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PLANET X 2nd SUN v DARK STAR NEW Nibiru Contender arrives NEW pics data

A NEW CONTENDER ! For Planet X - YES..

Many assume i have blinkers on and "JUST" assume since Roberto´s 2nd Sun, Info. it has made me NOT be open to other options?

NO.  Not the case , but i still stay with Roberto as to date it fits with all the happenings..(and i assure you i am watching ). Yes Sure i dismiss many wild pics sent to us , with NO Substance, but that is just as i refuse to waste "YOUR" Time on  info and pics which mean nothing, as most have . Most easy explained or mistaken objects flares or such..

Watch Video below for the whole smooth presentation.


From Argentina a astronomer sky watcher, got in touch after our 3rd Planet X sighting video, in particular to the possible is it Noise which the red has just picked out. REMEMBER THE Video ?  check it out later, if your new ?


Well his email was simply titled , Thats no noise, well done guys. And within the email was this pic showing similar, a picture he took which proves not noise.

Have a closer look, you will see the resemblance. From this i have been having some interesting correspondence. Due to his delicate position in Argentina he has insisted if i publish
"He MUST" remain unknown for his own reasons, of which i always respect.

PLANET X 2nd SUN v DARK STAR NEW Nibiru Contender arrives NEW pics data

This Picture was with 2 others. and you will see, when running the sequence. How this does indeed confirm, certainly NOT just noise.

Where was the capture and such we dicussed over many days, and Mr Argentina as i will now call him as thats where he is. provided his years of work on tracking ,what he concludes is the Planet X - System !!  another bold claim indeed. I agree.

PLANET X 2nd SUN v DARK STAR NEW Nibiru Contender

PLANET X 2nd SUN v DARK STAR NEW Nibiru Contender arrives NEW pics data

PLANET X 2nd SUN v DARK STAR NEW Nibiru Contender arrives NEW pics data

PLANET X 2nd SUN v DARK STAR NEW Nibiru Contender arrives NEW pics data

Now Roberto is NOT convinced, BUT what kind of Researcher would i be if i ignore such powerful belief and info..
 So Now i shall bring to you what Mr Argentina, has provided and advised. Until this Planet X arrives, who knows ,who is right ? So Sit back, plenty of pictures so lots will like this one ..and see what YOU think ?


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