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PLANET X & The  NIBIRU System 2017 New Captures and the Becky Lewis Nibiru System Capture CONNECTS the FINAL DOTS


Yes This is interesting and worth the watch, From having several others saying they caught or saw similar to the Becky Lewis great capture, a capture again in the same spot as Roberto had stated Crop Circles had foretold is again made.

Coincidence? Yes maybe?  But how many coincidences do you have before you start turning coincidences in to something more?

Maybe this video and article will just change your mind?  A Common theme from the captures they all originate as per the diagrams, with a single core target region.


CORRECTION & ADDITION TO ABOVE VIDEO..  We Missed another Capture which is now added, and a GOOD  Demo video showing how the Nibiru Second Sun system could be coming inwards, yet another serious report,

and another MUST WATCH..


Add to the strange earth happenings, and most strange the LACK of BIG Earthquakes the suns strange and erratic behaviour, and many other clues, then the dots start to connect.

PLANET X NIBIRU System 2017 New Captures and the Becky Lewis Nibiru System Capture CONNECTS FINAL DOTS

PLANET X NIBIRU System 2017 New Captures and the Becky Lewis Nibiru System Capture CONNECTS FINAL DOTS

PLANET X NIBIRU System 2017 New Captures and the Becky Lewis Nibiru System Capture CONNECTS FINAL DOTS 1


Also included in the video is another close analysis of the Becky capture, this time we use Stellerium real time directly alongside the Capture and use a known standard star orbit to show a further clue,

as to both the validity and a further check on what we already had known, the system has a spiral incoming orbit, which is NOT as the normal, clue yet again? Indeed the more you research these things it all ties up with the spiral Planet X System and the Crop Circle decodes to position.  The lower video takes you one step forward and gives as best as possible the general orbit and what could well explain more to you.

PLANET X NIBIRU System 2017 New Captures and the Becky Lewis Nibiru System Capture CONNECTS FINAL DOTS 2

ABOVE pic; still from video from Becky Lewis Capture, here we show in Real Time on video the Tracking of the orbit, which is clearly showing a definate South ONLY orbit track.

Its been well known for the last 7 months or so, the sun has always been in a low state as if sucked of energy from behind and today suddenly in the target zone she has sprung back to life, this again gives

us a clue. So many clues now that all be it the exact date, one thing is sure there is a system out there, its no longer just a myth and story, But Reality. The only question is?

Is Roberto correct with the timeline? and its target of the Sun? or is it just a system which will fly by without a murmor on earth?

PLANET X NIBIRU System 2017 New Captures and the Becky Lewis Nibiru System Capture CONNECTS FINAL DOTS


Below the Becky Lewis Capture - ABOVE The combined details and why this region is the KEY hot spot..



Below After watching for further signs, see how the Sun has reacted to the Right again exactly where the objects Captured and position is discovered, yet again key clues and further connecting the dots.


PLANET X NIBIRU System 2017 New Captures  PLANET X NIBIRU System 2017 New Captures Becky Lewis USA

ABOVE - The Becky Lewis USA Capture - A Must Watch is our Investigation Video, This shows the key points of the capture.  Below is the USA eyes2jesus YT Channels capture and position, again the dots connect.

   PLANET X NIBIRU System 2017 New Captures USA

 Second Sun speed increases

ONLY TIME WILL TELL. JUST HOW ACCURATE Roberto Crop Circle decodes have been? Things are running a little slower, but remember? AS ABOVE, The speeds will ramp up in the final days as the SUN

grabs this and its sucked inwards. SO WATCH & Enjoy the show..



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