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Have you ever wondered what Space sounds like?  Did you know all Solar Winds and CME Earth attacks bring sounds?  This little Alien TV Broadcast Feature gives you actual recordings from the Far Space made by NASA and what the sounds of Space are from our earth.


A Great little watch well listen.



Sounds of Space CME Sounds actual recordings

Comet Elenin pictures September 2, 2011 See Comet Elenin's Nucleus Intact

Comet Elenin pictures September 2, 2011 See Comet Elenin's Nucleus Intact
These images were taken yesterday. All were taken on the same telescope. The reason the comet looks different in each one or the same is because of the filter used to see Comet Elenin C/2010 X1.

Luminance filters return a lot of the visible light but they also take in a lot of ambient light from the atmosphere. That's why those filters are best for very dark skies. The skies around Comet Elenin are anything but dark.

The Ha (Hydrogen alpha( filter produced a wonderful image of what I believe to be Comet Elenin's Nucleus or at least the light visible using the Ha filter was return in a compact and tight return. It looks like the nucleus to me. When added together with the SII filter, which looks like a baseball, I have no other choice but to believe the nucleus is intact.

The "I" filter produced the ice cream cone top. The return was rounded to the north of the image and scalloped to the south. I found each image to be unique. I wish I could get them stacked in a way that brought out the comet with all the parts together. I will be working on that over the next week.


Comet Elenin pictures September 2, 2011 See Comet Elenin's Nucleus Intact




video has been taken from the last two weeks of jhelioveiwer and it clearly shows a buildup of planet size spaceships hiding around our sun . I believe a main ship which I noticed a few months ago was the first that's the one with the force shield protecting it. which has now been joined by at least 30 other planet size ships are now in stationary positions around our sun I believe nibiru is amongst these two are moving very slowly look for yourself this is very real and I advise all viewers to click the link below and download the jhelioveiwer

to download jhelioveiwer to see them for yourself

to get the soho when started delete current layer then select new layer then select soho lasco c2 then chose 1 min then chose a two day period or more and you will see them for yourself make sure you choose dates near the upload date as this video will age but you can back track dates and you will see they come and go but some stay in the exact location all the time

NASA Testing Morpheous Spaceship Laser Transmisions and Best close up of Asteroid 2014 HQ124 from over 1.45 Million Kilometers from earth

209P/LINEAR is a periodic comet discovered on February 3, 2004 by Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) using a 1.0-metre (39 in) reflector.[1] It was given the permanent number 209P on December 12,2008.

Preliminary results by Esko Lyytinen and Peter Jenniskens predict 209P/LINEAR may cause the next big meteor shower which would come from the constellation Camelopardalis during May 2014.[5] There may be 100 to 400 meteors per hour.[5] All the trails from the comet from 1803 through 1924 may intersect Earths orbit during May 2014


Older Comets Ison etc,

Ison Update Latest Space News & the Brainy People say what they think on Ison Glowing

Latest Comet Ison News she has sprouted a second jet? or so it appears a Alien Tv presentation and news report


Comet Ison has a near MARS approach and gives it the hump !!  presentation .. for all earth Space issues..



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