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MYSTERY Planet Capture and UFO capture 2015

For a while Its been proved that some rogue Planet or Massive Disguised UFO as Planet-Star is and has been in our earth orbit, well this video is very interesting as it certainly shows what could be it !!  Along with a few UFO orbs and moving ships its a great capture, have a look and see what you think.

It was filmed 16-11-2015 over the Med in the early hours, between 2 - 4 am 



The initial recording was to capture the red small orb ship , and this then led on to seeing a few more moving objects, the white orb movement is streaking as the camera was set on a very low light setting, and slow frame capture speeds, in order to grab the objects. Watching them come and go then resulted in a long wait time with the camera sat in the region where most sights were seen, and this then you will see on the video was the result, initial thoughts were its a planet, but why is it not bright ? particularly with camera in low light night mode ?  also checking on stelarium NOTHING should be in that region..

We do NOT think its Planet X as other planets would be effected by now, if its that close !  Also Planet X will be coming according to all data and past records in a up and under position, this certainly was not.  So we are Convinced its the Rogue Planet we know is in our orbit, and kept quiet by NASA etc.

MYSTERY Planet Capture and UFO capture 2015

MYSTERY Planet Capture and UFO capture 2015


MYSTERY Planet Capture and UFO capture 2015



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