Video and still Capture Planet X Nibiru Second Sun daytime, we investigate this interesting Capture

Submitted by Dan in Tampa Florida USA, he spotted this to the left of the sun and grabbed his ipad and started to record it, what you see in video and stills is what we got, we check all facts as best as possible and as you will

see everything checks and hence why we show this to you. as usual YOU check what we found and decide, all we can say is it appears genuine and fits with charts and data. The date of the stills which is accurate shows us 4th August 2017

we show in video our checks as to Stellerium as of that date and time, and this confirms, it should be clear skies. Further test show a solid mass with no flare signs, and so we have as best as possible showed what we can extract from Dans submission.

Thanks to Dan in Tampa Florida, for he did the correct thing. WE always need video footage on objects by the SUN, stills alone are way to unreliable, as MOST by the Sun captures submitted are Flares. The video gives us a true picture. stills and video, ticks the boxes. so thanks Dan and others take his lead, video and dates times is a MUST.

Nibiru Planet X SS Capture Is This another Capture WATCH as we Investigate & "YOU DECIDE"


Nibiru Planet X SS Capture August2017 We Check this out

Nibiru Planet X SS Capture August2017 We Check this out