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Space Radar Monitoring LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds 




EARTH POSITION "Your Viewing Point"  Close Up SUN section

WIDE SUN Monitor feed


EARTH POSITION "Your Viewing Point" WIDE Space Field View

 Space Radar Monitoring LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds


ENLIL solar wind model:"This shows the Flares approach and direction Planets affected"


Current Solar Wind (SWPC):


LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds

 "Magnetic NORTH Monitoring Last 24 hours live feed"  Refresh Page if needed to update.

Magnetic North Monitors 24 hours last plot

LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds


LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds

Space Radar Monitoring LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Feeds

Fixed PLOT 24 hours Magnetic North Movement

LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds

Latest Earth CME Geomagnetic Intrusion Graph

ABOVE - Latest Earth CME Geomagnetic Intrusion Graph -   GREEN = OK         RED-Yellow-Orange = NOT GOOD     BROWN = Holy Crap LOOK OUT !  


STAR Active regions : "Live Snapshot of Coronal Holes which create Flares"


NOAA Active regions : "Regions about to pop "

SDO / HMI Magnetogram :


TEC Incoming Energy from Space Monitor 

TEC Rate is the incoming Energy levels regions on Earth

Earth Solar Attack Monitoring  

Solar Earth Intrusion Graph and data Plot Last 24 Hours



  BE Patient as it needs to run over grab latest Pics, sort it and then Play it.. so that takes a little time... 

YOU MAY WANT TO ALSO CHECK OUR NEW Addition on Solar Sun Monitoring HERE .............
Latest SUN data Graphs CME Detection COR2




Cosmic Ray Flow Direction from Spaceship Earth


Realtime Global Ionosphere map:


Realtime Ionospheric Absorption — South Pole Antarctica Riometer (IPS-AU):


 Space Radar Monitoring LIVE 24-7 Magnetics Solar Data Feeds

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