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David Icke LET DOWN By a Turd STOPPING World Warnings GREED Above Morals

David Icke followers will know of his Great Live epic Wake up call shout on the Covid19 and 5g Connections and how he wished to do this live chat with one single aim to get his findings known, the reason and aim of such was to try his best to warn and wake the world, NOT Just a single channels watchers for the information to be then buried. After all David had left his home and done the long travel to London UK at his own costs risking the only travel as needed restrictions thought Police etc, he made this as he wanted to let the world know what he has connected and information he was given, The whole video can be found HERE which he wants the information known to as many as possible.

The Video of the Live stream was Banned by Youtube straight after the stream finished, and so they moved it to vimeo and people were asked to make copies as the subjects obviously hit a nerve. MANY Youtubers did so and many have a copy which they intended to reupload so as to get David Ickes MESSAGE To the world out. This is common sense as Youtube counts for the biggest search and Video platform, the theory being 1 person wakes their subscribers they in turn wake theirs and a mass flood on youtube reaches Millions.  We opted to show the Video from Davids Website now at the moment coming via Bitchute server, with our own internal stream as the last resort to ensure its watched by our website viewers, we covered all parts with the last mild section being held so as to place this on Youtube as a suck in to Youtubers to get them to watch the full version. The youtube video now streamed below inhouse as as you will see as the moment of clicking Public Youtube striked it NOT for any content but the Turd who interviewed him from LondonTV wants all and every aspect of Davids Message earning him revenue and NOT as David Icke wanted which is FREE news and message to warn the world as wide as possible. So the man at LondonTV is a greedy TURD no ifs or butts he has betrayed David and using him purely for his own greed. We know he earnt 1,000 from the youtube revenue already just on the 64k viewers on the live chat, plus another god knows how much in donations who assume that would go to David Icke not a turd.  see Below the video the proof from Youtube to the strangling of loads of Youtubers being able to get Davids Message as he requested to as many as possible.

David Icke LET DOWN By a Turd STOPPING World Warnings GREED Above Morals

David Icke LET DOWN By a Turd STOPPING World Warnings GREED Above Morals

David Icke LET DOWN By a Turd STOPPING World Warnings GREED Above Morals

David Icke LET DOWN By a Turd STOPPING World Warnings GREED Above Morals 

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