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EARTH and SUN DODGED A Bullet " Jan 2018 "  THIS WAS HUGE

EARTH and SUN DODGED A Bullet 2nd January 2018 THIS WAS HUGE , The Sun and maybe earth got a Lucky Break, Interesting sharp eyed capture, as the SUN reacts, but escapes with just a flash.

Imagine and understand the size of the object hitting Earth or the Sun? Well i think you will understand that this was indeed a bullet which was dodged thankfully. Is this just a one off thing? Massive object or Comet or that long object spoke about? or even maybe a part the Planet X Nibiru Second Sun system as it arrived?  Time will tell . All we can all do is watch the signs and stay alert.

Watch the video below and see how it run in, in Real Time .



Snapshot above shows the trajectory and the size of the object, This was not a small comet rock this object could possibly be 4 times the size of the moon, or earth,  so NOT something you would want to be impacted by..


EARTH and SUN DODGED A Bullet 2nd January 2018



EARTH and SUN DODGED A Bullet 2nd January 2018

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