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Roberto Italy The Crop Circle Planet X Second Sun Tracker Predictions Relationship

MANY asked about Roberto from Italy The Crop Circle Planet X Second Sun Tracker Predictions and what has happened to our close Relationship, NEW followers will maybe not understand, old followers will do,  Roberto got in touch way back in 2016 and advised how he had been calculating decoding Crop Circles, and had derived many messages within them both from a maths angle and a scripture angle. He had convinced and shown some very startling information to the relationship with what he calls The Second Sun and what we know as Nibiru Planet X or similar. Why does he insist and always use the term The Second Sun?  Simple it is clearly written that People will see it as a Sun due to the size and Brightness, and so he much prefers the name.

We had a understanding and agreement with Roberto that he had a free hand to divulge his findings as he WAS the ONLY one with a new approach demonstrated having such a high IQ and knowledge of ALL Biblical messages writings going back many many years. The original prediction of Roberto was for the Sun to be impacted by the Second Sun in July 2017, signs were to become clear through early 2017 of earth tilts and major earthquakes and such. We followed along and many a time pointed out to Roberto that not much of the tilts and such was evident, he advised be patient as the signs can not be wrong and the Sun will be struck. At this stage we kept to our agreement Solidly as we do, to see July come and sure enough in July 2017, The Sun was hit by something and had a massive event.

Roberto Italy The Crop Circle Planet X Second Sun Tracker Predictions Relationship

As you will see above and if you watched the video, this was massive and very rare(link Here ) , so did the Sun get impacted as Roberto and the crop circles had advised, YES.  Was it the Second Sun or Planet X Nibiru NO. Could it have been part of it MAYBE, But Way to small to be the main event. End of July 2017 came and we had fulfilled our obligations to Roberto, Roberto was still part of the go to for Calculations and we stll remained in contact. By this period we had spotted many a flaw in his opinions and timings and so we returned to our own Space Nibiru Planet X Tracking and research, knowing we have had some SERIOUS Captures and a wealth of years following this subject. DESPITE Roberto doing new calculations which involved simply putting the dates later, and which he insisted we put out accordingly we declined and Roberto is NOT one to take any rejection or Criticism of any of his works, Roberto got very angry a new side had come to the surface, this i feel due to being so in deep with God that maybe he felt let down and maybe questioned his own Faith, who knows ?  That is something only Roberto will know, however something certainly changed in him, so much so that the content and what he was saying was bordering on a different Character !!  SO MUCH So we produced the Film "AS I WAS CONVINCED HE HAD BEEN PODDED" this we made due to the absolute joke hogwash of the Plane flying which Roberto STILL Insists is a part of the Planet X System.  Come on ONLY Podded people could stand hand on heart and come out with that.  Have a look and watch below, see how Roberto claims this is NOT a Plane but parts of the Nibiru Planet X Second Sun system whizzing through Space and had the absolute brazen cheek and piss take to give me abuse for even questioning his calling this anything else but what he advised.. "CHECK OUR VIDEO COVERAGE ON THE PLANE Conclusion HERE"

Roberto Italy The Crop Circle Planet X Second Sun Tracker Predictions Relationship           Roberto Italy The Crop Circle Planet X Second Sun Tracker Predictions Relationship

ANYONE with half a brain could see this was a Plane, it was so stupid it was the Final Straw, convincing that Roberto had been Podded !!  Like many others the Elite Got them zapped and did them in, and so ask yourself, how on earth can we treat this as serious help to our ongoing trying to find the Reality of Planet X Position and more, when a simple Plane gets turned into the System..  WE DEAL WITH REALITY Not crap made up junk !!!  So Does this mean we do not follow Roberto anymore, NO we watch and then filter the Genius side from the Podded one, and see the relevance if any to our own findings. His Crop Circle decodes and Maths skills and other stuff makes it worth keeping abreast of what he does. BUT ONLY when it is logical and not some ramblings, then we decide what is worth mentioning or just putting in the rubbish bin.. Indeed we have to release in VIP Section a new update very soon which will incorporate Roberto Sensible mode stuff !

Roberto Updated details Timeline NOW Released for your own judgements VIP eyes Only HERE .......................................

IF You Missed the "Invasion of the World" Video its a must watch classic, with some serious Reality checks.. Check that here ...............

Remember check under your beds before sleeping so many sensible people are rambling on about sun simulators, hologram moons an such, its scarey !! DO NOT GET PODDED !!

Roberto Italy The Crop Circle Planet X Second Sun Tracker Predictions Relationship

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