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  1. Gangsta Girls: The number of women in India’s criminal underworld is on the rise

    Preview Women-gangsters are making headlines in India, used as lookouts or honey traps or even shooters, but even criminal life endures patriarchy
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  2. Kamala Harris breaks fundraising record

    Preview Kamala Harris has raised more than $80 million during the first day of her presidential campaign
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  3. US state-run media editor jailed in Russia ‘for disinformation’

    Preview Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) editor Alsu Kurmasheva has been jailed in Russia for spreading “false information” about the army
    Read Full Article at
  4. Crash kills Russia’s ‘prettiest biker’ (PHOTOS)

    Preview Popular motorcycle blogger ‘MotoTanya’ Ozolina has died while on a trip through Türkiye
    Read Full Article at
  5. Greenpeace co-founder arrested

    Preview Greenland authorities have detained anti-whaling campaigner Paul Watson on a Japanese warrant
    Read Full Article at
  6. With Biden out of the 2024 race, what’s the Deep State’s next move?

    Preview The deeply unlikeable Kamala Harris has been tapped by Biden to get the Democratic nomination. Can her victory be ensured behind the scenes?
    Read Full Article at
  7. Harris may shift US rhetoric on Gaza war if elected – NBC

    Preview Kamala Harris may change her rhetoric on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but is unlikely to alter US policy in the region
    Read Full Article at
  8. Pelosi key to Biden exit – NBC

    Preview Former House Speaker Pelosi reportedly warned the US president that Democrats could lose the House and the Senate if he stayed in the race
    Read Full Article at
  9. Trump’s son ridicules Zelensky

    Preview Donald Trump Jr. has taken a jab at Ukraine’s Vladimir Zelensky and his ever-growing appetite for US financial aid
    Read Full Article at
  10. Biden is done for, what’s next?

    Preview It’s not impossible that the US president’s party could eventually come to regret forcing him out
    Read Full Article at
  11. Tesla to produce ‘humanoid’ robots next year – Musk

    Preview Tesla to produce ‘humanoid’ robots next year, CEO Musk announces, for use internally first before being produced for other companies
    Read Full Article at
  12. Two children injured in Ukrainian strikes on Russian border region – governor

    Preview Kiev’s forces have launched multiple drone strikes against civilian infrastructure in Russia’s Belgorod Region, the local governor reports
    Read Full Article at
  13. ‘We failed’ – US Secret Service head tells Trump shooting hearing

    Preview The attempt to kill former US President Donald Trump was the biggest Secret Service failure in decades, Director Kim Cheatle told Congress
    Read Full Article at
  14. New Delhi projects economic growth of up to 7%

    Preview India is expected to become the third-largest economy in the world by 2028
    Read Full Article at
  15. Member states appeal to EU over ‘hostile’ Ukraine

    Preview Hungary and Slovakia insist that Brussels must do something within days to address Kiev’s embargo on the transit of Russian oil 
    Read Full Article at

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