Planet X - Second Sun - Nibiru Gives EARTH a Early slap to say I am Coming


As WE Said The Show Commences !! Apart from Obvious Uptick ticking upwards. Today we noticed EARTH got its first taste and test Of The Magnetic effect of 2nd Sun Nibiru approach..

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Those who have followed our Planet X research Will like us see what happened today, is of NO Surprise. We know where it is we know its exact path, and if you look the earths gentle slap it had today,  would be to be expected .. even though the 2nd Sun is still way out there !
Look at its position and relation jointly with Uranus This combined Magnetics is what gave earth the Major TEST of its Magnetic fields, NOT SEEN at this level in ALL the Years of Monitoring, and we check every day !!!
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We spent time checked a few other reports. Watch and see How exactly in Behind earth in Nibiru 2nd Sun Planet X orbit by Roberto Calculated .. Watch and Realize - We have it right ..

PREDICTED Orbit Spot on the Signs shown on EARTH 13-10-2016 and You wonder if GOD,Angels,Crop Circles,Maths,Science, and Roberto make mistakes ?  WELL  Looks like You need wonder no more..  


Planet X Nibiru latest info 2016

SEE How Earths Magnetics get Distorted ..

Planet X - Second Sun - Nibiru Gives EARTH a Early Slap

Planet X - Second Sun - Nibiru Gives EARTH a Early Slap

On Earth It WAS Hit . Expect a few big earthquakes in coming days !!! See How much of the Energy Flux was discharged ..

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Planet X - Second Sun - Nibiru Gives EARTH a Early Slap