so as to try and stop any others decoding the real reason for this seemingly pile of old rocks placed in a circle, many swallow the ancient worship ground and other such stories, this film documentary shows the reality and gives us some many other Earth clues, and from this we now know Earths long term North Pole position and will allow us to continue some very deep ongoing further research in to current earth space events.  This is another one of them MUST Watch features for those of us who are seeking the real facts.

It will explain and show the relevance of many connections to Space and even the Bermuda triangle connection and way more. It is over One hour long so get your snacks and drinks ready and prepare to be impressed and educated, as well as shocked. We pick the research up after the code for Stonehenge was calculated as this alone was some 1 hour of boring technical stuff, and then the Film moves on to the real eye opening stuff, ENJOY...

EARTHS Free Energy Field Decoded Hidden Secrets of Earth FULL Movie

EARTHS Free Energy Field Decoded Hidden Secrets of Earth FULL Movie

The Great Pyramids Connections, decoded as to why they was created, and the key positions chosen all revealed.

EARTHS Free Energy Field Decoded Hidden Secrets of Earth FULL Movie

The Interesting Findings on the Bermuda Triangle, as the above diagram shows and explained in depth in the Film, Is it just a coincidence that this region has moments in time when ships planes dissapear, without a trace, or have magnetic problems, NOT after you learn the reasons as found in the Film..

Mars Earth Connections

Why should a Pyramid be on Mars? Did the so called Pharoahs get on a spaceship build one there also? Or is this a clue on Mars again. You will learn how the pieces all connect as Earths Field has been decoded the implications get wider.

Geza Pyramid

WHY on earth would such a giant set of accurately produced blocks be made in to a Pyramid to just house a Tomb? Why in a certain position and location, again all is revealed in the Movie.

Pyramids Hawaii Connections

Earths tilt since the Build of the Great Geza Pyramids and the Hinge point showing earths tilt as per the Movies decoding and researching.

Stonehenge Rebuilt

Stonehenge many years ago was rebuilt and during this time some attempts were made to slightly change from the original and this could have been either as a simple error, or deliberate to stop any other genius from spotting and decoding the MOST Important Mathmatical equation which Stonehenge Gave.  Stonehenge is or was vital to enable Earths grid be decoded, now the codes been made as you will see in the Film, the entire worlds others fall in to place.

EARTHS Free Energy Field Decoded Hidden Secrets of Earth FULL Movie

Above is just a simple estimated World map based on key points and taking earths movement of the North Pole and shows where we estimate it was during the time of the Geza Pyramid builds, as per the Film findings. One thing which we show that comes out clearly again we WILL be following up the research on, is the alignments with Stonehenge and how and why possibly we get many electrical signals shown on the MIMIC Monitors coming from Africa region.  How Egypt would have shifted as explained in the Film, and we also feel again this we will spend time rearching on, is the Hawaii connections and more. In short this decode work in this film opens up some new facts and many options as we continue our quest to get to the bottom of it all..

At the end the final clips again are eye opening, as to what we have heard very often about those who have been inside the Pyramids and the message found within !!  All has relevance to the works we investigate..


EARTHS Free Energy Field Decoded Hidden Secrets of Earth FULL Movie


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