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EARTHS MAGNETICs Mystery Attacks Researched RESULTS Divulged 2017





Earths MAGNETIC Problem. The MYSTERY attack on EARTH Researched. Our RESULTS thoughts are now divulged.
On the 21st through to 22nd June 2017
Again Earths Monitors showed Massive Interruptions A few other researchers spotted this and put info out,However i have only seen them use the Shield Monitor. From this they all naturally assume the ingress is coming
from behind Earth, It does happen.

Earths MAGNETIC Problem. The MYSTERY attack on EARTH Researched

However. A Logical thought , lets spin a possible other idea to the ingress and Disruptions to the normal claim .
As we have captured the whole incident, and dislike following the normal, normals boring and never new ideas or discoveries gained. sheep follow, we do NOT.

NOW  watch the field lines on this one.  see if you get the clues.
Probably Not,  so let me quickly explain how the Solar System stays in its perfect spinning, happy jolly life forming way..

Magnetics.  Yep All interlaced and locked together . In the invisible magnetic fields.

Now think of magnets and naturally you know they stick together, stick to metal, yea as a kid you remember? Now do you also remember when you tried to stick 2 together with the wrong ends?  YEA Your getting it now.

Looking at these what i am seeing is NOT a push.
But a "PULL" from SUN direction !

Most assume its a Planet behind Earth , and fail to think the whole scenario & Problem.

What if its actually being sucked from Sun side?
What if indeed the Sun is being sucked and this is a knock on effect?
What If the Sun is being sucked and weakened the normal flow and field, allowing the other normal Planets to have free flow connection? reversing flow?

Earths MAGNETIC Problem. The MYSTERY attack on EARTH Researched

Well There You have it.

Do You Think its Just A Coincidence the SUN is quiet earth side?
A Coincidence we have had no NO BIG Earthquakes for months?
Its such a easy puzzle. THINK IT OUT.
Our Subscribers and watchers readers are the clever ones ;) THEY know as they watch our information.


EARTHS MAGNETICs Mystery Attacks Researched RESULTS Divulged 2017

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