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PLANET X NIBIRU The REAL TRUTH FULL Data dimensions and Technical Information 2017 

For serious Planet X Nibiru Earth Researchers and ONLY Decent people  . In this video we show Nibiru Planet X the "Second Sun", dimensions orbits and some very great Roberto analysis, one of them MUST WATCH videos,

Having got hold of what could well be Nibiru in a Picture, this adds to the wealth of known knowledge Roberto holds, In the report its size is examined using other known stars, and confirms what was already known from the many crop circle decodes. We show a few key points below the video, stuff which we found most interesting.



Update TIME @ December 2017 Roberto was wrong .  Or this system passed without incident?  We since November do NOT report on Roberto findings calculations, our agreement expired and ONLY report on what we find and discover..  We had for a year been held on a agreement which gave Roberto the freedom to give HIS findings and calculations UN Altered and without question, although we had clashed many a times on capture positions and timelines, Roberto had the free and final say.  But since December 2017 This is NO Longer the case, we still have Roberto data and such, but we filter and keep any such dates strictly inhouse. As advised our formal agreement expired November 2017.. Any old prior to 2018 information, will still be viewable for reference purposes, but as you will know by now, we no longer hold and need to report any Roberto informations..




Nibiru ITALIAN Technical Information 2017


This Comparison is a very telling slide, as you can see using our Sun as the guide, the size relevance is clearly shown which again matches all Roberto´s crop circle findings.

Also for those budding sky watchers astronomers, it gives a clear indication as to what to be looking for regards size as it nears.

PLANET X NIBIRU The REAL TRUTH FULL Data dimensions and Technical Information 2017

FOR THE BOFFINS & Serious Researchers, here is the calculated specifications Physical data, on Nibiru Planet X estimated at 2017 by Roberto.

Nibiru-PlanetX-2ndSun full data


PLANET X NIBIRU The REAL TRUTH FULL Data dimensions Technical Information 2017

How do we know this is accurate?  GOOD QUESTION, I guess only time will tell but scriptures and crop circles and now physical calculations by Roberto, from the capture of this new in the solar system red object, (as show on last artcicles ) all arrive at very similar confirmations..  So we hope the maths is wrong or the crop circles, were made as a giant worldwide hoax, and the bible scriptures were just made up to fill pages and sell books. BUT !  Thats all far fetched, so information on Nibiru and Planet X the 2nd sun, is what it says, and we only report what the signs and calculations tell us.

As below yet again interesting comparisons from old information, given out by the official so called experts on the matter, "back in 1984 "seem to have given clues, on Planet X ..

Nibiru full data sheet

If YOUR New to our work on Nibiru, you better "GET UP TO SPEED" Quickly, check our articles on Planet X, watch all the videos for years this giant puzzle has been one of our key aims, and with Roberto on board, the puzzle is very near completion..  So go back and watch the videos and read the articles..

NIBIRU The REAL TRUTH FULL Data dimensions and Technical Information 2017


As Above Shows this is what you should expect to see as Nibiru enters closer, THE SUN is 1 AU away from Earth, and this gives you the optical vision showing its final 1 AU position as it hits the Sun according to ALL crop circles and data.  As this shows this is not far off our Sun size..

PLANET X NIBIRU The REAL TRUTH FULL Data dimensions and Technical Information 2017

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