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Planet X LATEST Report where is it Estimations and speculations at 2021

We have had a few messages emails asking why we have no Planet X Reports and updates etc, some even have got very angry that we appear to have forgot about this mystery Planet X, in response we reply NOPE we have not forgot about Planet X in the slightest, however we have had NOT a single fresh capture of anything substantial to report, we see nothing out in Space to tell us its of a concern now in the present moment. So the simple answer is we have nothing new to report on Planet X. Add to that the fact Planet X is somewhat not such a worry indeed we need it to wipe the earth clean of the absolute corruption and enslavement by the Satanic Rulers, both Aliens and the Hybrids which are a TODAY Major serious risk, as such although we still watch and look for information giving us signs and such, the most important thing is the Scamdemic of Covid which is destroying the world.

Our last solid capture of which we covered in May 2019 gave us its estimated position speed of traversing orbit etc,, but since then we have Nothing new. In response to those who adamantaly are Planet X besotted, we have done for your use and knowledge what we can only estimate and give the 2 options we have on the Mystery Object - Planet X we was following, We have the option of the object is now stuck in grasp of the SUNS Orbit and merely entrapped by the SUN and on a round and round spiral.  OR Option 2 the Planet Object is clear of the Sun and carrying on past the Sun into infinity and beyond, we have done several plans and diagrams showing whats what to explain the possible predictions for your own interest. Apart from that and in the absence of any fresh sightings or Solid other proofs this is the best we can offer at August 2021.  Below we show the predictions based on the options.. Hope that helps and we assure you we are watching still.

BELOW This Plan assumes the possible Planet X Nibiru Mystery Planet Stuck under the grip of the SUN based from previous reports. It is possible the Sun is pulling the Mystery Planet inwards to the Suns centre week by week? Just a possibility..

Planet X LATEST Report where is it Estimations and speculations at 2021

Planet X LATEST Report where is it Estimations and speculations at 2021

BELOW We show based from previous known Captures where the Object would be based on its previous Trajectory assuming its stays as was, we show at various dates and include the latest as at August 2021 the most recent at the time of this article..

Planet X LATEST Report where is it Estimations and speculations at 2021

The interesting Point we noticed was that It often is in a position whereby sightings from earth would be hard, so maybe this is explaining no fresh captures, but again all we can do is estimate from what we have to work with..


Planet X LATEST Report where is it Estimations and speculations at 2021

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