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POLE SHIFT Magnetic North MYSTERY Report and PUZZLE

After doing the usual Checks and seeing whats what, it got me to thinking and noticing that the publicised recent earths Magnetic North Pole position seemed to niggle at the pace of it, so while i was doing some checks i figured its possible to be able to maybe see if any of the tools and reports we still get access to can shed any light, the reason i say still is because many are being stopped and so we are getting less and less.  One of the tools i use as in the video and still shots below is the report from the satellites monitoring Earths Magnetic interaction North and South Poles from CME and space winds etc, PERFECT so i take the data from 2015 which is the oldest they have available to get to and ran the set of files. Then i ran the latest 2019 as of todays, Now surely if the Magnetic poles have moved over 4 years as they say, then this should and must be showing. WELL Strangely enough as you will see the Magnetic North is still as it was way back in 2015 more or less, and the South is certainly still as was.  In any event you would of expected to see some large movement and so this gives us to conclude a few things as explained below the video.. Watch the video first, and then you can see how it all works and how the sensors pick up on the Poles.


POLE SHIFT Magnetic North MYSTERY Report and PUZZLE

POLE SHIFT Magnetic North MYSTERY Report and PUZZLE

AS You see from above 4 years and yet still the Magnetics Auroras and pole regions have not altered in positions, despite the length of travel SOMEONE Claimed as the new position?  So what do we make of that ?

1.  This Monitoring Program they use is wrong?  or    2.  The Position has been greatly exagerated on the recently presented pole plan ?

Pole movement 2018

The Poles we know wobble and twitch and do differ dependant on months of the year and such, and so made sure both same dates but 4 years apart.  But SOMETHING about all this just does not sit right, and i will be on the case as they say. The OTHER Final thing on this is maybe it makes no odds where the Magnetic Pole is maybe the fields remain much the same ..

POLE SHIFT Magnetic North MYSTERY Report and PUZZLE

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